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1930 Latimer County Census

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name          Age     Page No. Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
KakonyElizabeth13 173Damon
KakonyHelen3 173Damon
KakonyJohn46 173Damon
KakonyJohn18 173Damon
KakonyMary40 173Damon
KakonyMildred18 173Damon
KaneyLula E.54 156Buffalo
KaneyMargie A.20 156Buffalo
KaritasAndrew65 255Wilburton
KaritasClement21 255Wilburton
KaritasConstance19 255Wilburton
KaritasMaggie50 255Wilburton
KaritasSigma22 255Wilburton
KarrDelbert23 174Damon
KarrLois20 174Damon
KarrSidney 67 177Damon
KarrSophia62 178Damon
karrWalter2? 174Damon 
KaufmanErnest22 258Wilburton
KearnsBessie34 262Wilburton
KearnsCatherine36 262Wilburton
Keef?... C.58 249Wilburton
KeefCorine17 249Wilburton
KeefLelyer53 249Wilburton
KeelingAda M.15 153Buffalo
KeelingAlfred38 153Buffalo
KeelingEldred4 153Buffalo
KeelingEthel8 153Buffalo
KeelingLafayett17 153Buffalo
KeelingMyrtle38 153Buffalo
KeithJeff D.68 164Cravens
KeithMandy R.59 164Cravens
KellerGeorge27 196Gowen
KellerHellen25 196Gowen
KellerJessie Louise12 196Gowen
KellerJohn19 196Gowen
KellerMaggy42 196Gowen
KellerRay17 196Gowen
KelleyCarl7 159Cravens
KelleyCharles H.41 158Cravens
KelleyFerron10 190Degnan
KelleyGladys14 159Cravens
KelleyKathrine36 158Cravens
KelleyLois13 159Cravens
KelleyLouise72 223Red Oak
KelleyMarion F.60 161Cravens
KelleyWilliam76 223Red Oak
KelleyWilliam38 223Red Oak
KellyAda?15 188Degnan
KellyAlbert64 162Cravens
KellyBuelah26 203Gowen
KellyCarman17 249Wilburton
KellyCecil27 203Gowen
KellyErcell?21 249Wilburton
KellyErvall?19 249Wilburton
KellyEugena?37 188Degnan
KellyFloyd39 188Degnan
KellyGerald3 188Degnan
KellyHenry52 249Wilburton
KellyJames7 188Degnan
KellyJesse13 188Degnan
KellyOpal9 188Degnan
KellyPresley40 162Cravens
KellySealey53 162Cravens
KellyMay41 249Wilburton
KempClarence L.6 147Buffalo
KempGladys8 147Buffalo
KempVada V.12 147Buffalo
KenedyCora42 252Wilburton
KenedyDella12 252Wilburton
KenedyDovie18 252Wilburton
KenedyEdd21 252Wilburton
KenedyEshford C.49 252Wilburton
KenedyLora? D...6 252Wilburton
KenedyMoline?20 252Wilburton
KeneshotWatson18 194Degnan
Kennedy?20 152Buffalo
KennedyAliene J.11mo. 152Buffalo 
KennedyAlva V.3.1mo 152Buffalo 
KennedyDewey J.6 152Buffalo
KennedyDora? L.16 152Buffalo
KennedyGeorge28 206Gowen
KennedyGeorgia May3 206Gowen
KennedyGrace18 205Gowen
KennedyIrene R.22 152Buffalo
KennedyJackson 3 mo 152Buffalo 
KennedyJames 19 152Buffalo
KennedyJohn51 205Gowen
KennedyJohn L.49 152Buffalo
KennedyLeo O.2 mo. 152Buffalo 
KennedyLizz M.47 152Buffalo
KennedyMary26 206Gowen
KennedyR...46 205Gowen
KennedyRay D.14 152Buffalo
KennedyRoy L.25 152Buffalo
KennedyVera K.5 152Buffalo
KennedyViolet19 205Gowen
KennedyVivian L.3+ 152Buffalo 
KennedyWarren G.11 152Buffalo
KennedyWilliam E.27 152Buffalo
KerseyArchie L.18 255Wilburton
KerseyEmma57 255Wilburton
KerseyWillliam L.56 255Wilburton
KeyClara B.10 173Damon
KeyFrancis E.5 173Damon
KeyHouston8 173Damon
Killroy?Ruby59 203Gowen
Killroy?Sallie60 203Gowen
Kimbro?Bernard9 211Gowen
Kimbro?Loreda15 211Gowen
Kimbro?Lorine11 211Gowen
KimmelEthel M.19 147Buffalo
KimmelEthel M.1+ 147Buffalo 
KimmelGlenna I.1mo 148Buffalo 
KimmelJohn I.24 147Buffalo
KimmelRuby J.23 148Buffalo
KimmelWilliam T.31 148Buffalo
KingAlbert A.38 145Buffalo
KingAlice F.29 145Buffalo
KingCharles R.33 152Buffalo
KingCharlie9 210Gowen
KingEdith5 237Red Oak
KingElizabeth10 150Buffalo
KingElsie C.29? 152Buffalo 
KingEssie27 237Red Oak
KingFred E.8 146Buffalo
KingGeorge W.29 150Buffalo
KingGilbert H.9 152Buffalo
KingHattie32 190Degnan
KingIra M.38 146Buffalo
KingJessie L.25 146Buffalo
KingJoanna55 150Buffalo
KingJohnnie?3 150Buffalo
Kingjunior2 237Red Oak
KingLillie M.26 150Buffalo
KingLola8 237Red Oak
KingMarie A.11 146Buffalo
KingMartha6 150Buffalo
KingMary14 150Buffalo
KingMonette1+ 150Buffalo 
KingOdis B.3+ 152Buffalo 
KingRobert5 150Buffalo
KingSarah43? 210Gowen 
KingWanita10 237Red Oak
KingWesley E.7 152Buffalo
KingWilliam E.5 152Buffalo
KinnikenBernice10 175Damon
KinnikenCarol14 175Damon
KinnikenCharles5 175Damon
KinnikenJoe35 175Damon
KinnikenLuewa?7 175Damon
KinnikenTressy?35 175Damon
Kinnikin?2 206Gowen
KinnikinGeorge?35 206Gowen
KinnikinSallie28 206Gowen
Kinnkin?Clayton J.44 174Damon
KirkEarl16 208Gowen
KirkLee13 208Gowen
KirkLeona11 208Gowen
KirkendollFredic29 247Salonia/Bengal
KirkendollTennie37 247Salonia/Bengal
KirkesAlbert H.10 146Buffalo
KirkesAlfred L.7 146Buffalo
KirkesArthur K.15 147Buffalo
KirkesBeatrice E.1+ 147Buffalo 
KirkesCarmie? M.5mo. 147Buffalo 
KirkesCarrie M.41 147Buffalo
KirkesDrusie36 146Buffalo
KirkesEdward ? 147Buffalo 
KirkesEugene8 146Buffalo
KirkesEva25 147Buffalo
KirkesFlossie L.11 147Buffalo
KirkesGeorgia W.22 147Buffalo
KirkesGertrude41 146Buffalo
KirkesGrady 4 147Buffalo
KirkesGreely H.7 147Buffalo
KirkesHorace G.10 147Buffalo
KirkesIrene5 147Buffalo
KirkesIvan4 147Buffalo
KirkesJames D.54 147Buffalo
KirkesLecil? T.13 147Buffalo
KirkesLee42? 146Buffalo 
KirkesLuther L.26 147Buffalo
KirkesOna F.24 147Buffalo
KirkesOscar32 146Buffalo
KirkesPearl M.3 147Buffalo
KirkesRichard T.11 146Buffalo
KirkesRobert H.7 147Buffalo
KirkesRoy L.3 147Buffalo
KirkesSarah 54 147Buffalo
KirkesWilliam15 146Buffalo
KirkesWilliam R.29 146Buffalo
KirkesWillimay17 146Buffalo
KirkesWoodrow W.17 147Buffalo
KitchenCecil H.20 248Salonia/Bengal
KitchenEva B.14 248Salonia/Bengal
KitchenFernando47 248Salonia/Bengal
KitchenRay M.10 248Salonia/Bengal
KitchenTilla42 248Salonia/Bengal
KitchenWalter E.8 248Salonia/Bengal
KitchenWilliam C.17 248Salonia/Bengal
KleinBenny1 206Gowen
KleinLeana5 206Gowen
KleinLeo27 206Gowen
KleinLeo2 206Gowen
KleinLily24 206Gowen
KnappDorthy D.2+ 155Buffalo 
KnappHattie P.42 156Buffalo
KnappJames L.4+ 156Buffalo 
KnappJay R.14 156Buffalo
KnappJoseph R.48 156Buffalo
KnappLeon B.8 156Buffalo
KnappMyrtle R.21 155Buffalo
KnappMyrtle V.16 156Buffalo
KnappNorma? 6 156Buffalo
KnappUtah K.10 156Buffalo
KnappWallace H.21 155Buffalo
KnappWilliam H.12 156Buffalo
KnightAlshum?28 221Red Oak
KnightBessie23 224Red Oak
KnightBilly9mo. 224Red Oak 
KnightEthel1 221Red Oak
KnightFlossie10 154Buffalo
KnightFred C.36 252Wilburton
KnightFred C. jr.2 252Wilburton
KnightG. W.23 224Red Oak
KnightGeorgia21 221Red Oak
KnightHarold D.4+ 156Buffalo 
KnightHattie P.22 156Buffalo
KnightHerbert F.1 244Salonia/Bengal
KnightHerbert L.29 156Buffalo
KnightJack6 221Red Oak
KnightJames64 154Buffalo
KnightJames J.9 154Buffalo
KnightLinnie51 154Buffalo
KnightMaggie5 154Buffalo
KnightMaree V.2+ 156Buffalo 
KnightMary17 252Wilburton
KnightMay.34 252Wilburton
KnightMelda17 252Wilburton
KnightOlace?6 252Wilburton
KnightPaul7 154Buffalo
KnightPauline14 252Wilburton
KnightThomas L.25 244Salonia/Bengal
KnightVelma24 244Salonia/Bengal
KnightVera M.3 244Salonia/Bengal
KnightWanda4 252Wilburton
KnightWillliam H.33 154Buffalo
KnightWyvone33 154Buffalo
KnoxAllie E.29 166Cravens
KnoxArthur B.3mo. 166Cravens 
KnoxGladys I.7 166Cravens
KnoxJ. T.3 166Cravens
KnoxJess L.49 166Cravens
KnoxLorene L.9 166Cravens
KnoxWoodrow J.5 166Cravens
KochAntone14 185Degnan
KochAntone68 185Degnan
KochEffie35 185Degnan
KochFrank35 185Degnan
KochMary5 185Degnan
KochRobert10 185Degnan
KollinsAnthony B.36 217Gowen
KollinsBertha29 217Gowen
KollinsBetty M.5 217Gowen
KollinsKathryn J.7 217Gowen
KorneganTom54 202Gowen
KostankewiskAnnie54 201Gowen
KostankewiskFrank54 201Gowen
KostankewiskFrank20 201Gowen
KostankewiskHelen16 201Gowen
KostankewiskJohn18 201Gowen
KunneyDonavan8 201Gowen
KunneyDouglas3 201Gowen
KunneyElm...14 201Gowen
KunneyIris18 201Gowen
KunneyLorine11 201Gowen
KunneyLoyd7 201Gowen
KunneyMaud43 201Gowen
KunneyOscar54 201Gowen
KunneyRuth16 201Gowen
KurkendallBilly Dean1 224Red Oak
KurkendallEdith16 224Red Oak
KurkendallVirgil19 224Red Oak
KuykendallBessie24 229Red Oak
KuykendallElmo G.8mo. 247Salonia/Bengal 
KuykendallEthen18 229Red Oak
KuykendallGertrude27 219Red Oak
KuykendallHelen2 229Red Oak
KuykendallHelienise29 247Salonia/Bengal
KuykendallHerman21 229Red Oak
KuykendallHomer29 247Salonia/Bengal
KuykendallJack49 229Red Oak
KuykendallJim57 219Red Oak
KuykendallKelsie13 229Red Oak
KuykendallLee37 229Red Oak
KuykendallLilly42 229Red Oak
KuykendallMary55 219Red Oak
KuykendallNona15 229Red Oak
KuykendallPauline7 229Red Oak
KuykendallRay4 229Red Oak
KuykendallStella5 229Red Oak
KuykendallVina26 229Red Oak
KyleImogene8 169Cravens
KyleJ. D.12 169Cravens
KyleNeoma39 169Cravens
KyleWallace W.50 169Cravens
KylesRobert5 204Gowen

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