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1910 Census for Red Oak Township

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society

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     Name                              Age        Birthplace   Sheet#

GallagherJames H. 45ILPart 9A
GallagherDella35 MOPart 9A
Gallagher Mary18AR Part 9A
GallagherWilliam 16OKPart 9A
GallagherAgness14 OKPart 9A
Gallagher Margarett12OK Part 9A
GallagherElizabeth 10OKPart 9A
GallagherLeo8 OKPart 9A
Gallagher Cornelious6OK Part 9A
GallagherJames 4OKPart 9A
GallagherEarl1.11m OKPart 9A
Gammons John43TN Part 11B
GammonsMinnie 26TNPart 11B
GammonsRoy4 OKPart 11B
Gammons May'2OK Part 11B
GammonsJunie 4m.OKPart 11B
Gentrie?Martie19 OKPart 15BG.Oller/daughter
Gentrie?Lora2 OKPart 15BG.Oller/gd
GeorgeEthel16 ARPart 11B
Gilbert John39AL Part 14A
GilbertR... wife 43ALPart 14A
GilbertBen20 ALPart 14A
Gill Ed22OK 1A
GipsonMary ?NC1A
GoodrickFulton M.36 ARPart 6B
Goodrick Callie33AR Part 6B
GoodrickLillian 3m.?AOKPart 6B
GoodwinSilas P.43 ARPart 5A
Goodwin Alice D.38MO Part 5A
GoodwinIda J. 10OKPart 5A
GoodwinNellie L.6 OKPart 5A
Goodwin Ollie O.1OK Part 5A
GoodwinMaudie M. 17OKPart 5A
GoodwinSnodie15 OKPart 5A
Gosa Newton A.46MO Part 8A
GosaElla 47KYPart 8A
GosaWilliam17 OKPart 8A
Gosa Pearl13OK Part 8A
GosaBennie 6OKPart 8A
GranbergBelle E.25 ARPart 4AI.Telley/dau
GrislockJohn34 GERPart 8A
Grislock Jessie31SCOT Part 8A
GuestMarvin 21ARPart 16A
GuthrieIric W.41 MIPart 14B
Guthrie J... wife28MO Part 14B
GuthrieWalsie? 11MOPart 14B
GuthrieGrant8 MOPart 14B
Guthrie Flossie4OK Part 14B
GuthrieFrank 2OKPart 14B
GuyerEd21 OK1A
Hackworth Richard41AR Part 11B
HackworthSilmon 34ARPart 11B
HackworthCharley R.19 OKPart 11B
Hackworth Bessie11OK Part 11B
HackworthVirgie 8OKPart 11B
HackworthPersley?23 OKPart 12A
Hackworth Emma19AR Part 12A
HackworthCarrie 8m.OKPart 12A
HallCharles T.18 OK2B
Hallhouse? ?.... A.22TX Part 15A
HamiltonHugh 33ILPart 5B
HamiltonLena37 MSPart 5B
Hamilton Ike T.39MS Part 15A
HamiltonZelta 15OKPart 15A
HamiltonRoscoe10 OKPart 15A
Hamilton Archie6OK Part 15A
HandGeorge R. 37AL2A
HandMary A.34 AL2A
Hand Bertha10OK 2A
HandClarence 4AR2A
HandGertrude2 AR2A
Harden Earnest C.23MS Part 14A
HardenAlice A.? 27OKPart 14A
HarrellElizabeth A.86 ALPart 4A
Harris William47MO Part 7B
HarrisMalissa 38OHPart 7B
HarrisWalter20 OKPart 7B
Harris Charlie18AR Part 7B
HarrisElla 14OKPart 7B
HarrisJohnie12 OKPart 7B
Harris Mary9AR Part 7B
HarrisLonie 7ARPart 7B
HarrisDelbert6 ARPart 7B
Harris Chessie4AR Part 7B
HarrisAnnie 1.3m?OKPart 7B
Hawkins?Franklin52 TXPart 1Bbottom of page torn
Hawkins?M... wife? ARPart 2A
Hawkins? V.. daugh2CO Part 2A
HaysGeorge E. 59VAPart 9B
HaysMary 58 KYPart 9B
Hays Pearl19AR Part 9B
HaysFlorence 18ARPart 9B
HaysMyrtle12 OKPart 9B
Heath Sidney43ENG Part 7A
HeathNorah 36MOPart 7A
HeathJohn R.18 ARPart 7A
Heath James W.16AR Part 7A
HeathSidney 12ARPart 7A
HeathTracie6 OKPart 7A
Heath Mose3OK Part 7A
HeathFlorence 1OKPart 7A
Henner?Stuart?40 ALPart 15A
Henner? F.. wife33MS Part 15A
Henner?Iva 14OKPart 15A
Henner?Aggie13 OKPart 15A
Henner? Birdie6OK Part 15A
HerbertM.. head 55WALESPart 6A
HerbertF...? A.62 MOPart 6A
Herbert Edmund43WALES Part 6A
HiattGene 45U.S.Part 5B
HiattEdd27 U.S.Part 5B
Hiatt Edna?AR Part 5B
HiattArthur 23U.S.Part 6A
HiattMartha21 OKPart 6A
Hiatt Earl2OK Part 6A
HiattJohn W. 35MO2A
HiattDovie34 AR2A
Hiatt Clifford10OK 2A
HiattLillie 8OK2A
HiattJef6 OK2A
Hiatt Nora3OK 2A
HiattNoah 8m.OK2A
HiattDaniel W.68 MO2A
Hicks Marye M.66TN Part 1A
HicksNora A. 20OKPart 3A A.Jones/dau
HicksChas. D. 25TNPart 3A
HicksBlake C.4m. OKPart 3A
Hicks John W. L.20TN Part 4B
HicksPearl 20ARPart 4B
HicksCarol22 TNPart 4B
Hicks? John W.31TN Part 2A
Hicks?Camelia 30KYPart 2B
Hicks?John R.7 OKPart 2B
Hicks? Allie D.?4OK Part 2B
Hicks?Claudie A. 1.11mOKPart 2B
HilburnChristopher44 ALPart 5A
Hilburn T.. E. wife38AL Part 5A
HilburnOwen 16ALPart 5A
HilburnNoah12 ALPart 5A
Hilburn Orella10AL Part 5A
HilburnIcie? 7ALPart 5A
HilburnDonie B.?5 OKPart 5A
Hilburn Johnie W.3OK Part 5A
HilburnWillie M.? 11m.OKPart 5A
HilburnBrady M.18 AL2A
Hilburn Lillie M.19MS 2A
HilburnRufie G. 5m.OK2A
HillhouseRoy V.21 MOPart 3A
Hindrickson A... head36IN Part 12B
HindricksonMary  36ILPart 12B
HindricksonMarie16 MOPart 12B
Hindrickson Alva11IL Part 12B
HindricksonKathryn 9ILPart 12B
HindricksonIrene7 OKPart 12B
Hindrickson Joseph3OK Part 12B
HindricksonJohn 0OKPart 12B
HornidyEmma67 PAPart 3A
Hornidy Corwin26AR Part 3A
HowardAlfred L. 29ALPart 10A
HowardMavis25 ALPart 10A
Howard Cecil5AL Part 10A
HowardTroy 4OKPart 10A
HowardWinette1.11m OKPart 10A
Howard Hazel11m.OK Part 10A
HudgensJohn H. 40ARPart 4A
HudgensNancie H.?41 MSPart 4A
Hughes Mary60IRE. Part 6B
HughesJoe 53IREPart 14A
HughesWinona31 ALPart 14A
Hughes Joe1m.OK Part 14A
HughesCharles H. 41ALPart 14B
HughesMartha 39 ALPart 14B
Hughes Ada14AL Part 14B
HughesWilmor? dau 13ALPart 14B
HughesTildy11 ALPart 14B
Hughes Velma8AL Part 14B
HughesFrank 4OKPart 14B
HughesJesse1+ OKPart 14B
Hulsey Dock 32GA Part 9A
HulseyDonald 5OKPart 9A
HulseyNorbert3 OKPart 9B
Hulsey Francis1.1mOK Part 9B
HulseyHenry 41ARPart 14B
HulseyLurie C.35 ARPart 14B
Hulsey Harlis H.14OK Part 14B
HulseyHarvey  12OKPart 14B
HulseyWallie M.10 OKPart 14B
Hulsey Charley L.7OK Part 14B
HulseyM.. A. dau 3OKPart 14B
HulseyMaggie 1 OKPart 14B
Hunt Myrtle10OK Part 3AJ.Upton/stepdau
Hunt Mat28MO Part 8B
HuntMinnie D. 28?ARPart 8B
HuntDay T.5 OKPart 8B
Hunt Joe? D.3OK Part 8B
HuntLottie H. 2OKPart 8B
HuntThelma4m. OKPart 8B
Hunt Louis N.32MO Part 8B
HuntLora M. 27MSPart 8B
HuntMaud8 OKPart 8B
Hunt Mary5OK Part 8B
HuntHomer 2OKPart 8B
HuntRangy35? MOPart 9B
Hunt Cl... wife36TX Part 9B
HuntBertie 13OKPart 9B
HuntElbert9 OKPart 9B
Hunt Artie7OK Part 9B
HuntIsma C. 13OK1A M.Morris gd
Hunt?Mary 54U.S.Part 11A
Hunt?Simon26 MOPart 11A
Hunt? Edgar M.20MO Part 11A
Hunt?Lillie 16OKPart 11A
Hunt?Arthur13 OKPart 11A
Hunter Samuel L.33TX 2B
HunterLee Nora 29AR2B
HunterPearly M.8 AR2B
Hunter William C.2OK 2B
IshWilliam W. 65ARPart 1B
JamesGeorge 54 OK2B
James Lillie31TX 2B
JamesDella N. 14OK2B
JamesRuben C.11 OK2B
James Pearlie E.9OK 2B
JamesLena J. 6TX2B
JamesDouglas4 OK2B
Jenkins Sam26KY Part 7B
jenkinsJeneva 23OKPart 7B
JenkinsBert?4m. OKPart 7B
Jewett? Edward71IN Part 16A
JohnsonWilliam D. 33GAPart 8B
JohnsonEmma30 GAPart 8B
Johnson Dewitt8GA Part 8B
JohnsonCoke? 1.10mOKPart 8B
JohnsonJohn31 ALPart 11A
Johnson Della24OK Part 11A
JohnsonMarie 6m.OKPart 11A
JonesFrank 28 ARPart 2B
Jones Vina A. I.19AL Part 2B
JonesAnnie 49TXPart 3A
JonesJess18 OKPart 3AA.Jones/son
JonesWalter35 ARPart 16A
Jones Susie8OK Part 16A
JonesArie 4OKPart 16A
JordanFrank22 AR3A
Jordan Sarrah E.27AR 3A
JordanClarence L. 1.11mKS3A


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