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1910 Census Index for Latimer County (White Only) Wilburton City
This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical Genealogical Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely used for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

"1910 Latimer Co. Census Index"
" City of Wilburton"
"Birth "
"Name" "Age" "Place" "Sheet#"
"Hall" "Joseph" 26 "AR" "8A"
"Hall" "John" 50 "TN" "12A"
"Hall" "Ada" 49 "AR" "12A"
"Hall" "Willie" 13 "OK" "12A"
"Hamilton" "Everard B." 38 "LA" "10A"
"Hamilton" "Mary K." 35 "MS" "10A"
"Hamilton" "Everard B." 7 "OK" "10A"
"Hammell" "Julia" 73 "OH" "4A" "F.Shackly mil"
"Hammett" "Able" 23 "AL" "12A"
"Harder" "David" 34 "IA" "4B"
"Harder" "Cora" 27 "IL" "4B"
"Harder" "Annice G." 8 "OK" "4B"
"Harder" "Jannice P." 8 "OK" "4B"
"Harder" "Hudson" 4 "OK" "4B"
"Harder" "Thurman H." 2 "OK" "4B"
"Harder" "Hudson R." 62 "NY" "5B"
"Harder" "Martha J." 58 "IN" "5B"
"Harder" "Leland " 18 "IA" "5B"
"Harder" "Manon? J." 14 "IA" "5B"
"Harder" "Marce O." 21 "MO" "8A"
"Harder" "Mary E." 20 "OH" "8A"
"Hare" "Sarah W." 49 "MS" "9A" "R.Hilton mil"
"Hare" "Robbin" 18 "AR" "9A"
"Hare" "Anna" 16 "AR" "9A"
"Hare" "Vance" 13 "AR" "9A"
"Harris" "George" 38 "WV" "2B"
"Harris" "Captola" 32 "IN" "2B"
"Harris" "William M." 14 "IN" "2B"
"Harris" "Mary E." 4 "OK" "2B"
"Harrold" "Edward" 31 "KY" "6B"
"Harrold" "Luna" 22 "MS" "6B"
"Harrold" "Hellen" 2 "OK" "6B"
"Hartsfield" "John D." 40 "MS" "4B"
"Hartsfield" "Alma" 32 "MS" "4B"
"Hartsfield" "Edgar" 13 "OK" "8B" "L.Williams stepson"
"Haskins" "Gentry C." 28 "MO" "7A"
"Haskins" "Magie" 25 "ENG" "7A"
"Haskins" "Gladey?" 6 "OK" "7A"
"Haskins" "Dot" 4 "OK" "7A"
"Haskins" "Goldie" 2 "OK" "7A"
"Haskins" "Louise" "2m." "OK" "7A"
"Hauratz" "Charles" 21 "OK" "11A"
"Hays" "John" 35 "KY" "5B"
"Heatherly" "Mack" 29 "TX" "4A"
"Heatherly" "Olive D." 20 "TN" "4A"
"Heatherly" "James H." "1.2m" "OK" "4A"
"Hickman" "William" 24 "US" "9B"
"Higgins" "Virgil" 23 "AR" "11B"
"Higgins" "Georgia" 21 "OK" "11B"
"Higgins" "Paul" 2 "OK" "11B"
"Hilton" "Ruck" 32 "KY" "9A"
"Hilton" "Marion" 27 "MS" "9A"
"Hilton" "Lloyd" 2 "OK" "9A"
"Hinch" "Vanburan" 26 "IA" "10A"
"Hinch" "Ethel" 25 "MO" "10A"
"Holland" "James J." 50 "GA" "2B"
"Holland" "Ida" 44 "GA" "2B"
"Holland" "Roy" 16 "AR" "2B"
"Holland" "Clarance" 11 "AR" "2B"
"Holland" "Lenton" 5 "OK" "2B"
"Horine" "William H." 34 "IL" "6A"
"Horine" "Marion" 32 "IL" "6A"
"Horine" "William H." 4 "OK" "6A"
"Hughes" "Lewis" 58 "WALES" "7A"
"Hughes" "Hannah" 62 "WALES" "7A"
"Hughes" "Lewis J." 23 "ENG" "7A"
"Hughs" "Ivor H." 27 "ENG" "3A"
"Hughs" "Pearl" 23 "OK" "3A"
"Hughs" "Allice" 3 "OK" "3A"
"Hughs" "Emma" "4m." "OK" "3A"
"Hughs" "Daniel J." 36 "WALES" "3A"
"Hughs" "Florence" 33 "PA" "3A"
"Hughs" "Harold D." 7 "OK" "3A"
"Hughs" "Glenn E." 3 "OK" "3A"
"Hughs" "Lottie M." "5m." "OK" "3A"
"Hulsey" "Eric" 5 "AR" "5A" "W.Marshall nephew"
"Hulsey" "Marion" 36 "AR" "9A"
"Hulsey" "Estella" 25 "OK" "9A"
"Hulsey" "Vera" 3 "OK" "9A"
"Hulsey" "Howard P." "10m." "OK" "9A"
"Hunt" "Rufus C." 35 "U.S." "5B"
"Hunt" "Mary L." 35 "TN" "5B"
"Hunt" "Pova?" 18 "AR" "6A"
"Hunter" "Clayton W." 18 "OK" "2A" "J.Dunham bil"
"Huston" "John" 62 "IRE" "4A"
"Huston" "Elizabeth" 54 "WALES" "4A"
"Huston" "Patrick" 32 "OK" "4A"
"Jacobs" "James " 47 "IN" "10A"
"Jacobs" "Elizabeth" 46 "KY" "10A"
"Jacobs" "Golda" 19 "MO" "10A"
"Jacobs" "Roscoe" 16 "MO" "10A"
"Jacobs" "James" 13 "MO" "10A"
"James" "Andrew" 28 "U.S." "5B"
"James" "Dona" 23 "OK" "5B"
"James" "Ella" 4 "OK" "5B"
"James" "Mary" 2 "OK" "5B"
"Jed" "Samuel" 30 "RUS" "10A" "YIDDISH"
"Jenkins" "Ellen" 54 "TN" "5A"
"Jenkins" "Narcisses" 57 "MS" "9A" "V.Lum mil"
"Johnson" "Martha O." 24 "MS" "8A"
"Johnston" "James" 25 "AL" "12A"
"Jones" "Maud" 31 "WV" "3B"
"Jones" "Boyd" "1.3m" "OK" "3B"
"Jones" "Lilly" 6 "OK" "5B" "M.Sunkenheimer gd"
"Joseph" "John" 35 "RUS" "9A"
"Joseph" "Anna" 30 "ENG" "9A"
"Joseph" "Julian" 5 "OK" "9A"
"Joseph" "Sylvia" "1.8m" "OK" "9A"
"Joseph" "Leonard" "1m." "OK" "9A"
"Kamisky" "Peter" 50 "RUS" "3B"
"Kamisky" "Branis" 25 "RUS" "3B"
"Kamisky" "Joe" 4 "OK" "3B"
"Kamisky" "Ella" 3 "OK" "3B"
"Kaufman" "Lula" 20 "AL" "1A"
"Kaufman" "Ernest" 2 "OK" "1A"
"Kaufman" "Virginia" "4m." "OK" "1A"
"Keen" "James " 28 "TX" "8B"
"Keen" "Rosa" 27 "AR" "8B"
"Keen" "Ida" 2 "AR" "8B"
"Keen" "Jammie" "11m." "AR" "8B"
"Kellogg" "George W." 46 "IL" "3B"
"Kellogg" "Sarah E." 44 "IL" "3B"
"Kellogg" "Charles E." 15 "AR" "3B"
"Kellogg" "Guy E." 13 "OK" "3B"
"Kellogg" "Paul A." 5 "OK" "3B"
"Kenedy" "Franklin" 44 "MO" "5B"
"Kenedy" "Iona" 40 "MO" "5B"
"Kinkead" "Walter" 21 "TX" "4B"
"Kinkead" "Ena" 18 "AR" "4B"
"Kinsey?" "James B." 37 "KY" "7A"
"Kinsey?" "Merphy" 32 "MS" "7B"
"Knigh" "Mary" 30 "MS" "10B"
"Knight" "Wilfred" 22 "TN" "8A"
"Kunchey" "John O." 70 "ENG" "7A"


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