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1930 Latimer County Census

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
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Last NameFirst Name AgePage No. Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
EasleyAllen32 171Cravens
EasleyAllen jr.9 171Cravens
EasleyBettie2? 186Degnan
EasleyJoe 56 186Degnan
EasleyNelllie20? 212Gowen
EasleyOcy O.27 171Cravens
EasleyOllie18 186Degnan
EasleyTopha T.7 171Cravens
EasterDaniel11 254Wilburton
EasterGrace8 254Wilburton
EasterHelen13 254Wilburton
EasterSally40 254Wilburton
EavansAndy C.52 151Buffalo
EavansRosa E.32 151Buffalo
EavesBertie30 227Red Oak
EavesClyde34 227Red Oak
EavesDelana11 227Red Oak
EavesDeral4 227Red Oak
EavesEula M.6 227Red Oak
EavesJack18 218Red Oak
EavesMarg35 262Wilburton
EavesOrpha12 227Red Oak
EavesPatricia11 262Wilburton
EavesRay8 227Red Oak
EavesWalter40 262Wilburton
EcholsAlbert52 185Degnan
EcholsAugusta40 185Degnan
EcholsCanella16 185Degnan
EdgeElizabeth72 184Degnan
EdgeElmerun 259Wilburton
EdgeErvan45 184Degnan
EdgeJames81 184Degnan
EdgeMary J.un 259Wilburton
EdgeMatilda43 184Degnan
EdingtonEarl16 215Gowen
EdingtonEdgar18 215Gowen
EdingtonEdgar19 216Gowen
EdingtonElla S.56 215Gowen
EdingtonJohn F.58 215Gowen
EdingtonJonett23 215Gowen
EdminstonDella51 218Red Oak
EdminstonLuke50 218Red Oak
EdmondsEdmon C.43 213Gowen
EdmondsEviline4? 213Gowen
EdmondsHerbert33 153Buffalo
EdmondsImogene7 153Buffalo
EdmondsIsabel C.40 213Gowen
EdmondsJohn J.71 244Salonia/Bengal
EdmondsMaud A.25 153Buffalo
EdmondsRoss E.16 213Gowen
EdmondsVestes1.3mo 153Buffalo
EdmondsWanda5 153Buffalo
EdmondsWilliam C.4 213Gowen
EdmundDorothy M.6mo. 145Buffalo
EdmundEarl H.33 145Buffalo
EdmundEarl H. Jr.0+ 145Buffalo
EdmundGladys C.18 145Buffalo
EdmundOrvil26 145Buffalo
EdmundThelma D.16 145Buffalo
EdmundsBertie D.12 148Buffalo
EdmundsJohn H.66 148Buffalo
EdmundsLinnie L.16 148Buffalo
EdmundsLuietta?56 148Buffalo
Edmunds?Bessie23? 153Buffalo
Edmunds?Dewey A.30 153Buffalo
Edmunds?Doyl H. ?5 153Buffalo
Edmunds?Earnest3 153Buffalo
Edmunds?Elmer N.3 153Buffalo
Edmunds?Lillie27 153Buffalo
Edmunds?Neil L.9 153Buffalo
Edmunds?Ray B.7 153Buffalo
Edmunds?Richard29 153Buffalo
Edmunds?Vera B.9 mo 153Buffalo
Edmunds?William J.6 153Buffalo
EdwardsB. Everett41 244Salonia/Bengal
EdwardsBuddie E.6 244Salonia/Bengal
EdwardsCathrine4 244Salonia/Bengal
EdwardsElizabeth M.13 244Salonia/Bengal
EdwardsMaggie36 244Salonia/Bengal
EdwardsMyrtle11 244Salonia/Bengal
EdwardsNaomi6mo. 244Salonia/Bengal
EdwardsTobe3 244Salonia/Bengal
EdwardsVernice8 244Salonia/Bengal
EdwardsWyone9 244Salonia/Bengal
EfordBillie Sue4mo. 212Gowen
EfordFred23 212Gowen
EfordJessie20 212Gowen
EkidoJohn45 191Degnan
ElbertBessie43 260Wilburton
ElbertCormie7 260Wilburton
ElbertGeorge46 260Wilburton
ElbertHarrold 9 260Wilburton
ElbertLester W.19 260Wilburton
ElderBilly Joe4 252Wilburton
ElderNany22 252Wilburton
ElderT. E.30 252Wilburton
EldridgeBallinn?22 209Gowen
EldridgeClaud19? 209Gowen
EldridgeDave24 209Gowen
EldridgeDot.. Jane0 209Gowen
EldridgeMaryLou2 209Gowen
EliottTennessee82 222Red Oak
EllingtonViney52 154Buffalo
ElliottJames18 249Wilburton
ElliottMary79 253Wilburton
ElliottViola37 249Wilburton
EllisBillie J....0 190Degnan
EllisBonnie35 255Wilburton
EllisEdith25 190Degnan
EllisElizabeth60 234Red Oak
EllisHartin32 190Degnan
EllisHartin2 190Degnan
EllisJohn W.45 255Wilburton
EllisJohn W.1 255Wilburton
EllisJon4 190Degnan
EllisLouise8 190Degnan
EllisVirgina6 190Degnan
Elollat?Claud15 212Gowen
Elollat?Edwin39 212Gowen
EmberlyMaggie34 216Gowen
EmberlyMyke46 216Gowen
EmberlyPete18 217Gowen
EmberlyRobert7 217Gowen
EmberlyTony16 217Gowen
EmersonChester22 176Damon
EmersonGeorgia17 176Damon
EmeryBen68 232Red Oak
EmeryCharles H.54 232Red Oak
EmeryJulie1 211Gowen
EmeryLouis24 211Gowen
EmeryLydia20 232Red Oak
EmeryRuby19 211Gowen
EnglishPaul B.32 263Wilburton
EnisBertha L.15 162Cravens
EnisBetty M.2 162Cravens
EnisCleo18 165Cravens
EnisEdeth E.9 162Cravens
EnisEthan V.16 162Cravens
EnisEverette E.39 162Cravens
EnisJ. D.11 162Cravens
EnisMinnie M.33 162Cravens
EnisOllie B.35 162Cravens
EnisOrville 9 162Cravens
EnisOtis N.6 162Cravens
EnisTine V.40 162Cravens
EnisTom M.44 165Cravens
EnisVert40 165Cravens
EpperlyBill J.4 241Salonia/Bengal
EpperlyCaddie B.50 241Salonia/Bengal
EpperlyClifford11 241Salonia/Bengal
EpperlyFridie15 169Cravens
EpperlyIrene45 241Salonia/Bengal
EpperlyLoyd J.20 241Salonia/Bengal
EpperlyMelba7 241Salonia/Bengal
EpperlyNona C.58 242Salonia/Bengal
EpperlyOleat16 241Salonia/Bengal
EpperlyRobert R.2 241Salonia/Bengal
EpperlySherman13 241Salonia/Bengal
EpperlyVelma13 169Cravens
EpperlyWilliam D.61 242Salonia/Bengal
ErwinBeulah34 169Cravens
ErwinCleave G.37 169Cravens
ErwinJohn T.63 217Gowen
ErwinLola B.36 217Gowen
ErwinR. B.5 169Cravens
ErwinRoy16 217Gowen
Esales?Eula M.3 162Cravens
Esales?Velma18 162Cravens
EsebetteRay21 210Gowen
EslickAustin68 177Damon
EslickBetty8 176Damon
EslickDiana J.64 177Damon
EslickFanie39 175Damon
EslickHazel O.10 175Damon
EslickMildred2 176Damon
EslickThelma5 176Damon
EslickWilliam B.46 175Damon
EstesBenjamin 53 172Damon
EstesBonnie11 239Red Oak
EstesEdward8 239Red Oak
EstesHattie43 239Red Oak
EstesHellen60? 187Degnan
EstesJames A.78 239Red Oak
EstesJames B.12 172Damon
EstesJohn58 187Degnan
EstesJune.6 172Damon
EstesLenard17 239Red Oak
EstesLucy10 172Damon
EstesLucy L.45 172Damon
EstesNellie14 239Red Oak
EstesRebeca C.78 239Red Oak
EstesThomas19 239Red Oak
EstesWalter B.16 172Damon
EstesWilliam43 239Red Oak
EtheridgeJack 4 170Cravens
EtheridgeJimmie H.1 170Cravens
EtheridgePat29 170Cravens
EtheridgePearl24 170Cravens
EvansAgnes L.41 259Wilburton
EvansAnna20 257Wilburton
EvansCal R.38 171Cravens
EvansCarl L.8 170Cravens
EvansCaroll M.25 257Wilburton
EvansClarence E.9 171Cravens
EvansDorthy F.5 170Cravens
EvansElmer7 257Wilburton
EvansEugene L.58 259Wilburton
EvansEvlin5 257Wilburton
EvansGertrude L.11 171Cravens
EvansGlen13 257Wilburton
EvansHarland10 257Wilburton
EvansIna48 191Degnan
EvansJacob75 244Salonia/Bengal
EvansJohn H.53 257Wilburton
EvansKenneth D.2 246Salonia/Bengal
EvansLewis L.18 259Wilburton
EvansMary L.13 259Wilburton
EvansOra T.14 170Cravens
EvansOtho15 257Wilburton
EvansPaul15 191Degnan
EvansPearl43 257Wilburton
EvansRaymond 7 171Cravens
EvansRichard W.27 246Salonia/Bengal
EvansRobert L.20 259Wilburton
EvansRose L.32 171Cravens
EvansSarah63 244Salonia/Bengal
EvansStella E.43 170Cravens
EvansStephens L.15 259Wilburton
EvansTeney?52 160Cravens
EvansTom W.47 170Cravens
EvansVelda L.2mo. 246Salonia/Bengal
EvansWalter H.2 171Cravens
EvansWanda Lee3 257Wilburton
EvansZelma20 246Salonia/Bengal
EvettDaphne3 208Gowen
EvettDelia22 208Gowen
EvettLouis31 208Gowen
Ewing?Robert15 224Red Oak
EzellAlbert10 174Damon
EzellBeatrice19 206Gowen
EzellBessie29 174Damon
EzellElmer1 174Damon
EzellElvin7 174Damon
EzellIda M.12 174Damon
EzellLeroy5 174Damon
EzellManuell34 174Damon
EzellMarion26 206Gowen
EzellThelma L.4 206Gowen

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