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1910 Census Index (Non-Indian Only) Degnan Township

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research. Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.
1910 Latimer Co. Census Index
Degnan Twp
Last NameFirst Name AgeBirthplaceSheet#
DaileyTom30 PAPart 6A
Daria Antonio43ITALY Part 7B
DariaSusie 26OKPart 7B
DariaAnnie M.4 OKPart 7B
Daria Julia2OK Part 7B
DavisWilliam 37SLPart 3A
DavisLinnie?25 SLPart 3A
Davis James H.50MO Part 9A
DavisJames 25OKPart 9A
DavisDelia10 OKPart 9A
Decker Frank59IL 7B
DeckerMary 52AR7B
DeckerHattie17 OK7B
Decker Charley14OK 7B
DeckerJewel 12AR7B
DeckerStella7 OK7B
Decker Hilliard22AR Part 4A
DeckerElie 18ARPart 4A
DegnanMary A.46 ILPart 9B
Degnan Elizabeth23OK Part 9B
DegnanKatie 19OKPart 9B
DelozierFinis28 MOPart 4A
Delozier Ella29TN Part 4A
DelozierDrucilla 5OKPart 4A
DelozierElsie2 OKPart 4A
Delozier Jewett1OK Part 4A
DentonAndrew 38MS5A
DentonNannie32 AR5A
Denton Richard10OK 5A
DentonMaggie 6OK5A
DentonGeorge4 OK5A
Denton Etel2OK 5A
DentonEdith 0OK5A
DentonLee33 MSPart 4A
Denton Mary29AR Part 4A
DentonZachie 9OKPart 4A
DentonMattie5 OKPart 4A
Denton Ella2OK Part 4A
DentonRoy 0OKPart 4A
DentonTroy0 OKPart 4A
Desmuke? William13TX Part 1AW.Peak
Desmuke? Thelma12TX Part 1B
Desmuke?Ethel 10TXPart 1B
DinnettoffBarney38 BULGAPart 9B
Dobbs? William48IL 6B
Dobbs?Mary 32AR6B
Dobbs?Jefferson20 OK6B
Dobbs? Rosa17OK 6B
Dobbs?? son 16OK6B
Dobbs?Lillie3m. OK6B
Dobson Edward31IL Part 5B
DobsonSarah 27OKPart 5B
DobsonEdna M.5 OKPart 5B
Dobson Florence3OK Part 5B
DodsonRichard  5TN6B
DodsonIda17 AR6B
Dodson Bertha10OK 6B
DodsonA... neice 2OK6B
DodsonL.. son22 AR6B
Dodson Walter20AR 6B
DodsonArthur 18AR6B
DodsonOliver15 OK6B
Douglas Calvin38AR Part 4A
DouglasLena 37MSPart 4A
DouglasAudie12 OKPart 4A
Douglas Vivian6OK Part 4A
DouglasMyrtle 4OKPart 4A
DuncanWilliam35 ILPart 5B
Duncan Nancy25IL Part 5B
DuncanJohn 7ILPart 5B
DuncanAlva4 ILPart 5B
Duncan Rissie1.1mCO Part 5B
DunnJames 50AL5A
DunnElla13 OK5A
Dupee Margarette16OK Part 3A
DupeeGertrude 14OKPart 3A
DupeeWinston10 OKPart 3A
Dupee Laurel?4OK Part 3A
Duper?Joseph 55MOPart 2B
Duper?Belle? KSPart 2B
Durant Benjamin64NC Part 7B
DurantSamantha 50NCPart 7B
DurantGrace14 ARPart 7B
Durant Thomas13AR Part 7B
EasleyJoe 34AL9A
EasleyLulu19 AR9A
Easley Earnest12MS 9A
EasleyPierce 4OK9A
EasleyNellie0 OK9A
Eches? Emanuel25AUST Part 8B
EdgeErvin 25ALPart 1A
EdgeMortelia25 ALPart 1A
Edge Rubert3AL Part 1A
EdgeWilliam K. 31ALPart 1A
EdgeHassie?30 ALPart 1A
Edge Jewel6AL Part 1A
EdgePearl 1OKPart 1A
EdmistonLeander67 IN5B
Edmiston Margret68AR 5B
EdmistonLuther 25OK5B
EdmistonTony15 OK5B
Edwards Annie34OK 2B
ElamJohn  48ILPart 1A
ElamAnna41 ILPart 1A
Elam Iva Anna3OK Part 1A
ElioffJoseph 33?Part 6B Bulgarian
EnglandElijah 41MO2A
EnglandNany32 MO2A
England Nora8OK 2A
EnglandCharlie D. 6OK2A
EnglandMargie2 OK2A
England Ivon7mOK 2A
EubanksBester 31MSPart 9A
EubanksCarrie27 ALPart 9A
Eubanks George8MS Part 9A
EvanoffVoni 28BULGAPart 9B
EzellJames42 AR8A
Ezell Vina29AR 8A
EzellWylie 11OK8A
FainFrank32 TX5A
Fain Maude33TN 5A
FainCarry 9OK5A
FainCora7 OK5A
Fain Home4OK 5A
FainHoward 1OK5A
Falkner?William T.30 ALPart 1A
Falkner? Rilla33AL Part 1A
Falkner?Otis 14ALPart 1A
Falkner?Clarence8 ALPart 1A
Falkner? Evor? daughter6AL Part 1A
Falkner?Jenny 4ALPart 1A
Falkner?Ruth2 ALPart 1A
Falkner? Bertha3m.OK Part 1A
FariellMonte 23USPart 4B
FariellSusan23 OKPart 4B
Fariell Lumley4OK Part 4B
FariellNot named 1.11mOKPart 4B
FariellEmmett35 USPart 4B
Fariell Sarah30US Part 4B
FariellMathew 12OKPart 4B
FariellZebbie8 OKPart 4B
Fariell Jesse5OK Part 4B
FariellLeonard 2OKPart 4B
FassioFrank21 ITALYPart 1B
Ferguson Louis33AL 2B
FergusonMattie 37TN2B
FergusonBertie13 KY2B
Ferguson William43MO 5A
FergusonMabell 14?MO5A
FergusonBlanche11 MO5A
Ferguson Clarence8MO 5A
FergusonJohn 67AR5A
FergusonRachell74 MO5A
Festermon John40NC 3B
FestermonLovie 27?SC3B
FestermonWalter11 SC3B
Festermon Rufus10SC 3B
FestermonTwilly? 7SC3B
Feveno?Mark30 ITALYPart 2A
Feveno? Olempia28ITALY Part 2A
Feveno?Samuel 7ITALYPart 2A
Feveno?Louie2 COPart 2A
Fields John23MO Part 5A
FieldsLudie 20ARPart 5A
FieldsLillian4 OKPart 5A
Fields Allen1OK Part 5A
FirrioH.... 21ITALYPart 2A
Flu...James29 MI3A
Forbin Addie28RUSS Part 7B
ForestiJoseph 27ITALYPart 2A
FouseJohn33 TNPart 8A
Fouse Lydia35TN Part 8A
FouseMaggie 13TNPart 8A
FouseWilliam10 OKPart 8A
Fouse Mannie5OK Part 8A
FouseThomas 2OKPart 8A
FouseElmer2m. OKPart 8A
Frame James28SCOT 2A
FrameAndrew 75SCOT2A
FrancoDantoni17 ITALY1B
Franklin Edward40GA Part 7B
FranklinLizzie 38GAPart 7B
FranklinWilliam14 ALPart 7B
Franklin Lula12OK Part 7B
FranksJames M. 54?TX1A
FranksArena J.57 MS1A
Franks James18OK 1A
FranksLola 16OK1A
FranksJesse?14 OK1A
Franks Walter26TX 1A
FranksCarrie ?AR1A
FranksH... May1+3m OK1A
Frizzell William 41TN Part 10A
FrizzellIda 38TNPart 10A
FrizzellMattie13 TXPart 10A
Frizzell Gaynelle10TX Part 10A
FrizzellGeorge 8TXPart 10A
FrizzellJasper59 TNPart 10A
Frizzell Maggie58TN Part 10A
FrizzellWilliam 38TNPart 10A
FrizzellJohn34 TNPart 10A
Frizzell Walter31TN Part 10A
FrizzellMillard 26TXPart 10A
FrizzellEmma19 TXPart 10A
Frizzell Minnie17TX Part 10A
FryLuella 38AR7B
FryBenton15 OK7B
Fry Mary12OK 7B
FryKatie 11OK7B
FryLelah6 OK7B
Fry William5OK 7B
FryLessie 2OK7B
FryBennie2 OK7B
Fry Henrietta0OK 7B


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