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1930 Latimer County Census

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last Name

First Name


Page No.


NameAge Page no.Township
L.... (Lane?)Colvin 29  203Gowen 
L.... (Lane?)Fany17? 203Gowen 
L.... (Lane?)Hazel3 203Gowen
L.... (Lane?)Jo... Calvin1 203Gowen
L.....yJames L.18 265Wilburton
La MarBertha52 245Salonia/Bengal
La MarHenry S.58 245Salonia/Bengal
LackeyAlma V.44 260Wilburton
LackeyDorthie6 260Wilburton
LackeyMary N.10 260Wilburton
LackeyRobert W.44 260Wilburton
LackeyWilliam J.16 260Wilburton
LackeyWoodro W.13 260Wilburton
LacyDelia61 217Gowen
LacyDelia A.4mo. 214Gowen 
LacyEvelyn24 214Gowen
LacyFloyd33 217Gowen
LacyGean E.1 214Gowen
LacyGertrude32 217Gowen
LacyJasper40 214Gowen
LacyWalter L.37 217Gowen
LaketaHelen17 206Gowen
LallaAlice18 202Gowen
LallaEdward20 202Gowen
LallaJoe24 202Gowen
LallaJosephine45 202Gowen
LallaJulia25 202Gowen
LallaLelia14 202Gowen
LallaLizzie13 202Gowen
LallaMaggy19 202Gowen
LambertBernie5 234Red Oak
LambertEmily41 234Red Oak
LambertFl...22 226Red Oak
LambertFrancis65 220Red Oak
LambertHope14 219Red Oak
LambertIrene21 219Red Oak
LambertJ. A.52 221Red Oak
LambertJ. I.83 222Red Oak
LambertLeroy42 234Red Oak
LambertMay Jane79 222Red Oak
LambertNell M.9 234Red Oak
LambertNora?21 226Red Oak
LambertOlive49 221Red Oak
LambertRay19 234Red Oak
LambertRella45 219Red Oak
LambertW. B.72 220Red Oak
LandHarald18 194Degnan
LandHattie40 194Degnan
LandenElex64 197Gowen
LandenMary58 197Gowen
LandenMary21 197Gowen
LandersAlice V.10 154Buffalo
LandersGrace E.47 154Buffalo
LandersJames A.53 154Buffalo
LandersMary J.7 154Buffalo
LaneClarence M.47 260Wilburton
LaneDelmer26 201Gowen
LaneDorthy2 201Gowen
LaneElvis21 201Gowen
LaneEthel25 205Gowen
LaneJohn F.61 201Gowen
LaneLayne2 205Gowen
LaneLinard25 205Gowen
LaneMandie19 201Gowen
LaneMary60 201Gowen
LaneMildred1 201Gowen
LaneOna41 260Wilburton
LanePauline15 260Wilburton
LangVerne11 199Gowen
LangleyAlma 8 172Damon
LangleyAnnie3 172Damon
LangleyBilly J.1 172Damon
LangleyChris J.22 172Damon
LangleyDave W.37 172Damon
LangleyDonald E.4 172Damon
LangleyEdna L.12 172Damon
LangleyEmogene5 172Damon
LangleyFrankie 8 172Damon
LangleyGlen9mo. 172Damon 
LangleyHelen6 172Damon
LangleyIda B.47 172Damon
LangleyJack 17 172Damon
LangleyJd4 172Damon
LangleyJessie 14 172Damon
LangleyJoe46 172Damon
LangleyMagnolia32 172Damon
LangleyOla M.38 172Damon
LangleyOna10 172Damon
LangleyOwen10 172Damon
LangleyParker E.9 172Damon
LangleyPaul H.8 172Damon
LangleyTheodore47 172Damon
LangleyVernon12 172Damon
LangleyWalter D.14 172Damon
LankfordBen40 168Cravens
LankfordDona B.30 169Cravens
LankfordMandy22 164Cravens
LankfordMargaret M.7 169Cravens
LankfordMartin M.36 169Cravens
LankfordRobert13 168Cravens
LankfordRuby M.6 169Cravens
LankfordThelma L.4 169Cravens
LankfordVerna7 168Cravens
LankfordVirdell10 168Cravens
LankfordVirgie16 168Cravens
LankfordWalsie39 168Cravens
LankfordWilliam 4 164Cravens
LappAbe D.45 261Wilburton
LappEvline21 261Wilburton
LappJennie42 261Wilburton
LappMildred17 261Wilburton
LaramoreGeorge41 236Red Oak
LaramoreMollie38 236Red Oak
LarisonIcy C.22 170Cravens
LarisonJoe W.2 170Cravens
LaskbrookIda55 201Gowen
LaskeyAlbert18 201Gowen
LaskeyAlford16 201Gowen
LaskeyBertha8 201Gowen
LaskeyEmmet10 201Gowen
LaskeyEmmett37 201Gowen
LaskeyIrvina?2 201Gowen
LaskeyMary Bell37 201Gowen
LaskeyMinnie5 201Gowen
LaskeyPaule13 201Gowen
LaskeySarah55 201Gowen
LassiterHarmon22 187Degnan
Last NameFirst NameAge Page
LatimerWill60 206Gowen
LaurlekatteBeatrice32 194Degnan
LaurlekatteBetty4 194Degnan
LaurlekatteDorthey8 194Degnan
LaurlekatteEdward36 194Degnan
LaurlekatteEdward, jr.1 194Degnan
LaurlekatteMary3 194Degnan
LawernceClarence2 204Gowen
LawernceEdith14 204Gowen
LawernceEdna6 204Gowen
LawernceFarine12 204Gowen
LawernceLeo38 204Gowen
LawernceMartha11 204Gowen
LawernceRoy Harison?4 204Gowen
LawernceRuth Jene1 204Gowen
LawernceWillie38 204Gowen
LawranceBelle41 196Gowen
LawranceEster9 198Gowen
LawranceJohn48 198Gowen
LawranceJohn James4 198Gowen
LawranceMargrete27 198Gowen
LawranceMat?55 196Gowen
LawranceMike43 198Gowen
LawrenceAlice60 158Cravens
LawrenceAllene5 158Cravens
LawrenceAudrey1 158Cravens
LawrenceBettie J.2 243Salonia/Bengal
LawrenceCarrie25 146Buffalo
LawrenceCharlie32 153Buffalo
LawrenceDelbert3 146Buffalo
LawrenceDora L.1 146Buffalo
LawrenceDortha19 249Wilburton
LawrenceElmer22 146Buffalo
LawrenceHarley16 242Salonia/Bengal
LawrenceIra5 146Buffalo
LawrenceIvan M.7 146Buffalo
LawrenceJames L.40 146Buffalo
LawrenceJennie30 158Cravens
LawrenceJim J.37 158Cravens
LawrenceLucille34 242Salonia/Bengal
LawrenceMildred24 243Salonia/Bengal
LawrenceNelta Fay1 243Salonia/Bengal
LawrenceRobert L.10 158Cravens
LawrenceS. Joe23 243Salonia/Bengal
LawryAlma21 158Cravens
LawryGertie M.21 158Cravens
LawryIsabell M.55 158Cravens
LawryJaunita C.6mo. 158Cravens 
LawryOscar B.27 158Cravens
LawryTom H.55 158Cravens
LawryWanda B.2 158Cravens
LawyerEarnest A.53 151Buffalo
LawyerNeva D.10 151Buffalo
LawyerRosa L.54 151Buffalo
LayCecil7 202Gowen
LayLorine2 202Gowen
LayMonroe30 202Gowen
LayRena25 202Gowen
LayherCordelia19 204Gowen
LayherHelen50 204Gowen
LayherJames25 204Gowen
LayherJohn54 204Gowen
LayherJohn26 204Gowen
LayherPerry1 204Gowen
LayherSusie21 204Gowen
LaytonAnna44 233Red Oak
LaytonEddie20 233Red Oak
LaytonOscar59 233Red Oak
LeamyClarance4 198Gowen
LeamyDoris3 198Gowen
LeamyHubert?1 198Gowen
LeamyJames J.15 195Gowen
LeamyLillie21 195Gowen
LeamyLilly55 195Gowen
LeamyMary 33 195Gowen
LeamyMay.22 198Gowen
LeamyPat28 198Gowen
LeamyThomas F.33 195Gowen
LeardDella29 191Degnan
LeasoneLuis34 190Degnan
LedbeterElla14 235Red Oak
LedfordBeatrice27 154Buffalo
LedfordBroyce11mo. 154Buffalo 
LedfordJames 34 154Buffalo
LedfordJames 3 154Buffalo
LedfordJoyce11mo. 154Buffalo 
LedfordJunior L.3.3mo 151Buffalo 
LedfordLeroy J.2.1 mo 151Buffalo 
LedfordLillie M.25 151Buffalo
LedfordRoy R.23 151Buffalo
LedfordSilvia J.4 154Buffalo
LeeArchie L.20 180Damon
LeeAudrey7 146Buffalo
LeeClara M.24 159Cravens
LeeDaisy13 180Damon
LeeEarlie12 247Salonia/Bengal
LeeEllis36 159Cravens
LeeIona34 146Buffalo
LeeJess L.64 180Damon
LeeMaggie B.54 180Damon
LeeNeloma L.4 159Cravens
LeeRobert E.31 146Buffalo
LeeRuby L.1 159Cravens
LeeS.E.9 146Buffalo
LeeSam P.68 158Cravens
LeeVelvia O.16 180Damon
LefloreJohn24 229Red Oak
LefloreJoseph37 245Salonia/Bengal
LefloreJosephine19 229Red Oak
LefloreMcAlester38 245Salonia/Bengal
LefloreWof? B.11mo. 229Red Oak 
LefloreWynia42 245Salonia/Bengal
LemmonsAlton25 225Red Oak
LemmonsJ. G.58 225Red Oak
LemmonsOzella54 225Red Oak
LendiAnnie39 257Wilburton
LendiBernet9 257Wilburton
LendiFrancis17 257Wilburton
LendiFrank2 257Wilburton
LendiJoe46 257Wilburton
LendiTony13 257Wilburton
LenoreMaxie44 184Degnan
LeonAntonio59 262Wilburton
LeonVictor61 262Wilburton
LeonardHelen23 260Wilburton
LeonardMary A.3 261Wilburton
LesselFay18 253Wilburton
LesselIda35 253Wilburton
LesselLolita12 253Wilburton
LesselRosser50 253Wilburton
LesselRosser E.1 253Wilburton
LessellAlvin12 228Red Oak
LessellDon L.56 228Red Oak
LessellLeona43 228Red Oak
LessellLoyd14 228Red Oak
LesterBulla44 264Wilburton
LesterCarolyn14 264Wilburton
LesterDorris23 264Wilburton
LesterEugene58 264Wilburton
LesterFay15 264Wilburton
LesterVirginia18 264Wilburton
LethelDovis19 179Damon
LewisBonny J.1 260Wilburton
LewisCaycal33 260Wilburton
LewisClifford L.7 260Wilburton
LewisCyrus63 231Red Oak
LewisD.....42 146Buffalo
LewisDan C?39 260Wilburton
LewisDavid C.41 249Wilburton
LewisDavid C. jr.7 249Wilburton
LewisDickson29 230Red Oak
LewisEthel39 249Wilburton
LewisEugene7 242Salonia/Bengal
LewisGrace30 242Salonia/Bengal
LewisGrace22 186Degnan
LewisJane71 260Wilburton
LewisJessie33 243Salonia/Bengal
LewisJoana25 230Red Oak
LewisJunia23 218Red Oak
LewisLela5 230Red Oak
LewisMary C.4 260Wilburton
LewisMatilda1 231Red Oak
LewisMattie24 243Salonia/Bengal
LewisMay.29 260Wilburton 
LewisMelton3 231Red Oak
LewisMonnie20 260Wilburton
LewisPerry38 242Salonia/Bengal
LewisRichard21 260Wilburton
LewisSes?59 231Red Oak
LewisUnice6 243Salonia/Bengal
LewisVernice4 243Salonia/Bengal
LewisWillam L.8 260Wilburton
LewisWilliam J.73 260Wilburton
Ligon?Otho O.51 172Damon
Ligon?Sallie M;49 172Damon
LingleAnna L.33 255Wilburton
LingleDavid M.43? 255Wilburton 
LingleDorris13 255Wilburton
LingleHerschel9 255Wilburton
LingleLena?3 255Wilburton
LinnClifford7 197Gowen
LinnFloyd32 197Gowen
LinnJoseph10 197Gowen
LinnMilton3 197Gowen
LinnNoble5 197Gowen
LinnPearl28 197Gowen
LinnvilleB....42 228Red Oak
LinnvilleDorthy15 228Red Oak
LinnvilleHazel17 228Red Oak
LinnvilleHugh?13 228Red Oak
LinnvilleLizzie49 228Red Oak 
LinnvilleWillie?20 228Red Oak
LinvilleAnnie45 224Red Oak
LinvilleCarl11 224Red Oak
LinvilleEula8 224Red Oak
LinvilleF. L.50 224Red Oak
LinvilleHurley23 224Red Oak
LinvilleLeona5 224Red Oak
LinvilleLottie20 224Red Oak
LinvilleOllie15 224Red Oak
LishbrookJosephine24 206Gowen
LishbrookSilas26 206Gowen
LittleCelia M.37 249Wilburton
LittleClara B.18 249Wilburton
LittleGeorge A.5 177Damon
LittleGeorge W.41 177Damon
LittleGrace M.12 177Damon
LittleJames8 249Wilburton
LittleJohn E.41 249Wilburton
LittleJohn E. jr.12 249Wilburton
LittleJuanita1 177Damon
LittleLoy6 249Wilburton
LittleMalisa J.10 177Damon
LittleRuth Jane4 249Wilburton
LittleSylvania35 177Damon
LittleJune13 249Wilburton
LivelyEdith16 211Gowen
LivelyLenard22 212Gowen
LivelyLloyd18 211Gowen
LivelyNellie12 211Gowen
LivelyNellie?46 211Gowen
LivelyNeta22 212Gowen
LivingstonDavid E.2 257Wilburton
LivingstonJohn37 257Wilburton
LivingstonJohn A.14 257Wilburton
LivingstonKate37 257Wilburton
LivingstonMary58 261Wilburton
LivingstonRobert70 261Wilburton
LivingstonWilliam R.20 261Wilburton
LockDonald5 146Buffalo
LockEugene H.35 146Buffalo
LockLillie12 146Buffalo
LockMoline10 146Buffalo
LockRalph G.14 146Buffalo
LockUla7 146Buffalo
LoftinIda39 205Gowen
LogstanLois11 219Red Oak
LollarLeona47 262Wilburton
LollarWinnie29 262Wilburton
LomEster53 188Degnan
LomJeff63 188Degnan
LombardAngelo10 216Gowen
LombardCandida48 216Gowen
LombardDave54 216Gowen
LombardFrank14 216Gowen
LongCharles F.38 148Buffalo
LongCharles F.jr5 148Buffalo
LongEdward D.52 259Wilburton
LongLillie A.9 148Buffalo
LongMinervie? L.41 148Buffalo
LongVelva W.7 148Buffalo
LongZelma? A.10 148Buffalo
LoomisBuddie R.2 243Salonia/Bengal
LoomisEarney24 242Salonia/Bengal
LoomisHazel L.8 243Salonia/Bengal
LoomisJewel24 242Salonia/Bengal
LoomisRichard30 243Salonia/Bengal
LoomisValla L.25 243Salonia/Bengal
LooneyJohn75 150Buffalo
LopezAlvin6 202Gowen
LopezFrank4 202Gowen
LopezJosephine2 202Gowen
LopezPatria29 202Gowen
LottNellie65 263Wilburton
LottStanly52? 263Wilburton 
LoucasAlta9 188Degnan
LoucasEmily35 188Degnan
LoucasLowall15 188Degnan
LoucasMabel15 188Degnan
LouderElisha?65 196Gowen
LouderMaryland64 196Gowen
LouderMaryland33? 196Gowen 
LouderStrickland22? 196Gowen 
LoudermilkBetha?2 195Gowen
LoudermilkBilly Edward1 195Gowen
LoudermilkC.?63? 196Gowen 
LoudermilkEd28 195Gowen
LoudermilkLena24 195Gowen
LoudermilkMaggie46 196Gowen
LoudermilkNancy64 199Gowen
LoudermilkTim?64 203Gowen
LouglinWilliam48 189Degnan
LouisFrank65 184Degnan
LouisJoice3 214Gowen
LouisLillian5 214Gowen
LouisMargret7 214Gowen
LouisTom47 184Degnan
LouisViola46 184Degnan
LouisVirginia9 214Gowen
LouishJoe16 190Degnan
LouishLorre66 190Degnan
LoveOzella54 252Wilburton
LovejoyEdward21 243Salonia/Bengal
LovejoyMinnie19 243Salonia/Bengal
LovelaceA. M.32? 195Gowen 
LovelaceAlvin8 235Red Oak
LovelaceAuda33 235Red Oak
LovelaceBobbie10 235Red Oak
LovelaceBonnie L.3 235Red Oak
LovelaceBud33 235Red Oak
LovelaceEdward2 199Gowen
LovelaceEthel11 235Red Oak
LovelaceJunior?4 199Gowen
LovelaceLon64 235Red Oak
LovelaceMinnie46 195Gowen
LovelaceNancy58 235Red Oak
LowIris?4 196Gowen
LowJoyce 7 196Gowen
LowLola28 196Gowen
LowMay.1 196Gowen
LowWilliam31 196Gowen
LowderCarry48 184Degnan
LowderEdcur18 184Degnan
LowderJuanita Z.6 180Damon
LowderMary50 184Degnan
LowderPaula Dean2 180Damon
LowderSherman?19 184Degnan
LowderVernon E.27 180Damon
LowderWill48 184Degnan
LowderZona M.23 180Damon
LoweJessie E.23 172Damon
LoweJohn38 172Damon
LoweLorine L.59 172Damon
LoweWilliam A.73 172Damon
LowimoreMinnie54 192Degnan
LowimoreMonroe59 192Degnan
LowrimoreElsa21 185Degnan
LowrimoreMary62 185Degnan
LucasBeatrice4 192Degnan
LucasDinnis45 192Degnan
LucasElba19 192Degnan
LucasGladie13 192Degnan
LucasHartwell36 190Degnan
LucasHazel9 190Degnan
LucasJohna22 192Degnan
LucasJohntine20 249Wilburton
LucasLemuel75 184Degnan
LucasLonie10 190Degnan
LucasNora29 190Degnan
LucasWinnnie15 192Degnan
LuddenB. B.43 222Red Oak
LuddenVeta37 222Red Oak
LuddenWanda4 222Red Oak
LunceyJane64 205Gowen
LunceyJessie29 205Gowen
LusleyAnnie56? 180Damon 
LutherLenard12 189Degnan
LynchAlbert M.25 264Wilburton
LynchClaud D.23 214Gowen
LynchGrace V.26 214Gowen
LynchLorine8 264Wilburton
LynchLucille3 264Wilburton
LyonsBelle36 220Red Oak
LyonsCharles22 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsDick43 229Red Oak
LyonsDouglas6 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsDouglas1 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsElva15 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsErmine47 229Red Oak
LyonsEvelline19 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsFrank49 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsGeorge13 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsJames10 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsJuanita15 220Red Oak
LyonsJulian8 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsLaura34 190Degnan
LyonsMary17 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsPaul19 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsR. E.38 220Red Oak
LyonsRilla46 248Salonia/Bengal
LyonsScottie7 220Red Oak

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