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1910 Census Index (Non-Indian Only) Degnan Township

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical Genealogical Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research. Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.
1910 Latimer Co. Census Index
Degnan Twp
Last NameFirst Name AgeBirthplaceSheet#
RandolphSarah46 TNPart 6B
Randolph Ollie25TN Part 6B
RandolphHenry 21TNPart 6B
RandolphNolia20 TNPart 6B
Randolph Edgar28TN Part 8B
RandolphCarrie 22ALPart 8B
RandolphNola20 ALPart 10A
Ranew Edward50SC 7B
RanewMary 43SC7B
Redley?Ward26 ENGPart 6B
Redley? Mary24MO Part 6B
Redley?Frances 6KSPart 6B
ReeceHenry44 NC8A
Reece Mettie?25NC 8A
ReeceAugust' 21NC8A
ReeceTurner?19 NC8A
Reece Samantha17NC 8A
ReeceSylvester 4OK8A
ReeceJulius3 OK8A
Reece Lucy0OK 8A
ReeceJoseph 17ALPart 8A
ReedSusan15 OKPart 5B
Reed William11OK Part 5B
ReedRaymond 8OKPart 5B
ReevesWilliam W.50 AL5A
Reeves Martha50AL 5A
ReevesCora 18AL5A
ReevesAlonzo38 LA5A
Reeves Daisy28MS 5A
ReevesBessie 11TX5A
ReevesWillie8 TX5A
Reeves Ellis6TX 5B
ReevesJackson 2OK5B
RemeyJohn R.48 KYPart 2A
Remey Martha38AR Part 2A
RemeyOtto 15ARPart 2A
RemeyDave45 KYPart 2A
Renfro Earl22TN Part 4B
RenfroBelle 22MSPart 4B
RichardsWilliam H.44 PAPart 5B
Richards Willie39KY Part 5B
RichardsWilliam H. 42PAPart 10A
RichardsonMarion15 OK1A
Riley John R.49CA 1B
RileyElizabeth 52NY1B
RileyMarie23 OK1B
Riley J. Lee21OK 1B
RileyCatherine 15OK1B
RileyElizabeth13 OK1B
Roberts Lemuel35AR Part 3B
RobertsMahalie 29KYPart 3B
RobertsOra12 TXPart 3B
Roberts Martin M.7TX Part 3B
RobertsNaoma 5OKPart 3B
RobertsonWilliam J.54 ALPart 1A
Robertson Margarette56AL Part 1A
RobertsonCora A. 17ALPart 1A
RobertsonPorter34 OKPart 3A
Robertson Lillian35AL Part 3A
RobertsonRoscoe 14ALPart 3A
RobertsonViola11 ALPart 3A
Robertson Curtiss8AL Part 3A
RobertsonEva 4ALPart 3A
RobertsonEsther4 ALPart 3A
Robertson Maggie25MO Part 9A
RobertsonRado 5OKPart 9A
RobinsonWilliam E.29 ALPart 1A
Robinson Anna E.28AL Part 1A
RobinsonIda 6ALPart 1A
RobinsonAda5 ALPart 1A
Robinson Eunice11m.AL Part 1A
RobisonPeter 35TN2B
RobisonMary63 TN2B
Robison Lawrence30TN 3A
RobisonLily 24TN3A
RobisonNoretta1 OK3A
Robison Sallie5OK 3A
RobisonAda 3OK3A
RobisonFred17 OK8AG.Smith nephew
RobisonAnderson15 OK8A
Rock Dantoni52ITALY 1B
RoweRobert 38ALPart 9A
RoweRorrie Lee33 ALPart 9A
Rowe Lee9AL Part 9A
RoweWilliam R. 10mOKPart 9A
Rumiencial?Frank29 RUSSPart 7B
Ruske? Joseph32RUSS Part 7B
Russian?William 50AUST.Part 9B
Russian?Annie44 AUST.Part 9B
Russian? Frank17AUST. Part 9B
Russian?William 14PAPart 9B
Russian?Mike11 PAPart 9B
Russian? Mary10PA Part 9B
Russian?Annie 5OKPart 9B
Russian?Julia2 PAPart 9B
Salt Robert40PA 5B
SaltElla 35PA5B
SaltPursell12 PA5B
Salt Marion10PA 5B
SaltAudrey 7PA5B
SaltEdith2 PA5B
Sanders Roscoe14KY Part 9B
SandlinLee 40MSPart 5A
SandlinVirgie36 ALPart 5A
Sandlin Lelylear?12OK Part 5A
SandlinRuby 10OKPart 5A
SandlinNona?8 OKPart 5A
Sandlin Floyd7OK Part 5A
SandlinJack 5OKPart 5A
SandlinT....? son3 OKPart 5A
Sandlin Carmel1OK Part 5A
SavankElizabeth 67KY4A H.Teore Mil
ScarboroughJohn L. 38MS1B
ScarboroughForence M.27 AR1B
Scarborough Edna M.8OK 1B
ScarboroughCordelia 6OK1B
ScarboroughJoel7 OK1B
Scarborough John2OK 1B
ScharchineckJohnson? 34GER.1A POLISH
ScottHenry 40YNPart 3A
ScottMona?30 MDPart 3A
Scott Ruby10OK Part 3A
ScottAda 8OKPart 3A
ScottMinnie5 OKPart 3A
Scott Marie14OK Part 3B
ScottHaskell 21OKPart 3B
ScottEverett3m. OKPart 3B
Scranton Clyde W.39IL Part 5B
ScrantonJenny 29OKPart 5B
ScrantonDoris9 KS?Part 5B
Scranton William7OK Part 5B
ScrantonJoseph 5OKPart 5B
ScrantonJean3 OKPart 5B
Scranton Cleveland1OK Part 5B
ScrantonClaud M. 41ILPart 8A
ScrantonGran39 SCOTPart 8A
Scranton Verne14OK Part 8A
ScrantonMadge 13OKPart 8A
ScrantonLansing11 OKPart 8A
Scranton Mona6OK Part 8A
ScrantonDean 5OKPart 8A
ScruggsJames52 USPart 4B
Searcy Oscar30AR 4B
SegaWilliam 25HUN2B
SegaJulia19 HUN2B
Sega William7mOK 2B
SekolickerTom 32Aust.Part 6B
SewellMiranda37 ALPart 9A
Shaw Robert27MS 7A
ShawEffie 20OK7A
ShawViola2 OK7A
Shaw Callile58MS Part 4ADouglas Mil
Shaw William19AR Part 4ADouglas Bil
Shedlanckas Joe38RUS 2ALITH
Shedrick Elzie19AR Part 6B
ShieldsGeorge 62OKPart 9A
ShieldsMary50 OKPart 9A
Shoemaker ?... V.15MO 4B
ShoemakerJ.. 13MO4B
SimpsonJoseph51 ENGPart 7A
Sims James35MS 6A
SimsOna 20AR6A
SimsEvert4 OK6A
Sims James Jr.1OK 6A
Sismondo?Joseph 31ITALYPart 7B
SlackFrank34 AUSTPart 5A
Slack Francis22AUST Part 5A
SlackFrancis 5ALPart 5A
SlackMattie3 ALPart 5A
Slack Annie1.2mOK Part 5A
SloanHugh 74IREPart 6A
SloanElizabeth62 NYPart 6A
Smith John53NC 3A
SmithRebecca 40VA3A
SmithJohn59 GA5A
Smith Elizabeth60AL 5A
SmithCharley 26OK6B
SmithEllen19 MS6B
Smith Irene1.11mOK 7A
SmithGeorge W. 61IL8A
SmithEmaline56 TN8A
Smith George W. Jr.31OK 8A
SmithRosalie 26NC8A
SmithClyde3 OK8A
Smith Haskell2OK 8A
SmithGeorge W.III 0OK8A
SmithWilliam E.33 MSPart 1A
Smith May'26MS Part 1A
SmithElmer 8OKPart 1A
SmithGrace?6 OKPart 1A
Smith Jewel4OK Part 1A
SmithM..sister 14OKPart 1A
SmithSimson R.39 ALPart 1A
Smith C... A. wife30AL Part 1A
SmithColumbus 15ALPart 1A
SmithNattie12 ALPart 1A
Smith Fosnir?8AL Part 1A
SmithAustin 2ALPart 1A
SmithHazal20 OKPart 3A
Smith Trevor2m.OK Part 3A
SmithGeorge B. 64TNPart 3B
SmithJoseph32 INPart 4A
Smith Nellie26AR Part 4A
SmithWilliam 4OKPart 4A
SmithHenry H.51 ALPart 8A
Smith Mahalia49AL Part 8A
SmithEffie 18ALPart 8A
SmithMahalia13 ALPart 8A
Smith Morgan11AL Part 8A
SnowBud 25SLPart 3A
SnyderSam S.34 AR1A
Snyder Roa33AR 1A
SnyderArthur 13AR1A
SnyderSamuel8 OK1A
Snyder Mitchell4AL 1A
SnyderWalter 1+4mOK1A
SnyderMamie34 KS5B
Snyder Sarah63?KY 5B
SollerLouis  24OKPart 4A
SollerMaud17 OKPart 4A
Soller Frank2OK Part 4A
SollerAda M. 0OKPart 4A
Sonurgaria?Arcaugela31 ITALYPart 8B
Southall James40TN Part 9A
SpencerJohn 39OHPart 5B
SpencerMaggie29 ILPart 5B
Spencer Gorman9OK Part 5B
StaplesJoseph 35?TNPart 6B
StewartDuncan49 CAN.2B
Stewart Alice43VA 2B
StewartLena 13VA2B
StewartNellie12 VA2B
Stewart Bessie8OK 2B
StewartJeanette 5OK2B
StewartWilliam11m. OK2B
Stewart Jefferson55VA Part 8A
StottoffPeter 35?Part 6B Bulgarian
StrangeJames 34IL8A
StrangeLydia29 MO8A
Strange Thomas12OK 8A
StrangeWillie 9OK8A
StrangeJennie5 OK8A
Strange Cora2OK 8A
StrangeJohn P. 72TN8A
SullivanMattie26 AL3B
Swafford Alexander19TN 3A
SwaffordLonnie 26TN3A
SwaffordMinnie23 ALPart 8A
Syar Hiram H.42TX Part 10A
SyarSarah 36OKPart 10A
SzupanFrank Aust.Part 6A
Szupan Sofia32Aust Part 6B


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