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1910 Census Index (White Only) Red Oak Township

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.
1910 Latimr Co. Census Index
Red Oak Township
NameAge placeSheet#
Tedford Jim42OK Part 8B
TedfordNeva 35MSPart 8B
TedfordWillie14 OKPart 8B
Tedford ? son10OK Part 8B
TedfordFlorence 7OKPart 8B
TedfordBuelah5 OKPart 8B
Tedford Violet3OK Part 8B
TedfordHomer 1.1mOKPart 8B
TedfordHarkin?39 ARPart 12B
Tedford Jennie33AR Part 12B
TedfordRellie 8OKPart 12B
TedfordCharley J.7 OKPart 12B
Tedford Lee6OK Part 12B
TedfordSusie 3OKPart 12B
TedfordWilliam10m. OKPart 12B
Telley Isom C.47AR Part 3B
TelleyNancie J. 46ARPart 3B
TelleyC... dau16 ARPart 3B
Telley Albert A.12AR Part 3B
TelleyChas. H. 9ARPart 3B
TelleyJames D.6 OKPart 3B
Theet Murphy30AL Part 14A
TheetElla 26ALPart 14A
TheetClarence8 ALPart 14A
Theet Bruce5OK Part 14A
TheetDelma? 4OKPart 14A
Theetno name1.6m OKPart 14Ason
ThomasS....? T.50 TNPart 1A
Thomas Mollie M.49MS Part 1A
ThomasHomer 19OKPart 1A
ThomasHazel G.15 OKPart 1A
Thomas James 10OK Part 1A
ThomasWillie 5OKPart 1A
ThomasFilman? C.53 GAPart 13B
Thomas Melveria?53AL Part 13B
ThomasRide 21GAPart 13B
ThomasLizia17 ARPart 13B
Thomas Luther15TN Part 13B
ThomasLillie 12TNPart 13B
ThomasJessie?23 ALPart 13B
Thomas Lizie1.8mAR Part 13B
ThompsonHenry 36ILPart 12B
ThompsonMary38 ARPart 12B
Thompson Andy C.8OK Part 12B
ThompsonValley 6OKPart 12B
ThompsonChristopher59 GAPart 14B
Thompson Martha 57AL Part 14B
ThrestAndrew N. 52NCPart 13A
ThrestFrancis M.53 ALPart 13A
Threst William C.25AL Part 13A
ThrestNellie 23OKPart 13A
ThrestVir.. L. dau4 OKPart 13A
Threst Virgil2OK Part 13A
ThrestRobie D. 4m.OKPart 13A
TidwellAndrew J.39 ARPart 9A
Tidwell Benjamin14AR Part 9A
TidwellCallie D. 12ARPart 9A
TidwellElizaeth9 ARPart 9A
Tidwell Gracie5AR Part 9A
TimmonsRobert 53ARPart 12B
TimmonsLiddie43 ARPart 12B
Timmons Oliver21TX Part 12B
TimmonsWillie 17TXPart 12B
TimmonsMalcom11 TXPart 12B
Timmons Adron6TX Part 12B
TimmonsMerrell 1.6mOKPart 12B
ToonIhice?3 ARPart 1B
Traler William68IL Part 8B
TredoWill M. 40MOPart 6B
TredoOra35 FLPart 6B
Turner Thos. H.70TN Part 1A
TurnerMattie A. 69TNPart 1A
TurnerLewis19 U.S.Part 11A
Upton Joe30MO Part 3A
UptonNancie A. 33TNPart 3A
UptonNora G.18 OKPart 3A
Upton Andie6OK Part 3A
UptonLeo 3OKPart 3A
UptonIke21 MOPart 3A
Upton Willie5OK Part 3A
UptonBen F. 4OKPart 3A
UptonJinnie5M. OKPart 3A
Upton Bert S.24MO Part 5A
UptonJanie 20TNPart 5A
UptonVictoria1m. OKPart 5A
Ursalor? Ana64EN.? Part 7BPolish
Vancamp Olliver34MO 3A
VanhorneGrace 24MOPart 7B
WakefieldNellie M.47 ILPart 7B
Wallace Jarome H.35KS Part 2B
WallaceMay' 37MOPart 2B
WallaceLenora11 ARPart 2B
Wallace Clinton8?OK Part 2B
WallaceLeora 6OKPart 2B
WallaceLexa7m.? OKPart 2B
Wallace Clinton64IL Part 2B
WardDaisy 26OKPart 7B
WardWill40 MSPart 15B
Ward Leona32AR Part 15B
WardParl 13MSPart 15B
WardBen11 MSPart 15B
Ward Robert L.9MS Part 15B
WardHollis 5OKPart 15B
WardEd51 MO3A
Ward Alves L.14OK 3A
WardLauvina 13OK3A
WarenJessie 0 OKPart 8B
Warford Rubin V.38SC Part 3A
WarfordAnnie 35TXPart 3A
WarfordBess R.11 OKPart 3A
Warford Leona5OK Part 3A
WarfordWilliam T. 41MO1A
WarfordEula29 MS1A
Warford Joseph 5OK 1A
WarfordDena 2OK1A
WarfordLuther M.13 OK1A
Warren John27MO Part 8A
WarrenJessie P. 20MOPart 8A
WarrenGarland2 OKPart 8A
Wayman Bessie10OK Part 14AL.Roberson/gd
Weatherly William55AL Part 15B
WeatherlyElizabeth 49ARPart 15B
WeatherlyHessie17 OKPart 15B
Weatherly Loyce9OK Part 15B
Werner?Robert C. 28AR1B
Werner?Lucy M.28 OK1B
Werner? Sarah O.9OK 1B
Werner?James C. 2OK2A
WestonTom 40 ARPart 13A
Weston Rilla28MS Part 13A
WestonFred? 8OKPart 13A
WestonJean6 OKPart 13A
Weston Ld. ? son4OK Part 13A
WestonRobert L. 1.6m.OKPart 13A
WhaileyJoe24 AR2B
Whailey Henry23AR 3A
WheatVick 35OKPart 4A
WheatJanie W.26 OKPart 4A
Wheat Omie9OK Part 4A
WheatOtis 7OKPart 4A
WheatEverett D.? OKPart 4A
White Jim H.21MS Part 11B
WhiteIda 22MSPart 11B
WhiteLaborn r.26 OKPart 11B
White Hugh D.51MS Part 11B
WhiteMattie J. 50MSPart 11B
WhiteRobert20 MSPart 11B
White Tailor18MS Part 11B
WhiteClo. G. 11OKPart 11B
WhiteFoy3 OKPart 11B
Whitfield Ed50GA Part 4B
WhitfieldDora 31ARPart 4B
WicklyElizabeth J.74 TNPart 11B
Wickly James J.46TN Part 11B
WilburnWilliam M. 48U.S.Part 5B
WilburnBertah 40 ALPart 5B
Wilburn John23OK Part 5B
WilburnWill 21OKPart 5B
WilburnMyrtle18 OKPart 5B
Wilburn Dewey11OK Part 5B
WilburnLorrie?  8OKPart 5B
WilinzickHary B.37 RUSPart 2AYiddish
WilinzickNina M.33 ILPart 2A
Wilinzick Samuel 6TN Part 2A
WilinzickCathrine 4TNPart 2A
Willaie?Owen S.15 OK2A
Willaie? Micha44AR 2A
Willaie?Lizzie 50AR2A
Willaie?Sherman29 AR2B
Willaie? Ellis17OK 2B
WilliamsWalter D. 36ALPart 3A
WilliamsMary L.35 MSPart 3A
Williams Lovey V.V.14OK Part 3A
WilliamsBrady W. 6OKPart 3A
Williams? head36 ARPart 6A
Williams Mary38AR Part 6A
WilliamsClaud 16ARPart 6A
WilliamsWalter11 ARPart 6A
Williams Emma7OK Part 6A
WilliamsVernon 5ARPart 6A
WilliamsMinie35 ARPart 6A
Williams Mattie25AL Part 8B
WilliamsJess 60MSPart 8B
WilliamsEd18 OKPart 8B
Williams Dock. C.24AL Part 12A
WilliamsCora 29GAPart 12A
WilliamsElla12 OKPart 12A
Williams Ernie10OK Part 12A
WilliamsRoy 4OKPart 12A
WilliamsFlorence2 OKPart 12A
Williams William D.62?MS Part 12B
WilliamsEdna J. 58ARPart 12B
WilliamsRobert M.18 OKPart 12B
Williams James G.14OK Part 12B
WilliamsThomas A. 3OKPart 12B
WilliamsS... head27 ALPart 12B
Williams Elsie19OK Part 12B
WilliamsColumbus L. 21ALPart 12B
WilliamsJames F.47 ALPart 15A
Williams Emma42?AL Part 15A
WilliamsWalter 22ALPart 15A
WilliamsArthur17 ALPart 15A
Williams G... son14AL Part 15A
WilliamsEstell 11ALPart 15A
WilliamsIlah8 ALPart 15A
Williams M.. L. dau8M.OK Part 15A
WilliamsAlmar L. 35AL1A
WilliamsSarah34 AL1A
Williams Minnie A.13AL 1A
WilliamsEula E. 11AL1B
WilliamsMay H.8 AL1B
Williams Ethel M.4OK 1B
WilliamsEunice I. 1.10mOK1B
WilliamsJaems B.57 SC1B
Williams Mary A.62AL 1B
WilliamsMinnie 1.8mOK2B M.Carter ward
WishartJohn C. 43CANADAPart 6B
WishartMary R.38 INPart 6B
Wishart Caroll14OK Part 6B
WishartIrene 12OKPart 6B
WishartMyrtle9 OKPart 6B
Wishart Kenneth5OK Part 6B
WishbrookAlexander 55MOPart 8B
WommackNek B.32 TNPart 9B
Wommack Della35AL Part 9B
WommackRosie 9OKPart 9B
WommackElla8 OKPart 9B
Wommack Boyd6OK Part 9B
Wommack? daughter 5OKPart 9B
WommackDaisy3 OKPart 9B
Wommack Loyd6m.OK Part 9B
WrenWhe... G. 40ARPart 2A
WrenAlice B.34 ARPart 2A
Wren Roy O.14AR Part 2A
WrenJoice O. 8OKPart 2A
WrenLucile N.6 OKPart 2A
Wren Jeneva M.2OK Part 2A
WrenCurtis 3m.OKPart 2A
YanceyRufis32 ALPart 10A
Yancey Joel50?GA Part 10A
YanceyRilda 45ARPart 10A
YanceyLulu M.22 OKPart 10A
Yancey Elsie18OK Part 10A
YanceyJosie 16OKPart 10A
YanceyGleman14 OKPart 10A
Yancey Luther12OK Part 10A
Yancey? son 9OKPart 10A
YancyWalter 27 OKPart 10B
Yancy Jo.. wife27OK Part 10B
YondellJohn D. 35ARPart 1A
YondellNelllie24 ARPart 1A
Yondell Nellie A.2OK Part 1A
YondellFolice son 0OKPart 1A
YondellMary B.53 ARPart 1B
Yondell Loyd O.15AR Part 1B
YondellElzie 29ARPart 8B
YondellEffie26 OKPart 9A
Yondell Lura E.7OK Part 9A
YondellJ... daughter 5OKPart 9A
YondellWillie 2 OKPart 9A
Yondell Isac W.32AR Part 15A
YondellIda 29ARPart 15A
YondellLenard10 OKPart 15A
Yondell Ora5OK Part 15A
YondellArnold 3OKPart 15A
YondellWendell1+ OKPart 15A
Young Nettie26AR Part 10A
YoungBen 5ARPart 10A
YoungJessie V.3 ARPart 10A
Young Laura A.2AR Part 10A
YoungSipe L. 30AR3A
ZacharyBurr W.51 AR2B
Zachary Lena21KS 2B
ZacharyEverette F. 3AR2B son
ZacharyRuben 1OK2B
1910 Latimer Co. Census Index
Red Oak Township - Indian Population
BakerLewis29 OK17A
Baker ? wife28OK 17A
BakerRobert 3OK17A
BakerUstom2 OK17A
Baker Dewit10m.OK 17A
BakerElum 32OK17B
BakerC.. wife32 OK17B
Baker Allet? son9OK 17B
BakerFrancie 7OK17B
BakerRuth1+ OK17B
Baker Elizabeth46OK 17B
BakerBob 20OK17B
BakerMilan19 OK17B
Baker Emiline17OK 17B
BascomeOscar 24OK18B
BascomeWillie23 OK18B
Bascome Dythrelie?2OK 18B
BellAllice 49OK18B
BellAgnis11 OK18B
Broiler Lee19OK 18B
ColbertHarruth? 7OK18A
ColeyJohnson J.34 OK18B
Coley Julia29OK 18B
ColeyRenith? 5OK18B
ColeyLevine3m. OK18B
Dixon B... head38OK 17B
DixonMamy 17OK17B
DixonJoe13 OK17B
Dixon Susie11OK 17B
HardiwayJess H. 59OK19A
HardiwayMargrett58 MS19A
Hardiway Edgar21OK 19A
HardiwayLuly 17MS19A
HardiwayJ... head27 OK19A
Hardiway Ella M.19AL 19A
HardiwayCecil 1+OK19A
HardiwayJohn R.29 OK19A
Hardiway Emma19AL 19A
HardiwayJack?  3OK19A
HenryJoan?29 OK18B
Henry Mathew1+OK 18B
HenryAmos? 64OK18B
HenryAron40 OK18B
Henry Elea?11OK 18B
HenryRoseB.. 7OK19A
HenryArthur6 OK19A
Jackson Joe26OK 17A
JacksonLizzie 24OK17A
JacksonWinnie6 OK17A
Jackson Rosie5OK 17A
JacksonAndrew 3OK17A
JacksonRobin53 OK17B
Jackson Wina?45OK 18A
JacksonJohn 16OK18A
JamesJoe J.53 OK17A
James Nellie39OK 17A
JamesJohn 21OK17A
JamesWillie15 OK17A
James Dellis12OK 17B
JamesElmer 9OK17B
JamesWeslie8 OK17B
James Vinie10OK 17B
JamesAda 17OK17B
JeffersonStephen37? OK18A
Jefferson Siney49OK 18A
JeffersonLeyson? 11OK18A
JeffersonCalvin30 OK18A
Jefferson Betsy30OK 18A
JeffersonIda 7OK18A
LepponSimpson18 OK17B
Lewis Woodson58OK 18A
LewisSalina 41OK18A
LewisSi45 OK18A
Lewis Cara38OK 18A
LewisEsta 15OK18A
LewisBennett15 OK18A
Lewis Dixon9OK 18A
MarrowChas. M. 23U.S.19A
McFerrenWalter32 AR18A
McFerren Isibell32OK 18B
McFerrenBennie 6OK18B
McFerrenHarry4 OK18B
McFerren Ernest E.3OK 18B
McFerrenMinnie 1+OK18B
WelchRobert 32 OK17A
Welch Lulu32MS 17A
WelchJames R. 12OK17A
WelchDavid R.6 OK17A
Welch Pauline4OK 17A
WelchRobert H. 2OK17A
WilliamsForest44 OK18A
Williams Eve18OK 18A
WilliamsFreman 9OK18A
WilsonFrank23 AL19A

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