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1930 Latimer County Census

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name         Age     Page No.Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
GainesAda 36  246Salonia/Bengal 
GainesBettie6 246Salonia/Bengal
GainesHettie5 246Salonia/Bengal
GainesLouis8 246Salonia/Bengal
GainesWilllie35 246Salonia/Bengal
GainesWoodrow1 246Salonia/Bengal
GallagherAgness30 227Red Oak
GallagherBerttie36 229Red Oak
GallagherBill36 229Red Oak
GallagherCharles15 227Red Oak
GallagherDella54 227Red Oak
GallagherDorman10 229Red Oak
GallagherEarl20 227Red Oak
GallagherFrank14 229Red Oak
GallagherJames H.64 227Red Oak
GallagherJohn18 227Red Oak
GallagherNeal23 227Red Oak
GallaherAmeley58 216Gowen
GallaherSamuel D.68 216Gowen
GanesCharles15 184Degnan
GanesDoris11 184Degnan
GanesE.....8 184Degnan
GanesJewal10 184Degnan
GanesMaud31 184Degnan
GanesWilliam14 184Degnan
GarawayLizzie65 200Gowen
GardnerErnest9 184Degnan
GardnerMarry22 183Degnan
GardnerMime44 183Degnan
GardnerPercy15 183Degnan
GardnerRebae13 183Degnan
GardnerRobert51 177Damon
GardnerRobert19 183Degnan
GarlandR. C.32 263Wilburton
GarlandVirginia24 263Wilburton
GarlinBert A.38 213Gowen
GarlinBerta B.6 213Gowen
GarlinJewel29 213Gowen
GarlinRosa N.1 213Gowen
GarnerAlexander P.21 146Buffalo
GarnerAvis17 222Red Oak
GarnerDee20 222Red Oak
GarnerLee20 222Red Oak
GarnerLouis23 167Cravens
GarnerMary L.22 167Cravens
GarnerR. L62 222Red Oak
GarrettAlice50 243Salonia/Bengal
GarrettJeff55 243Salonia/Bengal
GarrettJunior L.2 149Buffalo
GarrettLuciel9 180Damon
GarrettMcKinley30 149Buffalo
GarrettPearlie23 149Buffalo
GarvenBuster10 181Damon
GarvenLee Etta16 181Damon
GarvinBernice4+ 157Buffalo
GarvinOra M.6 157Buffalo
GarvinOrvill W.25 157Buffalo
GarvinZella M.24 157Buffalo
GenoreckiAdam56 195Gowen
GenoreckiElsette19 195Gowen
GenoreckiHelen52 195Gowen
GenoreckiHelen21 195Gowen
GenoreckiJohn17 195Gowen
GenoreckiMichle28? 195Gowen
GentryBenjamin8 220Red Oak
GentryDewey6mo. 220Red Oak
GentryGeorge42 220Red Oak
GentryJack Walton3 220Red Oak
GentryJoffie10 220Red Oak
GentryYvone40 220Red Oak
GerardAnne25 253Wilburton
GerardOscar28 253Wilburton
GerardOscar E.5 253Wilburton
Geumphry?Cathern58 153Buffalo
Geumphry?Walter S.23 153Buffalo
Geumphry?William65 153Buffalo
GiacomoDominic43 260Wilburton
GiacomoGeorge15 260Wilburton
GiacomoJames19 260Wilburton
GiacomoJames29 260Wilburton
GiacomoJennie43 260Wilburton
GibsonBenjamin36 153Buffalo
GibsonCora42 254Wilburton
GibsonDerris8mo 254Wilburton
GibsonDouglas11 254Wilburton
GibsonEllen36 153Buffalo
GibsonElva?16 254Wilburton
GibsonEnnis8 254Wilburton
GibsonRichard T.44 254Wilburton
GidinsHanna71 259Wilburton
GidinsSam74 259Wilburton
GilbertDan C.12 252Wilburton
GilbertElla40 228Red Oak
GilbertHerbert16 252Wilburton
GilbertJessie G.5 228Red Oak
GilbertJohn G.59 228Red Oak
GilbertLoyd14 252Wilburton
GilbertRuby E.3 228Red Oak
Gili....Eva61 257Wilburton
Gili....Joe62 257Wilburton
GillArora G.20 214Gowen
GillDorothy M.18 214Gowen
GillElza L.22 214Gowen
GillLouise W.2 214Gowen
GillMaudie H.15 214Gowen
GillWilliam A.?51 214Gowen
GillWilliam E.23 214Gowen
GillWilliam E. jr.1 214Gowen
GillWinnie H.46? 214Gowen
GillespieJunior8 220Red Oak
GillespieLum33 220Red Oak
GillespieMary29 220Red Oak
GillreathHarvey31 174Damon
GillroyHarold W.9 259Wilburton
GillroyPearl H.28 259Wilburton
GillroyWillis38 259Wilburton
GilmoreDilbert H.19 151Buffalo
GilmoreEtta B.21 156Buffalo
GilmoreHenry53 151Buffalo
GilmoreHubert F.22 156Buffalo
GilmoreMozett? L.1+ 156Buffalo
GilmoreOma 37 151Buffalo
Gilreath? Bessie29 174Damon
GilreathCalvin2 174Damon
GilreathD...11 174Damon
GilreathGladys7 174Damon
GilreathRaymond9 174Damon
Glazner?Daisy17 183Degnan
GlenAllie May15 210Gowen
GlenDeitha19 208Gowen
GlenManuel26 208Gowen
GlenPaulamae3 208Gowen
GlenRaymond19 208Gowen
GlenRoy18 210Gowen
GlenTom20 210Gowen
GlennAnnie74 145Buffalo
GlennCaroline2 238Red Oak
GlennCurtis7 238Red Oak
GlennDortha11 187Degnan
GlennEarnest16 187Degnan
GlennElvin J.7 213Gowen
GlennHarry K.32 238Red Oak
GlennHazel M.2 213Gowen
GlennHenery6 238Red Oak
GlennHudy W.38 213Gowen
GlennHuldy E.32 213Gowen
GlennJames54 187Degnan
GlennJesse E.13 213Gowen
GlennLela34 238Red Oak
GlennLois N.5 213Gowen
GlennOscar L.5 213Gowen
GlennRoman19 187Degnan
GlennStella8 187Degnan
GlennThelma O.11 213Gowen
GlennVirginia E.76 238Red Oak
GlennWalter S.9 213Gowen
GlennWilliam M.7 213Gowen
GoadJ. T.10 241Salonia/Bengal
GoadJesse V.42 241Salonia/Bengal
GoadJohn E.8 241Salonia/Bengal
GoadMary J.12 241Salonia/Bengal
GoadMinnie41 241Salonia/Bengal
GoadRobert V.15 241Salonia/Bengal
GoddartJohnny23 195Gowen
GoddartPayline61 195Gowen
GoddartRose25 195Gowen
GoddartWin..61 195Gowen
Godwin?Fern9 186Degnan
Godwin?Garnet10 186Degnan
Godwin?Leo39 186Degnan
Godwin?Lorene?7 186Degnan
Godwin?Maud38 186Degnan
GoforthEthel J.7 158Cravens
GoforthEvalyn3 167Cravens
GoforthWillie33 241Salonia/Bengal
GolightlyCharles L.5 170Cravens
GolightlyFrank M.17 170Cravens
GolightlyJames V.10 170Cravens
GolightlyMat 44 170Cravens
GolightlyMinnie M.34 170Cravens
GolightlyRay J.2 170Cravens
GolightlyWanda O.8 170Cravens
GolliskiTomy49 205Gowen
GollitsBilley1 229Red Oak
GollitsChove?2mo. 229Red Oak
GollitsElbena4 229Red Oak
GollitsEllen23 229Red Oak
GollitsJohn50 229Red Oak
GoodallLois10 172Damon
GoodallLoyd10 172Damon
GoodmanElzina?59 188Degnan
GoodmanJ C17 188Degnan
GoodmanJames26 188Degnan
GoodmanLarry24 212Gowen
GoodwinAlfred L.4mo. 241Salonia/Bengal
GoodwinEffie L.19 241Salonia/Bengal
GoodwinImogene15 241Salonia/Bengal
GoodwinLongo?25 186Degnan
GoodwinMary Lou2 241Salonia/Bengal
GoodwinOscar S.39 241Salonia/Bengal
GoodwinOtto?30 212Gowen
GoodwinRhoda21 212Gowen
GoodwinRoda22 186Degnan
GordonMary Margret1 196Gowen
GordonSadie35? 196Gowen
GordonWilliam34 196Gowen
GoreBill0 185Degnan
GoreCecil5 187Degnan
GoreDavid A.9 260Wilburton
GoreDona36 185Degnan
GoreDuncan13 185Degnan
GoreFloyd7 212Gowen
GoreHellen8 185Degnan
GoreIda25 187Degnan
GoreIline3 187Degnan
GoreJames5 185Degnan
GoreJessie48 212Gowen
GoreJoe24 187Degnan
GoreJoe1 187Degnan
GoreLizzie31 212Gowen
GoreMagret19 185Degnan
GoreMarie11 212Gowen
GoreMinnie44 260Wilburton
GoreOscar A.52 260Wilburton
GoreVener27 212Gowen
GoreWilliam42 185Degnan
GoreWoodrow9 212Gowen
GornikBarnik57 199Gowen
GornikSath..60 199Gowen
GosneyLucy61 245Salonia/Bengal
GossCecil4 225Red Oak
GossChayce2 225Red Oak
GossDona33 225Red Oak
GossEdgar10 225Red Oak
GossGladys7 225Red Oak
GossHo....6 225Red Oak
GossTroy33 225Red Oak
GoughHortance16 210Gowen
GoughLanie?23 210Gowen
GoughLester7 210Gowen
GoughLinard W.45 210Gowen
GoughLoretta13 210Gowen
GoughMinnie45 210Gowen
GoughNewt70 210Gowen
GoughWilma Jean8 210Gowen
GouldJohn H.25 250Wilburton
GouldNan... W.4mo. 250Wilburton
GouldRobbin25 250Wilburton
GradyAlace27 259Wilburton
GradyEleen77 222Red Oak
GradyJohn32? 259Wilburton
GrahamEtta May6 260Wilburton
GrahamIda49 260Wilburton
GramerCalvin5 175Damon
GramerCarol10 175Damon
GramerDelores14 175Damon
GramerEva37 174Damon
GramerHenry7 175Damon
GramerM..16 175Damon
GramerOscar51 174Damon
Grand?Henry L.22 147Buffalo
Grand?Homer E.19 147Buffalo
Grand?Ludella?48 147Buffalo
Grand?Marshal B.14 147Buffalo
Grand?Noreen? C.9 147Buffalo
GrantWilliam75 255Wilburton
GravesFlorence71 256Wilburton
GravesJames B.46 261Wilburton
GravesLeroy22 261Wilburton
GravesOla38 261Wilburton
GrayAndrew13 256Wilburton
GrayCharles H.67 179Damon
GrayCharley W.41 165Cravens
GrayCoerda? A.32 216Gowen
GrayCora L.54 179Damon
GrayEdith3 216Gowen
GrayEstell26 256Wilburton
GrayEthel A.3 165Cravens
GrayG. W.64 216Gowen
GrayGeorge A.18 179Damon
GrayHattie M.17 165Cravens
GrayJames H.14 165Cravens
GrayJames U.34 216Gowen
GrayLauna A.38 165Cravens
GrayMargarie5mo. 216Gowen
GrayMay R.14 179Damon
GrayMinnie A.8 165Cravens
GrayRoy38 190Degnan
GrayT. J.4 216Gowen
GrayVelda L.12 165Cravens
GraysonEulen11 181Damon
GraysonFred S.38 181Damon
GraysonIrby D.3 181Damon
GraysonMorine R.13 181Damon
GraysonRachel E.32 181Damon
GraysonThurman1 181Damon
GraysonWardie P.7 181Damon
GraysonWyvon A.9 181Damon
GreenAlline M.3 176Damon
GreenBillie L.4 252Wilburton
GreenCelia41 252Wilburton
GreenClarance 1 174Damon
GreenClonel27 173Damon
GreenDona52 241Salonia/Bengal
GreenDortha D.10 252Wilburton
GreenElizabeth14 252Wilburton
GreenHaskell21 245Salonia/Bengal
GreenJames H.18 174Damon
GreenJames W.50 174Damon
GreenJennie V.7 252Wilburton
GreenJewel6mo. 173Damon
GreenJohn? N.12 252Wilburton
GreenLenard R.3mo? 174Damon
GreenLester53 244Salonia/Bengal
GreenLewis61 241Salonia/Bengal
GreenLewis jr.17 241Salonia/Bengal
GreenLizzie65 245Salonia/Bengal
GreenLoise1 176Damon
GreenLula24 173Damon
GreenMargarete18 174Damon
GreenMartha 4 174Damon
GreenMartin37 176Damon
GreenMay K.34 174Damon
GreenNora E.23 241Salonia/Bengal
GreenOllon23 174Damon
GreenRichard11 244Salonia/Bengal
GreenRobert B.68 245Salonia/Bengal
GreenRosa54 244Salonia/Bengal
GreenSarah A.6 176Damon
GreenTyndall G.39 252Wilburton
GreenTyndall G.jr.19 252Wilburton
GreenVirgie24 176Damon
Green?Edith15 200Gowen
GreenburgMyer? D.61 195Gowen
GreenleeLucy38 250Wilburton
GreenleeRobert42 249Wilburton
GreenwoodArvel45 238Red Oak
GreenwoodBertha14 238Red Oak
GreenwoodI. D.6 238Red Oak
GreenwoodIva11 238Red Oak
GreenwoodNerilda?36 238Red Oak
GreenwoodStella17 238Red Oak
GreenwoodThomas4 238Red Oak
GreerCaro D.51 233Red Oak
GreerDimpsy21 233Red Oak
GreerKatie9 233Red Oak
GreerLindsay14 233Red Oak
GreerMillie52 233Red Oak
GreerThelma16 233Red Oak
GreggoAlbert14 199Gowen
GreggoAlice38 199Gowen
GreggoJohnnie8 199Gowen
GreggoWalter56 199Gowen
GreggoWanda18 199Gowen
GreggoryEvaline5 211Gowen
GreggoryGladis14 211Gowen
GreggoryHelen2 211Gowen
GreggoryJames10 211Gowen
GreggoryJane8 211Gowen
GreggoryJunior?20 211Gowen
GreggoryLaura32 211Gowen
GregoryAnna B.52 151Buffalo
GregoryCecil O.8 151Buffalo
GregoryDaniel B.13 151Buffalo
GregoryGeorge46 261Wilburton
GregoryLula S.10 151Buffalo
GregoryMaud39 261Wilburton
GregoryMinnie16 261Wilburton
GregoryOrvill H.21 151Buffalo
GregoryRuby10 261Wilburton
GregoryVennie19 261Wilburton
GriffinAlbert70 198Gowen
GriffinLula28 198Gowen
GriffinMary36 198Gowen
GriffinNancy63 198Gowen
GriffithChristine9 223Red Oak
GriffithInez11 223Red Oak
GriffithJames O.74 252Wilburton
GriffithJoe O.44 252Wilburton
GriffithL. L.38 223Red Oak
GriffithLois4 223Red Oak
GriffithMattie72 252Wilburton
GriffithThelma36 223Red Oak
GrigalunasEgnat60 160Cravens
GrimesCora19 204Gowen
GrimesDee20? 204Gowen
GroginsLizzy49 177Damon
GroginsWesley W.16 177Damon
GroginsWilliam56 177Damon
GroginsWilliam H.10 177Damon
GrommerAllas53 192Degnan
GrommerGrant57 192Degnan
Grousk?Amos13 183Degnan
Grousk?E.....8 183Degnan
Grousk?Elsice18 183Degnan
Grousk?Elzona41 183Degnan
Grousk?Willie16 183Degnan
GuerraAlbert13 263Wilburton
GuerraAngelina13 263Wilburton
GuerraFred19 263Wilburton
GuerraGable21 263Wilburton
GuerraJennie38 263Wilburton
GuerraJoe53 263Wilburton
GuerraLevia16 263Wilburton
GuerraLewis11 263Wilburton
GuerraTracy3 263Wilburton
GuestJames48 260Wilburton
GunthrieDorothy18 221Red Oak
GuthrieAlma23 160Cravens
GuthrieDorthy17 160Cravens
GuthrieFrank22 160Cravens
GuthrieFred28 160Cravens
GuthrieIra63 160Cravens
GuthrieJerry D.48 160Cravens
GuytonDorthy Z.11mo. 233Red Oak
GuytonEffie13 233Red Oak
GuytonEldon10 233Red Oak
GuytonEster16 233Red Oak
GuytonFloyd20 233Red Oak
GuytonRobert45 233Red Oak
GuytonRobert H.4 233Red Oak
GuytonVerla18 233Red Oak
GuytonWillie17 233Red Oak
GuytonWillie B.7 233Red Oak

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