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1910 Census for Red Oak Township
Non-Indian population only

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It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
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1910 Latimr Co. Census Index
Red Oak Township
NameAge placeSheet#
Callhoun Brady?13OK Part 15BW.Weatherly/stepson
Canon William14OK 1A
CarterMotley H. 49AR2B
CarterWillie E.30 IA2B
Carter Albert A.22OK 2B
CarterWill 38AR3A
CarterSeab?33 AL3A
Cash William S.45AL 2B
CashBitha C. 50AL2B
CashJ... son29 AL2B
Cash Dessie L.17AL 2B
CashBart F. 13AL2B
CashPerry B.37 AL2B
Cash Henry T.15OK 2B
CashNoal D. 13OK2B
CashPosy F.10 AL2B
Casper Ollie58AL 3AF.Jordan mil
Casper George W.29AL 3AF.Jordan bil
Castleman Annie53MO 2BJ.Olliver mil
Castleman Luther16OK 2BJ.Olliver bil
Chambers William29AR Part 13BE.Farmer?/sil
Chambers Emiline34?AR Part 13BE.Farmer/dau
Champ Henry33MO Part 1A
ChampPearl 26MSPart 1A
ChampJewel L.7 OKPart 1A
Champ Mollie5OK Part 1B
ChampHenry N. 1+OKPart 1B
ChampionWalater M.29 AL3A
Chapman Dave H.31KS Part 15A
ChapmanIda 18OKPart 15A
ChaseEarl17 OKPart 9A
Chastain Jsoeph H.56AR Part 11A
ChastainBen 20ARPart 11A
ChastainMar H.15 OKPart 11A
Chastine Charley30AR Part 11B
ChastineMartha 27ALPart 11B
ChastineVina2 OKPart 11B
Childress William M.72MS Part 8B
ChildressPunices L.? 61MSPart 8B
ChildressJames G.29 ARPart 9A
Childress Mollie21OK Part 9A
ChildressElsie 2OKPart 9A
ChildressJames D.8m. OKPart 9A
Cl...? Bessie13AR Part 1BW.Latiner/stepdau
Cl...? Minnie M.10AR Part 1BW.Latiner/stepdau
Cl...? Clarence8AR Part 1BW.Latiner/stepson
Cl...? Mary J.6AR Part 1BW.Latiner/stepdau
Claxton Cash32MS Part 10B
ClaxtonRosie 22U.S.Part 10B
ClaxtonEmma E.10 MOPart 10B
Claxton Minnie8MO Part 10B
ClaxtonElvira 2OKPart 10B
ClickterJinnie W.45 PAPart 3B
Clickter Frank16OK Part 3B
ClickterFred 15OKPart 3B
CoacksyErnie? B.34 ARPart 6A
Coacksy Rosie L.24TX Part 6A
CoacksyPeter V. 6ARPart 6A
CoacksyMaudie4 OKPart 6A
Coacksy Willie2OK Part 6A
CoacksySu 2m.?OKPart 6A
CogburnRobert M.23 AR3A
Cogburn Elcie G.19OK 3A
CogburnLaurena M. 9m.OK3A
ColeLee E.38 MSPart 1B
Cole Pollie20AR Part 1B
ColeRoscoe C. 18OKPart 1B
ColeRuth15 OKPart 1B
Cole Esta M.2OK Part 1B
CollinsWilliam B. 42AR3A
CollinsMona L.11 TN3A
Collins Jessie A.3OK 3A
ConwayAlbert L. 34ARPart 3B
ConwayLila G.23 OKPart 3BA.Stidham/dau
ConwayZuella5 OKPart 3B
Conway Linzie L.3OK Part 3B
ConwayRobert 36ARPart 10A
ConwayAnn34 ALPart 10A
Conway Daisy6OK Part 10A
ConwayJosie 2OKPart 10B
ConwayAv?11m. OKPart 10B
Conway Ethel14OK Part 15BW.Ward/stepdau
Conway Annie14OK Part 15BW.Ward/stepdau
Cook Lee24AR Part 4B
Coons?Larry T.? 64KYPart 6A
Coons?Mary70 MSPart 6A
Coons? Guy19?MS Part 6BL.Coons?/adopted son
Cooper Wiley W.38AL Part 9A
CooperEmma 26ARPart 9A
CooperElmer17 OKPart 9A
Cooper Tedie3OK Part 9A
CoxE... D. head 58MOPart 2B
CoxLaurie B.18 ARPart 2B
Coy William I.23AR 2A
CoyEuna  23AR2A
CoyJames N.52 MO2A
Coy Theodasia E.47NC 2A
CoyJohn B. 19OK2A
CoyAlmer 17 OK2A
Coy George W.15OK 2A
CoyThaddeus F. 13OK2A
CoyMary E.6 OK2A
Coy Ruth C.3OK 2A
CoyJames A. 21OK2A
CoyCleo18 OK2A
Coy Tandy I.72KY 2AJames Coy gf
Cranellores? Robert A.26IL 3A
CrenshawTom S. 33MSPart 14A
CrenshawBessie28 TXPart 14A
Crenshaw Hollie7OK Part 14A
CrenshawUnis 4OKPart 14A
CrenshawEthel2 OKPart 14A
Crenshaw Earl3m.OK Part 14A
CunninghamM.. R. head 38INPart 13B
CunninghamMalinda 33? ARPart 13B
Cunningham Johnie16AR Part 13B
CunninghamHenry 13ARPart 13B
CunninghamEddie11 ARPart 13B
Cunningham Chester7AR Part 13B
CunninghamErnest 5OKPart 13B
CunninghamRobert2 OKPart 13B
Cunningham Harvey0OK Part 13B
CurryJames H. 33IA2B
CutlerFrank H.45 TXPart 3AA.Jones/bro
CutlerJack37 AR2A
Cutler Ellen33AR 2A
CutlerAl L. 4OK2A
CutlerJasper O.48 TX3B
Cutler Mary E.41AR 3B
CutlerAngie M. 13OK3B
CutlerMary A.9 OK3B
Cutler Willie5OK 3B
Cutler?Alfred H. 48AR2A
Cutler?Emma50 MS2A
Cutler? Thomas H.21AR 2A
Cutler?Josephine F. 15AR2A
Cutler?Frona C.12 OK2A


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