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1910 Census Index (Non-Indian Only) Degnan Township

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical Genealogical Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research. Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.
1910 Latimer Co. Census Index
Degnan Twp
Last NameFirst Name AgeBirthplaceSheet#
NealJoel4 OKPart 3Borphan(Gore)
NealEdna39 ARPart 4B
Neal Louis19OK Part 4B
NealWilliam 15ARPart 4B
NealEdgar10 ARPart 4B
Neal Grace6OK Part 4B
NelsonJames 40TN1A
NelsonRosa36 TN1A
Nelson Emerett?11OK 1A
NelsonLilian 8OK1A
NelsonVeltie4 OK1A
Nelson Theodore2OK 1A
NelsonLee 1mosOK1A
NewberrryClarence29 MO4A
Newberry Guy39TX 4A
NewberryRobie? Wife 32LA4A
NewberryEarl15 TX4A
Newberry Bow10TX 4A
NewberryBenjamine 8TX4A
NewberryOllie7 TX4A
Newberry Guy0OK 4A
NewberryBert 3TX4A
NewberryWilliam14 OK4B
Newsom Charles 42TN 4B
NewsomM.... wife 35TN4B
NewsomCharles Jr.10 TN4B
Newsom Sarah7TN 4B
NewsomMattie 4TN4B
NewsomJohn56 MO7B
Newsom Mary52AR 7B
NewsomJohn 21AR7B
NewsomMyrtle17 OK7B
Newsom Frank25US Part 4B
NewsomBeulah 22TXPart 4B
NewsomBelle3 OKPart 4B
Newsom Opal1OK Part 4B
NewsomeRobert H. 53MOPart 1B
NewsomeAnnie40 MOPart 1B
Newsome Bertha13OK Part 1B
NewsomeRobert 4OKPart 1B
NewsomeRay2 OKPart 1B
Nichols Dock35AR 1A
NicholsMay' 27OK1A
NicholsJessie Lee1+11 OK1A
Nichols Charlie17OK 1A
NicholsWiley 38TNPart 9B
NicholsLaura40 TNPart 9B
Nichols Burt13TN Part 9B
NickTony 39?Part 6B Bulgarian
NimrodFreeman 29ALPart 7A
NimrodMinnie28 ALPart 7A
Nimrod Murdie5OK Part 7A
NimrodGenervia 2OKPart 7A
Nimrod(not named)1.7m OKPart 7A
Nolan John48MO Part 5A
NolanElizabeth 40MOPart 5A
NolanWilliam18 OKPart 5A
Nolan Richard15OK Part 5A
NorvillCharles 32RUSSPart 7B
NyamithElija J.65 KYPart 10A
Obinto? John34ITALY Part 2A
OlsonAugust' 23Greece5B
Ovalti?Louis32 ITALYPart 8B
Ovalti? Alelia23ITALY Part 8B
Ovalti?John 19ITALYPart 8B
OvertonWesley 33 VAPart 7A
Overton Josie P.20VA Part 7A
OvertonRobert L. 4OKPart 7A
OvertonJohn G.3 OKPart 7A
Overton Benjamin E.1.1mOK Part 7A
OwensNathan 35ALPart 7A
OwensIda27 ALPart 7A
Parker Mollie34AL 2B
ParkerJames F. 42ARPart 4B
ParkerSarah33 ARPart 4B
Parker Miller16OK Part 4B
ParkerLena 15OKPart 4B
ParkerLeonard11 OKPart 4B
Parker Russell9OK Part 4B
ParkerStella 6OKPart 4B
ParkerJewel1.5m OKPart 4B
Parkinson Otto31AR 8B
ParkinsonMay' 15AR8B
ParkinsonLouis16 OKPart 4B
Parmenter Randall D.36MS Part 7B
ParmenterIda 36LAPart 7B
ParmenterEdna10m OKPart 7B
Parson Annie17VA 5B
ParsonCallie 12VA5B
ParsonMaddalinn7 VA5B
Pass William24MO Part 4B
PatrickJohn T. 32TXPart 4A
PatrickBelle25 ARPart 4A
Patrick Lillie5OK Part 4B
PatrickLinnie 3OKPart 4B
PatrickWillie1 OKPart 4B
Patterson William 33VA 3A
PattersonMolly 26VA3A
PattersonSamuel36 VA3A
Payne James H.36VA 1B
PayneLatha 35TN1B
PayneJames5 OK1B
Payne George T.60GA 8B
PayneNote? 37TN8B
PayneFanny15 OK8B
Payne Riley13OK 8B
PayneDella 9OK8B
PayneNora5 OK8B
Payne Eula4OK 8B
PayneBeulah 1OK8B
PeakWilliam60 ILPart 1A
Peak Ethel30TX Part 1A
PeakOeta 4OKPart 1B
PeakRiley2 OKPart 1B
Perkins Thomas23TN 3B
PerkinsSarah 17OK3B
PerkinsGeorge3M. OK3B
Phillips Marry32VA 3A
PhillipsW... son 13WV3A
PhillipsRobert10 KS3A
Pickins? Robert55IN 4B
Pickins?Minnie 34MO4B
Pogn...William35 MO4B
Pogn... Nancy34AR 4B
Pogn...Myrtle 13OK4B
Pogn...Coleman8 OK4B
Pogn... Nora6OK 4B
Pogn...Annie 3OK4B
Pogn...Thomas1 OK4B
Post Annie11OK Part 7B
PowersWilliam H. 39KYPart 5B
PowersEllen35 INPart 6A
Powers William17OK Part 6A
PowersMaggie 15OKPart 6A
PowersPatrick14 OKPart 6A
Powers Mavis12OK Part 6A
PowersStella 3OKPart 6A
PrautillRichard45 AUST.Part 8B
Prautill Annie36AUST. Part 8B
PrautillAdolfo 11OKPart 8B
PrautillMary9 OKPart 8B
Prautill Powella6IL Part 8B
PrautillJulia 3OKPart 8B
PrautillRosie6m OKPart 8B
Pugh Christopher C.20AL Part 1A
PynisGiacomo 39Aust5B
QuagliaLawrence29 ITALYPart 2A


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