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1930 Latimer County Census

Total County

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.
It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family reasearch. Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permision to publish this on the Web.
Last NameFirst Name AgePage No. Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
C.....Francis43 213Gowen
C.....Grover C.45 213Gowen
CablerAnnie32 227Red Oak
CablerBevie10 227Red Oak
CablerBud41 227Red Oak
CablerEmma72 227Red Oak
CablerHardie15 227Red Oak
CablerHarris68 227Red Oak
CagleAlice M.41 215Gowen
CagleJake56 215Gowen
CagleJewel O.6 215Gowen
CagleJoy12 215Gowen
CagleMarion J.14 215Gowen
CagleMary M.9 215Gowen
CagleTilda63 232Red Oak
CagleTony4 215Gowen
CagleWalter B.22 215Gowen
CalahanCharity50 253Wilburton
CalahanJohn W.56 253Wilburton
CalawayAmanda76 224Red Oak
CalawayS. C.56 224Red Oak
CalbertLizzie55 160Cravens
CalcaterraJacob9 171Cravens
CalcaterraMary34 171Cravens
CaldwellAnna30 255Wilburton
CaldwellFlorence5 255Wilburton
CaldwellHarald 33 255Wilburton
CaldwellRichard6 255Wilburton
CaleLizzie45 195Gowen
CaleRichard22 195Gowen
CalwellBetty J.4 162Cravens
CalwellBilly M.3 162Cravens
CalwellDora E.37 162Cravens
CalwellEarl P.10 162Cravens
CalwellEunice B.32 162Cravens
CalwellGloria O.7 162Cravens
CalwellJessie N.11 162Cravens
CalwellKenneth R.1 162Cravens
CalwellLois P.11 162Cravens
CalwellNathan E.43 162Cravens
CalwellPaul C.35 162Cravens
CalwellThelma B.8 162Cravens
CalwellWanda J.1 162Cravens
CalwellYoudia D.13 162Cravens
CambellAnnie19 175Damon
CambellCecil23 175Damon
CambellGeorgia2 175Damon
Cambough?John W.66 264Wilburton
CameronAline18 200Gowen
CameronJack23 200Gowen
CameronNorman1 204Gowen
CameronOpal27 204Gowen
CameronTannie?73 183Degnan
CameronWilliam33 204Gowen
CameronWilliam H.41 183Degnan
Camming?George?18 203Gowen
CampbellAllas2 190Degnan
CampbellBessie30 251Wilburton
CampbellBreadly6 190Degnan
CampbellGus4 190Degnan
CampbellGus86 190Degnan
CampbellJessie31 255Wilburton
CampbellLaura57 251Wilburton
CampbellLevicia?10 190Degnan
CampbellMarry26 190Degnan
CampbellMillard28 251Wilburton
CampbellMolie80 190Degnan
CampbellRalph T.8 255Wilburton
CampbellRoderick T.34 255Wilburton
CampbellRose M.2 255Wilburton
CampbellWade36 190Degnan
CampellBill?38 206Gowen
CanadyArthur A.58 156Buffalo
CanadyDuglas N.24 156Buffalo
CanadyEmma C.?50 156Buffalo
CanadyMinnie21 156Buffalo
CanidaD.... F.50 215Gowen
CannonGeorge18 241Salonia/Bengal
CannonJerry?59 225Red Oak
CannonMary E.16 167Cravens
CannonMinnie B.18 167Cravens
CannonRobert E.68 167Cravens
CannonRobert E.20 167Cravens
CannonRosie57 167Cravens
CantrellAnn53 258Wilburton
CantrellBert3 215Gowen
CantrellBoss C.34 215Gowen
CantrellBuddie B.8mo. 157Buffalo
CantrellCarl C.13 157Buffalo
CantrellDenver M.8 157Buffalo
CantrellDona B.6 157Buffalo
CantrellEarnest E.10 157Buffalo
CantrellEsther22 241Salonia/Bengal
CantrellEverett1 215Gowen
CantrellGeneva J.15 157Buffalo
CantrellJack W.10 157Buffalo
CantrellJames K.48 157Buffalo
CantrellJane54 255Wilburton
CantrellJaunita6 157Buffalo
CantrellLaura64 215Gowen
CantrellLoice E.4+ 157Buffalo
CantrellLucile8 215Gowen
CantrellMacie E.41 157Buffalo
CantrellMaggie42 157Buffalo
CantrellMary R.5mo. 241Salonia/Bengal
CantrellNeil A.50 157Buffalo
CantrellRalph A.8 157Buffalo
CantrellRosa L.13 157Buffalo
CantrellSallie E.32 215Gowen
CantrellTomas J.55 258Wilburton
CantrellWalter23 258Wilburton
CantrellWilbur N.18 157Buffalo
CantrellWillam T.24 241Salonia/Bengal
CantrellWilliam H.17 157Buffalo
CappAnnie60 201Gowen
CappNation73 201Gowen
CappsElbert Lee2 180Damon
CappsJohn H.24 180Damon
CappsPearl E.21 180Damon
CareyAslee40 158Cravens
CareyBilly J.7mo. 158Cravens
CareyClint14 158Cravens
CareyDot34 161Cravens
CareyElsie11 158Cravens
CareyGeorge C.40 158Cravens
CareyGeorgia L.2.6mo 158Cravens
CareyJim43 161Cravens
CareyLilybell8 162Cravens
CareyOpal E.4 158Cravens
CareyOrgene J.19 161Cravens
CareyOrville10 158Cravens
CareyRobert15 162Cravens
CareyRuby L.7 158Cravens
CareyVila18 158Cravens
CarignanoAgnes14 263Wilburton
CarignanoC.50 263Wilburton
CarnIssiac8 175Damon
CarnJackson50 175Damon
CarnMulsey?28 175Damon
CarnSampson4 175Damon
CarnWillie J.11mo. 175Damon
Carnack?Ann...29 196Gowen
Carnack?John39 196Gowen
Carnack?Mirrell3 196Gowen
CarnahanSeldon19 237Red Oak
CarneySenina56 243Salonia/Bengal
CarpenterThomas26 247Salonia/Bengal
Carpenter?Gracie5 203Gowen
CarrDel23 175Damon
CarrFloyd15 207Gowen
CarrGlen19 207Gowen
CarrWillie21 207Gowen
CarrilloBarbery J.5 232Red Oak
CarrilloDorthy5mo. 232Red Oak
CarrilloLura V.7 232Red Oak
CarrilloMary8 232Red Oak
CarrilloNovice29 232Red Oak
CarrilloTony3 232Red Oak
Carrol?Sarah M.18 177Damon
CarryOllie20 258Wilburton
CarryRobert T.25 258Wilburton
CarshallAlvin6 230Red Oak
CarshallLee8 230Red Oak
CarshallSiemon10 230Red Oak
CarshallSimon32 230Red Oak
CarshallWinnie26 230Red Oak
CarterAsa J.40 185Degnan
CarterCharles R.49 262Wilburton
CarterEugene8 262Wilburton
CarterGeorge10 262Wilburton
CarterHobert E.8 185Degnan
CarterHubert14 170Cravens
CarterKatie51 170Cravens
CarterLorine7 262Wilburton
CarterMarye28 185Degnan
CarterS.53 218Red Oak
CarterVirgil20 262Wilburton
CarterVirgil54 170Cravens
CarterVirnie42 262Wilburton
Carter?Alton3 188Degnan
Carter?Alva12 188Degnan
Carter?Dovie15 188Degnan
Carter?Leona9 188Degnan
Carter?Min37 188Degnan
Carter?Richard8 188Degnan
Carter?Will37 188Degnan
Carter?Willard5 188Degnan
CarverJames57 153Buffalo
CaselmanMiron11 193Degnan
CaseyClell13 242Salonia/Bengal
CaseyJohnnie7 242Salonia/Bengal
Caslon?Allie30 187Degnan
Caslon?Ben30 187Degnan
Caslon?Hester6 188Degnan
Caslon?Lawrence3 188Degnan
CastleElla44 210Gowen
CastleEverett?22 210Gowen
CastleJunior0 210Gowen
CastleSarah15 210Gowen
CatcheyBrazel W.30 160Cravens
CatcheyGladys G.8 160Cravens
CatcheyJessie E?29 160Cravens
CatcheyOpal L.6 160Cravens
CatesElizabeth23 226Red Oak
CatesJane75 251Wilburton
CatesLetha5 226Red Oak
CatesSilas77 251Wilburton
CathernMary J.56 146Buffalo
CathernWalter56 146Buffalo
CathernWalter J.18 146Buffalo
CatheyDorotha M.10 215Gowen
CatheyEthel 18 160Cravens
CatheyFannie36 215Gowen
CatheyGeorge E.36 215Gowen
CatheyHazel J.13 160Cravens
CatheyJ.G.3 160Cravens
CatheyJ.R.8 160Cravens
CatheyJ.W.11 160Cravens
CatheyJeff J.22 160Cravens
CatheyLillian26 160Cravens
CatheyLuortha?11mo. 160Cravens
CatheyPerry J.6mo? 160Cravens
CatheyRile J52 160Cravens
CatheyRobert E.6 215Gowen
CatheyRosie L.52 160Cravens
CatheySybil A.17 160Cravens
CatheyThomas J.8 215Gowen
CatheyWilma5 160Cravens
CatheyWyatt W.28 160Cravens
CathronBloyd19 206Gowen
CathronLawrance21 206Gowen
CaudronAlpha30 201Gowen
CaudronDoris1 201Gowen
CaudronGabe4 200Gowen
CaudronGable48 200Gowen
CaudronJarvice3 201Gowen
CaudronLora31 200Gowen
CaudronLouie42 201Gowen
CaudronMary2 200Gowen
CaudronMary73 200Gowen
CauthronLee49 185Degnan
CauthronMatie54 185Degnan
CecilAlfred L.43 165Cravens
CecilDevata8 203Gowen
CecilElwood15 203Gowen
CecilEthel L.40 165Cravens
CecilLester12 203Gowen
CecilLevi B.16 165Cravens
CecilLoyd51 203Gowen
CecilRosa49 203Gowen
CecilWilliam L.22 215Gowen
CecilWillie20 203Gowen
ChaffinFrank S.38 242Salonia/Bengal
ChaffinMaud A.36 242Salonia/Bengal
ChambersCharley48 249Wilburton
ChambersCharley48 249Wilburton
ChambersDora E.25 217Gowen
ChambersEarl J.24 217Gowen
ChambersGeorge12 249Wilburton
ChambersJessie18 249Wilburton
ChambersJohn8mo. 249Wilburton
ChambersJosie A.23 160Cravens
ChambersMary14 249Wilburton
ChambersMary M.38 249Wilburton
ChambersPearl21 249Wilburton
ChambersRuthie I.11 160Cravens
ChambersWill H.34? 160Cravens
ChambersWillis M.8 160Cravens
ChamnessErnest20 255Wilburton
ChamnessHellen14 255Wilburton
ChamnessIda M.41 255Wilburton
ChamnessLouis56 255Wilburton
ChamnessMartha1mo. 255Wilburton
ChamnessMary F.11 255Wilburton
ChamnessWalter D.7 255Wilburton
ChanceyAlton38 204Gowen
ChandlerCarry30 249Wilburton
ChanulesGeorge22 197Gowen
ChanulesGuthie19 197Gowen
ChapmanAnnie42 218Red Oak
ChapmanBlanche 11 163Cravens
ChapmanBloshie20 189Degnan
ChapmanCallie6 218Red Oak
ChapmanDella40 189Degnan
ChapmanDorthy M.6mo? 163Cravens
ChapmanEdward17 189Degnan
ChapmanJennie11 189Degnan
ChapmanMaggie J.9 163Cravens
ChapmanMary K.3 163Cravens
ChapmanOllie8 218Red Oak
ChapmanPercy12 189Degnan
ChapmanRoy10 218Red Oak
ChapmanRuby L.8 163Cravens
ChapmanVida M.29 163Cravens
ChapmanWilliam A.42 218Red Oak
ChapmanWillie 34 163Cravens
ChappellBarbara A.2mo. 161Cravens
ChappellElda M.4 161Cravens
ChappellOzella 25 161Cravens
ChatmanEdna23? 162Cravens
ChatmanMartha60 162Cravens
CheathamAnna16 183Degnan
CheathamCarrell8 183Degnan
CheathamEd44 183Degnan
CheathamEdward15 183Degnan
CheathamEliza A.73 168Cravens
CheathamElla39 183Degnan
CheathamJim13 183Degnan
CheathamJim26 183Degnan
CheathamLaurine5 183Degnan
CherryBertram L.14 145Buffalo
CherryCarmen E.7 145Buffalo
CherryEdith I.?8mo. 145Buffalo
CherryEmma33 145Buffalo
CherryHazel W.9 145Buffalo
CherryJames O.31 145Buffalo
CherryJewel E.4 145Buffalo
CherryVirginia S.11 145Buffalo
ChesterDora56 176Damon
ChesterFeda48 203Gowen
ChesterFloyd C.4 216Gowen
ChesterHenry63 176Damon
ChesterLaura52 191Degnan
ChesterMamie?24 176Damon
ChesterRobert22 191Degnan
ChesterRoy18 176Damon
ChesterSusie A.8 216Gowen
ChesterVerna34 216Gowen
ChesterWilliam? 191Degnan
ChesterWilliam L.34 216Gowen
ChesterWilliam, jr.27 191Degnan
ChesterWillie23 176Damon
ChiffinFloyd58 221Red Oak
ChildersAllas40 190Degnan
ChildersArizona51 209Gowen
ChildersBrisco44 190Degnan
ChildersClayborn?18 209Gowen
ChildersClayton11 209Gowen
ChildersHelen18? 190Degnan
ChildersNina16 209Gowen
ChildersRobe..69 209Gowen
ChildersThomas5 190Degnan
ChildressAlfred M.45 242Salonia/Bengal
ChildressHobart L.4 242Salonia/Bengal
ChildressMattie35 242Salonia/Bengal
ChildressPrentiss25 242Salonia/Bengal
ChoateEva30 184Degnan
ChoateLavada7 184Degnan
ChoateRuby9 184Degnan
ChoateRufus31 184Degnan
Choffeon?Jesteen3mo. 156Buffalo
Choffeon?Velena20 156Buffalo
ChristainDewey25 244Salonia/Bengal
ChristainHaskell20 244Salonia/Bengal
ChristainHazel12 244Salonia/Bengal
ChristainJesse17 244Salonia/Bengal
ChristainJodie51 244Salonia/Bengal
ChristainW. Riley52 244Salonia/Bengal
ChristieAndrew34 209Gowen
ChristieFlorence31 209Gowen
ChristieNorman6 209Gowen
ChristieOral4 209Gowen
ChristieRobert1 209Gowen
ChristieShelly10 209Gowen
ChristieVernette12 209Gowen
ChristieVictor8 209Gowen
ChronisterDelah56 202Gowen
ChronisterMarcus? 202Gowen
Chronister?Bertham?26 207Gowen
Chronister?Charles Edward3 207Gowen
Chronister?Clara20 207Gowen
ChurchillAaron13 166Cravens
ChurchillLaverne9 166Cravens
ChurchillLucy47 166Cravens
ChurchillSarah15 166Cravens
CioniAzio15 163Cravens
CioniFederico45 163Cravens
CioniLenie11 163Cravens
CioniTeresa40 163Cravens
CioniVilis16 163Cravens
CirarDolphie9 185Degnan
CirarFrank51 185Degnan
CirarJohn12 185Degnan
CirarJosephne6 185Degnan
CirarMary40? 185Degnan
CirarMary17 185Degnan
CirarSteve20 185Degnan
ClabornBabe?12 250Wilburton
ClabornEster38 250Wilburton
ClabornLurinda83 166Cravens
ClarkAlline10 238Red Oak
ClarkClara32 206Gowen
ClarkDoyle5 206Gowen
ClarkEarl17 238Red Oak
ClarkEddie43 238Red Oak
ClarkElizabeth75 251Wilburton
ClarkElvie16 181Damon
ClarkEstie19 181Damon
ClarkEverett24 238Red Oak
ClarkGeorge50 206Gowen
ClarkGeorgia Ann57 181Damon
ClarkHelen66 260Wilburton
ClarkJohn46 237Red Oak
ClarkJohn F.33 206Gowen
ClarkJohn V.47 228Red Oak
ClarkJuanita19? 206Gowen
ClarkLottie18 238Red Oak
ClarkMarie10 206Gowen
ClarkMartha70 206Gowen
ClarkMartin67 260Wilburton
ClarkMary48 252Wilburton
ClarkMinnie38 228Red Oak
ClarkNoel20 228Red Oak
ClarkRoy24 180Damon
ClarkSteve W.26 181Damon
ClarkWesley58 181Damon
ClassonHazel20 158Cravens
ClawsonCalvan6 171Cravens
ClawsonEddy44 250Wilburton
ClawsonF. M.15 171Cravens
ClawsonFrank45 169Cravens
ClawsonFrank, jr16 169Cravens
ClawsonHellen M.14 169Cravens
ClawsonIrene15 250Wilburton
ClawsonJohn19 250Wilburton
ClawsonJohn11 250Wilburton
ClawsonLark50 171Cravens
ClawsonLouis4 171Cravens
ClawsonLucille22 250Wilburton
ClawsonOllie43 171Cravens
ClawsonRalph17 250Wilburton
ClawsonRay10 171Cravens
ClawsonRay M.9 169Cravens
ClawsonRaymond M.9mo. 169Cravens
ClawsonRoxyann13 171Cravens
ClawsonVernon9 250Wilburton
ClawsonWalter52 250Wilburton
ClawsonWinnie M.36 169Cravens
ClayIsa24 205Gowen
ClayWilliam F.? 205Gowen
Clay...Audra21 256Wilburton
ClaycombVirginia42 160Cravens
ClaytonBerna?44 250Wilburton
ClaytonCharles55 250Wilburton
ClaytonCharles Jr.14 250Wilburton
ClaytonDella10 250Wilburton
ClaytonEugene5 250Wilburton
ClaytonGlydas8 250Wilburton
ClaytonLahoma12 250Wilburton
CleaverHarrison M.32 171Cravens
CleaverLaverne2 171Cravens
CleaverLue21 171Cravens
ClemmonsBenjamin6 146Buffalo
ClemmonsHampton3 146Buffalo
ClemmonsHazel22 179Damon
ClemmonsHershel19 179Damon
ClemmonsJames Grant17 179Damon
ClemmonsJames Oscar50 179Damon
ClemmonsPearl41 179Damon
ClemmonsPerry12 179Damon
ClemmonsRuby2 146Buffalo
ClemmonsSalona24 146Buffalo
ClemmonsWilliam T.35? 146Buffalo
ClickEunice M.35 155Buffalo
ClickGeorge W.52 155Buffalo
ClickHomer R.11 155Buffalo
ClickSterling P.13 155Buffalo
ClickWalter S.15 155Buffalo
CoalwellAddie31 257Wilburton
CoalwellElzy A.34 257Wilburton
CoalwellJohn D.13 257Wilburton
CobbFrank23 250Wilburton
CobbMinnie23 250Wilburton
CobertBenjamin42 146Buffalo
CobertMartha60 146Buffalo
CochranAda40 221Red Oak
CochranBeulah19 221Red Oak
CochranFancis17 221Red Oak
CochranG. S.44 221Red Oak
CochranJumbo10 221Red Oak
CochranWillaim1 221Red Oak
CoffeeBen W.12 243Salonia/Bengal
CoffeeBurtress31 158Cravens
CoffeeCleo30 243Salonia/Bengal
CoffeeCordia7 243Salonia/Bengal
CoffeeFanny54 219Red Oak
CoffeeHueston36 243Salonia/Bengal
CoffeeJoe65 158Cravens
CoffeeMace7 224Red Oak
CoffeeMay.45 224Red Oak
CoffeeMelba4 243Salonia/Bengal
CoffeeMildred2 158Cravens
CoffeeNola20 224Red Oak
CoffeePaul5 224Red Oak
CoffeeTaney?11 158Cravens
CoffeeW. A.44 224Red Oak
CoffeeW. T.70 219Red Oak
CoffeeWillard35 158Cravens
CoffeeWillard, jr.3 158Cravens
CoffeeWilliam18 224Red Oak
CogburnAlma F.51 242Salonia/Bengal
CogburnAnna42 242Salonia/Bengal
CogburnBennie10 242Salonia/Bengal
CogburnCharley? 176Damon
CogburnCharline0 176Damon
CogburnDollie15 242Salonia/Bengal
CogburnDorothy13 242Salonia/Bengal
CogburnHenry45 243Salonia/Bengal
CogburnJames43 242Salonia/Bengal
CogburnLucie21 176Damon
CogburnMorris22 242Salonia/Bengal
CogburnWash. A.50 242Salonia/Bengal
Cogmire?William H.20 265Wilburton
ColbertMelvina21 240Red Oak
ColdwellArley9 177Damon
ColdwellHattie27 177Damon
ColdwellJ. L. ?3 177Damon
ColdwellMartha?6 177Damon
ColdwellNester?30 177Damon
ColeAltha25 166Cravens
ColeBeaulh M.4 166Cravens
ColeBetty J.3 233Red Oak
ColeBlanney12 250Wilburton
ColeEulia13 250Wilburton
ColeEva32 250Wilburton
ColeFern6 250Wilburton
ColeFrances Z.1 233Red Oak
ColeHermon28 233Red Oak
ColeHershel9 250Wilburton
ColeJames A.8 250Wilburton
ColeKenneth8 166Cravens
ColeMildred Z.5 233Red Oak
ColeThelma27 233Red Oak
ColeWill26 166Cravens
ColemanAmy E.44 249Wilburton
ColemanMartha Lee9 249Wilburton
ColemanPaul S.53 249Wilburton
Colemane?21 189Degnan
ColeyAmanda38 246Salonia/Bengal
ColeyBerta4 246Salonia/Bengal
ColeyCora J.2 246Salonia/Bengal
ColeyEdward36 246Salonia/Bengal
ColeyJohnsen J.52 246Salonia/Bengal
ColeyJohnson C.5 246Salonia/Bengal
ColeyMary49 164Cravens
ColeyMrs.Biney57 246Salonia/Bengal
ColeyRany M.24 246Salonia/Bengal
ColeyRilla23 246Salonia/Bengal
ColeyRosevelt19 246Salonia/Bengal
ColeyWatson17 246Salonia/Bengal
ColeyWill48 164Cravens
ColinsWinona50 235Red Oak
CollettAchey15 201Gowen
CollettBernice18 201Gowen
CollettDavid6 201Gowen
CollettEddie12 201Gowen
CollettJames49 201Gowen
CollettMinnie43 201Gowen
CollettNell9 201Gowen
CollettStanford20 201Gowen
CollinBiddie E.32 181Damon
CollinSim53 181Damon
CollinsCora33 259Wilburton
CollinsH..... R.35 259Wilburton
CollinsHagin33 180Damon
CollinsJennie V.11 259Wilburton
CollinsJoseph2 180Damon
Colvard?1 257Wilburton
Colvard?20 209Gowen
ColvardAgnes16 166Cravens
ColvardBarts21 166Cravens
ColvardBen53 209Gowen
ColvardClarence18 166Cravens
ColvardDel26 209Gowen
ColvardElkin Minnie47 209Gowen
ColvardErnie15 209Gowen
ColvardGertrude46 166Cravens
ColvardJohny10 209Gowen
ColvardJunior2 209Gowen
ColvardLessie23 209Gowen
ColvardNadine8 209Gowen
ColvardNoel L.54 166Cravens
ColvardNorman5 209Gowen
ColvardOpal3 166Cravens
ColvardRuth18 209Gowen
ColvardRuttage16 209Gowen
ColvardVictor9 166Cravens
ColvardWallace27 257Wilburton
ColvardWallace Ben12 209Gowen
ColvardWanda7 166Cravens
ColvardWanetta23 257Wilburton
ColvardWoodrow14 166Cravens
Colvert?Cleo10 207Gowen
Colvert?Lovie13 207Gowen
Colvert?Lucile15 207Gowen
Colvert?Maria17 207Gowen
Colvert?marie19 207Gowen
Colvert?Minnie50 207Gowen
Colvert?Minnie J.7 207Gowen
Colvert?Walter58 207Gowen
ColvinEdward2 234Red Oak
ColvinJ. T.6 233Red Oak
ColvinLena24 233Red Oak
ColvinMaybell P.3 233Red Oak
CombsAlexander B.67 217Gowen
CombsBilly 4mo. 217Gowen
CombsDutchie T.27 150Buffalo
CombsFred13 149Buffalo
CombsGuss H.40 149Buffalo
CombsJames F.29 217Gowen
CombsJessie22 149Buffalo
CombsMary C.67 217Gowen
CombsPerry O.37 150Buffalo
CombsSarah F.4 217Gowen
CombsVada M.24 217Gowen
ComettiAnna32 218Red Oak
ComettiDorothy18 218Red Oak
ComettiJoseph38 216Gowen
ComettiJozett38 216Gowen
ComettiLee11 216Gowen
ComettiLouise12 218Red Oak
ComettiPete39 218Red Oak
CommittieAntoni63 191Degnan
CondratJoe59 255Wilburton
CondryElsie19 243Salonia/Bengal
CondryPaul S.36 243Salonia/Bengal
ConnerAlice26 237Red Oak
ConnerCharles5 237Red Oak
ConnerMary7 237Red Oak
ConnerNoah32 237Red Oak
ConnersFelisia47 208Gowen
ConnersHerscel13 208Gowen
ConnersJoseph52 208Gowen
ConradJoe21 249Wilburton
ConradLillian43 249Wilburton
ConradNaoma18 249Wilburton
ConwayAnlee?17 228Red Oak
ConwayAnn54 228Red Oak
ConwayJet16 228Red Oak
ConwayRobert58 228Red Oak
ConwaySeab19 228Red Oak
CookAllie12 203Gowen
CookArchibald16 258Wilburton
CookCarrol10 258Wilburton
CookCecil E.27 162Cravens
CookCharles H.12 251Wilburton
CookCharley N.52 251Wilburton
CookDella50 251Wilburton
CookEaster M.6 184Degnan
CookEffie46 258Wilburton
CookElizabeth69 207Gowen
CookElla B.39 258Wilburton
CookElla M.11 258Wilburton
CookElmer12 209Gowen
CookElmer15 184Degnan
CookElzie17 180Damon
CookEva32 170Cravens
CookEverett18 208Gowen
CookEvlyn21 184Degnan
CookGerald E.11mo. 162Cravens
CookHattie15 203Gowen
CookHenry4 184Degnan
CookIdell14 258Wilburton
CookJames H.19 251Wilburton
CookJeffie42 208Gowen
CookJennie2 184Degnan
CookJesie22 203Gowen
CookJesse42 213Gowen
CookJoe F.45 258Wilburton
CookJohn41 184Degnan
CookJosie?44 203Gowen
CookLaverne14 208Gowen
CookLeitha46 209Gowen
CookLester4 203Gowen
CookLou57 259Wilburton
CookLouis24 164Cravens
CookLue L.44 258Wilburton
CookLuther46 209Gowen
CookMarilyn4 258Wilburton
CookMary49 164Cravens
CookMary F.31 213Gowen
CookNoah38 180Damon
CookNola38 184Degnan
CookOdes19 164Cravens
CookOra36 208Gowen
CookPaul6 209Gowen
CookRoy W.20 203Gowen
CookRuby A.28 162Cravens
CookSebia66 164Cravens
CookSim49 164Cravens
CookValla6 208Gowen
CookWanda2 208Gowen
CookWilliam79 207Gowen
CookWilliam W.66 203Gowen
CookWillie L.8 203Gowen
CooleyArlie A.8 151Buffalo
CooleyDennis N.13 153Buffalo
CooleyDoyle A.10 151Buffalo
CooleyHenry L.33 151Buffalo
CooleyMattie E.29 151Buffalo
CooleyMaud A.28 151Buffalo
CooleyMollie H.58 153Buffalo
CooleyNathan H.8 151Buffalo
CooleyOla E.5 151Buffalo
CooleyOsborn D.6 151Buffalo
CooleyOscar E.21 152Buffalo
CooleyWanda L.2+ 151Buffalo
CooleyWilliam 31 151Buffalo
CooleyWilliam E.58 153Buffalo
CooperAlberta22 259Wilburton
CooperBille D.2 181Damon
CooperBuddy21 193Degnan
CooperCorthel2 193Degnan
CooperCruston0 193Degnan
CooperElia M.69 259Wilburton
CooperEmma45 220Red Oak
CooperGeorge52 228Red Oak
CooperJames W.58 181Damon
CooperLucille?20 193Degnan
CooperMartha A.67 259Wilburton
CooperMartha A.7MO. 259Wilburton
CooperTed22 220Red Oak
CooperThomas B.36 259Wilburton
CooperWill47 190Degnan
CooperWillie N.44 181Damon
CooperWylie61 220Red Oak
CopelanAliene6 155Buffalo
CopelanElija J.32 155Buffalo
CopelanEtta B.31 155Buffalo
CopelanJoseph W.4+ 155Buffalo
CopelanMaxine8 155Buffalo
CopelanNadine10 155Buffalo
CopelanPaul E.12 155Buffalo
CopelandBillie4 205Gowen
CopelandCarl8 205Gowen
CopelandCecil E.3 247Salonia/Bengal
CopelandErnest26 205Gowen
CopelandHarry6 205Gowen
CopelandRobert1 205Gowen
CopelandWilliam36 205Gowen
CorneighTom45 197Gowen
CornettVelma29 209Gowen
CornneyBuggar18 193Degnan
CornneyEllan45 193Degnan
CouchAlice55 226Red Oak
CouchCharley36 226Red Oak
CouchClive39 226Red Oak
CouchP. S.60 226Red Oak
CouchRuby7 226Red Oak
CouchSally37 226Red Oak
CouchViola17 226Red Oak
CouchZelma15 226Red Oak
CountisAndrew J.42 262Wilburton
CountisLeona N.38 262Wilburton
CountisNellie M.19 262Wilburton
Countis?Anna20 256Wilburton
Countis?D.... B.21 255Wilburton
CountissBenjamin A.52 262Wilburton
CountissBenjamin C.14 262Wilburton
CountissMaggy51 262Wilburton
CowanAgee22 241Salonia/Bengal
CowanCicero W.54 241Salonia/Bengal
CowanGerald C.14 157Buffalo
CowanGirtie L.42 157Buffalo
CowanGrace20 241Salonia/Bengal
CowanJoseph W.1 241Salonia/Bengal
CowanMartha A.16 157Buffalo
CowanRobert C.45 157Buffalo
CowanSallie M.19 157Buffalo
CowanSilvia8 157Buffalo
CowenArtrice?15 163Cravens
CoxAllen B.2 241Salonia/Bengal
CoxAlma Lee33 179Damon
CoxAltas?17 185Degnan
CoxAzlee18 165Cravens
CoxBillie0 190Degnan
CoxCelica48 185Degnan
CoxClarence11 185Degnan
CoxDessie20 220Red Oak
CoxEarl1 220Red Oak
CoxEarl22 190Degnan
CoxEarlene2 190Degnan
CoxHarward Jesse5 179Damon
CoxInez5 220Red Oak
CoxIrella?22 190Degnan
CoxJack2 179Damon
CoxJames R.1 241Salonia/Bengal
CoxJesse Grant39 179Damon
CoxKathrine E.9 179Damon
CoxLarkin S.65 172Damon
CoxMarshall25 241Salonia/Bengal
CoxMonny23 241Salonia/Bengal
CoxN. W.22 220Red Oak
CoxOrville3 220Red Oak
CoxRiley58 185Degnan
CoxRoy15 185Degnan
CoxSarah J.62 172Damon
CoxWilliam R.4 179Damon
CoxWilliam R.62 179Damon
CoyErnie18 227Red Oak
CoyGeorge26 224Red Oak
CoyJohn B.39 181Damon
CoyLuby30 224Red Oak
CoySusie Belle35 181Damon
CoyThurman4 224Red Oak
CoyWanda Jean2 224Red Oak
CrabtreeConnie52 153Buffalo
CraigHester J.27 174Damon
CraigLee53 174Damon
CraigMona ? 174Damon
CraneAdam58 206Gowen
CraneKatie50 206Gowen
CrawfordAnnie28 211Gowen
CrawfordDavid31 211Gowen
CrawfordEdward37 246Salonia/Bengal
CrawfordFay10 246Salonia/Bengal
CrawfordHellen7 246Salonia/Bengal
CrawfordJocie29 246Salonia/Bengal
CrawfordRaymond11 211Gowen
CrawfordVirgil9 211Gowen
CrawfordWalter13 211Gowen
CrawfordZula3 246Salonia/Bengal
CrawleyEdgar10 208Gowen
CrawleyFlorence5 208Gowen
CrawleyJoe76 208Gowen
CrawleyKries12 208Gowen
CrawleyLawrence5 208Gowen
CrawleyMargrete1 208Gowen
CrawleyPolly38 208Gowen
CrawleySanford15 208Gowen
CrenshawMelissa84 253Wilburton
Croso?Earnest C.43 155Buffalo
Croso?Lissa D.38 155Buffalo
Croso?Naoma? J.1+ 155Buffalo
CrossAlpha24 237Red Oak
CrossAnna H.8 157Buffalo
CrossBell61 239Red Oak
CrossCharles R.47 157Buffalo
CrossEllizabeth16 157Buffalo
CrossFrank S.68 239Red Oak
CrossGeorge30 237Red Oak
CrossJessie R.18 157Buffalo
CrossJulius23 239Red Oak
CrossLester J.12 157Buffalo
CrossMargie E.45 157Buffalo
CrossRaymon14 157Buffalo
CrossWillie5 237Red Oak
CrouchAlice13 222Red Oak
CrouchBelle47 222Red Oak
CrouchBenjamin R.12 263Wilburton
CrouchBernice1 187Degnan
CrouchBula Francies2 181Damon
CrouchClaud47 222Red Oak
CrouchDamon17 222Red Oak
CrouchDosha39 181Damon
CrouchDoy20 181Damon
CrouchEbbie40 263Wilburton
CrouchEugene W.44 263Wilburton
CrouchEvelee15 181Damon
CrouchFloyde J.16 263Wilburton
CrouchGussie16 222Red Oak
CrouchHiter? A.49 181Damon
CrouchHoward3 187Degnan
CrouchLizzie71 228Red Oak
CrouchMary E.72 261Wilburton
CrouchRobert E.7 181Damon
CrouchRoy23 187Degnan
CrouchViola22 187Degnan
CrowAgnas17 207Gowen
CrowBob23? 207Gowen
CulbursonArthur E.14 216Gowen
CulbursonDelana N.42 216Gowen
CulbursonEmett9 216Gowen
CulbursonLily L.7 216Gowen
CulbursonVelma18 216Gowen
CulbursonVirgil20 216Gowen
CulbursonWilliam H.41 216Gowen
CullenGeorge68 204Gowen
CullenJoseph12 203Gowen
CullenVirginia9 203Gowen
CulterAl24 223Red Oak
CulterEllen52 223Red Oak
CulterEugene19 223Red Oak
CulterJ. D.57 223Red Oak
CulterWinfred15 223Red Oak
CuninghamGuy?2 189Degnan
CuninghamLoybett?24 189Degnan
CunninghamAddie23 199Gowen
CunninghamAl38 211Gowen
CunninghamAlline4mo. 158Cravens
CunninghamBeulah R.21 158Cravens
CunninghamCelia A.25 158Cravens
CunninghamDell C.20 158Cravens
CunninghamEarilene3 158Cravens
CunninghamErnest?23 158Cravens
CunninghamGertrude18 211Gowen
CunninghamJohn56 170Cravens
CunninghamMadena2 158Cravens
CunninghamMary C.78 170Cravens
CunninghamMyrtle35 211Gowen
CunninghamRalph16 211Gowen
CunninghamRobert13 211Gowen
CunninghamThelma J.5mo. 158Cravens
CurlissClarance25 174Damon
CurlissJames C.46 173Damon
CurlissLenard6 173Damon
CurlissLeola8mo. 173Damon
CurlissLeona P.37 173Damon
CurlissLowell4 173Damon
CurlissLoyd8 173Damon
CurlissMaggie18 174Damon
CurlissNelson26 173Damon
CurlissRetta45 173Damon
CurlonAnnie R.13 173Damon
CurlonFrancis45 173Damon
CurlonGeorge?16 173Damon
CurlonLue40 173Damon
CurlonMilburn?9 173Damon
CurlowBernice4 202Gowen
CurlowClifton22 202Gowen
CurlowElsie19 202Gowen
CurlowMildred2 202Gowen
CurtisAlgie? E.25 251Wilburton
CurtisJohn... N.30 251Wilburton
CurtisWashington T.10 251Wilburton
CutcherJoseph57 203Gowen
CutcherJoseph David9 203Gowen
CutcherLizzie52 203Gowen
CutlerBud68 223Red Oak
CutlerMolly61 223Red Oak

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