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1930 Latimer County Census

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name AgePage No. Township

NameAge Page no.Township
DaileyGeorge35 170Cravens
DaileyWessie22 170Cravens
DallisonLanden21 242Salonia/Bengal
DallisonMary56 242Salonia/Bengal
DallisonWilliam58 242Salonia/Bengal
DameronAnna21 255Wilburton
DameronGrace14 169Cravens
DameronLonzo20 255Wilburton
DameronMattie54 255Wilburton
DameronMaude37 169Cravens
DameronMinnie17 255Wilburton
DameronPauline9 165Cravens
DameronRalph7 165Cravens
DameronWallace56 255Wilburton
DameronWesley12 255Wilburton
DameronWill G.40 169Cravens
DanatiAdeline35 206Gowen
DanatiEnrico9 206Gowen
DanatiJoe43 206Gowen
DanatiJoseph7 206Gowen
DanatiLucile T.17 206Gowen
DanatiMarian11 206Gowen
DanatiVirginia14 206Gowen
DanelCharles Jr.1 159Cravens
DanelCharley35 159Cravens
DanelDonna M.5 167Cravens
DanelGrace S.13 167Cravens
DanelHarley H.15 167Cravens
DanelJoyce E.10 167Cravens
DanelLily A.33 167Cravens
DanelLogan H.38 167Cravens
DanelMattie O.3 167Cravens
DanelMyrtle L.21 159Cravens
DanielAlvin P.8 162Cravens
DanielChester3 162Cravens
DanielEd23 225Red Oak
DanielElmer J.23 162Cravens
DanielFred C.29 162Cravens
DanielJohnie 10 162Cravens
DanielLuster N.19 162Cravens
DanielMartha J.25 162Cravens
DanielOra50 162Cravens
DanielR. C. 6 162Cravens
DanielRobert L.54 162Cravens
DanielWillie J.15 162Cravens
DarbyAuthor24 198Gowen
DarbyBeatrice6 198Gowen
DarbyBessie14 198Gowen
DarbyBramblett16 198Gowen
DarbyClide12 198Gowen
DarbyDebbie48 198Gowen
DarbyElton10 198Gowen
DarbyEthel23 198Gowen
DarbyHenry52 198Gowen
DarbyJohnny20 198Gowen
DarbyLenard27 198Gowen
DarbyMildred8 198Gowen
DarbyMildred2 203Gowen
DarbyNorma Louise3 198Gowen
DarbyOlis25 203Gowen
DarbyOpal19 198Gowen
DarbyRuth19 198Gowen
DarbyVeda21 203Gowen
DarisAndrew3 201Gowen
DarisJoe5 201Gowen
DarisMatilda43 201Gowen
DarisPatria29? 201Gowen
DarisPete7 201Gowen
DarisRosa1 201Gowen
DarrahElizabeth N.52 169Cravens
DarrahRena17 169Cravens
DarrahRobert E.55 169Cravens
DarrahRobert E.9 169Cravens
DarrahRoslyn10 169Cravens
DavesClaborn15 155Buffalo
DavidsonAlma18 237Red Oak
DavidsonBilley J.2mo. 237Red Oak
DavidsonDoris4 238Red Oak
DavidsonHomer22 237Red Oak
DavidsonLilly M.2 237Red Oak
DavidsonLois A.3mo. 238Red Oak
DavidsonLouis24 238Red Oak
DavidsonVerda24 238Red Oak
DavisAllen10 236Red Oak
DavisAlmy M.7 145Buffalo
DavisAmanda36 219Red Oak
DavisAnnie40 259Wilburton
DavisBelle50 225Red Oak
DavisCarrol40 236Red Oak
DavisClive C.5mo. 214Gowen
DavisConid4 200Gowen
DavisCora39 200Gowen
DavisDane D.7 259Wilburton
DavisDavid H.6 145Buffalo
DavisDormer W.16 214Gowen
DavisEffie M.48 168Cravens
DavisEller J.59 243Salonia/Bengal
DavisEthel 19 259Wilburton
DavisEtta54 191Degnan
DavisFazette7 212Gowen
DavisFrank2 212Gowen
DavisGoldis28 164Cravens
DavisHarl.. J.46 145Buffalo
DavisHarry52 199Gowen
DavisHenry A.1 145Buffalo
DavisJ.W.3 164Cravens
DavisJames14 225Red Oak
DavisJames44 191Degnan
DavisJames H.71 190Degnan
DavisJames L.16 145Buffalo
DavisJoe M.52 168Cravens
DavisJoe Ray39 200Gowen
DavisJohn56 212Gowen
DavisJohnie M.10 214Gowen
DavisJosepine20 164Cravens
DavisJuanita E.14 214Gowen
DavisLee F.46 214Gowen
DavisLois7 219Red Oak
DavisLorine6 236Red Oak
DavisLorretta8 225Red Oak
DavisMarcella14 212Gowen
DavisMargrete4 212Gowen
DavisMary B.4 214Gowen
DavisMary Cordelia36 212Gowen
DavisMary M.25 145Buffalo
DavisMary Madeline16 212Gowen
DavisMary Nell11 225Red Oak
DavisMinnie36 236Red Oak
DavisMyrtle40 214Gowen
DavisN. M.87 219Red Oak
DavisO. E.52 225Red Oak
DavisRehick57 219Red Oak
DavisRobie O.10 214Gowen
DavisRosa J.42 214Gowen
DavisRoy A.3 145Buffalo
DavisSadie Lee46 205Gowen
DavisStokes18 168Cravens
DavisThedora J.5 145Buffalo
DavisVader? E.15 145Buffalo
DavisVelda9 200Gowen
DavisVernon6 212Gowen
DavisViola M.23 145Buffalo
DavisWane D.7 259Wilburton
DavisWilliam H.40 259Wilburton
DavisWilliam J.69 243Salonia/Bengal
DavisWilliam Les10 212Gowen
DavisZobelle9 212Gowen
DawkinsAnna58 261Wilburton
DawkinsEmmit35 261Wilburton
DawkinsFay24 261Wilburton
DawkinsGrady27 260Wilburton
DawkinsRebba19 260Wilburton
DawkinsRoxey33 261Wilburton
DeanCharles A.35 256Wilburton
DeanMitchell A.12 256Wilburton
DeanRoy21 214Gowen
DeathrageCallie16 205Gowen
DeathrageJames52 205Gowen
DeathrageJohn19 205Gowen
DeathrageMariah50 205Gowen
DeathrageMark17 205Gowen
DeathrageS... (James?)21 205Gowen
DebuskGlydas30 260Wilburton
DebuskJames E.3 260Wilburton
DebuskKelly E.30 260Wilburton
Dedmon??7 254Wilburton
Dedmon?Ada47 254Wilburton
Dedmon?Eva11 254Wilburton
Dedmon?H...53 254Wilburton
Dedmon?Oda?14 254Wilburton
Dedmon?Raymon23 254Wilburton
Defferge?Pete32 205Gowen
DehartAlmay19 145Buffalo
DehartArlo29 164Cravens
DehartArlo, jr.6 164Cravens
DehartDewey38 213Gowen
DehartDilla59 145Buffalo
DehartElmer47 159Cravens
DehartIra F.3+ 145Buffalo
DehartIra O.24 145Buffalo
DehartJohn54 159Cravens
DehartLona26 164Cravens
DehartMildred12 159Cravens
DehartR. A.19 159Cravens
DehartRuby E.21 145Buffalo
DehartVirginia L.5 164Cravens
DelappEarl L.20 237Red Oak
DelappJacquline9 237Red Oak
DelappJames70 237Red Oak
DelappJuanita11 237Red Oak
DelappMaya? A.13 237Red Oak
DelappRosa54 237Red Oak
DeliganBilly10 195Gowen
DeliganBobby7 195Gowen
DeliganClid? A.35 195Gowen
DeliganFay27 195Gowen
DeliganJ. E.39 195Gowen
DeliganJack10 195Gowen
DeliganJean15 195Gowen
DeliganJo4 195Gowen
DeliganLouise7 195Gowen
DeliganRuby A.34 195Gowen
DeloachBerch25 263Wilburton
DeloachFannie54 263Wilburton
DeloachMary17 263Wilburton
DeloachThomas10 263Wilburton
DeloachWilliam S.65 263Wilburton
DeloachWilliam S.16 263Wilburton
DenisJoe66 232Red Oak
DenisLouise62 232Red Oak
DennisCharlie L.42 227Red Oak
DennisDorthy Z.5 228Red Oak
DennisGeorgie37 227Red Oak
DennisHarry14 227Red Oak
DennisJames9 227Red Oak
DennisMary70 228Red Oak
DentonAlfred N.4.3mo 151Buffalo
DentonAlvin8 151Buffalo
DentonAud33 220Red Oak
DentonBernice2 220Red Oak
DentonBessie15 219Red Oak
DentonCallie45 219Red Oak
DentonCharlie17 210Gowen
DentonDaisy25 151Buffalo
DentonDelphia25 224Red Oak
DentonDillard D.2+ 151Buffalo
DentonEdna Mae7 224Red Oak
DentonGertie16 219Red Oak
DentonHelen12 155Buffalo
DentonJ. D.6 220Red Oak
DentonJackson29 151Buffalo
DentonJess11 219Red Oak
DentonJohn36 210Gowen
DentonJohnnie8? 210Gowen
DentonKathryn Fay2 224Red Oak
DentonLee19 219Red Oak
DentonLena May9 220Red Oak
DentonLois Evylm5 224Red Oak
DentonLorene7 219Red Oak
DentonLucille11 219Red Oak
DentonLuther44 155Buffalo
DentonMay.36 210Gowen
DentonMillard17 219Red Oak
DentonMillie25 220Red Oak
DentonMyrl4 220Red Oak
DentonPauline4 219Red Oak
DentonRichard30 224Red Oak
DentonRobert 14 210Gowen
DentonStella38 155Buffalo
DentonWill43 219Red Oak
DettyAlace48 263Wilburton
DettyClaud J.24 214Gowen
DettyClyde E.9 260Wilburton
DettyClyde M.32 260Wilburton
DettyErestine19 215Gowen
DettyJohn B.52 263Wilburton
DettyMary S.56 214Gowen
DettyPearl30 260Wilburton
DettyWilliam H.54 214Gowen
Deverson?Olive33 261Wilburton
DevineFlora May38 195Gowen
DevineGeorge G.49 195Gowen
DevineGeorge G.,jr.12 195Gowen
DevineHenryetta46 261Wilburton
DevineJohn J.9 195Gowen
DevineMargret23 261Wilburton
DevineMathew15 261Wilburton
DevineRuth5 195Gowen
DewittJohn48 177Damon
DeWittMargret?22 254Wilburton
DewittMary35 177Damon
DickenHayden18 254Wilburton
DidlotAlbert18 186Degnan
DidwayHosea27 242Salonia/Bengal
DidwayLucille1 242Salonia/Bengal
DightonArthur L.33 161Cravens
DightonDarse M.5 161Cravens
DightonElizabeth R.34 161Cravens
DightonFrank L.77 161Cravens
DightonGenevia 1 161Cravens
DightonJames F.11 161Cravens
DightonMildred C.12 161Cravens
DightonStalona8 161Cravens
DillArthur37 168Cravens
DillGertrude35 168Cravens
DixonArvel16 246Salonia/Bengal
DixonCharles F.44 246Salonia/Bengal
DixonDorothy7 246Salonia/Bengal
DixonJunior4 246Salonia/Bengal
DixonLavada10 246Salonia/Bengal
DixonMaude42 246Salonia/Bengal
DixonRobert66 171Cravens
DixonVenice13 246Salonia/Bengal
DixonWinchester60 159Cravens
DobbAlbert49 186Degnan
DobbBettie Jane0 186Degnan
DobbLilly48 186Degnan
DobbRay19 186Degnan
DobbResiebelle10 186Degnan
DobbRoss5 186Degnan
DobbRoy14 186Degnan
DobbRuby12 186Degnan
DobbRuth17 186Degnan
DobbinsBarbara?11 150Buffalo
DobbinsEvelene9 150Buffalo
DobbsCecil20 208Gowen
DobbsEarl15 208Gowen
DobbsEdith11 208Gowen
DobbsJosiah60 208Gowen
DobbsMammie25 208Gowen
DobbsMary17 208Gowen
DobbsOren29 208Gowen
DobbsOren Eugene2 208Gowen
DobbsSophronia58 208Gowen
DobsonClyle16 173Damon
DobsonEdith8 206Gowen
DobsonFannie11 173Damon
DobsonFate51 173Damon
DobsonFrank16 173Damon
DobsonGlen?31 206Gowen
DobsonIsaac G.40 202Gowen
DobsonJames37 173Damon
DobsonJeff50 173Damon
DobsonJohn22 173Damon
DobsonJunie? B.4 173Damon
DobsonLois24 173Damon
DobsonLula35 173Damon
DobsonLydia B.14 173Damon
DobsonMaggy29 206Gowen
DobsonMartha11 173Damon
DobsonMinnie48 173Damon
DobsonOscar15 173Damon
DobsonPearl17 173Damon
DobsonSarah62 202Gowen
DobsonThomas4 173Damon
DobsonTishie41 173Damon
DobsonTom14 173Damon
DobsonTroy?26 173Damon
DobsonUgene7 173Damon
DobsonVirgie4 206Gowen
DobsonWilliam19 173Damon
DobsonWilliam 6mo. 173Damon
DoddAndrew B.32 257Wilburton
DoddCoy L.19 158Cravens
DoddDorothy L.3 146Buffalo
DoddFloy18 158Cravens
DoddIrene30 146Buffalo
DoddJames J.4 159Cravens
DoddJames W.9 250Wilburton
DoddJether? L.29 146Buffalo
DoddJim M.63 169Cravens
DoddJohn D.34 250Wilburton
DoddJulia M.3 159Cravens
DoddKenneth B.2 257Wilburton
DoddLaura B.61 169Cravens
DoddLois L.9 146Buffalo
DoddLouise?11mo. 257Wilburton
DoddLucille22 257Wilburton
DoddLula M.29 159Cravens
DoddMary Grace8 250Wilburton
DoddOllie E.49 158Cravens
DoddPearl M.17 158Cravens
DoddPerry W.37 159Cravens
DoddStella33 250Wilburton
DoddWesley E.11mo. 159Cravens
DoddWilliam C.67 158Cravens
DoddWilliam H.5 159Cravens
Dodd?William C.58? 146Buffalo
DodsonBurfee13 211Gowen
DogadasBelina48 212Gowen
DogadasDan D.54 212Gowen
DogadasJuanita13 212Gowen
DolanAlice57 219Red Oak
DolanJ. C.77 219Red Oak
DoleyClyde E.9mo. 257Wilburton
DoleyJames F.28 257Wilburton
DoleyRooney28 257Wilburton
DonaldsonClemton3 181Damon
DonleyJohn D.2 252Wilburton
DonleyMildred25 252Wilburton
DonleyWilliam S.25 252Wilburton
DoughtyJames26 211Gowen
DoughtyNora20 211Gowen
DowellAlvin40 228Red Oak
DowellAnna37 228Red Oak
DowellChester10 228Red Oak
DowellClarence18 228Red Oak
DowellThelmer17 228Red Oak
DowellTheodor15 228Red Oak
DowmenEva A.32 257Wilburton
DowmenJames W.7 257Wilburton
DowmenO... W.45 257Wilburton
DowmenPauline4 257Wilburton
DowmenW?... Lee1 257Wilburton
DoyleBridget63 189Degnan
DozierCharley37 176Damon
DozierEarl17 176Damon
DozierEdith9 176Damon
DozierElmer W.29 176Damon
DozierFlorence6 176Damon
DozierGrace4 176Damon
DozierHarvey26 176Damon
DozierJessie L.42 176Damon
DozierJohn47 176Damon
DozierNorman14 176Damon
DozierOlie B.38 176Damon
DozierSherrel?11 176Damon
DozierSusan68 176Damon
DrakeEdna22 180Damon
DrakeRalph E.1 180Damon
DrakeWilliam27 180Damon
DraperEdward R.?14 216Gowen
DraperHarry L.19 215Gowen
DraperHugh L.58 215Gowen
DraperLenard R.10mo 216Gowen
DraperLester A.8 216Gowen
DraperLula E.42 215Gowen
DraperMartha A.11 216Gowen
DraperVirgil H.23 215Gowen
DrapperAnna Louise17 211Gowen
DrapperBillie True3 211Gowen
DrapperDondalee19 211Gowen
DrapperLillian13 211Gowen
DrapperLoraine11 211Gowen
DrapperMary40 211Gowen
DrapperRobert Clint..1 211Gowen
DrapperTrue.46 211Gowen
Dratt?Norman24 175Damon
DrautAlbert12 173Damon
DrautEugene3 173Damon
DrautFannie 24 173Damon
DrautHardie8 173Damon
DrautHarvey S.11mo. 173Damon
DrautJohn S.44 173Damon
DrautMyrtle 6 173Damon
DrautWalter14 173Damon
DuffegieJames50 205Gowen
DuforeAbe12 200Gowen
DuforeClement27 200Gowen
DuforeJohn B.55 200Gowen
DuforePhilie16 200Gowen
DuforeSofie48 200Gowen
DugganAnil A.59 179Damon
DugganAugust.27 179Damon
DugganBessie E.23 179Damon
DugganCharlie25 179Damon
DugganElzine54 179Damon
DugganEvelyn16 179Damon
DugganHoward A.3 179Damon
DugganRaymond22 179Damon
DukeFrancis3 244Salonia/Bengal
DukeLillie39 244Salonia/Bengal
DukeSilas8 244Salonia/Bengal
DukeSteve40 244Salonia/Bengal
DukeWilliam17 244Salonia/Bengal
DukeWoodrow10 244Salonia/Bengal
DukeYouther12 244Salonia/Bengal
DukesElmer15 245Salonia/Bengal
DukesErnest18 245Salonia/Bengal
DukesGeorge13 245Salonia/Bengal
DukesHenry24 245Salonia/Bengal
DukesJames C.48 245Salonia/Bengal
DukesLena52 245Salonia/Bengal
DukesPearl H.17 245Salonia/Bengal
DunHallie76 234Red Oak
DunaganEzekel59 209Gowen
DunaganGeorge54 209Gowen
DunaganGeorge21 209Gowen
DunaganJack10 209Gowen
DunaganJoe73? 209Gowen
DunaganMary Jane15 209Gowen
DunaganMollie40 209Gowen
DunaganRufus7 209Gowen
DunaganSena21 209Gowen
DunaganShirley Jean0 209Gowen
DunaganWandarea3 209Gowen
DuncanCharles A.19 256Wilburton
DuncanFrancis41 256Wilburton
DuncanRobert D.15? 256Wilburton
DuncanWillliam46 256Wilburton
DunhamMyrtle14 166Cravens
DunlapC.C.19 163Cravens
DunlapE. T.15 163Cravens
DunlapFred29 163Cravens
DunlapIda53 163Cravens
DunlapJerld7 163Cravens
DunlapJohnie9 163Cravens
DunlapKenneth1 163Cravens
DunlapLeo12 163Cravens
DunlapLula27 163Cravens
DunnAlta21 230Red Oak
DunnBertha16 167Cravens
DunnBeulah M.20 167Cravens
DunnBilly J.3 230Red Oak
DunnEulah V.20 167Cravens
DunnJohn H.63 167Cravens
DunnJohnnie E.1 167Cravens
DunnKittie L.55 167Cravens
DunnLester22 230Red Oak
DunnLillian L.4 230Red Oak
DunnRoy17 238Red Oak
DunnWalter14 238Red Oak
DurantLotty34 264Wilburton
DyeA. J.5 224Red Oak
DyeAlice43 232Red Oak
DyeAlvern?1 224Red Oak
DyeAndrew7 221Red Oak
DyeBelah27 238Red Oak
DyeBenjo26 230Red Oak
DyeBessie21 232Red Oak
DyeBud35 221Red Oak
DyeClara9 221Red Oak
DyeClarie18 232Red Oak
DyeDelbert8 224Red Oak
DyeDonald2 230Red Oak
DyeEd32 224Red Oak
DyeEffie23 232Red Oak
DyeElton3 221Red Oak
DyeEstell32 232Red Oak
DyeEthel24 224Red Oak
DyeEthel23 230Red Oak
DyeGladys7 224Red Oak
DyeGladys16 232Red Oak
DyeHaskell5 230Red Oak
DyeHenery J.61 232Red Oak
DyeHomer J.9 238Red Oak
DyeHosea39 232Red Oak
DyeHoward8 238Red Oak
DyeIda54 224Red Oak
DyeIda Bell1 221Red Oak
DyeLavell8 232Red Oak
DyeLois6 221Red Oak
DyeLorene4 221Red Oak
DyeLula17 237Red Oak
DyeLystur37 238Red Oak
DyeMamie13 232Red Oak
DyeMaybell9mo. 238Red Oak
DyeOra25 221Red Oak
DyeRuby14 232Red Oak
Dyeunnamed1mo. 224Red Oak
DyeVernon11 232Red Oak

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