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1910 Census Index (Non-Indian Only) Degnan Township

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research. Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.
1910 Latimer Co. Census Index
Degnan Twp
Last NameFirst Name AgeBirthplaceSheet#
TabaccoAntone31 ITALYPart 8B
Tabacco Antonia25ITALY Part 8B
TabaccoViglia 1.10mITALYPart 8B
TabaccoAltresio25 ITALYPart 8B
Tabacco Ramon28ITALY Part 8B
TackittJohn 28ARPart 3B
TackittLillie21 ARPart 3B
Tarnum Joe32ITALY 1B
TarterAdelio 26AUSTPart 8B
TartinoAraino31 ITALYPart 8B
Taylor Frank30NE 6B
TaylorJoyce 24KS6B
TaylorJoseph 44 SCPart 2B
Taylor ? wife29MO Part 2B
TaylorFrank 10OKPart 2B
TaylorOscar OKPart 2B
Taylor Arthur1.10m.OK Part 2B
TaylorSallie 2m.OKPart 2B
TaylorOscar C.25 ARPart 2Bnephew
TedeiFrank38 ITALYPart 9A
Teeme? William42IRE 6A
Teeme?Eliza 34PA6A
Teeme?Floyd12 PA6A
Teeme? ? daughter9PA 6A
Teeme?Miles 7PA6A
Teeme?S..daughter3 PA6A
Templeton Ellsworth10KY Part 7A
TeoreHenry 34IL4A
TeoreJennie31 KS4A
Teore Ralph14KS 4A
TeorePearl 12OK4A
TeoreMorce9 OK4A
Teore Lilly5OK 4A
TeoreWalter 3OK4A
TeoreRoy1 OK4A
Terry David32?OK 4B
TerryCora 27OK4B
TerryLee8 OK4B
Terry Mary6OK 4B
TerryC.. daughter 4OK4B
TerryOra3 OK4B
Terry Joe0OK 4B
ThomasAmanda 19TN1A
ThomasLillie5 OKPart 8B
Thompson Martha65SC 3A
ThompsonAlbert 15AL3A
ThompsonLulu13 AL3A
Thompson Marion9AL 3A
ThompsonRufus 34AL3A
ThompsonRosa?32 AL3A
Thompson Sullivan23NC 5B
ThompsonGeorge 14OKPart 1B
ThompsonWilliam9 OKPart 1B
Thompson George58AL Part 10A
ThompsonElizabeth 54MOPart 10A
TinklerJoseph35 ENG6A
Tinkler Mary39?ENG 6A
TinklerRichard 10ENG6A
TinklerSarah6 ENG6A
Tippett? William34MO 3B
Tippett?Edith 32IA3B
Tippett?Robert8 OK3B
Tippett? Roy6OK 3B
TolbertJames H. 39VA3A
TolbertLucy37 VA3A
Tolbert Lena?13WV 3A
TolbertJohn H. 6OK3A
TolbertHenretta3 OK3A
Tolbert Ida?OK 3A
Troon?William 31IL5A
Troon?Agnes27 OK5A
Troon? Jefferson9OK 5A
Troon?Lucy 7OK5A
Troon?Mosella5 OK5A
Troon? Singleton1OK 5A
TroverWalter 26KS2A
TroverPearl21 OK2A
Trover Leona7mOK 2A
TuckerCarry 12ALPart 1B
Tucker? head25 OKPart 6A
Tucker Ollie18OK Part 6A
TurnerGracie 17KS1A
TurnerHelen1 OK1A
Turner James74GA Part 7A
Turvell?Mammie 26OKPart 9A
TussoTony33 ITALY2A
Tusso Nina22ITALY 2A
TussoDavine 4mOK2A
UrbanJoe35 RUS3B
Uss K.... head27RUS Part 2A
UssAdele 26RUSPart 2A
UssAnnie1.6m OKPart 2A
Vanhesse Walter31AL Part 9B
VaughnGeorge 26AR7A
VaughnB..5 OK8B
Vaughn Rosabelle1+10mOK 8B
VinsonJohn 54ARPart 1B
VinsonGeorgia Ann50 TNPart 1B
Vinson John18OK Part 1B
VinsonWilliam 15OKPart 1B
VinsonDave66 STPart 3A
Vinson Miranda51ST Part 3A
VinsonDelvonia 10OKPart 3A
VitaliDominick40 ITALYPart 7B
Vitalli Lordorico?18ITALY Part 9A
WaitsJoseph B. 53AR7A
WaitsLawrence18 OK7A
Waits Williard16OK 7A
WaitsBessie 13OK7A
WalkerLevi39 MO6B
Walker Merriell11OK 6B
WalkerSallie unMSPart 7B
WallaceJohn52 PAPart 5B
Wallace Annie40IL Part 5B
WallacePearl 18KSPart 5B
WallaceEtta22 OKPart 5B
Wallace Annie12KS Part 5B
WallaceWilliam 9KSPart 5B
WallaceRuth5 KSPart 5B
Wallace Cecelia2KS Part 5B
WallaceMargaretta 6m.OKPart 5B
WaltonCharlie20 AR4B
Ward Golden50UD Part 3A
WardEdward 34ARPart 3B
WardMay'27 ARPart 3B
Ward Robert7OK Part 3B
WardLeona 2OKPart 3B
WardJesse24 RPart 5A
Ward Madalin?20TX Part 5A
WardJessie D. 4m.OKPart 5A
WardHenry21 ALPart 9B
Ward Stella17TN Part 9B
WardRoxy 48ALPart 9B
WardAustin24 ALPart 9B
Ward Posey17AL Part 9B
Ware? 9OK3A
WareFrancis47 ALPart 8A
Warren Harve22AR Part 4A
WashingtonIsaac 21ALPart 8A
WashingtonAnnie21 TXPart 8A
Watkins Rump?33NC 2B
WatkinsCora 18TN2B
WatkinsBeatrice1+4m OK2B
Watson Walter27TN 4B
WatsonAlva 38AL6A
WatsonBelle31 TN6A
Watson Walter9OK 6A
WatsonArla 6OK6A
WatsonBeatrice3 OK6A
Watson Flora6m.OK 6A
WatsonJames 33NCPart 7A
WatsonMamie34 TNPart 7A
Watson? Henry24OK 6B
WeatherspoonCharley 21AL2B
WeaverDolly38 TNPart 9B
Wells Melissa71IN Part 2A
WellsEdward 35OHPart 6B
WertzGeorge56 IN1A
Wertz Emma50MO 1A
WertzElmer 26MO1A
WertzZorah13 KS1A
White Melton32MO Part 6A
WhiteRosie 31INPart 6A
WhiteTenie13 TXPart 6A
White Sylva7OK Part 6A
WhiteDella 5OKPart 6A
WhiteHenry2 OKPart 6A
White Frank F.42KS Part 6B
WhiteDona 37ARPart 6B
WhiteJulia7 OKPart 6B
White Frank5OK Part 6B
WhiteLawrence 2OKPart 6B
WilksCharles39 MOPart 3B
Wilks Daisy25AR Part 3B
WilksEdgar 6ARPart 3B
WilksVirgie3 ARPart 3B
Wilks Logan2AR Part 3B
WilliajsFrank 22AR9A
WilliamsMinnie13 OK3B
Williams William42MO 7A
WilliamsWittie? 39AR7A
WilliamsR... son17 OK7A
Williams Bular?13OK 7A
WilliamsWilliam 13OK7A
WilliamsCoyle6 OK7A
Williams Myrtie4OK 7A
WilliamsIrvin 2OK7A
WilliamsGrace1 OK7A
Williams John J.28TX 7A
WilliamsLouisa 26AR7A
WilliamsHenry4 OK7A
Williams Jacob2OK 7A
WilliamsCharley 36TX7A
WilliamsWilliam59 MO8A
Williams Lucinda57AR 8A
WilliamsAlfred AR8A
Williams Martha15AR 8A
WilliamsIsaac 43MO8B
WilliamsJane41 TX8B
Williams Pearl15AR 8B
WilliamsJesse 12OK8B
WilliamsCharlotte7 OK8B
Williams Bessie4OK 8B
WilliamsNora 2OK8B
WilliamsAndrew20 AR8B
Williams Rachard22AR 8B
WilliamsCelia 33TX8B
WilliamsLloyd5 OK8B
Williams Fordyer18OK Part 6B
WilliamsAlta 14OKPart 6B
WilliamsLee D.51 ALPart 7B
Williams Robert16AL Part 7B
WilliamsClarence 14ALPart 7B
WilliamsFrank13 ALPart 7B
Williams Ella Lee11AL Part 7B
WilliamsHenry 31ALPart 9A
WilliamsSarah24 TNPart 9B
Williams Collin6mOK Part 9B
WilliamsonWilliam 48AL5A W.Reeves Bil
WilliamsonRobert 41GA6B
WilliamsonMary46 MS6B
Willingham Martha68MS Part 1ALucus Mil
Willson William29OK 2B
WilsonJames H. 68INPart 2A
WilsonCardelia C.63 MIPart 2A
Winsaur Fred29GER 1BGER.
Winsaur Polly23ENG 1B
WinsaurGeorge 3PA1B
WinsaurH....1+3m PA1B
Winton Henry29TN Part 9B
WisekPeter 30IA2A
WisekLulu?23 IL2A
Wisek Hermon3IL 2A
WisekHelen 11mCO2A
WomackJean33 TNPart 8B
Womack Sarah30VA Part 8B
WomackAnna 1.11mOKPart 8B
WoolrigeJames33 OK2B
Woolrige Maggie25OK 2B
WoolrigeOra 3OK2B
WoolrigeSam2 OK2B
Woolrige Pearl8mOK 2B
WrightBessie 24OKPart 9A
WynnWilliam34 IAPart 2B
Wynn Mary29MD Part 2B
WynnCecilia 9OKPart 2B
WynnIrene?7 OKPart 2B
Wynn William5OK Part 2B
WynnJohn 52ENGPart 5A
WynnMary43 PAPart 5A
Yates Lena24MO 1B
YatesCharlie 7OK1B
YatesGeorge N.1+3m OK1B
Zadra Joseph36AUST Part 8B
ZadraMarcella 26AUSTPart 8B
ZadraJames27 AUSTPart 8B
Zadra Leno18AUST Part 8B
ZoceA. 23ITALY2A


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