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1910 Census for (White Only) Red Oak Township

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical Genealogical Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

  Name                                Age       Birthplace  Sheet#
Oller Christopher 54 AR Part 15A
Oller Leander? 39 GA Part 15A
Oller Viola 11 OK Part 15A
Oller Randolph 9 OK Part 15A
Oller Victoria 6 OK Part 15A
Oller Presly? R. 2 OK Part 15A
Oller Wesley 1+ OK Part 15A
Oller Columbus 24 OK Part 15A
Oller Rosie 28 OK Part 15A
Oller Thomas B. 24 OK Part 15A
Oller Edna 19 MS Part 15A
Oller William A. 1.3m OK Part 15A
Oller George  ? AR Part 15B
Oller Emma 54 AR Part 15B
Oller Georgia 15 OK Part 15B
Oller Ada 12 OK Part 15B
Olliver John 31 OK 2B
Olliver S.. wife 24 MO 2B
Olliver Annie 3 OK 2B
Olliver Walter 1 OK 2B
Orvin George W. 63 IN Part 6B
Orvin Roy 63 OK Part 6B
Osment? Jack O. 17 AR Part 9B
Owen Fena? 53 US.S. Part 15B
Owen ? daughter 22 MO Part 15B
Owen Edward 16 MO Part 15B
Owen Will 20 MO Part 15B
Owen Rachel 21 AR Part 15B
Owen Harcie? 5m. OK Part 15B
Pardon? Frank 51 ITALY Part 2B
Pardon? Malinda 47 OK Part 2B
Pardon? Mary 17 OK Part 2B
Pardon? Agusta 15 OK Part 2B
Pardon? John 13 OK Part 2B
Pardon? Julie 7 OK Part 2B
Park Oscar E. 45 MO Part 3A
Park Mary A. 44 GA Part 3A
Park Lowell 13 OK Part 3A
Park Alex E. 31 AR Part 3B
Park Lamandy 23 AR Part 3B
Park George  6 OK Part 3B
Park Claud 4 OK Part 3B
Park Lan... son 1 OK Part 3B
Park Virgil E. 39 MO Part 5A
Park Lizzie 27 AR Part 5A
Park Everett 14 OK Part 5A
Park Besse E. 12 OK Part 5A
Park Virgie L. 7 OK Part 5A
Park Girtie 6 OK Part 5A
Park Bertie 4 OK Part 5A
Park Mirtie 2 OK Part 5A
Park Maye 5m.? OK Part 5A
Parker Mathew 58 AL Part 13A
Parker Rufus R. 30 AL Part 13A
Parker Ada 27 AL Part 13A
Parker Ura 7 AL Part 13A
Parker Theron 6 AL Part 13A
Parker Thurmon 3 OK Part 13A
Parker Uvine 1.10m OK Part 13A
Parker Mike C. 70 TN Part 16A
Parker Martha 78 TN Part 16A
Parks Earl 21 AR Part 11B
Pate William H. 34 AR 3B
Pate Nancie E. 34 AR 3B
Pate George E. 14 AR 3B
Pate Arley O. 9 OK 3B
Pate Orvel L. 7 OK 3B
Pate Charles L. 5 OK 3B
Pate William L. 11m. OK 3B
Pearce Robert 40 AL Part 16A
Pearce Mollie 33 AL Part 16A
Pearce Willie 12 OK Part 16A
Pearce Dewie 9 OK Part 16A
Pearce Martha 7 OK Part 16A
Pearce Gennie? 4 OK Part 16A
Pearce Mack 2 OK Part 16A
Pendergraft Ottis J. 27 AR Part 12A
Pendergraft Ella M. 27 AR Part 12A
Pendergraft Lillie M. 6 OK Part 12A
Pendergraft Eg.. L. son 6m.? OK Part 12A
Pendley Isac E. 30 AR 1B
Pendley Alma 20 AR 1B
Pendley Herbert 2 OK 1B
Pendley Gilbert 1 OK 1B
Perkins Eric 17 U.S. Part 16A
Perry Pat 38 IN Part 2A
Perry Will L. 37 AR Part 13B
Perry Lissie 25 AR Part 13B
Perry Edward 9 AR Part 13B
Perry Frank 4 AR Part 13B
Perry no name 0 OK Part 13B son
Pilant Albert L. 39 MO Part 5B
Pilant Alice 25 AR Part 5B
Pilant William R. 6 OK Part 5B
Pilant Albert B. 3 OK Part 5B
Pilant Frelon? H. ? OK Part 5B
Pilant L... H. son ? TX Part 5B
Pilant Lillian M. 11 TX Part 5B
Pitchford Jesse L. 22 OK 2A
Pittsford P... head 24 OK Part 10A
Pittsford Bertie 23 AL Part 10A
Pittsford Glenn 1.4m OK Part 10A
Pittsford Tom J. 59 GA Part 10A
Pittsford Mary 36 AR Part 10A
Pittsford Odle? 11 OK Part 10A
Pittsford Lola 7 OK Part 10A
Pittsford Nolie M. 4 OK Part 10A
Pittsford Edna 1.11m OK Part 10A
Price Bud P. 29 OK Part 7A
Price Maggie 24 IL Part 7A
Price Roy 5 OK Part 7A
Price Ed 3 OK Part 7A
Prock Jullium F. 50 MO Part 12A
Prock Mandy  42 KY Part 12A
Prock Robert D. 20 AR Part 12A
Prock Ollie M. 18 AR Part 12A
Prock Frank J. 14 AR Part 12A
Prock Leona  9 AR Part 12A
Prock Loyd 4 OK Part 12A
Prock Elmer 2 OK Part 12A
Prock Ed 24 AR Part 15A
Prock Charley? 17 AL Part 15A
Prock John 2 OK Part 15A
Prock Howart 8m. OK Part 15A
Pulley Mary 44 AR Part 11B
Pulley William 14 AR Part 11B
Pulley Lee 11 AR Part 11B
Pulley Earl 8 AR Part 11B
Pulley Effie 1 OK Part 11B

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