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1930 Latimer County Census

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name          Age     Page No.Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
HablolubbaJane14 206Gowen
HackneyReba L.22 172Damon
HackworthBeatrice8 231Red Oak
HackworthBulah?18 205Gowen
HackworthDarven4 231Red Oak
HackworthElsie32 231Red Oak
HackworthEvert19 231Red Oak
HackworthIrvle11 231Red Oak
HackworthKelly15 229Red Oak
HackworthPresley43 231Red Oak
HackworthViolet2 231Red Oak
Hagae?Hazel11 222Red Oak
Hagae?Jewel33 222Red Oak
HaggueCarol46 199Gowen
HaggueCharles47 199Gowen
HaggueCharles7 199Gowen
HaggueOpal13 199Gowen
HaggueTroy20 199Gowen
HainlineGilbert70 232Red Oak
HaleAda70 249Wilburton
Halfield?Billie17 203Gowen
Halfield?Bob9 203Gowen
Halfield?Catherine39 203Gowen
Halfield?Dorthy11 203Gowen
Halfield?Johnnie19 203Gowen
Halfield?Lucian?4 203Gowen
Halfield?Robert7 203Gowen
Halfield?Tilman11 203Gowen
Halfield?Vada6 203Gowen
HallClara8 212Gowen
HallEmily M.52 195Gowen
HallEugene21 195Gowen
HallFanie C.?50 163Cravens
HallFrank J.12 198Gowen
HallGladys D.9 163Cravens
HallHenry49 212Gowen
HallIvaline6 212Gowen
HallJ. C.11 163Cravens
HallJohn11 212Gowen
HallJohn L.36 198Gowen
HallLee36 198Gowen
HallLewis T.58 195Gowen
HallMarlin11 195Gowen
HallMollie42 212Gowen
HallRufus19 212Gowen
HallSadie15 198Gowen
HallSilas D.57 163Cravens
HallThelma25 195Gowen
HallWillie15 212Gowen
HallsLilly31 203Gowen
HallsMargrete5 203Gowen
HallsWilliam37 203Gowen
HambrickAlbert20 217Gowen
HambrickGladys12 217Gowen
HambrickHarding9 217Gowen
HambrickHellen10 217Gowen
HambrickJunior7 217Gowen
HambrickLawrence18 217Gowen
HambrickMamie41 217Gowen
HambrickMamie14 217Gowen
HambrickSamuel16 217Gowen
HambrickWilliam53 217Gowen
HambrickWilliam21 217Gowen
Hameback?Vinson?30 183Degnan 
Hameback?Vita30 183Degnan
HamiltonBlanche B.11 148Buffalo
HamiltonCallie R.28 148Buffalo
HamiltonCathrine63 191Degnan
HamiltonChartie?25 191Degnan
HamiltonCleone? I.9 149Buffalo
HamiltonCooie? C.3 149Buffalo
HamiltonDewey5 165Cravens
HamiltonDonald J.1 165Cravens
HamiltonDoyle3 165Cravens
HamiltonEdna M.5mo. 215Gowen 
HamiltonEthel11 215Gowen
HamiltonEvard B.57 258Wilburton
HamiltonEvard B.27 258Wilburton
HamiltonFrankie F.9 148Buffalo
HamiltonGeorge65 191Degnan
HamiltonGeorgia? S.7 149Buffalo
HamiltonGoldie33? 149Buffalo 
HamiltonGrady R.1.6mo 149Buffalo 
HamiltonJoella9 215Gowen
HamiltonJohn R.35 165Cravens
HamiltonJoseph A.38 215Gowen
HamiltonLoyd J.9 165Cravens
HamiltonMattie M.30 149Buffalo
HamiltonMay L.55 258Wilburton
HamiltonMescel M.2 215Gowen
HamiltonMildred C.4 215Gowen
HamiltonOpal R.11 149Buffalo
HamiltonOra L.30 165Cravens
HamiltonRosco42 191Degnan
HamiltonRuby D.7 165Cravens
HamiltonRuthie F.8 148Buffalo
HamiltonSteven1.6mo 148Buffalo 
HamiltonWadie J.29 148Buffalo
HamiltonZona I.10 165Cravens
HammansAmanda40 204Gowen
HammansMel47 204Gowen
HammersDelia35 211Gowen
HammersFloyd20 212Gowen
HammersJeff16 212Gowen
HammersJohn44 212Gowen
HammersRobert40 211Gowen
HammonBurl L.8 152Buffalo
HammonJames jr.3mo 152Buffalo 
HammonJames R.40 152Buffalo
HammonLoyd H.6 152Buffalo
HammonSarah J.24 152Buffalo
HamnerAlfred10 191Degnan
HamnerAllen15 191Degnan
HamnerCecil4 191Degnan
HamnerCleon18 191Degnan
HamnerElgin9 191Degnan
HamnerElmer7 191Degnan
HamnerEthel13 191Degnan
HamnerEvan14 238Red Oak
HamnerIla?12 238Red Oak
HamnerIramay17 191Degnan
HamnerIvy34 238Red Oak
HamnerJessie58 191Degnan
HamnerJulia33 238Red Oak
HamnerLuard58 238Red Oak
HamnerLudran9 238Red Oak
HamnerMahaley3 191Degnan
HamnerMahele44 191Degnan
HamnerTurie55 238Red Oak
Hampton?19 202Gowen
HamptonAdell6 207Gowen
HamptonBenjamin44 247Salonia/Bengal
HamptonBessie E.15 152Buffalo
HamptonBud29? 202Gowen 
HamptonCharley16 202Gowen
HamptonD...31 202Gowen
HamptonElizabeth56 202Gowen
HamptonEna29 207Gowen
HamptonErnnie37 247Salonia/Bengal
HamptonFloyd2 149Buffalo
HamptonIrene3 207Gowen
HamptonJames L.57 152Buffalo
HamptonJoe33 202Gowen
HamptonJohn35 202Gowen
HamptonJohn32 207Gowen
HamptonLester18 202Gowen
HamptonLizza L.44 152Buffalo
HamptonLouise9 207Gowen
HamptonLucile4 149Buffalo
HamptonMathew M.9 202Gowen
HamptonNoal24 202Gowen
HamptonWillie28 202Gowen
HamrickJ. P.58 179Damon
HamrickMary E.51 179Damon
Hancock?36 163Cravens
HancockCornelius18 163Cravens
HancockMoselle? 163Cravens 
HancockWillie38 163Cravens
Handsby?Sarah81 208Gowen
HaneyJennie N.16 152Buffalo
HaneyLouis G.45 152Buffalo
HaneyMary J.50 152Buffalo
HanielRobert13 189Degnan
HapsonGeorge?64 190Degnan
HardawayA. G.16 233Red Oak
HardawayBennie19 233Red Oak
HardawayBernie14 233Red Oak
HardawayBud42 233Red Oak
HardawayCecil20 233Red Oak
HardawayElla W.38 233Red Oak
HardawayEllis12 233Red Oak
HardawayEmma39 233Red Oak
HardawayJ. C.16 233Red Oak
HardawayJames9 233Red Oak
HardawayJohn K.49 233Red Oak
HardawayJulius16 233Red Oak
HardawayPolly14 233Red Oak
HardenAdelle11 187Degnan
HardenClarence17 187Degnan
HardenElvas15 187Degnan
HardenGus45 187Degnan
HardenGus9 187Degnan
HardenHazel11 187Degnan
HardenImogine4 187Degnan
HardenJack48 187Degnan
HardenMabel6 187Degnan
HardenMossie38 187Degnan
HardenMozel9 187Degnan
HardenSybil7 187Degnan
HardenWilliam19 187Degnan
HarderHudson R.82 252Wilburton
HarderLelan T.38 252Wilburton
HarderMartha J.78 252Wilburton
HardinClyde16 237Red Oak
HardinErma14 169Cravens
HardinErnest19 169Cravens
HardinImogine10 169Cravens
HardinLouis50 169Cravens
HardinLula58 237Red Oak
HardinLutie39 169Cravens
HardinOval17 169Cravens
HardinR. J.7 169Cravens
HardwayJames O.12 158Cravens
HargroveDudley50 204Gowen
HargroveOctavia49 204Gowen
HarlBillie J.11 190Degnan
HarlJasper14 190Degnan
HarlLois9 190Degnan
HarlLouise9 190Degnan
HarlMarcela34 190Degnan
HarlOdessa13 190Degnan
HarlRobert5 190Degnan
HarlWilliam43 190Degnan
HarlWinnne3 190Degnan
Harnes?Emma M.39 174Damon
HarperJoseph H.13 182Damon
HarperKate K.58 181Damon
HarperLizzie R E43 181Damon
HarperMosa W.44 181Damon
HarringtonKatherine29 236Red Oak
HarringtonRaymon9 236Red Oak
HarringtonRufus35 236Red Oak
HarringtonRuth11 236Red Oak
HarrisAlva17 208Gowen
HarrisAnnie28 236Red Oak
HarrisAnnie0 177Damon
HarrisBetty J.6 236Red Oak
HarrisCarry36 254Wilburton
HarrisEdna40 177Damon
HarrisEloise21 208Gowen
HarrisEmma41 248Salonia/Bengal
HarrisEmma L.2 236Red Oak
HarrisErnestine14 211Gowen
HarrisGeorge T.3 236Red Oak
HarrisJames D.31 208Gowen
HarrisJessie M.44 254Wilburton
HarrisJessie M. jr.10 254Wilburton
HarrisJohn T.58 208Gowen
HarrisJonny R.4mo. 236Red Oak 
HarrisLee10 177Damon
HarrisLeland28 236Red Oak
HarrisLula May30 208Gowen
HarrisMary54 208Gowen
HarrisNancy9 254Wilburton
HarrisOpal12 244Salonia/Bengal
HarrisSallie47 189Degnan
HarrisThomas14 208Gowen
HarrisWanda May2 208Gowen
HarrisWilma6 177Damon
HarrisonA.... F.26 146Buffalo
HarrisonBehuley47 192Degnan
HarrisonEdward L.54 146Buffalo
HarrisonElla36 192Degnan
HarrisonHomer16 196Gowen
HarrisonJames50 196Gowen
HarrisonJerld10 192Degnan
HarrisonKenneth9 196Gowen
HarrisonLois15 146Buffalo
HarrisonMay.38 196Gowen
HarrisonThomas14 196Gowen
HarrisonW... Joyce1 196Gowen
HarrisonWillie D.6 146Buffalo
HartAllie47 160Cravens
HartFinis10 219Red Oak
HartFloyd W.25 160Cravens
HartJohn54 160Cravens
HartleyAlvin?16 252Wilburton
HartleyAron23 252Wilburton
HartleyBuford14 252Wilburton
HartleyDovey11 252Wilburton
HartleyFrancis M.62 159Cravens
HartleyJane N.60 159Cravens
HartleyJessie20 252Wilburton
HartleyJohn W.60 252Wilburton
HartleyJosie49 252Wilburton
HartleyVina21 159Cravens
HarveyGeneva H.3 262Wilburton
HarveyJob39 262Wilburton
HarveyJohn L.1 262Wilburton
HarveyMaggy M.10 262Wilburton
HarveySissie?41 178Damon
HarveyWanita J.7 262Wilburton
HarveyWillie M.29 262Wilburton
HarwellGrace30 219Red Oak
HarwellJ. B.6 219Red Oak
HarwellJohn31 219Red Oak
HatchGeorgia49 260Wilburton
HatchJ. Harold52 260Wilburton
HaveyWill66 179Damon
HawkinsAllen73 261Wilburton
HawkinsBill53 170Cravens
HawkinsBilly7mo. 229Red Oak
HawkinsBoney49 170Cravens
HawkinsEaster60 250Wilburton
HawkinsEd... A.16 170Cravens
HawkinsEmeria C.16 170Cravens
HawkinsHansel E.8 229Red Oak
HawkinsJeff H.51 164Cravens
HawkinsJoe E.7 170Cravens
HawkinsLovinia12 229Red Oak
HawkinsMaggie A.47 164Cravens
HawkinsMary E.2 229Red Oak
HawkinsMildred J.6 229Red Oak
HawkinsNadine10 229Red Oak
HawkinsNettie W.35 229Red Oak
HawkinsVirgil S.43 229Red Oak
Hawkins?Mary69 260Wilburton
HawthorneC.C.66 225Red Oak
HawthorneCharley?20 167Cravens
HawthorneDelther24 168Cravens
HawthorneDocie36 225Red Oak
HawthorneElmer14 225Red Oak
HawthorneEva16 168Cravens
HawthorneHarold13 225Red Oak
HawthorneJ. E.37 225Red Oak
HawthorneLeo3mo. 225Red Oak 
HawthorneLuther10 225Red Oak
HawthorneMartha55 225Red Oak
HawthorneOmar18 225Red Oak
Hawthorne Betty Joe1mo. 225Red Oak 
Hawthorne G. N.36 225Red Oak
Hawthorne I. T.10 225Red Oak
Hawthorne Inez4 225Red Oak
Hawthorne Jessie27 225Red Oak
Hawthorne Myrtle29 225Red Oak
Hawthorne R. A.3 225Red Oak
Hawthorne Vernon5 225Red Oak
Hawthorne Wayne7 225Red Oak
Hawthorne Will33 225Red Oak
Hayes?Floyd26 232Red Oak
Hayes?Irene25 232Red Oak
Hayes?Janie17 232Red Oak
Hayes?John 61 232Red Oak
Hayes?Lena22 232Red Oak
Hayes?Lubena20 232Red Oak
Hayes?Lydia57 232Red Oak
HaynesBill23 232Red Oak
HaynesCordela55 262Wilburton
HaynesMozell23 186Degnan
HaynesSterling T.63 262Wilburton
HaysDel16 165Cravens
HaysGeorge E.78 227Red Oak
HaysHenry18 170Cravens
HeadLuther26 204Gowen
HeadNorette27 204Gowen
HeathMaggie57 263Wilburton
HeatonArthur15 241Salonia/Bengal
HeatonDelma3 218Red Oak
HeatonDovie22 218Red Oak
HeatonEtta M.17 241Salonia/Bengal
HeatonHomer3 241Salonia/Bengal
HeatonJennie F.40 241Salonia/Bengal
HeatonJohnny19 218Red Oak
HeatonMary54 218Red Oak
HeatonMary A.68 153Buffalo
HeatonMolean11 241Salonia/Bengal
HeatonSyble B.66 153Buffalo
HeatonWill C.38 241Salonia/Bengal
HelmsEunis15 185Degnan
HelmsJames C.1 257Wilburton
HelmsJames E.26 257Wilburton
HelmsJonnie?0 185Degnan
HelmsLilly41 185Degnan
HelmsMary C.22 257Wilburton
HelmsRoy18 185Degnan
HendershotBettie J.2 149Buffalo
HendershotEoma11 149Buffalo
HendershotHarrold5 149Buffalo
HendershotLeonard16 149Buffalo
HendershotMary36 149Buffalo
HendershotOllie M.7 149Buffalo 
HendershotRobert 36 149Buffalo
HendershotRoy12 149Buffalo
HendersonDaniel B.25 152Buffalo
HendersonGertrude17 245Salonia/Bengal
HendersonGladys14 245Salonia/Bengal
HendersonHarold J.9mo. 152Buffalo 
HendersonIda M.54 152Buffalo
HendersonLena R.16 152Buffalo
HendersonRuby L.22 152Buffalo
HendersonSamuel 61 152Buffalo
HendersonSullivan 13 152Buffalo
HendrenBernice5 205Gowen
HendrenBillie Howard2 205Gowen
HendrenEthel12 205Gowen
HendrenHessie49 205Gowen
HendrenIrene17 205Gowen
HendrenJoe9 205Gowen
HendrenJohn54 205Gowen
HendrenMildred7 205Gowen
HendricksRay23 174Damon
HendricksonAlice 17 216Gowen
HendricksonAlva A.55 216Gowen
HendricksonJohn P.20 216Gowen
HendricksonMarian E.14 216Gowen
HendricksonMary 54 216Gowen
HendricksonMichael J.22 216Gowen
HendricksonMichael J.jr.0 216Gowen
HendricksonPearl17 216Gowen
HeneryJoana50 232Red Oak
HeneryMatthew31 232Red Oak
HenningBessie3 242Salonia/Bengal
HenningBonnie3 242Salonia/Bengal
HenningEdgar10 242Salonia/Bengal
HenningEdward S.43 242Salonia/Bengal
HenningEugene17 242Salonia/Bengal
HenningLoyd1mo. 242Salonia/Bengal 
HenningLula40 242Salonia/Bengal
HenningMarion14 242Salonia/Bengal
HenningRiley5 242Salonia/Bengal
HenningRuby5 242Salonia/Bengal
HenryAlace19 259Wilburton
HenryAlex31 232Red Oak
HenryAllas6 189Degnan
HenryAlma0 189Degnan
HenryBetty L.8 259Wilburton
HenryCornelius9 232Red Oak
HenryDona?34 196Gowen
HenryGeorge5 189Degnan
HenryHarvey H.40 196Gowen
HenryHerbert38? 188Degnan 
HenryMadie29 232Red Oak
HenryMillard21 259Wilburton
HenryMollie39? 188Degnan
HenryOphelia14 259Wilburton
HenryPaul C.15 196Gowen
HenryTully L.44 259Wilburton
HenryVerna42 259Wilburton
HerdClarence12 252Wilburton
HerdCycil16 252Wilburton
HerdMary?23 252Wilburton
HerdMaud43 252Wilburton
HerdStella21 252Wilburton
HerdWilliam49 252Wilburton
HiallEarl22 200Gowen
HiallEtta20 200Gowen
HiattAuther44 237Red Oak
HiattCarol17 237Red Oak
HiattJack11 237Red Oak
HiattJeff26 237Red Oak
HiattLucile19 237Red Oak
HiattMartha41 237Red Oak
HiattPaul13 237Red Oak
HibbardHayward19 255Wilburton
HibbardJoe21 255Wilburton
HibbardKarle17 255Wilburton
HibdonFrank43 205Gowen
HibdonMartha50 205Gowen
HickesDaisie24 247Salonia/Bengal
HickeyGrover23 246Salonia/Bengal
HickeyLavina20 246Salonia/Bengal
HickmanMarie42 254Wilburton
HicksGeorge81 221Red Oak
HicksHaley V.53 156Buffalo
HicksJames R.59 156Buffalo
HicksJohn33 221Red Oak
HicksMary79 221Red Oak
HigginsAnna32 191Degnan
HigginsDan0 191Degnan
HigginsDanial47 191Degnan
HigginsPat7 191Degnan
HilburnArthur20 246Salonia/Bengal
HilburnBarbara Lee8 223Red Oak
HilburnCharles Bruce3 223Red Oak
HilburnChristopher64 234Red Oak
HilburnClayton16 246Salonia/Bengal
HilburnDaniel2mo. 245Salonia/Bengal 
HilburnDoyle2 245Salonia/Bengal
HilburnFlora36 223Red Oak
HilburnHerman6 245Salonia/Bengal
HilburnJewel9 245Salonia/Bengal
HilburnJohney23 234Red Oak
HilburnLoyd R.3 246Salonia/Bengal
HilburnMay.26 245Salonia/Bengal
HilburnMilton L.30 246Salonia/Bengal
HilburnNoah V.32 246Salonia/Bengal
HilburnOwen36 223Red Oak
HilburnTC"7 246Salonia/Bengal
HilburnTimy58 234Red Oak
HilburnUtah C.4 245Salonia/Bengal
HilburnW. John29 245Salonia/Bengal
HilburnWilma A.1 246Salonia/Bengal
HillAlvin14 226Red Oak
HillArchie? 159Cravens 
HillBessie28 254Wilburton
HillBilly6 226Red Oak
HillBoyd4 255Wilburton
HillCarney36 226Red Oak
HillCarvile?C.9 160Cravens
HillClarence8 159Cravens
HillCleo8 255Wilburton
HillEdith34 159Cravens
HillEzra12 159Cravens
HillFlorence E.11 172Damon
HillGeorge15 159Cravens
HillGladys6 255Wilburton
HillGladys B.22 160Cravens
HillJames61 243Salonia/Bengal
HillJohn50 159Cravens
HillJoseph C.21 159Cravens
HillL. D.1 ARCravens 
HillLanie E.24 160Cravens
HillLloyd12 226Red Oak
HillLois E.2 172Damon
HillM. T.42 226Red Oak
HillMildred6 172Damon
HillMinnie O.48 159Cravens
HillMyrtle B.29 172Damon
HillNadine6mo. 159Cravens 
HillPart A.31 172Damon
HillRay? J.19 159Cravens
HillReba C.3 160Cravens
HillReesie2 226Red Oak
HillRena5 226Red Oak
HillRichard G.49 159Cravens
HillRosie10 159Cravens
HillThelma10 255Wilburton
HillVirgil P.8 172Damon
HillingHanna63 258Wilburton
HillingJohn65 236Red Oak
Hillins?John C.19 265Wilburton
HillisEthel L.18 159Cravens
HillisJames H.16 159Cravens
HillisMae B.42 159Cravens
HillisRobert P.51 159Cravens
HinchDelmer J.36 166Cravens
HinchNadine7mo. 166Cravens
HinchOlive31 166Cravens
HinchWenona6 166Cravens
HinesGertrude18 169Cravens
HinsleyMay.33 232Red Oak
HinsleyMay.32 232Red Oak
HodgeBoon S.76 151Buffalo
HodgeEtta P.55 151Buffalo
HodgeIrene16 208Gowen
HodgeJames W.46 208Gowen
HodgeLoyd12 208Gowen
HodgeMilo H.30 151Buffalo
HodgeOwen17 208Gowen
HodgeRaymond20 208Gowen
HodgeThomas36 208Gowen
Hodges?2 209Gowen
HodgesAlberta11 209Gowen
HodgesAlla13 209Gowen
HodgesCharlie10 209Gowen
HodgesL....35 209Gowen
HodgesPearly33 209Gowen
HodgesV...0 209Gowen
HoganFannie35 188Degnan
HoganJ . T.11 188Degnan
HoganJohn5 188Degnan
HoganLolal2 188Degnan
HoganVerlene8 188Degnan
HoganVirgil13 188Degnan
HogueAda26 174Damon
HogueArthur2 174Damon
HogueEdie8 174Damon
HogueEthel3 174Damon
HogueGeorge30 174Damon
HogueRetta6 174Damon
HokitGuy T.28 150Buffalo
HokitVivian M.17 150Buffalo
Hol...C.48 197Gowen
HolbirdCarry18 261Wilburton
HolbirdFoster P.64 259Wilburton
HolbirdLester21 261Wilburton
HolbirdRuby L.6mo. 261Wilburton
HolbirdSarah Jane50 259Wilburton
HolcombBonnie3 166Cravens
HolcombCarl7MO. 166Cravens
HolcombCecil C.22 180Damon
HolcombGeorge30 166Cravens
HolcombLena?24 166Cravens
HolcombTellie24 166Cravens
HoldenWillard27 206Gowen
HolemshurstMargert21 174Damon
HollandBert10 179Damon
HollandBrooks40 179Damon
HollandCathrine77 179Damon
HollandClarence25 250Wilburton
HollandErnest50 250Wilburton
HollandErnestine?9 250Wilburton
HollandEschel?18 250Wilburton
HollandEva21 202Gowen
HollandGeorge24 202Gowen
HollandJames Henry3 202Gowen
HollandJohn18 202Gowen
HollandJulia Marie1 202Gowen
HollandLucile13 250Wilburton
HollandRobert76 179Damon
HollandRobert E. Lee5 202Gowen
HollandZella48 250Wilburton
HollenhurstAlice54 197Gowen
HollingbeckBirdie48 170Cravens
HollingbeckBud23 170Cravens
HollingbeckColumbus12 170Cravens
HollingbeckLeonard15 170Cravens
HollingbeckLonnie20 170Cravens
HollingbeckTom56 170Cravens
HollingbeckVirgil5 170Cravens
HollingerCathrine26 252Wilburton
HollingerCathrine8 252Wilburton
HollingsworthAutie C. ?22 150Buffalo
Hollon?Dorothy M.7 214Gowen
Hollon?Emily C.39 214Gowen
Hollon?Hiram M.50 214Gowen
HollyAda N.7mo. 170Cravens
HollyAilene9 223Red Oak
HollyAlma S.16 170Cravens
HollyBill37 170Cravens
HollyFay14 246Salonia/Bengal
HollyJ. D.13 170Cravens
HollyJessie P.36 170Cravens
HollyJohn D.52 246Salonia/Bengal
HollyJuanice4 246Salonia/Bengal
HollyLauna12 223Red Oak
HollyLena43 246Salonia/Bengal
HollyLuther18 246Salonia/Bengal
HollyMarie1 246Salonia/Bengal
HollyPaul12 246Salonia/Bengal
HollyRoy11 223Red Oak
HollySeltha33 223Red Oak
HollyVelda11 170Cravens
HollyWanda M.3 170Cravens
HolmanIra79 147Buffalo
HolmanMatie? M.54 147Buffalo
HolmanTuck D.62 147Buffalo
HolmesAtway6 186Degnan
HolmesBilly4 186Degnan
HolmesFreddie27 186Degnan
HolmesFreddie27 186Degnan
HolsonCharles R.34 214Gowen
HolsonJoice28 173Damon
HolsonOla M.8 173Damon
HolsonOtis5 173Damon
HolsonWanda L.3 173Damon
HolsonWilliam39 173Damon
HoltAnnie? 175Damon
HoltEva19 175Damon
HoltTishie25 175Damon
HonakerJim48 246Salonia/Bengal
HoneaAruthur5 226Red Oak
HoneaClara22 254Wilburton
HoneaClara22 226Red Oak
HoneaGeneva17 226Red Oak
HoneaHerman7 226Red Oak
HoneaJohn18 226Red Oak
HoneaMyrtle28 226Red Oak
HoneaRuby15 226Red Oak
HoneaWilliam 60 226Red Oak
HookerBarney6 177Damon
HookerGertrude34 177Damon
HookerJoe42 177Damon
HookerRalph10 177Damon
HookerWillie12 177Damon
HooperMarva20 242Salonia/Bengal
HopkinsAnna24 241Salonia/Bengal
HopkinsFrank28 241Salonia/Bengal
HorneDona40 169Cravens
HorneEnoch36 169Cravens
HorneEvyln1mo. 169Cravens
HorneMuriel7 169Cravens
HorneRay5 169Cravens
HoukFred26 239Red Oak
HoukLillian16 239Red Oak
HowardJohn H.55 191Degnan
HowardJohna?7 190Degnan
HowardMary A.62 262Wilburton
HowardRichard H.69 262Wilburton
HowardSarah53 191Degnan
HowardWilliam58 191Degnan
HoweAnnabell11 202Gowen
HoweDebbie30 202Gowen
HoweIsaac31 202Gowen
HoweJames8 202Gowen
HoweJoe Jimmie2 202Gowen
HoweMary Lee9 202Gowen
HoweWanda Jene1 202Gowen
HubardHelen? 183Degnan
HubardJohn31 183Degnan
HubardJohn jr.? 183Degnan
HudgensArthur A.36 154Buffalo
HudgensCecil O.23 154Buffalo
HudgensIna M.12 154Buffalo
HudgensLoice22 154Buffalo
HudgensMonnie2+ 154Buffalo
HudgensSusie5mo. 154Buffalo
HudgensViola E32 154Buffalo
HudgensVirgia G.6 154Buffalo
HudsonMelinda77 238Red Oak
HudspethBulah23 242Salonia/Bengal
HudspethJames24 242Salonia/Bengal
HuffmanJessie9 231Red Oak
HuffmanJosie52 231Red Oak
HuffmanMathew75 190Degnan
HuffmanSusan70 190Degnan
HughesAsbury57 214Gowen
HughesCharlie45 237Red Oak
HughesElizabeth15 253Wilburton
HughesEmma20 253Wilburton
HughesFrancis62 249Wilburton
HughesFrank16 235Red Oak
HughesFrank11 237Red Oak
HughesHattie43 237Red Oak
HughesHayden H.18 253Wilburton
HughesI.? L.75 225Red Oak
HughesIvor H.46 253Wilburton
HughesJames F.7 253Wilburton
HughesJames S.52 148Buffalo
HughesLois47 225Red Oak
HughesLouis P.79 258Wilburton
HughesLowell8 166Cravens
HughesMaggie46 258Wilburton
HughesMary83 214Gowen
HughesMaud53 249Wilburton
HughesOpal18 225Red Oak
HughesPearl42 253Wilburton
HughesWarren D.7 237Red Oak
HugleCharles E.62 176Damon
HugleJay A.36 176Damon
HugleLoyd L.12 176Damon
HugleMildred9 176Damon
HugleSarah A.59 176Damon
HugleThomas8 176Damon
HuklotubyFred17 176Damon
HulseyDoc W.54 221Red Oak
HulseyE. Mason62 234Red Oak
HulseyEdith15 221Red Oak
HulseyHansford12 221Red Oak
HulseyJack21 221Red Oak
HulseyLee59 221Red Oak
HulseyOtice22 234Red Oak
HulseyPhoebe59 205Gowen
HulseySalley56 234Red Oak
HulseySam69 205Gowen
HumphreyChristopher48 146Buffalo
HumphreyJames D.34 161Cravens
HumphreyLora A.39 161Cravens
HumphreyMary E.56 161Cravens
HuntAlvin4 227Red Oak
HuntAndrew11 177Damon
HuntArria28 231Red Oak
HuntAustie?13 177Damon
HuntBernice11 205Gowen
HuntBessie29 205Gowen
HuntDavid23 227Red Oak
HuntDoy24 227Red Oak
HuntEarl16 177Damon
HuntEdgar M.40 229Red Oak
HuntEdna37 177Damon
HuntElbert30 229Red Oak
HuntGrace26 229Red Oak
HuntHerald11 177Damon
HuntHerbert L.1 229Red Oak
HuntHubert19 231Red Oak
HuntJack9 177Damon
HuntJames A.31 205Gowen
HuntJames A.8 205Gowen
HuntJames D.3 229Red Oak
HuntJim15 227Red Oak
HuntJohnie1 231Red Oak
HuntLela24 229Red Oak
HuntLenard6 177Damon
HuntLeslie6 231Red Oak
HuntLewis52 231Red Oak
HuntLoyd2 227Red Oak
HuntMatt48 227Red Oak
HuntMelvin7 227Red Oak
HuntMinnie43 227Red Oak
HuntMozell6 229Red Oak
HuntNettie8 231Red Oak
HuntOpal12 227Red Oak
HuntPaul2 205Gowen
HuntRamzy53 227Red Oak
HuntRufus39 177Damon
HuntRufus2 177Damon
HuntSimon47 231Red Oak
HuntWarren A.6 205Gowen
HuntWilburn3 231Red Oak
HuntZuella17 227Red Oak
Hunt?Mary F.56 254Wilburton
Hunt?Rube?49 254Wilburton
HunterC...52 229Red Oak
HunterClaud M.32 250Wilburton
HunterJoy2 250Wilburton
HunterLilly45 229Red Oak
HunterOpal28 250Wilburton
HurtJevena E.4 181Damon
HuskinsJames W.14 259Wilburton
HuskinsJohn W.46 259Wilburton
HuskinsLena40 259Wilburton
HuskinsMarie11 259Wilburton
Huskins?Ardella49 253Wilburton
Huskins?John H.53 253Wilburton
Huskins?Lavina?18 253Wilburton
HustonJohnnie15 181Damon
HutchinsonJanet77 249Wilburton
HuttsArthur55 242Salonia/Bengal
HuttsZantipper80 242Salonia/Bengal
HydeAnnie55 181Damon
HydeJ. B.19 179Damon
HydeWade H.22 179Damon
HysmithLogan E.20 254Wilburton
HysmithLogan G.55 254Wilburton
HysmithRose47 254Wilburton

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