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1910 Census Index (Non-Indian Only) Degnan Township

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical Genealogical Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.
1910 Latimer Co. Census Index
Degnan Twp
Last NameFirst Name AgeBirthplaceSheet#
?Merrit28 VA3A
? Alonzo36GA Part 2BT.Morgan Bil
? Edward26GA Part 2BT.Morgan Bil
Aaron Mary9LA Part 7B
AaronGertrude 6LAPart 7B
AdamsJames34 SCOT3B
Adams Molly32MO 3B
AdamsNellie 8OK3B
AlexanderHenry31 ALPart 9A
Alexander Roxie26GA Part 9A
AlexanderHenry 6ALPart 9A
AlexanderRufus5 ALPart 9A
Alexander Charles4AL Part 9A
AlexanderJohn 2ALPart 9A
AlexanderSarah5m OKPart 9A
Allen Willie23AR 6A
AllenIda 16OK6A
AllenMan35 TX6A
Allen Lou26MS 6A
AllenWilliam 10OK6A
AllenEffie7 OK6A
Allen Allie5OK 6A
AllenRoy 2OK6A
AllenEdward34 OKPart 7A
Allen Mary25TX Part 7A
AncellWilliam 9MOPart 3A
AndersonMack50 USPart 9A
Anthony Scott48VA Part 7A
AnthonyMariah 50VAPart 7A
AnthonyJohn24 VAPart 7A
Anthony James19VA Part 7A
AnthonySidney 15VAPart 7A
AntoffVeni28 BULGAPart 9B
Armstrong William H.32AR 3B
ArmstrongMattie 27AR3B
ArmstrongJohn Lee1 OK3B
Arnold William74TN 4A
ArnoldMary 60TN4A
ArterberryAlton19 IL5A
Babs Powell26TN 4B
BabsTennie 24AR4B
BaileyClark44 ILPart 7B
Bailey Addie40IL Part 7B
BaileyFrank 19MNPart 7B
BaileyMabel B.16 IAPart 7B
Bailey Jennie9OK Part 7B
BakerAaron 54TN8B
BakerPolly50 TN8B
Baker Allen24AR 8B
BakerEmma 21AR8B
BakerAlva18 AR8B
Baker Albert9TX 8B
BakerSolomon F. 44PAPart 1B
BallLouis K.57 ALPart 3A
Ball Mary E.31OH Part 3A
BarbeloHarry 30ITALYPart 2A
BarlarWilliam W.48 TN4A
Barnard Zack49MO Part 3A
BarnardMaud 29MNPart 3A
BarnardOrby E.12 OKPart 3A
Barnard Ethel B.8OK Part 3A
BarnardRupert 6OKPart 3A
BarnardAsa B.4 OKPart 3A
Barnes Irvin27KY Part 9B
BarnesStella 28ALPart 9B
BarnesMack19 KYPart 9B
Barnes Hatie4KY Part 9B
BarnesClifton 10mOKPart 9B
BarnwellPosey26 GAPart 6A
Barnwell Mattie25TX Part 6A
BarnwellTishey 4OKPart 6A
BarnwellVirgle2 OKPart 6A
Barr John30ITALY Part 1B
BartonCharles W. 45INPart 8B
BartonLee35 NEPart 8B
Barton Viola15NE Part 8B
BartonMabel 13OKPart 9A
BartonHazel10 OKPart 9A
Barton Ruby8OK Part 9A
BartonLeona 6OKPart 9A
BartonAnna M.3 OKPart 9A
Barton Leo1.11mOK Part 9A
BeauchampCharles 53MO7A
BeauchampLea36 AR7A
Beauchamp Stella18TX 7A
BeauchampFanny 15?7A
BeauchampRuth9 AR7A
Beauchamp Juanita7AR 7A
BeauchampAustin 50MO7B
BeauchampSusie33 AR7B
Beauchamp Arthur17OK 7B
BeauchampChristine 9AR7B
BeauchampLouvine5 OK7B
Beauchamp Lester10m.OK 7B
BedfordBessie 26IAPart 9A
BenjaminJames39 Italy5B
Bennett Thomas D.61IL 4A
BennettMary E. 51MO4A
BennettDee28 MO4A
Bennett Maggie26MO 4A
BennettEmma 19MO4A
BennettLemuel17 MO4A
Bennett Legeo?14MO 4A
BennettLulu 12MO4A
BennettWilliam62 MO5B
Bennett Frank20KY 5B
BensonRobert 24?7A
BensonWestly25 AR8B
Benson Lilly18OK 8B
BensonLeroy 0OK8B
BensonJohn15 AR8B
Berry Alice B.30OK Part 8A
BerryGertrude 8OKPart 8A
Binters?James19 OK8B
Binters? Myrtle16OK 8B
Binters?Bertha 14?OK8B
BirdmanWilliam63 GER1AGERMAN
BlackwellJerry30 ALPart 8A
Blur John48AL Part 9A
BoddyHenry 36KS6B
BoddyAnne32 AR6B
Boddy John30AR 6B
BoddyAda 23AR6B
BoddyClarence1.9m OK6B
Boddy Sarah53MO 6B
BoddyOra 15OK6B
BodellJames L.51 VAPart 1B
Bodell Mary52OH Part 1B
BoltonWilliam B. 52MSPart 2A
BoroughCallie20 GAPart 2B
Borough  Callie0AL Part 2BMorgan gd
Bost William J.48NC 7B
BostRebecca 43AR7B
BostPearl19 OK7B
Bost Jacob17AR 7B
BostCordelia 12OK7B
BostIsadore8 OK7B
Bost Gola7OK 7B
BostThomas 1OK7B
BoydHardin L.42 MOPart 2A
Boyd Elizabeth36AR Part 2A
BoydWilliam 17OKPart 2A
BoydOscar13 OKPart 2A
Boyd James11OK Part 2A
Boyd? daughter 8OKPart 2A
BoydJohn6 OKPart 3B
Boyd James C.25MO Part 5A
BoydLillie 22MSPart 5A
BoydEarl4 OKPart 5A
Boyd Burl3OK Part 5A
BoydHardin 10m.OKPart 5A
BrannonPatrick46 PAPart 2A
Brannon Lucinda37AR Part 2A
BrashearsFred 29MO4B
BrashearsMaude26 AR4B
Brashears Lola7OK 4B
BrashearsFloyd 6OK4B
BrashearsAlva4 OK4B
Brashears Dayle2OK 4B
BrashearsMamie 3m.OK4B
BrazeltonFornie?27 NCPart 7A
Brazelton Bessie20TN Part 7A
BrazeltonJames L. 10m.OKPart 7A
BrazeltonLula43 TNPart 7A
Brazelton Ellie7AR Part 7A
Brenes?Peter 22IN6A
BridaErmonia?43 AUSTPart 8B
Briggs Abraham60IL Part 5B
BriggsMary 55PAPart 5B
BriggsLydia18 OKPart 5B
Briggs Elizabeth16MO Part 5B
BrownGeorge 25Greece5B
BrownOdie40 MO8A
Brown Ellen38AR 8A
BrownAda 16OK8A
BrownPreston15 OK8A
Brown Rena10OK 8A
BrownPar.. daughter 8OK8A
BrownJames5 OK8A
Brown Etta2OK 8A
BrownJames 17OKPart 3B
BrownSam25 ALPart 9B
Brown Lula23MO Part 9B
Brumoki?Charles 55RUSPart 7A
Brumoki?Sautonia38 RUSPart 7A
Brumoki? Francis15RUS Part 7A
Brumoki?Jospeh 13RUSPart 7A
Brumoki?Minnie9 RUSPart 7A
Bryant Robert25AR 3B
BryantWilliam 2AR3B
Buckelew?Ella38 SLPart 3A
Buckelew? Grover18SL Part 3A
Bunts?Minnie 24AR7A J.Williams Sil
BusteauLee 32ITALY1B
BusteauRose27 ITALY1B
Butch Frank23CO 2A
ButchAlice 19?VA2A
C...?34 HUN3B
C... Earnest L.14KS 5BM.Snyder 
Camataro R....29ITALY 1B
Camel?August' 68NC2B
Camel?Molly65 TN2B
Camel? Wade15TN 2B
CameronWilliam H. 22ARPart 7B
CameronGennie53 ARPart 7B
Campbell Pleasant73AL 1B
CanbrayJoseph 34SCOTPart 6B
CanbrayDella32 SCOTPart 6B
Canbray James9SCOT Part 6B
CanbrayJohn 8SCOTPart 6B
CanbrayMary2 KSPart 6B
Canbray Lizzie11m.OK Part 6B
Carlevato?Peter 36ITALYPart 2A
CarneyOscar34 MOPart 5B
Carney Lula26IL Part 5B
CarneyLuther 6ILPart 5B
CarneyLehman9m. OKPart 5B
Carter George A.56IL Part 4B
CarterWilliam 17OKPart 4B
CarterClaud15 OKPart 4B
Carter Charles27MO Part 5A
CarterVienia 22OKPart 5A
CarterEdna B.5 OKPart 5A
Carter Ethel L.2OK Part 5A
CarterClaud 4m.OK Part 5A
CaseyThomas C.39 AR7A
Casey Martha38AR 7A
CaseyJesse 17OK7A
CaseyEthel4 OK7B
Casey Nora1OK 7B
CauthrunLee 28SC2B
ChapmanJames28 ALPart 7A
Chapman Della24TN Part 7A
ChapmanWilliam 4OKPart 7A
ChapmanBlanche2 OKPart 7A
Chapman James5m.OK Part 7A
ChildersBrisco 24OKPart 2A
ChildersAlice21 ARPart 2A
Christian James49WV 5B
ClaytonHenry 33VAPart 8B
ClemensJohn F.27 OHPart 1B
Clemens Maud E.24IN Part 1B
ClemensLucille 4INPart 1B
ClemmonsLucy58 AR7A
Clerote? Batesti36ITALY Part 8B
Clerote?Mary 26ITALYPart 8B
Clerote?Batesti3 OKPart 8B
Clerote? Louis1.3mOK Part 8B
ColeJohn 55ME5B
ColeJinnie41 VA5B
Cole Lizzie34AR Part 5A
CollinsJames M. 52BSPart 3A
CollinsNancy A.45 YNPart 3A
Collins Ira20YN Part 3A
CollinsMurry 17YNPart 3A
CollinsEmmett10 OKPart 3A
Collins Frank5OK Part 3A
CollinsLee 3OKPart 3A
CollinsSarah1.6m OKPart 3A
Combs Leroy24MO Part 1B
Conatino?Tony 29ITALY1B
Concolloe?John?43 HUN.3B
Concolloe? Isabelle34HUN. 3B
Concolloe?Charley 10WY3B
Concolloe?Betadulo7 HUN.3B
Concolloe? Zottia?2OK 3B
ConleyRobert 27AR8B
ConleyD... wife23 AR8B
Conley Hattie1OK 8B
ConwayCharles B. 42IL7A
ConwayMary34 OK7A
Conway Veda17OK 7A
ConwayForrest 15OK7A
ConwayEthel13 OK7A
Conway Willie10OK 7A
ConwayCecil 5OR7A
ConwayCarol11m. OK7A
Cook John24KY Part 9B
Cook Corean 5OK1A
CopeJohn34 TN4A
Cope Bertha23TN 4A
CopeZenia 4OK4A
CopeJettie?2 OK4A
Copeland James28AR Part 4B
CoradoJoseph 36ITALYPart 9A
CostoffMike35 BULGAPart 9B
Costoff Vogel30BULGA Part 9B
CowartElizabeth 65GAPart 1B
CrawfordEdward29 AL4A
Crawford Aàawford22AL 4A
CrawfordMary Lee 8AL4A
CrawfordCarrie5 AL4A
Crawford Charlie3IA 4A
CrawfordElizabeth 34VA5B
CrossHenry45 AL9A
Cross Mary39AR 9A
CrossWilliam 16AR9A
CrossMyrtle10 OK9A
Cross Alabama8OK 9A
CrossDorothea 6OK9A
CrutrosAndelia27 ALPart 8B
Cyles Emma25NC Part 7B


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