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1910 Census for Red Oak Township
Non-Indian population only

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

1910 Latimr Co. Census Index
Red Oak Township
NameAge placeSheet#
B... Walter?TN Part 5B
B...Rhoda 41ARPart 6A
BarnesCharley H.49 MOPart 14B
Barnes D.. wife50OK Part 14B
BarnesJimie E. 20OKPart 14B
BarnesDon R.17 OKPart 14B
Barnes Callie15OK Part 14B
BarnesThos. 9OKPart 14B
BarnesDora15 ALPart 14B
Barnes Clara9OK Part 14B
BatesP... 22TNPart 1A
BeachampChas. M.65 GAPart 9B
Beachamp Carlina62AR Part 9B
BeauchampJ.. G. 32MSPart 8B
Beauchamp?... N.25 ARPart 8B
Beauchamp Lacy8OK Part 8B
BeauchampArthur 4OKPart 8B
BeauchampCarl2 OKPart 8B
Bianco Barney?48ITALY Part 6A
BiancoSalie 50KYPart 6A
BiancoJenny15 OKPart 6A
Bianco Joe13OK Part 6A
BlacburnWill A. 50ALPart 2B
BlacburnM... wife49 ALPart 2B
Black Tom M.37AR Part 15B
BlackMary 35ARPart 15B
BlackOsborn?18 ARPart 15B
Black Ethel16AR Part 16A
BlackIda 13ARPart 16A
BlackBliss M.10 ARPart 16A
Black Ervin8AR Part 16A
BlackFloyd 5ARPart 16A
BlackLissie2 ARPart 16A
Boren Will48MS Part 5A
BorenAngie 31MSPart 5A
BorenD... daughter3 OKPart 5A
Boren R.... son10m.OK Part 5A
BouermanJohnie 3OKPart 8A
BouermanDezil?1.6m OKPart 8A
Bouerman Josh28OK Part 8A
BouermanBessie 21OKPart 8A
BowlingJim M.57 ALPart 16A
Bowling Welthy42IL Part 16A
BowlingJohn 20ALPart 16A
BowlingLizzie12 ALPart 16A
Bowling Eva8AL Part 16A
BowlingRamey 5OKPart 16A
BranchJoe H.39 AR1B
Branch Loude28AR 1B
BrattonErbin C.? 49MSPart 3B
BrattonMartha38 MSPart 3B
Bratton Lena B.15MS Part 3B
BrattonLuella 1.4mOKPart 3B
BrawleyGeorge A.33 MOPart 12A
Brawley Minnie I.31MS Part 12A
BrawleyMag.. 9OKPart 12A
BrawleyOdis L.?7 OKPart 12A
Brawley Alllie B.5OK Part 12A
BrewerWill 50TNPart 8B
BrewerAnnie34 KYPart 8B
Brewer Oliver7OK Part 8B
BrewerPearl 4OKPart 8B
BrewerMyrtle1.7m OKPart 8B
Briggs Mary56TN Part 4A
BriggsClaud 19OKPart 4A
BriggsJames E.51 MSPart 10B
Briggs Rilla49MS Part 10B
BriggsJames L. 22OKPart 10B
BriggsGeorgia18 TXPart 10B
Briggs Pearlie16TX Part 10B
BriggsErnest 14TXPart 10B
BriggsLudie11 TXPart 10B
Briggs Mamie36MS Part 10B
BriggsMollie N. 29MSPart 10B
BriggsDixie9 OKPart 10B
Briggs Marvin6OK Part 10B
BriggsClaudia 3OKPart 10B
BriggsTomie9m. OKPart 10B
Broiler Sam21U.S. Part 13B
BrooksBen N. 42ALPart 13A
BrooksAdah36 ARPart 13A
Brooks Zelmer15OK Part 13A
BrooksEdgar 14OKPart 13A
BrooksLile13 OKPart 13A
Brooks Stella11OK Part 13A
BrooksBessie 9OKPart 13A
BrooksGene7 OKPart 13A
Brooks Bennie5OK Part 13A
BrooksOrvin? 2OKPart 13A
BrownNancie E.31 OKPart 2BE.Cox/dau
BrownJames D.39? ARPart 2B
Brown Clarence J.12OK Part 2B
BrownWillie A. 10ARPart 2B
BrownGracie P.8 OKPart 2B
Brown Roxie A.6OK Part 2B
BrownWillie J. 60TNPart 5A
BrownSarah63 TNPart 5A
Brown Cal J.38MS Part 5A
BrownMartha L. 32OKPart 5A
BrownBessie12 OKPart 5AW.Brown/gd
BrownBeulah8 OKPart 5BW.Brown/gd
BrownCharlie6 OKPart 5BW.Brown/gd gs
BrownMamie 4OKPart 5B W.Brown/gd
BrownClaudie 2OKPart 5B W.Brown/gd
BrownSam N. 43ARPart 6B
BrownLulu40 TNPart 6B
Brown Gracie17AR Part 6B
BrownMyrtle 15OKPart 6B
BrownRand?13 OKPart 6B
Brown Willie6OK Part 6B
BrownSherrell 3?OKPart 6B
BrownWilliam L.34 MS1A
Broyles Lamial? P.45MO Part 13B
BroylesDora 39ARPart 13B
BroylesJessie15 OKPart 13B
Broyles Harle?12OK Part 13B
BroylesDassie 9OKPart 13B
Broyles? daughter3 OKPart 13B
Burger Jane38TN Part 9B
BurgerNep?  17TNPart 9B
BurgerRiley15 TNPart 9B
Burger Joe11TN Part 9B
BurgerClaud 3OKPart 9B
BurgessOma34 TNPart 9A
Burgess Pearl14OK Part 9A
BurgessAnnie 13OKPart 9A
BurnesJerry C.48 IRE.1A
Burnes Lauvina48CT 1A
BusleyFred 33INPart 1A
BusleyMinnie24 ARPart 1A
Busley Hale6OK Part 1A
BusleyGladys 3OKPart 1A
BusleyGlenn1 OKPart 1A
Butler John N.32?TN Part 3B
ButlerRuth 28ARPart 3B
ButlerCorie9 OKPart 3B
Butler Helen5OK Part 3B
ButlerEthie? 1OKPart 3B
ButlerLue41 MOPart 5AJ.Myres/sil
ButlerM....10 OKPart 15AF.Ayers/gd
ButlerJessie?8 OKPart 15AF.Ayers/gd


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