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1930 Latimer County Census

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name AgePage No. Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
FacterGeneva19 251Wilburton
FacterKing55 251Wilburton
FareEdna29? 203Gowen
FareFred15 203Gowen
FareHarold Loyd5 203Gowen
FareLoyd28 203Gowen
FarlieAlvin21 238Red Oak
FarlieBob60 238Red Oak
FarlieHenery31 238Red Oak
FarlieLillie18 238Red Oak
FarlieMaybell56 238Red Oak
FarriceClayton15 233Red Oak
FarriceFlorine8 233Red Oak
FarriceJessie18 233Red Oak
FarriceKlint50 233Red Oak
FarrillElsie23 195Gowen
FarrillGeorge50? 195Gowen
FarrillJames T.50 195Gowen
FarrillJoseph77 195Gowen
FarrillJulia45 195Gowen
FarrillMelvin6 195Gowen
FarrillMildred7 195Gowen
FarringtonEthel47 221Red Oak
FarringtonW. M.46 221Red Oak
FarrisMinnie L.36 148Buffalo
FarrisWilliam E.2mo. 148Buffalo
FarrisWilliam R.38 148Buffalo
FarrowBilly V.5 228Red Oak
FarrowFrank29 228Red Oak
FarrowPauline25 228Red Oak
FassioCecil3 191Degnan
FassioDortha1 191Degnan
FassioFrank41 191Degnan
FassioSilvia28 191Degnan
FaucettMargge5 185Degnan
FaulknerAnthony W.45 149Buffalo
FaulknerAnthony W.jr.18 149Buffalo
FaulknerArizona J.41 149Buffalo
FaulknerAurilla? A.12 149Buffalo
FaulknerDella O.10 149Buffalo
FaulknerEllen L.5mo. 149Buffalo
FaulknerHenry P.43? 149Buffalo
FaulknerHenry W.7 149Buffalo
FaulknerJames C.14 149Buffalo
FaulknerMaxine M.10 149Buffalo
FaulknerOliver M.20 149Buffalo
FaulknerVelma L.38 149Buffalo
FaulknerWayne J.3 149Buffalo
FausettFloyd7 174Damon
FavorsBuford A.28 214Gowen
FavorsErven1 214Gowen
FavorsJames4 214Gowen
FavorsPauline7 214Gowen
FavorsVerna9 214Gowen
FavorsViola30 214Gowen
FazekasBarbara59 186Degnan
FazekasCharley32 186Degnan
FazekasJohn64 186Degnan
FazekasJohn26 186Degnan
FazkasGertrude23 207Gowen
FazkasImogene3 207Gowen
FazkasJames5 207Gowen
FazkasSteve31 207Gowen
FelmleeEdward48 250Wilburton
FelmleeEdward, jr6 250Wilburton
FelmleeIna?43 250Wilburton
FergusonEliga O.68 247Salonia/Bengal
FergusonElijah27 235Red Oak
FergusonEthel23 235Red Oak
FergusonGladys13 170Cravens
FergusonJ. Thomas40 247Salonia/Bengal
FergusonMary69 247Salonia/Bengal
FergusonRuth3 235Red Oak
FestermanTwit29 185Degnan
FestermanWalter34 191Degnan
FieldsBill71 218Red Oak
FieldsBridge35 218Red Oak
FieldsDaisy48 222Red Oak
FieldsHerchial17 222Red Oak
FieldsOtho48 218Red Oak
FieldsRaymond20 222Red Oak
FieldsS. J.72 218Red Oak
FilerGeorge H.69 170Cravens
FilerMary B.65 170Cravens
FiorettiFred9 249Wilburton
FiorettiJoe55 249Wilburton
FiorettiJoe Jr.12 249Wilburton
FiorettiJohn24 249Wilburton
FiorettiLewis23 249Wilburton
FiorettiNora?46 249Wilburton
FishermanDorthy10 191Degnan
FishermanEdna3 191Degnan
FishermanOdesa6 191Degnan
FishermanOrilla28 191Degnan
FishermanVirgina8 191Degnan
FishermanWalter0 191Degnan
FiskMinnie20 195Gowen
FiteBetty6 175Damon
FiteBula B.3 179Damon
FiteCaroline 69 174Damon
FiteCaroline A.7mo. 175Damon
FiteChristine14 175Damon
FiteClara B.33 179Damon
FiteEdd E.17 179Damon
FiteEdith34 175Damon
FiteEugene13 175Damon
FiteFrancis B.11 179Damon
FiteGarland H.9 179Damon
FiteGertie L.27 179Damon
FiteHarlie A.7 179Damon
FiteHerman L.4 175Damon
FiteHollis H.13 179Damon
FiteIva B.9 179Damon
FiteJ. H.27 179Damon
FiteJulice C.1 179Damon
FiteJunita10 175Damon
FiteKathrine3 179Damon
FiteLula L.7 179Damon
FitePreston D.8 175Damon
FiteRichard J.5 179Damon
FiteThomas 7 174Damon
FiteW. J.4mo. 179Damon
FiteWiliam F.15 179Damon
FiteWilliam35 174Damon
FiteWilliam J.38 179Damon
FiteWillie L.5 174Damon
FiteZona R.27 174Damon
Flanegan?32 203Gowen
FlaneganBessie29 203Gowen
FlaneganC... L...26 203Gowen
FlaneganJoseph?36 203Gowen
FlannaganMollie39 150Buffalo
FlannaganRilla M.22 150Buffalo
FlattAnna M.6mo. 145Buffalo
FlattEthel L.5 145Buffalo
FlattJames W.56 147Buffalo
FlattJennie79 145Buffalo
FlattJennie E.27 145Buffalo
FlattJoseph P.79 145Buffalo
FlattLeonard W.34 145Buffalo
FlattLeonard W.Jr.7 145Buffalo
FlattMilborn13 147Buffalo
FlattMillard7 147Buffalo
FlattRuth? 147Buffalo
FlemmingEffie8 244Salonia/Bengal
FlemmingLeslie34 244Salonia/Bengal
FlemmingSusie31 244Salonia/Bengal
FlenerChristine F.3 168Cravens
FlenerClaud D.32 166Cravens
FlenerDale L.7 168Cravens
FlenerEverett 15 168Cravens
FlenerJames R.9 168Cravens
FlenerJulia38 168Cravens
FlenerLorene M.11 168Cravens
FlenerLoretta M.10 166Cravens
FlenerLouis 38 168Cravens
FlenerMary W.67 166Cravens
FlenerNorman L.13 168Cravens
FlenerOrbie E.31 166Cravens
FletcherBlanch9 261Wilburton
FletcherElward?23 261Wilburton
FletcherFred15 261Wilburton
FletcherGeorge28 261Wilburton
FletcherLewis12 261Wilburton
FletcherRose43 261Wilburton
FletcherWilliam12 261Wilburton
Flickinger?Walter17 224Red Oak
FlowerSadie56 179Damon
FondrenAmanda60 244Salonia/Bengal
FondrenGertrude I.28 244Salonia/Bengal
FondrenMarshall M.65 244Salonia/Bengal
FondrenWilliam A.32 244Salonia/Bengal
FoordEdna25 188Degnan
FoordHellen7 188Degnan
FoordHerman2 188Degnan
FoordMarjorie5 188Degnan
FoordWalter0 188Degnan
FoordWillard29 188Degnan
ForbusBetty Joe7mo. 221Red Oak
ForbusGrace12 221Red Oak
ForbusIldria43 221Red Oak
ForbusJim45 221Red Oak
ForbusJunior6 221Red Oak
ForbusLinnard18 221Red Oak
FordClayton23 238Red Oak
FordEthel2 238Red Oak
FordFlorence3 238Red Oak
Fordlilley23 238Red Oak
FortnerClarence28 185Degnan
FortnerRilla54 185Degnan
FortnerWilliam55 185Degnan
ForwardsonEmile? W.4 262Wilburton
ForwardsonAmis38 262Wilburton
ForwardsonBarbie L.10 262Wilburton
ForwardsonJewell29 262Wilburton
ForwardsonKenneth2mo. 262Wilburton
ForwardsonTroy L.9 262Wilburton
FosterAlfred17 253Wilburton
FosterAlice22 253Wilburton
FosterAlice21 150Buffalo
FosterAllie T.50 167Cravens
FosterBarley L.18 162Cravens
FosterBarney A.48 167Cravens
FosterBernice12 253Wilburton
FosterC. W.36 222Red Oak
FosterClarence23? 150Buffalo
FosterClyde R.21 167Cravens
FosterCurley43? 162Cravens
FosterDorthy H.39 162Cravens
FosterGeraldine12 222Red Oak
FosterHarry9 222Red Oak
FosterIshmael15 222Red Oak
FosterJanie53 167Cravens
FosterJohn J.47 253Wilburton
FosterKathrine16 167Cravens
FosterLois M.12 162Cravens
FosterMark 58 150Buffalo
FosterMaude L.47 167Cravens
FosterNetty M.41 253Wilburton
FosterOpal M.14 162Cravens
FosterPauline18 167Cravens
FosterQuinnie35 222Red Oak
FosterRichard Lee1 253Wilburton
FosterVenie15 150Buffalo
FosterVirginia1.2mo 150Buffalo
FowlarDoris21 192Degnan
FowlarEvans14 192Degnan
FowlarFrank54 191Degnan
FowlarLucile17 192Degnan
FowlarLydia49 192Degnan
FowlarMarina23 192Degnan
FowlarNathan10 192Degnan
FowlerAgnus L.9 237Red Oak
FowlerAndrew L.56 237Red Oak
FowlerBetty A.8mo. 237Red Oak
FowlerDavid18 202Gowen
FowlerDelbert3 237Red Oak
FowlerEllen19 210Gowen
FowlerEmokla5 238Red Oak
FowlerGladis19 211Gowen
FowlerGladys19 237Red Oak
FowlerHermine18 218Red Oak
FowlerHestella37 202Gowen
FowlerHoover Rupert8mo. 210Gowen
FowlerJ. C.43 218Red Oak
FowlerJames52 210Gowen
FowlerJessie39 210Gowen
FowlerJewell16 210Gowen
FowlerJimmie1 211Gowen
FowlerJohn66 202Gowen
FowlerJohn22 211Gowen
FowlerLanden25 237Red Oak
FowlerLillian7 237Red Oak
FowlerLoney D.10 237Red Oak
FowlerLucy43 218Red Oak
FowlerMarie9 202Gowen
FowlerMartha64 202Gowen
FowlerMary4 210Gowen
FowlerMattie L.26 237Red Oak
FowlerMelisia 53 237Red Oak
FowlerRay13 210Gowen
FowlerRobert32 237Red Oak
FowlerT. J.4 184Degnan
FowlerThomas A.5 237Red Oak
FowlerWilliam M.63 238Red Oak
FowlerWillie J.40 238Red Oak
FrameCaherine8 261Wilburton
FrameGeorge J.49 261Wilburton
FrameGeorge Thomas20 261Wilburton
FrameMargret48 261Wilburton
FrameMargret R.12 261Wilburton
FrameMary G.17 261Wilburton
FrameWilliam J.5 261Wilburton
France?All...36 197Gowen
France?Elvara4 197Gowen
France?Flora10 197Gowen
France?Joe13 197Gowen
France?Josie5 197Gowen
France?R... A...20 197Gowen
France?Sammy?11 197Gowen
FranciesAudie8 181Damon
FranciesHenry N.17 181Damon
FranciesIda R.44 181Damon
FranciesIdus43 181Damon
FranciesJoe T.47 181Damon
FranciesJoseph H.80 181Damon
FranciesJoseph L.23 181Damon
FranciesLoyd5 181Damon
FranciesMertie M.14 181Damon
FranciesRiley E.19 181Damon
FrancisDonie16 256Wilburton
FrancisElmer11 256Wilburton
FrancisFannie19 256Wilburton
FrancisFloyde21 256Wilburton
FrancisHazel7 256Wilburton
FrancisThelmer11 256Wilburton
FrancisWillie50 256Wilburton
FrankJesse19 197Gowen
FrankVirginia18 197Gowen
FranklinGus35 192Degnan
FrazierAda58 209Gowen
FrazierSoloman8 209Gowen
FreeAndrew37 227Red Oak
FreeArnold5 228Red Oak
FreeBethel9 241Salonia/Bengal
FreeBurl7 228Red Oak
FreeCecil10 228Red Oak
FreeCristeen14 228Red Oak
FreeDonald11 227Red Oak
FreeElla63 230Red Oak
FreeJohn E.47 241Salonia/Bengal
FreeLona12 241Salonia/Bengal
FreeMargaret32 227Red Oak
FreeOather12 228Red Oak
FreePearl47 241Salonia/Bengal
FreePress38 228Red Oak
FreeTandy70 230Red Oak
FreeTeresa8 227Red Oak
FreeTrella34 228Red Oak
FreeWoodrow15 241Salonia/Bengal
FreemanCornelia50 256Wilburton
FreemanDave H.53 256Wilburton
FreemanEugene17 256Wilburton
FreemanGeorge D.20 256Wilburton
FreemanGrace10 256Wilburton
FremanHellen3 189Degnan
FremanLue22 189Degnan
FremanRandolph1 189Degnan
FrenchBuel18 211Gowen
FrenchCharlie59 237Red Oak
FrenchClabe B.55 157Buffalo
FrenchJohn54 211Gowen
FrenchMinnie E.55 157Buffalo
FrenchMolley48 237Red Oak
FrostHarroe14 236Red Oak
FrostMollie17 236Red Oak
FryAnnie Gena?5 203Gowen
FryBarbra J.2 238Red Oak
FryBill Franklin9? 203Gowen
FryCharlie Maurice?2 203Gowen
FryDemarice29 238Red Oak
FryEdward W.61 199Gowen
FryEmma Louise4 203Gowen
FryFrances28 203Gowen
FryJessie9 238Red Oak
FryKim?79 228Red Oak
FryKnox32 238Red Oak
FryVelma2mo. 238Red Oak
FryVictor M.26 199Gowen
FryWilliam Thomas29 203Gowen
FulkersonAgnes44 249Wilburton
FulkersonD.... E.55 249Wilburton
FullerBeatrice10 147Buffalo
FullerLester M.17 147Buffalo
FullerOtto12 147Buffalo
FullerThelma M.15 147Buffalo
FultzBulah19 204Gowen
FultzGulbert20 204Gowen
FultzJoseph69 198Gowen
FultzMartha53 198Gowen
FunderburgBenny6 262Wilburton
FunderburgCharles2 262Wilburton
FunderburgFloyd9 262Wilburton
FunderburgJames 8 262Wilburton
FunderburgJohn H.50 261Wilburton
FunderburgJohn H. jr.4 262Wilburton
FunderburgLewis10 261Wilburton
FunderburgMany70 229Red Oak
FunderburgRhoda34 261Wilburton
FunderburgUlea16 261Wilburton
FunderburgVernon O.12 261Wilburton
FurgusonFlorence52 170Cravens

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