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1910 Census Index  (White Only) Damon - Higgins Township
1910 Latimer Co. Census
Damon - Higgins Township
(Higgins was crossed through and Damon wrote above)
Name Age Birthplace Sheet#
Tavar Pete 21 MO Part2B
Tavar El..... 18 MO Part2B
Tavar Edward 11mos MO Part3A
Tavar? Alford 23 MO Part2B
Tavar? R... wife 20 MO Part2B
Tavar? Hazel 2 MO Part2B
Tavar? Pearl 7mos MO Part2B
Tucker William 24 OK Part2A
Tucker Oma 18 AR Part2A
Tucker George 52 AR Part2A
Tucker Charley 37 AR Part3A
Tucker Minnie 24 OK Part3A
Tucker Geril? 6 OK Part3A
Tucker Lillian 3 OK Part3A
Tucker Charley 11mos OK Part3A
Tucker George 31 TX Part3A
Tucker Ida 27 OK Part3A
Tucker George W. 7 OK Part3A
Tucker Nettie 5 OK Part3A
Tucker Tillie? 2 OK Part3A
Tucker Mary 65 AL Part3A
Tulafer? Sarah  68 LA Part2B mother M.Crow
Wade Thomas 27 GA Part2B
Wade Sallie A. 23 AL Part2B
Wade Homer 6 AL Part2B
Wade Dewey 5 AL Part2B
Wade Tedy? 3 OK Part2B
Wade Prines? 11mos OK Part2B
Wade Laron 23 AL Part2B
Wade Pearl? 19 OK Part2B
Wade Edith 2 OK Part2B
Wade Jewel 11mos OK Part2B
Walker John 37 MO Part2A
Walker Sarah 36 MO Part2A
Walker Emanel 8 MO Part2A
Walker Ethel 3 MO Part2A
Wallhuffey? William 24 AR 4A
Wallhuffey? Myrtle 22 OK 4A
Wallhuffey? Oley 1 OK 4A
Wheecher? William M. 30 ? Part 1A
Wheecher? Blanche 24 IL Part 1A
Wheecher? Gracie 8 OK Part 1A
Wheecher? Rellie? 5 OK Part 1A
Wheecher? Johnny 3 OK Part 1A
Wheecher? Willie 3mos OK Part 1A
Williams Harry 37 AR 1A
Williams George W. 57 SC Part2B
Williams Monely? 55 SC Part2B
Williams James 22 SC Part2B
Williams Eva 16 SC Part2B
Williams George 13 SC Part2B
Willimuth William 39 AR 5A
Willimuth Caroline 44 GA 5A
Willimuth Tom 16 AR 5A
Willimuth Garland 12 Ar 5A
Willimuth Oma ? AR 5A
Willimuth John 11mos OK 5A
Wilson Joe B. 35 AR 1A
Wilson Lattie 28 AR 1A
Wilson Hattie? 10? ? 1A
Wilson Carl 8 OK 1B
Wilson Brackley 6 OK 1B
Wilson Teddy 4 OK 1B
Wilson Eugene 8mos OK 1B
Wilson ? 49 SC 2B
Wilson Fanny 36 IL 2B
Wilson George 19 AR 2B
Wilson Jess 18 AR 2B
Wilson Mattie 11 AR 2B
Wilson Clarence 7 AR 2B
Wilson Emma 2 OK 2B
Wilson ?.. L head 47 MO 3B
Wilson ? wife 33 KS 3B
Wilson Ethel 6 MO 3B
Wilson Lula 5 OK? 3B
Wilson Eldon? 3 OK? 3B
Wilson James ? TX 4A
Wilson Gertie ? OK 4A
Wilson Igaria?  ? OK 4A
Wilson Nate 42 TN 4A
Wilson Aley 42 IL 4A
Wilson Tom? 20 OK 4A
Wilson Molley? 17 ? 4A
Wilson Henry C. 23 AR Part 1A
Wilson Carrie 21 MO Part 1A
Wilson Bulah 2 OK Part 1A
Winner Joseph 64 OH Part 1A
Winner Wamble? 55 AR Part 1A
Winner Christopher 16 OK Part 1A
Winner Charley 14 OK Part 1A


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