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1930 Latimer County Census

I & J
This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
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Last NameFirst Name      Age     Page No.Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
InlaGeorge20 205Gowen
Iroy?Amanda46 216Gowen
Iroy?Charles I.49 216Gowen
IrwinBill F.10 204Gowen
IrwinEthel33 242Salonia/Bengal
IrwinHenry R.71 242Salonia/Bengal
IrwinJohn39 204Gowen
IrwinKatie7 204Gowen
IrwinLeroy22 243Salonia/Bengal
IrwinLeverna16 242Salonia/Bengal
IrwinMattie M.57 242Salonia/Bengal
IrwinMyrtle24 243Salonia/Bengal
IrwinNancy33 204Gowen
IrwinRuth12 204Gowen
IrwinSamuel6 204Gowen
IsaacJames21 160Cravens
IsaacJell36 204Gowen
IsaacLara20? 160Cravens 
JackAllen J.25 247Salonia/Bengal
JackAndrey14 248Salonia/Bengal
JackArthur3 247Salonia/Bengal
JackGeorge38 248Salonia/Bengal
JackGrady3 248Salonia/Bengal
JackHarrison5 248Salonia/Bengal
JackJulia24 247Salonia/Bengal
JackLena37 248Salonia/Bengal
JackLouise M.3mo. 248Salonia/Bengal 
JackMyrtle8 248Salonia/Bengal
JackRena16 248Salonia/Bengal
JacksonAndrew17 231Red Oak
JacksonAvon8 170Cravens
JacksonC. L.45 223Red Oak
JacksonCharles E.8mo 148Buffalo 
JacksonCharles Willard13 199Gowen
JacksonDovie18 174Damon
JacksonEithel12 170Cravens
JacksonEtta31 170Cravens
JacksonFloyd33 170Cravens
JacksonFrancis?32 223Red Oak
JacksonGertrude13 201Gowen
JacksonGracie18 199Gowen
JacksonJeme? R.4 148Buffalo
JacksonJoe37 231Red Oak
JacksonLavern4 199Gowen
JacksonLizzie40 231Red Oak
JacksonMaggie42 199Gowen
JacksonNarren8 231Red Oak
JacksonNeoma21 148Buffalo
JacksonNinie16 231Red Oak
JacksonOmer24 174Damon
JacksonSinie55 189Degnan
JacksonTom55 189Degnan
JacksonWalter A.28? 148Buffalo 
JacksonWill...43 201Gowen
JacksonWilliam53 199Gowen
JacksonWillie B.15 201Gowen
JacksonWilma11 201Gowen
JamesAdolphus R.8 214Gowen
JamesAgnes55 187Degnan
JamesAnnie50 178Damon
JamesArthur56 213Gowen
JamesBertha9 178Damon
JamesBessie24 192Degnan
JamesBettie48 160Cravens
JamesBula5 240Red Oak
JamesCollin54 240Red Oak
JamesCora30 240Red Oak
JamesEaster36 240Red Oak
JamesEsra?22? 173Damon 
JamesEtta B.49 154Buffalo
JamesEve20 177Damon
JamesFrank24 178Damon
JamesFred15 178Damon
JamesGeorge W.81 160Cravens
JamesHover1 240Red Oak
JamesIsac?28 187Degnan
JamesJackson1 192Degnan
JamesJefferson 58 160Cravens
JamesJesse22 192Degnan
JamesJessie22 177Damon
JamesJewedine2 177Damon
JamesJewel11 178Damon
JamesJohn0 192Degnan
JamesJohn B.39 214Gowen
JamesJohn B. jr.10 214Gowen
JamesJohn J.59 154Buffalo
JamesJoshua46 187Degnan
Jameslabon17 240Red Oak
JamesLavonn?53 187Degnan
JamesLyles60 187Degnan
JamesMack18 178Damon
JamesMack C.55 178Damon
JamesMary K.3 240Red Oak
JamesNellie57 240Red Oak
JamesOla M.12 214Gowen
JamesRamon13 240Red Oak
JamesRuby13 178Damon
JamesRuby25 187Degnan
JamesVinia30 240Red Oak
JamesWalter32 240Red Oak
JamesWill37 240Red Oak
James?Troy?17 208Gowen
JarvisHenry52 212Gowen
JarvisJohn15 152Buffalo
JarvisJohn C.40 152Buffalo
JarvisLetha E.6 152Buffalo
JarvisMary L.35 152Buffalo
JarvisMaud A.4.0mo. 152Buffalo 
JarvisRuby20 212Gowen
JearriganWatie N.19 155Buffalo
JeffersonAlfred60 246Salonia/Bengal
JeffersonAviline3 231Red Oak
JeffersonBernice6 231Red Oak
JeffersonBuster6 231Red Oak
JeffersonCephus25 164Cravens
JeffersonEmma8 244Salonia/Bengal
JeffersonEva38 231Red Oak
JeffersonFannie E.15 157Buffalo
JeffersonFrancis18 246Salonia/Bengal
JeffersonGladys12 246Salonia/Bengal
JeffersonIda27 231Red Oak
JeffersonJohn J.40 157Buffalo
JeffersonJoseph27 246Salonia/Bengal
JeffersonM..... C.10 157Buffalo
JeffersonMaud E.38 157Buffalo
JeffersonSamuel53 246Salonia/Bengal
JefferyEllen65 259Wilburton
JefferyFrank19 259Wilburton
JeffryCallie45 183Degnan
JeffryDonal7 183Degnan
JeffryEffie10 183Degnan
JeffryJosie21 183Degnan
JeffryLee48 183Degnan
JeffryMack?16 183Degnan
JeffryOna14 183Degnan
JeffryWalter24 183Degnan
JenattiGrabrelli14 196Gowen
JenattiLugi42 195Gowen
JenattiMollie20 196Gowen
JenkinsClide17 210Gowen
JenkinsDavid L.45 235Red Oak
JenkinsHazel8 210Gowen
JenkinsHenry C.43 181Damon
JenkinsIrene15 235Red Oak
JenkinsJeneva16 235Red Oak
JenkinsJodie41 235Red Oak
JenkinsMary E.42 181Damon
JenkinsViolet V.19 181Damon
JenningsAlfred E.10 163Cravens
JenningsBirdie60 163Cravens
JenningsElbert63 163Cravens
JenningsEllis O.2 163Cravens
JenningsHarold jr6 163Cravens
JenningsHarold R.30 163Cravens
JenningsHarry T.34 163Cravens
JenningsHazel27 163Cravens
JenningsHettie 30 163Cravens
JenningsJames L.3 163Cravens
JenningsMarilyn2 163Cravens
JernigganEli A.70? 215Gowen 
JernigganGladys L.19 215Gowen
JernigganSarah E.47 215Gowen
JewellGeorgia13 161Cravens
JewellGrace4 176Damon
JewellHouston33 176Damon
JewellIrvin14 161Cravens
JewellKatie23 176Damon
JewellRalph2 176Damon
JiminzHaf...45 199Gowen
JiminzJuanita46 199Gowen
JiminzJulino20 199Gowen
JiminzWalter17 199Gowen
John..Frank63? 211Gowen 
JohnsonAlla20 189Degnan
JohnsonBen F.42 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonBertha38 218Red Oak
JohnsonBetty5 186Degnan
JohnsonBillie20 184Degnan
JohnsonBilly Lee4 218Red Oak
JohnsonBlake21 189Degnan
JohnsonChester A.44 218Red Oak
JohnsonClara36 225Red Oak
JohnsonClara B.16 230Red Oak
JohnsonClyde6 218Red Oak
JohnsonClyde12 186Degnan
JohnsonCoke21 229Red Oak
JohnsonDalton14 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonDave52 229Red Oak
JohnsonDella44 230Red Oak
JohnsonDema14 219Red Oak
JohnsonDon12 189Degnan
JohnsonDora26 200Gowen
JohnsonDortha17 189Degnan
JohnsonDorthy L.26 180Damon
JohnsonEmma50 229Red Oak
JohnsonEtha41 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonEurskin5 184Degnan
JohnsonEvale8 189Degnan
JohnsonFaye18 229Red Oak
JohnsonGeorge35 184Degnan
JohnsonGrace14 230Red Oak
JohnsonHarris26 180Damon
JohnsonHawood?43 189Degnan
JohnsonHazel19 230Red Oak
JohnsonHenry0 189Degnan
JohnsonHenry40 200Gowen
JohnsonHerbert11 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonHerreld10 200Gowen
JohnsonHershel4 184Degnan
JohnsonHoward17 186Degnan
JohnsonHurman9 200Gowen
JohnsonIleane7 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonIvan3 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonJ. E.59 225Red Oak
JohnsonJack16 200Gowen
JohnsonJake26 200Gowen
JohnsonJames8 225Red Oak
JohnsonJames M.70 256Wilburton
JohnsonJenell13 186Degnan
JohnsonJewel9 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonJim46 219Red Oak
JohnsonJohn49 230Red Oak
JohnsonJohnny10 218Red Oak
JohnsonJoseph69 201Gowen
JohnsonLaura37 200Gowen
JohnsonLilly?42 219Red Oak
JohnsonLodie15 229Red Oak
JohnsonLoice 2 180Damon
JohnsonLonzo7 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonLottie Linzie19 200Gowen
JohnsonLouise10 230Red Oak
JohnsonLouise0 184Degnan
JohnsonLucil17 189Degnan
JohnsonLucy20 229Red Oak
JohnsonLula60 201Gowen
JohnsonLuther15 250Wilburton
JohnsonMaggie35 250Wilburton
JohnsonMary Lou1 200Gowen
JohnsonMattie58 260Wilburton
JohnsonMilton21 254Wilburton
JohnsonMinnie25 184Degnan
JohnsonMyrtle26 189Degnan
JohnsonOliver6 225Red Oak
JohnsonOpal12 230Red Oak
JohnsonOrvil6 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonOscar Reeves8 200Gowen
JohnsonPaul10 229Red Oak
JohnsonPaula7 219Red Oak
JohnsonPauline26 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonPerry?2mo. 180Damon 
JohnsonR. B.12 218Red Oak
JohnsonRhoda43 186Degnan
JohnsonRichard C.38 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonRoy21 230Red Oak
JohnsonRuth15 250Wilburton
JohnsonSlim?21 183Degnan
JohnsonTaylor72 189Degnan
JohnsonThelma7 189Degnan
JohnsonTheordor4 241Salonia/Bengal
JohnsonTracy23 184Degnan
JohnsonWilliam38 250Wilburton
JohnsonWilliam42 186Degnan
JonesArthur40 192Degnan
JonesBert5 192Degnan
JonesBosie3 231Red Oak
JonesCharley M.47 159Cravens
JonesCharlie52 189Degnan
JonesEffie54 241Salonia/Bengal
JonesFay33 192Degnan
JonesFloris18 159Cravens
JonesFrank13 192Degnan
JonesHattie48 189Degnan
JonesJames27 211Gowen
JonesJoe38 192Degnan
JonesJohn A.60 241Salonia/Bengal
JonesJoseph53 149Buffalo
JonesKatie M.70 152Buffalo
JonesLillie D.41 159Cravens
JonesLilly May33 211Gowen
JonesLu E.69 236Red Oak
JonesMaggie38 204Gowen
JonesMargret R.40 149Buffalo
JonesMark?46 204Gowen
JonesMary82 260Wilburton
JonesMary E.65 166Cravens
JonesMelvin12 192Degnan
JonesMercedes R.7 149Buffalo
JonesNancy21 231Red Oak
JonesPaul H.10 149Buffalo
JonesR...40 192Degnan
JonesRichard D.13 149Buffalo
JonesRichard V.10 159Cravens
JonesRobert C.76 166Cravens
JonesSena? Lee7 211Gowen
JonesSybile G.7 159Cravens
JonesVelma10 192Degnan
JonesVernon2 192Degnan
JordanJimmy8mo. 219Red Oak 
JordanMay.38 219Red Oak

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