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1910 Census Index (White Only) Red Oak Township

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical Genealogical Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

  Name                                Age       Birthplace  Sheet#
MabryColumbus L.25 ARPart 15B
Mabry Donie?20AL Part 15B
MabryHerald 2OKPart 15B
MabryRoy H.1.2m? OKPart 15B
Madden James M.51KY Part 4A
MaddenMary A. 42VAPart 4A
MaddenB.... M. son18 OKPart 4A
Madden Ted17OK Part 4A
MaddenJohn  20OKPart 4B
MaddenRuby19 OKPart 4B
Maddup William 42AR Part 1B
MaddupNira L. 33TXPart 1B
MaddupZella14 OKPart 1B
Maddup Dewey11OK Part 1B
MaddupCecil 9OKPart 1B
MaddupIric8 OKPart 1B
Maddup Irine8OK Part 1B
MadridJoe 50AUSTPart 7B
MadridMary55 AUSTPart 7B
Mality? Joe52ITALY Part 2B
ManixTom J. 45ILPart 9A
ManixBettie45 MSPart 9A
Manix Gladys11OK Part 9A
Manix? son 7OKPart 9A
ManixMay'4 OKPart 9A
Marshall Chas.59IL Part 2A
MarshallMiltie F. 46TXPart 2A
MarssHelen20 INPart 6B
Massie? Thomas M.30GA Part 9A
MaxeyWilliam M. 63MSPart 2A
MaxeyNannie55 ALPart 2A
Maxey Mamie31MS Part 2A
MaxeyWillie 28MSPart 2A
MaxeyJeb.59 MSPart 3A
Maxey Arthur34MS Part 11A
MaxeyDo.. wife 33ALPart 11A
MaxeyIva11 OKPart 11A
Maxey Fonnie9OK Part 11A
MaxeyWalter 7OKPart 11A
MaxeyVelma4 OKPart 11A
Maxey Ruth3OK Part 11A
MaxeyNo name 6m.OKPart 11A
MaxeyCaleb L.52 SCPart 15A
Maxey Mahalia D.49AR Part 15B
MaxeyEric M. 17TXPart 15B
MaxeyNettie L.14 TXPart 15B
Maxey Viola12OK Part 15B
MaxeyBirtie 10OKPart 15B
MaxeyBen F.8 OKPart 15B
Maxey Pearl4OK Part 15B
MaysWillis W. 22ARPart 5A
MaysWillie16 ARPart 5A
McBride George W.44IN Part 6A
McBrideAnna 31TNPart 6A
McBridePauline3 OKPart 6A
McBride Eugenia1.11mOK Part 6A
McBrideAnnie 30MSPart 16A
McCalisterJohn W.30 MOPart 8A
McCalister Girtie22OK Part 8A
McCalisterTed 5OKPart 8A
McCalisterErnest3 OKPart 8A
McCalister Chester6m.OK Part 8A
McCanEdna 9OKPart 15B W.Ward/stepdau
McCanThelma 7OKPart 15B W.Ward/stepdau
McCanIrine 4OKPart 15B W.Ward/stepdau
McCanCornelius 2OKPart 15B W.Ward/stepson
McCoolRosie C. 23ARPart 1A J.Murray/daughter
McCoolEdward A. 24ARPart 1A
McCoolCharlie2 ARPart 1A
McCool Earl0OK Part 1A
McCormicTalitha 30TNPart 7A
McCormicFrancis15 TNPart 7A
McCormic Jack11TN Part 7A
McCormicEdward 10TNPart 7A
McCormicElla5 OKPart 7A
McCormic Pat3OK Part 7A
McCormicPete 1+?OKPart 7A
McCrohanAndy40 GA1A
McFarland Dug49MO Part 1B
McFarlandClara 49MOPart 1B
McFarlandEdgar14 TXPart 1B
McFarland Hiram26MO Part 5B
McFarlandStella 23KSPart 5B
McFarlandClifford 2 OKPart 5B
McFarland Clara6m.?OK Part 5B
McFerrenA... head 25OKPart 12B
McFerrenAda24 MSPart 12B
McFerren Horton22OK Part 12B
MerchantHenry 63SCPart 4A
MerchantMarye E.59 MSPart 4A
Merchant Barlow 37MS Part 4A
MerchantB... Z. 29MSPart 4A
MerchantGracie L.10 OKPart 4A
Metcalf Nancie A.18AR Part 2A
MillerIlah E. 22OKPart 9B
MitchellLewis36 ARPart 12B
Mitchell L... wife26AR Part 12B
MitchellR... daughter 6ARPart 12B
MitchellBertha4 ARPart 12B
Mitchell Lula1.8m.?OK Part 13A
MizeWilliam 10OKPart 2A
MizeE..?25 ARPart 5B
Mize Elize26AR Part 5B
MizeMonroe 3OKPart 5B
MizeRowland1 OKPart 5B
Moore Fred10MO Part 2AF.Hawkins?/stepson
Moore Ernest A.18KY Part 4A
MordacaiTom 31ALPart 12A
MordacaiAnnie30 ALPart 12A
Mordacai Ernest7TX Part 12A
MordacaiLena V. 5ALPart 12A
MordacaiWilliam O.2 OKPart 12A
Mordacai no name6m.OK Part 12Adaughter
Moreland James P.36AR Part 15B
MorelandJenie? 26ARPart 15B
MorelandOscar J.9 ARPart 15B
Moreland Theodore?AR Part 15B
MorelandDaisy 2ARPart 15B
MorganRich. C.32 TNPart 14A
Morris John B.41?NC Part 9B
MorrisFannie E. 28MSPart 9B
MorrisCarl C.7 OKPart 9B
Morris William H.5OK Part 9B
MorrisEd 26MOPart 11A
MorrisAl? ILPart 14B
Morris Ella28MS Part 14B
MorrisFrank 8OKPart 14B
MorrisJim1+ OKPart 14B
Morris Mary82NC 1A
MorrisMary E. 57NC1A
MorrisJames L.51 NC1A
Morris Mandy E.30AR 1A
MorrisLantie C. 15OK1A
MorrisEffie M.9 OK1A
Morris George H.4OK 1A
MorrisEthel I. 1m.OK1A
MorrisonEllis P.27 MSPart 11A
Morrison Jessie C.18OK Part 11A
MorrisonLenzie  2m.OKPart 11A
MorrisonJames30 MSPart 14A
Morrison Lora19OK Part 14A
MorrisonWill H. 43MSPart 14A
MorrisonClara13? OKPart 14A
Morrison Henry C.37?MS Part 14A
MorrisonE.. wife 37MSPart 14A
MorrisonShel.. son17 MSPart 14A
Morrison Unis15OK Part 14A
MorrisonV.. daughter 9?OKPart 14A
MorrisonCecil? OKPart 14A
Morrison Fay2OK Part 14A
MossFred 17OKPart 9A
MurchatJohn E.23 MSPart 4A
Murray James J.54AR Part 1A
MurrayNancy J. 62ARPart 1A
MurrayMartha H.24 ARPart 1A
Murray Nelllie16AR Part 1A
MurrayJohn  35ARPart 3A
MurrayMattie33 TNPart 3A
Murray Gertie L.11AR Part 3A
MurrayMary D. I. 9ARPart 3A
MurrayAnnice T.7 ARPart 3A
Murray John R.5m.OK Part 3A
MusgowGay 5OKPart 13B
MusgowIreland4 OKPart 13B
Musie? Eliga L.45TN Part 5B
Musie?Georgia  53KYPart 5B
Musie?Lue? son16 TNPart 5B
Myres James S.62TN Part 5A
MyresMatilda J. 60?MOPart 5A
MyresErnest19 MOPart 5A
Myres Ervin13MO Part 5A
NansiesCoffar... head 34ITALYPart 7B
NansiesJosie24 U.S.Part 7B
Nansies Roy4AR Part 7B
NansiesEster 2ARPart 7B
NansiesKatie6m. OKPart 7B
Nation David?14OK Part 10AR.Conway/stepson
Nation Williard13OK Part 10AR.Conway/stepson
Neal Frank25AR Part 11A
NealAlice 24MOPart 11A
NealEffie3 OKPart 11A
Neal Bessie2OK Part 11A
NeatheryWillie L. 20ARPart 2B
NewcombJames37 ARPart 8B
Newcomb Mary35AL Part 8B
NewcombReynold 15OKPart 8B
NewcombOllie13 OKPart 8B
Newcomb Isom7OK Part 8B
NewcombIlah? 5OKPart 8B
NewcombDelmer10m. OKPart 8B
Nix Larkin19AR Part 16A
NoahJohn C. 26ALPart 10A
NoahSul.. wife24 ARPart 10A
Noah Haskel2OK Part 10A
NoahTom 21OK3A
NoahVada18 OK3A
Noah Curtis1.7mOK 3A
NoahJesse L. 44AL3A
NoahMary I.43 AL3A
Noah Jesse J.16OK 3A
NoahColeman Y. 14OK3A
NoahShafer D.12 OK3A
Noah Cain H.10OK 3A
NoahDora 7OK3A
NoahBob24 AL3B
Noah Ameda A.23OK 3B
NoahRobert F. 1.10mOK3B
NorrisGertrude22 ARPart 6AWalter B.../dau
NorrisTom P.31 MSPart 6A
Norris Mable3OK Part 6A
NorrisLu 9m.?OKPart 6A
Nourck?Mat36 EN.?Part 7BPolish
Nourck?Lena34 EN.?Part 7BPolish

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