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1910 Census Index (White Only) Red Oak Township

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

1910 Latimr Co. Census Index
Red Oak Township
RaglandNannie S. 48MSPart 1A
RaglandHenry M.26 MSPart 1A
Ragland William O.22OK Part 1A
RaglandMinnie L. 14OKPart 1A
RaglandLila 23 OKPart 1A
Rainney Philip T.28U.S Part 4A
Ramer?Robert 26TXPart 14B
Ramer?Esta23 OKPart 14B
Ramer? Virgil3OK Part 14B
Ramer?Minnie 0OKPart 14B
Ramer?John 24 ARPart 15AM.Allen/son
Ramer?Frank20 ARPart 15AM.Allen/son
RameyJohn W.52 KY2B
Ramey Ida47OH 2B
RameyEverette 19TN2B son
RameyLillie 17VA2B
RameyDollie15 TX2B
Ramey Ellie7OK 2B
RameyMable 5OK2B
RameyJack2 OK2B
Rankin Oscar21OK 1B
RankinEula B. 22AR1B
RankinJohn r.44 TN1B
Rankin Mary L.40AR 1B
RankinMyrtle 16OK1B
RankinEsther5 OK1B
Rankin William H.2OK 1B
RankinOwen 20OK1B
RankinEtta17 AR1B
Rankins Evelyn18OK Part 6AB.Bianco/dau
Rankins Susie5m.OK Part 6AB.Bianco/gd
Rapp Ed37OH Part 5B
RappAddie M. 36OHPart 5B
Rapp?.... H. son15 OHPart 5B
Rapp Willie M.13WV Part 5B
RappEdward L. 8OHPart 5B
RappArthur E.6 OHPart 5B
Rapp M.. dau0OK Part 5B
RappWilliam 27OHPart 6A
RappFredona21 WVPart 6A
Rapp Henry1.2mOK Part 6A
RedwineWilliam 37ARPart 11B
RedwineJulie33 ALPart 11B
Redwine Huston14OK Part 11B
Redwine? son 12OKPart 11B
RedwineFlorence7 OKPart 11B
Redwine Lawrence7OK Part 12A
RedwineLola 4OKPart 12A
RedwineEster3? OKPart 12A
Reid William7OK Part 16AG.Fowler/nephew
Rennie Robert42SCOT Part 1A
RennieEdna 33KYPart 1A
RennieLurie6m. OKPart 1A
Reynolds Ray18OK Part 2A
RhotinW. S. 52VAPart 4B
RichardsWilliam J.26 MSPart 6B
Richards Sallie21AR Part 6B
RichardsEster 4OKPart 6B
RichardsEthel2 OKPart 6B
Richards Dan M.54MS Part 16A
RichardsGeorgia L. 24MSPart 16A
RichardsFlorence14 MSPart 16A
Richardson Floyd S.32VA Part 1B
RichardsonMollie 16OKPart 1B
RickRobert L.42 MSPart 1A
Rick Ada34TN Part 1A
RickRobie 3MSPart 1A
RickWilliam H.2 OKPart 1A
Rick Julia J.8mOK Part 1A
RickFrank 24ITALYPart 2B
RileyEddie14 OKPart 3AR.Warford/nephew
RileyJim21 OKPart 3AR.Warford/nephew
RileyMike23 U.S.Part 3AR.Warford/nephew
RileyEmma20 TXPart 3BR.Warford/niece
RileyV.6m. OKPart 3BR.Warford/greatnephew
RileyMay'16 OKPart 3BR.Warford/niece
RobersonLuisa J.57 MSPart 14A
Roberson Richard16OK Part 14A
RockettRichard H. 60MSPart 4A E.Harrell/adopted son
RockettElizabeth F. 40MSPart 4A
RockettErnest W.23 MSPart 4A
Rockett Warren H.22MS Part 4A
RockettLexie C. 21OKPart 4A
RockettRichard G.0 OKPart 4A
Rouviere Lonie32FRANCE Part 7B
RuseWilliam 38OHPart 6B
RuseEmily28 TXPart 6B
Ruse Willie W.8OK Part 6B
RuseRaymond 5OKPart 6B
RuseEmily3 OKPart 6B
Ruse Merrick1OK Part 6B
RussellLarkin B. 51MOPart 3B
RussellSusan46 MOPart 3B
Russell Martha J.27OK Part 3B
RyanHosea 59MSPart 9A
RyanMary56 ARPart 9A
Ryan Maud22MS Part 9A
RyanJohn C. 30MSPart 9A
RyanLillie24 ARPart 9A
Ryan Edward7OK Part 9A
RyanVida 5OKPart 9A
RyanErnest3 OKPart 9A
Ryan Hubert R.4m.OK Part 9A
RyanJames G. 33MS1A
RyanMandy27 AR1A
Ryan Annie G.2OK 1A
RyanRichard O. 0OK1A
SalesMorgan25 ARPart 11A
Sales General31MO Part 12B
SalesMartha J. 24ARPart 12B
SalesWinnie M.1.9m? OKPart 12B
Sandlin Alice48MO Part 11AJ.Ervin/sister
Sandlin Grun R.52MO Part 11AJ.Ervwin/brother
Savage Conrad38OH Part 6A
SavageEmma 35OHPart 6A
SavageEdith15 OHPart 6A
Savage Clarence12WV Part 6A
SavageCatherine 9OKPart 6A
SavageMyrtle6 OKPart 6A
Savage Harry3OK Part 6A
SawyersHenry 40ARPart 1A
SawyersDella38 TNPart 1A
Sawyers Willie J.20AR Part 1A
SawyersIndell? 15OKPart 1A
SawyersRosie J.13 OKPart 1A
Sawyers Robie M.8OK Part 1A
SawyersLorine V. 6OKPart 1A
SawyersWillie14 OKPart 13BE.Farmer?/gs
SearsDavid57 IAPart 1B
Sears Talitha J.47AR Part 1B
SearsDavid L. 29MOPart 1B
SearsVan D.25 ARPart 1B
Sears Isa? dau21OK Part 1B
SearsIda 18MOPart 1B
SearsMary14 MOPart 1B
Sears Samuel M.10AR Part 1B
SewellMary L. 50ARPart 5B
SewellBen L.21 ARPart 5B
Shales B.. head40MO Part 8A
ShalesNettie 40MOPart 8A
ShalesWilliam16 TXPart 8A
Shales John11MO Part 8A
ShalesLulu 9OKPart 8A
ShalesEssie7 OKPart 8A
Shales Bertha7OK Part 8A
ShalesElla 4OKPart 8A
ShalesDella4 OKPart 8A
Shales Ethel1OK Part 8A
ShanklinDavid 60WIPart 13B
ShanklinMaud26 ARPart 13B
Shanklin Mattie27AR Part 13B
SimpkinsSilas C. 19ARPart 6A G.McBride/bil
SimsWill 39?MSPart 14B
SimsElla38 MSPart 14B
Sims Lillie8OK Part 14B
SimsJere? son 5OKPart 15A
SmallwoodJohn47 KYPart 3B
Smallwood Annie B.40MO Part 3B
SmallwoodJasper L. 22TXPart 3B
SmallwoodRoy C.20 MOPart 3B
Smallwood Lester F.18MO Part 3B
SmallwoodErnst H. 15MOPart 3B
SmallwoodMae10 OKPart 3B
Smallwood Simeon L.56KY Part 4A
SmallwoodAda G. 62KYPart 4A
SmirlWalter34 MO3A
Smith Verena24KS Part 2A
SmithTom 29TNPart 2B
SmithGunnie S.28 ILPart 2B
Smith Earl7OK Part 2B
SmithJohn  34RUS.Part 7A Polish
SmithFrancis 29GERPart 7A
SmithJosephine9 WYPart 7A
Smith Theodore7UT Part 7A
SmithAlexander 5OKPart 7A
SmithFrancis2 OKPart 7B
Smith Luiza?58MA Part 8B
SmithCharley 34ARPart 12A
SmithLena33 ARPart 12A
Smith Eva13AR Part 12A
SmithRudie 8ARPart 12A
SmithTrini?4 ARPart 12A
Smith Mildon?2AR Part 12A
SmithWalter H. 48MO1A
SmithLouisa J.45 AR1A
Smoke Joe30AUST Part 7B
SmokeEngel 21GERPart 7B
SmokeAnnie7 OKPart 7B
Smoke Marie5KS Part 7B
SmokeJoe 2KSPart 7B
SmokeVictor1.6m OKPart 7B
Snowder Jesse M.32MO Part 3B
SnowderIda M. 27MOPart 3B
SnowderEva7 OKPart 3B
Snowder Jesse8OK Part 3B
SpightsFred 52?ALPart 13A
SpightsMarye L.36 ARPart 13A
Spights Hansel9OK Part 13A
SpightsSmith 51AL1A
SpightsFred M.18 AR1A
Spights William F.16AR 1A
SpightsSmith A. 12AR1A
SpradlonJustin22 KSPart 7B
Spradlon Ethel20AR Part 7B
SpradlonNeville 1.1mARPart 7B
SpringerJames F.49 KYPart 10A
Springer Linsie? A.41AR Part 10A
SpringerTuney? 10OKPart 10A
SpringerJohnie8 OKPart 10A
Springer Nora6OK Part 10A
SpringerRobert 10m.OKPart 10A
StacksChickashaw28 ALPart 14A
Stacks Wassaw25AL Part 16AR.Pearce/bil
Stanbrough Mattie35MO Part 3B
StanbroughLenath E. 8ARPart 3B
StanbroughJinnie J.6 ARPart 3B
Stanbrough John5AR Part 3B
StarkJohn B. 32ENG.Part 6B
StarkAnnie23 OKPart 6B
Stark Clagburn?2OK Part 6B
StarkWill P. 30SCOTPart 6B
StarkWalter40 ENG.Part 6B
Staton Jesse14AR Part 3AE.Hornidy/gs
Stein John75GER Part 4B
SteinEmilie A. 75?Part 4B
StephisonMarth A.62 AL1BW.Lambert mil
StevensBonner R.35 MSPart 3A
Stevens Littie M.30AL Part 3A
StevensA... E. son 13OKPart 3A
StevensR.. J. dau11 OKPart 3A
Stevens Ethel M.9OK Part 3A
StevensAndie B. 5OKPart 3A
StidhamAlfred M.52 MSPart 3B
Stidham Sallie D.52AL Part 3B
StidhamLuther H. 25MS1A
StidhamLula20 AR1A
Stigpen? B...23MS Part 13B
StocktonLouis W. 15AR1B
Stocton?John M.36 ARPart 5A
Stocton? Mary 35AR Part 5A
Stocton?Louis 14ARPart 5A
Stocton?Virgil11 ARPart 5A
Stocton? Jenelle6AR Part 5A
Stocton?Claudie 4ARPart 5A
StoneCharlie L.40 GAPart 2A
Stover? Will39MO Part 2A
Stover?Martha A. 30MSPart 2A
StricklandSamuel 66 ALPart 1B
Strickland Willie B.81NC Part 10B
StricklandL.. S. 43ALPart 10B
StricklandHattie28 MOPart 10B
Strickland John L.16OK Part 10B
StricklandWesley 12OKPart 10B
StricklandOrie8 OKPart 10B
Strickland Lee8OK Part 10B
Strickland? head 38ALPart 11A
StricklandMay'33 ALPart 11A
Strickland Walter13OK Part 11A
StricklandMarg? L. 11OKPart 11A
StricklandAllice7 OKPart 11A
Strickland Rufus M.37AL Part 11B
StricklandLaura B. 30OKPart 11B
StricklandLee8 OKPart 11B
Strickland Etta6OK Part 11B
StricklandSavanah 3OKPart 11B
StroutPearl26 OKPart 13A
Strout Alfred9OK Part 13A
StroutClarence 7OKPart 13A
StroutEthel3 OKPart 13A
Strozice? John45GA Part 2B
Strozice?Hallie 37MSPart 2B
Strozice?Clay R.17 OKPart 2B
Strozice? ? son14?OK Part 2B
Strozice?Ethel 13OKPart 2B
Strozice?Andrew11 OKPart 2B
Strozice? Marchall J.6m.OK Part 2B
SturgunClaude A. 36MOPart 1B
SturgunEssie30 INPart 1B
Sturgun Claudie 5OK Part 1B
SturgunJames L. 3OKPart 1B
SturgunEllinore 1m. OKPart 1B
Stykes Enock F.66NC Part 14A
StykesMary  52ALPart 14A
StykesOscar?27 ALPart 14A
Stykes Elbert21AL Part 14A
StykesArthur 18ALPart 14A
StykesWilmer12 ALPart 14A
Stykes Lillian10AL Part 14A
Sumler?Mary J. 70MSPart 4A
SutterJohn24 AR3A
Sutter Effie I.22TX 3A
SutterEdith 2OK3A
SutterAgness2m? OK3A
Sykes Elbert20AL Part 14B


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