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1910 Census Index (Non-Indian Only) Degnan Township

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical Genealogical Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research. Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.
1910 Latimer Co. Census Index
Degnan Twp
Last NameFirst Name AgeBirthplaceSheet#
GachinoTony30 ITALY3B
Gann William S.41AR Part 3B
GannLouise 40OKPart 3B
GannMarion19 OKPart 3B
Gann Charles17OK Part 3B
GannMarrietta 15OKPart 3B
GannMollie12 OKPart 3B
Gann George10OK Part 3B
GannMay' 6OKPart 3B
GannEmma4 OKPart 3B
Gann Ethel2OK Part 3B
Gannnot named 5mosOKPart 4A
GarvinSusan42 LAPart 3B
Garvin Robert50US Part 3B
GarvinAda 29TXPart 3B
GaylorJohn44 AL6A
Gaylor Maud30KS 6A
GaylorMay' 11OK6A
GaylorAlbert?9 OK6A
Gaylor Morris8OK 6A
GaylorEsther 5OK6A
GaylorRuth6m. OK6A
Geginahe? Joe52RUS 1BLITH
Gennotte Gabe30ITALY Part 1B
GennotteLouisa 27ITALYPart 2A
GennotteAnna3 OKPart 2A
Gennotte Ida7m.OK Part 2A
George?Sam 22AR5B
GibbArchibald32 SCOTPart 2A
Gibb Agnes W.32SCOT Part 2A
GibbMargarette 1.5mOKPart 2A
GibsonGeorge W.63 MO8B
Gibson Martha55MO 8B
GibsonFrank 28MO8B
GibsonThomas22 MO8B
Gibson Dora16OK 8B
GilinskieMike 39RUS2A LITH.
GilinskieMinnie 20PA2A
GlennJoseph B.65 AR8A
Glenn Nevada?AR 8A
GlennIda 13OK8A
GlennWilliam17 OK8A
Glenn Dave24OK 8A
GluicroJohn 47HUN2B
GoanellEdward1 OK1A
Goanell Carry G.27NC 1A
GoanellMay' 27MO1A
GoanellMaud8 OK1A
Goanell Roy6OK 1A
GoanellGoldie 3OK1A
GoodmanDavid J.47 GA2B
Goodman Lola17TN 2B
GoodmanOtto 13OK2B
GoodmanLea19 TN2B
Goodman Susie9OK 2B
GoodmanIone 6OK2B
GoodmanAlonzo4 OK2B
Goodman Otis2OK 2B
GoreHenry  54MOPart 3B
GoreMaggie44 MOPart 3B
Gore William20OK Part 3B
GoreVernon 10OKPart 3B
GoreOllie3 OKPart 3B
Gosnell? Sylvester25SC 4A
GrayCharles 50GAPart 9A
GreltzJoseph27 AUSTPart 6A
Greltz Rosie21AUST Part 6A
GreltzFrank 2ARPart 6A
GreltzJoseph1.3m ARPart 6A
Griffin James29?TN 3A
GrossJohn 11OK9A J.Leuten? gs
GuestJames 28IAPart 8A
GuestJoseph21 COPart 8A
Guest William18OK Part 8A
HadenJames A. 29ALPart 2B
HadenEffie25 ALPart 2B
Haden Cecil6AL Part 2B
HadenI... daughter 5OKPart 2B
HadenTom2 OKPart 2B
Haden Claud7m.OK Part 2B
HagerManly 53AL6B
HagerMinnie19 AL6B
Hager Malcom2OK 6B
HagerLuther 1OK6B
HaleyWilliam28 TNPart 9A
Haley Sarah25VA Part 9A
HambrickWilliam 34TNPart 7A
HambrickMamie22 ALPart 7B
Hambrick William H.1.6mOK Part 7B
HambrickAlbert L. 4mosOKPart 7B
HambyHall16 AR8B
Hamby Susan14AR 8B
HamiltonGeorge  44NCPart 6B
HamiltonCatherine42 TNPart 6B
Hamilton Lillie23TN Part 6B
HamiltonTrolia? 5OKPart 6B
HamiltonCarolina72 ALPart 8AFouse Mil
HammellJoseph R.22 ALPart 2B
Hammell Jeannie?16OK Part 2B
HamnerJesse 38AL2B
HamnerMahalie23 AL2B
Hamner Willie10AL 2B
HanksMack 26AR2A
HanksEdna22 CO2A
Hanks Louie4OK 2A
HanksDarline 2OK2A
HardesterClyde5 ARPart 4B
Hardester Hazel3AR Part 4B
HardyLeroy 1.11mARPart 7A
HarrallPurnell21 AR6B
Harrall Harritt49AR 6B
HarrisWilliam R. 40AR4A
HarrisOsia35 OK4A
Harris Cecil12OK 4A
HarrisEvert 10OK4A
HarrisTony8 OK4A
Harris Belle6OK 4A
HarrisOla 3OK4A
HatchAlonzo25 ALPart 9B
Havey Elizabeth71IN Part 6A
HazzardJames 70AR8A
HelmsJ.... L.33 MS1B
Helms Anna43MS 1B
HelmsJames M. 6OK1B
HelmsLouise2 OK1B
Henry John43LA Part 6B
HensleyHenry 34TXPart 4A
HensleySusan28 ARPart 4A
Hensley Elmer8OK Part 4A
HensleyOde 5OKPart 4A
HensleyElam3 OKPart 4A
Hensley Frank1OK Part 4A
HentonEdgar 11VAPart 8B
HiglerSamuel40 AL3A
Higler Missouri36AL 3A
HillVirgil 6OK2B
HillMary7 TN3BH.Lay stepdau
HillVergie6 OK3BH.Lay stepdau
HillWyle4 OK3BH.Lay stepson
HobsonRobert O.26 ILPart 6A
Hobson Josephine23OK Part 6A
HobsonFrancis 2OKPart 6A
HoganJames18 OK7B
Hogan Mary56TN 7B
HoganThomas 20ARPart 5A
HoggThomas68 ENGPart 6B
Holbird Charley T.42TX Part 1B
HolbirdMartha 25ALPart 1B
HolbirdJames6 OKPart 1B
Holbird Ruby3AR Part 1B
HolbirdLester 1.3mARPart 1B
HolbirdBooker30 ARPart 1B
Holbird Josie24AR Part 1B
HolbirdRory 7ARPart 1B
HolbirdPrice4 ARPart 1B
Holbird Hoyle2AR Part 1B
HolderDoshia 23AR5B
HolderA...7 AR5B
Hollman Elva16OK 6B
HoolyJaur? 46ARPart 1A Lucus Sil
HooverHarry V. 27KS3B
HooverM... wife? KS3B
Hoover Eva7KS 3B
HooverM.. Belle 5KS3B
HooverHarry V Jr.0 OK3B
Horeat? Alexander25HUN. 2A
Horeat?Bertha HUN.2A
Horeat? JohnOK 2A
Horeat?Edward OK2A
Horn Albert17TX 7A
HouseMathew 44ILPart 4A
HouseHelen28 TXPart 4A
House Clifford19AR Part 4A
HouseOscar 17OKPart 4A
HouseLillie5 OKPart 4A
House Virgel1OK Part 4A
HowardJoe 23AL2B
HowardWilliam41 ILPart 6B
Howard John H.35IL Part 6B
HowardCallie 37ILPart 6B
HoyleNicholas50 ILPart 2B
Hoyle Bridget41SCOT Part 2B
HudsonAlfred 19ALPart 9A
HuffmanJohn53 OH6B
Hufford William60IN 4A
HuffordMalinda 52IL4B
HuffordNora16 OK4B
Hufford Eva13OK 4B
HughesChristeis 42CANADA2A
HughesMarie10 MT2A
Hughes Edward8MT 2A
HughesMabel 5WA2A
HughesFrancis41 ENGPart 7A
Hulsey Arthur L.26OK Part 5A
HulseyMame 19OKPart 5A
HulseyCalaway32 ARPart 6A
Hulsey Jessie24TX Part 6A
HulseyFloyd 6OKPart 6A
HulseyPearl1 OKPart 6A
Jackson Sam57MO 3A
JacksonPeter 33ALPart 7A
JacksonCora23 TNPart 7A
Jackson Thomas50TN Part 8A
JacksonJane 44ALPart 8A
JacksonChristopher16 TNPart 8A
Jackson Dallas14TN Part 8A
JacksonGrace 5ALPart 8A
JacksonWesley6 OKPart 8B
Jackson Mariah37GA Part 8B
JakenoBertino 37ITALYPart 2A
JazienarTony28 RUSSPart 7B
Jazienar Aggie36?RUSS Part 7B
JenningsBenjamin 53LAPart 7B
JenningsEmma51 USPart 8A
Johnson Madison?26AL Part 2B
JohnsonCora 22ALPart 2B
JohnsonTracy3 ALPart 2B
Johnson Alma0OK Part 2B
JohnsonGussie 11TNPart 8A
JohnsonWillie9 TNPart 8A
Johnson Della7OK Part 8A
JohnsonIsabelle 5OKPart 8A
JohnsonBlakley3 OKPart 8A
Johnson George54ENG Part 8A
JohnsonJane 49ILPart 8A
JohnsonEdward8 OKPart 8A
Jones John46SC 3A
JonesRose? 40VA3A
JonesOliver41 VA3A
Jones Arch57AR 7B
JonesMarnie 48MO7B
JonesArchie Jr.2 OK8A
Jones General?33AR Part 2A
JonesCarrie 35ARPart 2A
JonesBland14 ARPart 2A
Jones Joseph11AR Part 2A
JonesThelma 7ARPart 2A
JonesBenjamin58 WALESPart 3B
Jones Elizabeth65OH Part 3B
JonesRobert L. 44MOPart 6A
JonesSenie36 MOPart 6A
Jones Robert15TX Part 6A
JonesFrank 13TXPart 6A
JonesJames6 OKPart 6A
Jones Katie M.3OK Part 6A
JuliusCharles 38GERPart 7B
JuliusNellie45 RUSSPart 7B


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