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1930 Latimer County Census

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name AgePage No. Township

NameAge Page no.Township
MableyGeraldine G.10 162Cravens
MableyLily M.45 162Cravens
MableyThomas P.56 162Cravens
MabryAlvin10 238Red Oak
MabryBen28 238Red Oak
MabryBilly J.4mo. 238Red Oak
MabryCathren12 238Red Oak
MabryElmer17 238Red Oak
MabryErick36 238Red Oak
MabryFlorance35 238Red Oak
MabryJames6 238Red Oak
MabryJoseph2 238Red Oak
MabryLouise2 238Red Oak
MabryLoyd4 238Red Oak
MabryMary8 238Red Oak
MabryRay?20 257Wilburton
MabryRoxey25 238Red Oak
MaddenAnna Lee1 220Red Oak
MaddenBurnie40 220Red Oak
MaddenBurnie?10? 220Red Oak
MaddenHarold4 219Red Oak
MaddenJ. M.71 219Red Oak
MaddenJackie D.4 218Red Oak
MaddenJames58 199Gowen
MaddenJessie34 220Red Oak
MaddenMaggie L.27 218Red Oak
MaddenMollie64 199Gowen
MaddenPaul11 219Red Oak
MaddenQuiner J.43 219Red Oak
MaddenRoy18 219Red Oak
MaddenRuby39 219Red Oak
MaddenTed B.37 218Red Oak
MaddenVal E.5 218Red Oak
MaddenWillie B.14 219Red Oak
MadewellAnna16 186Degnan
MadewellBen18 186Degnan
MadewellHettie49 186Degnan
MadewellSam42 186Degnan
MadisonLee8 191Degnan
MaggiArto45 255Wilburton
MaggiDeno8 255Wilburton
MaggiIda14 255Wilburton
MaggiJoe13 255Wilburton
MaggiTeresa32 255Wilburton
MahaffeyAlane10 250Wilburton
MahaffeyDelmer12 250Wilburton
MahaffeyNorma36 250Wilburton
MahaffeyTheodore14 250Wilburton
Mahaley?Sally69 260Wilburton
MahanMartha64 256Wilburton
MahanWilliam65 256Wilburton
Mahony?Junior5mo. 254Wilburton
Mahony?Lizzy22 254Wilburton
Mahony?Lois?3 254Wilburton
MainardAlbert M.64 168Cravens
MainardJames A.14 168Cravens
MainardLillian S.16 168Cravens
MainardMarlie M.24 168Cravens
MainardSusan M.45 168Cravens
MakinElsa M.1mo. 232Red Oak
MakinEmit23 232Red Oak
MakinEugene3 232Red Oak
MakinImogene1 232Red Oak
MakinMinnie L.21 232Red Oak
MaltoniJames21 198Gowen
MaltoniJennie54 198Gowen
MaltoniJohn64 198Gowen
MaltoniJohn10 198Gowen
MaltoniMenea?19 198Gowen
MaltoniSaulina15 198Gowen
MangnumElmer18 147Buffalo
MangnumJewell17 148Buffalo
MangumBarney19 147Buffalo
MangumBertha17 147Buffalo
MangumFloyd17 148Buffalo
MangumHellen11 148Buffalo
MangumHubert13 148Buffalo
MangumJewell15 148Buffalo
MangumMaggie35 148Buffalo
MangumNoble17 147Buffalo
MangumS.T.6 148Buffalo
MangumThomas S.41 148Buffalo
MangumZella1.6mo 148Buffalo
MankinDessie13 167Cravens
MankinEffie17 167Cravens
MankinEssie16 167Cravens
MankinFay18 218Red Oak
MankinFred J.21 218Red Oak
MankinsA. C.13 166Cravens
MankinsAudie18 166Cravens
MankinsBerniece9mo. 166Cravens
MankinsBirdie32 166Cravens
MankinsChristine2 166Cravens
MankinsCliffton J.6 166Cravens
MankinsEvalyn10 166Cravens
MankinsHooper18 166Cravens
MankinsJoe28 166Cravens
MankinsJohn A.63 166Cravens
MankinsJohn C.32 166Cravens
MankinsJuanita8 166Cravens
MankinsKatherine6 166Cravens
MankinsMartha L.58 166Cravens
MankinsOpal L.8 166Cravens
MankinsWillie T.40 166Cravens
MannJene21 210Gowen
March.George40 193Degnan
Marchbank?Allen W.6 156Buffalo
Marchbank?Belle G.14 156Buffalo
Marchbank?Loree E.3+ 156Buffalo
Marchbank?Viola38 156Buffalo
Marchbank?Wilburn W.8 156Buffalo
Marchbank?William48 156Buffalo
MarchmanEloise8 211Gowen
MarchmanFlorence34 211Gowen
MarchmanGeraldine2 211Gowen
MarchmanJames6 211Gowen
MarchmanLeo34 211Gowen
MarchmanThelbert4 211Gowen
MarcusLee38 210Gowen
MarcusWilliam Leroy7 210Gowen
MarkEzekel64 183Degnan
MarkSarra63 183Degnan
MarkhamBobby L.1 232Red Oak
MarkhamEugene41 232Red Oak
MarkhamHelen13 232Red Oak
MarkhamLeslie17 232Red Oak
MarkhamLester16 232Red Oak
MarkhamLorine8 232Red Oak
MarkhamMary A.86 232Red Oak
MarkhamNora39 232Red Oak
MarkhamRobert41 232Red Oak
MarksAlice53 166Cravens
MarksBud C.57 166Cravens
MaroonAchie5 207Gowen
MaroonAnnie33? 207Gowen
MaroonHouston2 207Gowen
MaroonJames54 207Gowen
MaroonJohn13? 207Gowen
MaroonSamuel9 207Gowen
MaroonThomas17 207Gowen
MarshalArmelia26 235Red Oak
MarshalGarland9mo. 235Red Oak
MarshalGeorge36 235Red Oak
MarshalOrvile F.4 235Red Oak
MarshalWilliam7 235Red Oak
MartellerEdith21 159Cravens
MartellerGeorge59 159Cravens
MartellerRena16 159Cravens
MartellerSusie14 159Cravens
Marten?Junior12 176Damon
Marten?Syntha J.60 176Damon
Marten?William59 176Damon
MartinAlace25 255Wilburton
MartinAllen10 228Red Oak
MartinBen33 230Red Oak
MartinBerna?20 228Red Oak
MartinBilly Jean5 255Wilburton
MartinBuford18 228Red Oak
MartinCharles67 263Wilburton
MartinCharles L.8 174Damon
MartinClaud27 249Wilburton
MartinDorothy3 174Damon
MartinEnman38 174Damon
MartinEveyline5 174Damon
MartinGrace33 230Red Oak
MartinGrady4 228Red Oak
MartinHazel26 249Wilburton
MartinJim L.48 228Red Oak
MartinJoseph A.63 170Cravens
MartinJosie11 174Damon
MartinLeroy5 230Red Oak
MartinLizzie43 228Red Oak
MartinLorella18 174Damon
MartinNancy37 174Damon
MartinOddie14 228Red Oak
MartinOdis14 174Damon
MartinVernon16 228Red Oak
MartinWilliam12 228Red Oak
MartinWilliam J.26 255Wilburton
Martin?S.....5 211Gowen
MartindaleAlma A.29 162Cravens
MartindaleChas.44 250Wilburton
MartindaleClyde14 250Wilburton
MartindaleFlo10 250Wilburton
MartindaleLena36 250Wilburton
MartindaleWilliam18 250Wilburton
Maskasky?Annie18 257Wilburton
Maskasky?Elizabeth38 257Wilburton
Maskasky?Isabell16 257Wilburton
Maskasky?John12 257Wilburton
Maskasky?Mike44 257Wilburton
MasonAlbert43 205Gowen
MasonBama39 205Gowen
MasonChristine10 205Gowen
MasonElizabeth69 189Degnan
MasonLeaton20 205Gowen
MasonLoise17 205Gowen
Masters?46 177Damon
MastersAda50 177Damon
MastersWillie8 177Damon
MathewsBeatrice15 233Red Oak
MathewsHemon13 233Red Oak
MathewsWilliam19 233Red Oak
MathiewsAlba F.19 173Damon
MathiewsAllice 55 173Damon
MathiewsAnnie B.40 173Damon
MathiewsArm...1 173Damon
MathiewsBowlin B.17 173Damon
MathiewsMaxine R.10 173Damon
MathiewsTruman O.14 173Damon
MathiewsWilliam B.70 173Damon
MathiewsWillis H.47 173Damon
MathiewsWillis J.5 173Damon
MathisArthur31 200Gowen
MathisClement11 200Gowen
MathisElizabeth31 200Gowen
MathisHarriet D.13 181Damon
MathisJames5 200Gowen
MathisJames F.72 243Salonia/Bengal
MathisLaura1 200Gowen
MathisLoren3 200Gowen
MathisMary7 200Gowen
MathisWilliam9 200Gowen
MatthewsBubba J.3 235Red Oak
MatthewsGus29 235Red Oak
MatthewsLovie24 235Red Oak
MatthewsLucile5 235Red Oak
MattoxHazel 18 150Buffalo
MattoxHoward1 150Buffalo
MattoxVirgil M.21 150Buffalo
MattoxWhit92 149Buffalo
MattsEmma Jane5 210Gowen
MattsEssie7 210Gowen
MattsLouis?2 210Gowen
MattsStella22 210Gowen
MattsWalter27 210Gowen
MauerAugust.51 222Red Oak
MauerAugust51 263Wilburton
MaxeyAuther53 230Red Oak
MaxeyBill14 230Red Oak
MaxeyBilly4 231Red Oak
MaxeyDovey52 230Red Oak
MaxeyJewell24 231Red Oak
MaxeyJohn77 148Buffalo
MaxeyLaverne18 230Red Oak
MaxeyNannie75 221Red Oak
MaxeySue16 230Red Oak
MaxeyTed3 231Red Oak
MaxeyWalter28 231Red Oak
MaxeyWalter jr.6 231Red Oak
MaxwellAgnes6 241Salonia/Bengal
MaxwellAlice12 241Salonia/Bengal
MaxwellAtha4 241Salonia/Bengal
MaxwellBence9 241Salonia/Bengal
MaxwellGeorge B.52 241Salonia/Bengal
May'Bertie L.8 150Buffalo
May'Lester15 150Buffalo
May'Lola18 149Buffalo
May'Lonnie20 149Buffalo
May'Minnie M.12 150Buffalo
May'Ruby L.10 150Buffalo
May'Sarah E.45 150Buffalo
May'Vera1.6mo 149Buffalo
May'Walter M.52 150Buffalo
MayberryEmiley20 257Wilburton
MayberryLizzy60 257Wilburton
MayberyJewell28 150Buffalo
MayfieldCarl L.3 233Red Oak
MayfieldEdith29 233Red Oak
MayfieldFlora F.5 233Red Oak
MayfieldFreda7 233Red Oak
MayfieldHorae?1 233Red Oak
MayfieldLuther40 233Red Oak
MaysBlosie16 234Red Oak
MaysBurl H.3.4mo 151Buffalo
MaysLinney12 234Red Oak
MaysMozel5 234Red Oak
MaysOther18 234Red Oak
MaysRachel7 234Red Oak
MaysReba M.22 151Buffalo
MaysT. J.9 234Red Oak
MaysVelma1 234Red Oak
MaysWesley14 234Red Oak
MaysWilliam J.41 234Red Oak
MaysWillie35 234Red Oak
MazeBen19 199Gowen
McAfeeGlen37 251Wilburton
McAfeeGlen L.6 251Wilburton
McAfeeJosephine28 251Wilburton
McAfeeOleta24 176Damon
McAlpineSadie54 171Cravens
McAlpineTom B.69 171Cravens
McAnlarghJohn35 184Degnan
McAnlarghLydon25 184Degnan
McAnlarghMary4 184Degnan
McAntoshDortha7 256Wilburton
McAntoshJohn D.49 256Wilburton
McAntoshJoseph19 256Wilburton
McAntoshMartha42 256Wilburton
McAntoshWanita14 256Wilburton
McAntoshWinnie12 256Wilburton
McBeeJoe67 192Degnan
McBrideBelle40 155Buffalo
McBrideBenjamin5 155Buffalo
McBrideEthel4 192Degnan
McBrideGeorge?10 192Degnan
McBrideHazel2 192Degnan
McBrideNancy58 207Gowen
McBrideNancy58 192Degnan
McBrideTracy25 192Degnan
McBrideWilliam31 192Degnan
McBrideWilliam J.30 155Buffalo
McCainClarance1 235Red Oak
McCainEffie34 235Red Oak
McCainJames43 235Red Oak
McCainJames15 235Red Oak
McCainJewell12 235Red Oak
McCainJuanita10 235Red Oak
McCainOrval17 235Red Oak
McCalesterAnna24 237Red Oak
McCalesterBilley4 237Red Oak
McCalesterClaudr2 237Red Oak
McCalesterMace43 237Red Oak
McCannBessie7 173Damon
McCannCornelius22 233Red Oak
McCannEarnest11 173Damon
McCannHarold2 173Damon
McCannHelen M.3 173Damon
McCannHerman32 173Damon
McCannJC2 233Red Oak
McCannMarie5 173Damon
McCannNillie31 173Damon
McCannRuby E.3 233Red Oak
McCannWillie B.22 233Red Oak
McCarrelBerdet60 189Degnan
McCarrelDortha2 189Degnan
McCarrelEmma22 189Degnan
McCarrelJohn31 189Degnan
McCarrelJohn5 189Degnan
McCarrelWilliam4 189Degnan
McCarrollFannie42 234Red Oak
McCarrollGrace13 234Red Oak
McCarrollIva17 234Red Oak
McCarrollJames21 234Red Oak
McCarrollPatrick J.44 234Red Oak
McCarrollWillie19 234Red Oak
McCartneyBety? L.4 254Wilburton
McCartneyBulla26 254Wilburton
McCartneyCharles W.6 254Wilburton
McCartneyCorey27 254Wilburton
McCartneyEarl H.32 254Wilburton
McCartneyEarl J.8 254Wilburton
McCartneyEl....31 254Wilburton
McCartneyEugene C.10mo. 254Wilburton
McCartneyTimmie? R.2 254Wilburton
McCaslandCarl19 177Damon
McCaslandGuy?13 177Damon
McCaslandMartin W.43 177Damon
McCaslandWinema33 177Damon
McCaslinFreida M.10 172Damon
McCaslinHerbert41 172Damon
McCaslinMildred J.12 172Damon
McCaslinNettie J.35 172Damon
McCaslinVergil V.19 172Damon
McCaslinWelch34 181Damon
McCausleyMaud44 208Gowen
McClain?Corbet21 186Degnan
McClain?Iva18 186Degnan
McConnellBernard N.10 262Wilburton
McConnellElizabeth5 262Wilburton
McConnellFlorence32 261Wilburton
McConnellHugh J.11 262Wilburton
McConnellJames E.7 262Wilburton
McConnellJohn69 192Degnan
McConnellMary C.14 262Wilburton
McConnellMary E.39 262Wilburton
McConnellMary F.6 261Wilburton
McConnellThomas J.42 262Wilburton
McConnellThomas J. jr.15 262Wilburton
McConnill??45 263Wilburton
McCoolDovie38 236Red Oak
McCoolEdith11 236Red Oak
McCoolEdward43 236Red Oak
McCormickPete? 159Cravens
McCoyCadie M.16 158Cravens
McCoyDella40 158Cravens
McCoyFlora O.10 158Cravens
McCoyFloyd L.14 158Cravens
McCoyFrank55 188Degnan
McCoyFred17 158Cravens
McCoyJewell 9 158Cravens
McCoyLaverne V.1.6mo 158Cravens
McCoyMurl A.55 158Cravens
McCoyOreen I.12 158Cravens
McCullarBandy6 240Red Oak
McCullarBuster30 240Red Oak
McCullarPearley7 240Red Oak
McCullarViola29 240Red Oak
McCurley?Paul17 203Gowen
McCurryMary 50 218Red Oak
McCurryMi..65 218Red Oak
McCurtainAlphia16 245Salonia/Bengal
McCurtainBuster12 245Salonia/Bengal
McCurtainIrene20 244Salonia/Bengal
McCurtainIsac5 245Salonia/Bengal
McCurtainJames M.1 244Salonia/Bengal
McCurtainMartha39 245Salonia/Bengal
McCurtainOsborne45 245Salonia/Bengal
McCurtainPorter8 245Salonia/Bengal
McCurtainSilas29 244Salonia/Bengal
McCurtainSilas jr.2 244Salonia/Bengal
McDanielDelbert H.7mo. 154Buffalo
McDanielOrbie B.22 154Buffalo
McDanielRoeann19 154Buffalo
McDavidAllen L.47 154Buffalo
McDavidEliza J.44 154Buffalo
McDavidJulia13 154Buffalo
McDonaldAnna Lee2 249Wilburton
McDonaldFloyd23 249Wilburton
McDonaldLeah23 249Wilburton
McDonaldMyron L...7mo. 249Wilburton
McDougalAlmedia37 145Buffalo
McDougalEugene10 145Buffalo
McDougalHarley42 145Buffalo
McDougalHerman 7 145Buffalo
McDougalJohn H.3 145Buffalo
McDougalThelma L.5 145Buffalo
McDowellWilliam81? 206Gowen
McElroyAllace50 262Wilburton
McElroyEdward65 262Wilburton
McElroyMathew49 262Wilburton
McEverLucile3 186Degnan
McEverMary25 186Degnan
McFaddenJulia29 262Wilburton
McFaddenMargret8 262Wilburton
McFarlandEffie E.27 147Buffalo
McFarlandEveline J.8mo. 147Buffalo
McFarlandJoseph K.3 147Buffalo
McFarlandLuie? J.4 147Buffalo
McFarlandWilliam L.29 147Buffalo
McFerranAda43 230Red Oak
McFerranArch L.45 230Red Oak
McFerranHarmon18 230Red Oak
McFerranJewel13 230Red Oak
McFerranRaymon15 230Red Oak
McGeeBessie33 183Degnan
McGeeBessie B.33 168Cravens
McGeeBill22 218Red Oak
McGeeBillie Sue8 251Wilburton
McGeeCharles L.11 168Cravens
McGeeDane M.43 168Cravens
McGeeEdward16 251Wilburton
McGeeEula May.3 183Degnan
McGeeFred W.30 151Buffalo
McGeeGeneva0 183Degnan
McGeeGertrude17 224Red Oak
McGeeHerman8 183Degnan
McGeeJack25 218Red Oak
McGeeJake20 224Red Oak
McGeeJohn E.63 151Buffalo
McGeeLana11 183Degnan
McGeeLandon?6 151Buffalo
McGeeLillie J.53 151Buffalo
McGeeMargaret A.2 168Cravens
McGeeMattie53 218Red Oak
McGeeMelvin16 251Wilburton
McGeeNettie40 251Wilburton
McGeeRandel10 151Buffalo
McGeeRay13 251Wilburton
McGeeRay T.40 251Wilburton
McGeeRichard32 183Degnan
McGeeRosa A.32 151Buffalo
McGeeRose15 218Red Oak
McGeeVaughn8 151Buffalo
McGhe?Joe55 191Degnan
McGinleyDrucilla 38 258Wilburton
McGinleyJohn42 258Wilburton
McGinleyMarjoria13 258Wilburton
McGinleyMarticia16 258Wilburton
McGowenEdward2+ 155Buffalo
McGowenGuy? H.41 155Buffalo
McGowenJames R.9 155Buffalo
McGowenWilliam7 155Buffalo
McGowenZona M.31 155Buffalo
McGuireBertha28 177Damon
McGuireBertie4 177Damon
McGuireClaud10 177Damon
McGuireGuy K.9mo. 152Buffalo
McGuireJackson H.14 152Buffalo
McGuirePauline R.11 152Buffalo
McGuireVelma A.33 152Buffalo
McGuireWalter38 177Damon
McGuireWilliam E.38 152Buffalo
McIntoshAlice Ana2 222Red Oak
McIntoshalso see McAntosh
McIntoshGertie L.43 217Gowen
McIntoshJohn s.41 217Gowen
McIntoshLenora12 222Red Oak
McIntoshLorene10 222Red Oak
McIntoshMabel L.19 217Gowen
McIntoshMamie J.10 217Gowen
McIntoshOllie29 222Red Oak
McIntoshR. C.33 222Red Oak
McIntoshVirginia L.12 217Gowen
McIntyreCharles B.57 247Salonia/Bengal
McIntyreJames60 246Salonia/Bengal
McIntyreJennie56 247Salonia/Bengal
McKay?Betty M.3 168Cravens
McKay?Ethel M.26 168Cravens
McKay?Hershell R.5 168Cravens
McKay?Leslie E.29 168Cravens
McKay?Sam W.51 168Cravens
McKennaGeorge P.18 262Wilburton
McKennaJohn P.64 262Wilburton
McKennaLuella31 262Wilburton
McKennaMay F.53 262Wilburton
McKennaMildred16 262Wilburton
McKennaWilliam P.20 262Wilburton
McKennyJames23 208Gowen
McKennyMargrete19 208Gowen
McKennyRuby Nell12 208Gowen
McKinleyClide3 208Gowen
McKinleyGordon28 208Gowen
McKinleyGordon Edward5 208Gowen
McKinleyOllie27 208Gowen
McKinleyOllie9 208Gowen
McKinnyArcha32 219Red Oak
McKissackIrene17 223Red Oak
McKissackJane50 223Red Oak
McKissackJohn22 223Red Oak
McKissackLuther20 223Red Oak
McKissackMose57 223Red Oak
McKissackPaul6 223Red Oak
McKissackPauline6 223Red Oak
McKiverJessie17 235Red Oak
McLainFrank H.26 154Buffalo
McLainLucy L.23 154Buffalo
McLainMaggie E.2+ 154Buffalo
McLartyHarvey18 252Wilburton
McLartyHenry E.61 252Wilburton
McLartyThurga A.25 252Wilburton
McMahanClarence25 241Salonia/Bengal
McMasterLales26 168Cravens
McMasterOla23 163Cravens
McMasterOma25 168Cravens
McMasterOral31 163Cravens
McMasterZennie4 163Cravens
McMillanAlbert B.46 179Damon
McMillenEva31 257Wilburton
McMillenMary56 257Wilburton
McMillenMildred22? 257Wilburton
McMillenPaul23 257Wilburton
McMillenSamuel A.56 257Wilburton
McMiller?Bell H.66 251Wilburton
McMinnNettie61 222Red Oak
McMurrayM....38 205Gowen
McMurryArlie R.19 151Buffalo
McMurryClinton H.24 151Buffalo
McMurryCluster E.?4+ 151Buffalo
McMurryGarlen C.32 151Buffalo
McMurryGirtie P.15 151Buffalo
McMurryJessie A.24 151Buffalo
McMurryJoe C.17 151Buffalo
McMurryKenneth E.4.4mo 151Buffalo
McMurryMinnie J.6 mo. 151Buffalo
McMurryMollie R.54 151Buffalo
McMurryMunden? L.2.1mo 151Buffalo
McMurryNadine24 151Buffalo
McMurryRuben B.28 151Buffalo
McRoyOtis22 179Damon
MeckuskiAnna22 197Gowen
MeckuskiBen52 197Gowen
MeckuskiBernie13 197Gowen
MeckuskiJohn18 197Gowen
MeckuskiJoseph22 197Gowen
MeckuskiMary42 197Gowen
MeckuskiMickle11 197Gowen
MeckuskiPauline6 197Gowen
MeckuskiRose?15 197Gowen
MeckuskiStandly2 197Gowen
MeckuskiTommy9 197Gowen
MeddersGirtie B.50 153Buffalo
MeddersJames R.14 153Buffalo
MeddersJohn H.66 153Buffalo
MeddersOpal A.9 153Buffalo
MeddersRobert L.7 153Buffalo
MeddersRoy L.12 153Buffalo
MeddersWilliam B.23 153Buffalo
MeddowsJack B.8 151Buffalo
MeddowsJohn 8 151Buffalo
MeddowsOra M.27 151Buffalo
MeekSherman24 185Degnan
MeeksAmerica54 245Salonia/Bengal
MeeksByron14 245Salonia/Bengal
MeeksMalcome18 245Salonia/Bengal
MeeksOpal16 245Salonia/Bengal
MeeksWilliam58 245Salonia/Bengal
MegeeAdaline65 241Salonia/Bengal
MelettJoseph70 217Gowen
MeltonAllie12 225Red Oak
MeltonAlma19 225Red Oak
MeltonAtress15? 225Red Oak
MeltonEra14 225Red Oak
MeltonFloyd21 225Red Oak
MeltonHarold24 225Red Oak
MeltonHoward8 225Red Oak
MeltonJ. G.49 225Red Oak
MeltonLela49 225Red Oak
MeltonLloyd11 225Red Oak
MeltonMarvin23 225Red Oak
MerchantBama48 219Red Oak
MerchantW. B.57 219Red Oak
MeredithColine1 258Wilburton
MeredithHarrold9 258Wilburton
MeredithJohn11 258Wilburton
MeredithLela17 258Wilburton
MeredithLula40 258Wilburton
MeredithMelton13 258Wilburton
MeredithNaomia?15 258Wilburton
MeredithOda M.41 258Wilburton
MeredithPauline1 258Wilburton
MerkelJames G.57 157Buffalo
MerrymanBenjamin27 241Salonia/Bengal
MerrymanDenver6 241Salonia/Bengal
MerrymanEva26 241Salonia/Bengal
MerrymanGabe H.29 241Salonia/Bengal
MerrymanJimmie G.9mo. 241Salonia/Bengal
MerrymanOleeta4 241Salonia/Bengal
MessengerAndrew73 166Cravens
MesserLee31 215Gowen
MesserRuth21 215Gowen
MetcalfCharley26 160Cravens
MetcalfElla30 160Cravens
MetcalfGeneva8 160Cravens
MetcalfJaunita6 160Cravens
MetcalfJohn L.37 160Cravens
MetcalfLaurels?5mo? 160Cravens
MetcalfLessie20 160Cravens
MetcalfWilliam10mo. 160Cravens
MichelA.V.16 171Cravens
MichelBill 30 170Cravens
MichelBilly L.7 170Cravens
MichelCharles J.18 171Cravens
MichelEd L.57 171Cravens
MichelElla V.44 171Cravens
MichelJames E.1 170Cravens
MichelJoe P.6 171Cravens
MichelLaura D.24 170Cravens
MichelLorene O.11 171Cravens
MickelBernie 28 170Cravens
MickelClarice E.23 170Cravens
MickelClarice J.2 170Cravens
MickelJuanita C.1 170Cravens
MidgleyClaud19 229Red Oak
MidgleyDave50 229Red Oak
MidgleyHarreld1 229Red Oak
MidgleyHoward8 229Red Oak
MidgleyLucile5 229Red Oak
MidgleyRuby17 229Red Oak
MidgleyRuth14 229Red Oak
MidgleyStella46 229Red Oak
MilamMartha R.71 217Gowen
MilanoJoe50 250Wilburton
MilanoJoe jr.17 250Wilburton
MilanoSam22 250Wilburton
MilanoTena40 250Wilburton
MilanoWilliam19 250Wilburton
MilburnImogene3 188Degnan
MilburnJames?1 188Degnan
MilburnMerree6 188Degnan
MilburnMyrtle28 188Degnan
MillerAlthea45 185Degnan
MillerBay E.29 261Wilburton
MillerChristine36 205Gowen
MillerDewey A.15 155Buffalo
MillerEudine?4 185Degnan
MillerFern8 185Degnan
MillerFill50 192Degnan
MillerFlorence43 256Wilburton
MillerGeneva17 261Wilburton
MillerGeorge21 261Wilburton
MillerGeorge A.75 256Wilburton
MillerGrason38? 205Gowen
MillerGusto7 205Gowen
MillerHarry51 219Red Oak
MillerHarry J.42 156Buffalo
MillerHenry20 206Gowen
MillerJennie D.51 261Wilburton
MillerJohn E.60 219Red Oak
MillerJoseph S.65 215Gowen
MillerJulie3 205Gowen
MillerLola18 206Gowen
MillerLon J.61 161Cravens
MillerLoyd E.11 156Buffalo
MillerMamie40 156Buffalo
MillerMartin51 185Degnan
MillerMary E.56 215Gowen
MillerMary L.17 156Buffalo
MillerNancy J.67 209Gowen
MillerNellie12 261Wilburton
MillerPaul7 185Degnan
MillerRachel S.12 155Buffalo
MillerRuth E.8 156Buffalo
MillerSarah J.75 256Wilburton
MillerThomas60 158Cravens
MillerVickey?5 205Gowen
MillerWilliam66 209Gowen
MillsFred64 174Damon
MillsHoward21 187Degnan
MillsLuther E.62 213Gowen
MillsLuther E. jr.31 213Gowen
MillsMack44 181Damon
MillsMary R.60 213Gowen
MillusClyde27 243Salonia/Bengal
MillusFlorenda19 243Salonia/Bengal
MillusNora L.6mo. 243Salonia/Bengal
MiltonBetty R.11mo. 172Damon
MiltonElla33 172Damon
MiltonHorace J.42 172Damon
MindesE..64 197Gowen
MindesFred28 197Gowen
MindesJames36 197Gowen
MindesJosie26 197Gowen
MindesNellie15 197Gowen
MindesPatria22 197Gowen
MindesTana54 197Gowen
MingsImogene2 243Salonia/Bengal
MingsJane A.53 243Salonia/Bengal
MingsJohn E.7mo. 243Salonia/Bengal
MingsJohn H.55 243Salonia/Bengal
MingsLester B.27 243Salonia/Bengal
MingsPearl23 243Salonia/Bengal
MingsSeldon W.25 243Salonia/Bengal
Miser?Bill51 212Gowen
MitchellAda L.22 171Cravens
MitchellAlaska L.16 168Cravens
MitchellAlza34 176Damon
MitchellAnnamay22 184Degnan
MitchellAubery A.10 168Cravens
MitchellBeatrice B.11 150Buffalo
MitchellBillie J.1mo. 177Damon
MitchellBruce A.4 177Damon
MitchellCatherine39 249Wilburton
MitchellCatherine7 252Wilburton
MitchellClyde W.13 258Wilburton
MitchellDenis18 230Red Oak
MitchellEarl1 192Degnan
MitchellEd27 171Cravens
MitchellEdith12 174Damon
MitchellEli S.53 152Buffalo
MitchellElizabeth20 192Degnan
MitchellElma44 258Wilburton
MitchellErnest15 230Red Oak
MitchellErvin L.10 150Buffalo
MitchellEsie M.5 177Damon
MitchellFana L.12 168Cravens
MitchellFay14 174Damon
MitchellGeorge B.51 254Wilburton
MitchellGladys18 174Damon
MitchellGlen W.10 258Wilburton
MitchellGus55 174Damon
MitchellHenry52 184Degnan
MitchellHugh20 258Wilburton
MitchellJames R.11 152Buffalo
MitchellJessie B.9 176Damon
MitchellJessie E.3 171Cravens
MitchellJoseph W.6 150Buffalo
MitchellJosephine7 230Red Oak
MitchellLecie46 230Red Oak
MitchellLessie A.19 168Cravens
MitchellLessie L.42 217Gowen
MitchellLily37 252Wilburton
MitchellLissa E.40 152Buffalo
Mitchellloise M.44 176Damon
MitchellLorena16 152Buffalo
MitchellLorry12 230Red Oak
MitchellLouis P.55 230Red Oak
MitchellMaggie32 150Buffalo
MitchellMarion L.2 171Cravens
MitchellMartha C.57 167Cravens
MitchellMattie50 184Degnan
MitchellMinnie49 254Wilburton
MitchellMose A.56 167Cravens
MitchellRay5 174Damon
MitchellRebecca8 174Damon
MitchellRobert 36 150Buffalo
MitchellRobert B.45 249Wilburton
MitchellRobert B.4 252Wilburton
MitchellRobert B.4 150Buffalo
MitchellRobert L.19 152Buffalo
MitchellRoy10 230Red Oak
MitchellRoyce B.10 249Wilburton
MitchellThomas52 252Wilburton
MitchellTonya?21 192Degnan
MitchellUel E.8 150Buffalo
MitchellWalter D.50? 258Wilburton
MitchellWanetta9 252Wilburton
MitchellWilliam19 192Degnan
Mitchell?Helen10 207Gowen
Mitchell?James Virgil12 207Gowen
Mitchell?Lucile13 207Gowen
Mitchell?Minnie32 207Gowen
Mitchell?Virgil35 207Gowen
MixonBlance14 195Gowen
MixonEdwyn35 195Gowen
MixonElna3 195Gowen
MixonGussie5 195Gowen
MixonJunior7 195Gowen
MixonMable35 195Gowen
MixonS...69? 196Gowen
MixonVerne11 195Gowen
MizeArtie 21 176Damon
MizeAuther5 236Red Oak
MizeEdward M.43 242Salonia/Bengal
MizeEdward M.8 242Salonia/Bengal
MizeEffie17 236Red Oak
MizeEverett6 242Salonia/Bengal
MizeHazel12 176Damon
MizeJessie5 236Red Oak
MizeLonnie12 236Red Oak
MizeMargaret B.52 176Damon
MizeMary38 236Red Oak
MizeMural15 242Salonia/Bengal
MizeOpal19 242Salonia/Bengal
MizeRiley8 236Red Oak
MizeRosa41 242Salonia/Bengal
MobleyDermous E.6 162Cravens
MoffittAnna H.18 156Buffalo
MoffittEarnest R.15 156Buffalo
MoffittEli C.49 156Buffalo
MoffittErie E.46 156Buffalo
MoffittJaunita9 156Buffalo
MondayAlfred9mo. 248Salonia/Bengal
MondayBennett10 247Salonia/Bengal
MondayCharles C.38 247Salonia/Bengal
MondayElvin5 248Salonia/Bengal
MondayGoldie8 248Salonia/Bengal
MondayJeanie6 247Salonia/Bengal
MondayLee47 248Salonia/Bengal
MondayLucy3 248Salonia/Bengal
MondayMary33 247Salonia/Bengal
MondayMay.2 248Salonia/Bengal
Monday.John C.64 248Salonia/Bengal
MonksAther15 202Gowen
MonksBuster36 209Gowen
MonksEdith27 209Gowen
MonksG. W.5 203Gowen
MonksGeorge50 202Gowen
MonksGrady18 202Gowen
MonksJames14 202Gowen
MonksLinnie6 209Gowen
MonksLouis3 209Gowen
MonksManda41? 202Gowen
MonksWilliam12 202Gowen
MonroeChiffie39 234Red Oak
MonroeEarl22 158Cravens
MonroeElmer9 234Red Oak
MonroeEwell7 165Cravens
MonroeFloyd11mo 234Red Oak
MonroeJake14 234Red Oak
MonroeLay49 234Red Oak
MonroeLou34 165Cravens
MonroeLoyd11mo 234Red Oak
MontanaCharles48 254Wilburton
MontanaCharley jr.13 254Wilburton
MontanaConstance8 254Wilburton
MontanaJoe22 254Wilburton
MontanaLucy19 254Wilburton
MontanaStella40 254Wilburton
MontanaStella15 254Wilburton
MontanaWillliam3 254Wilburton
MontgomeryGertrude L.6 215Gowen
MoodyAlva1 220Red Oak
MoodyBeulah3 220Red Oak
MoodyJohn27 220Red Oak
MoodyLincoln8 220Red Oak
MoodyRosie23 220Red Oak
MoonAnna J.18 151Buffalo
MoonEugene L.60 151Buffalo
MoonGrace V.15 151Buffalo
MoonLoree V.7 151Buffalo
MoonMinnie47 151Buffalo
MoonPaul E.20 151Buffalo
MoonPauline J.2 mo. 151Buffalo
MoonVirgil A.12 151Buffalo
MooneyhamMelvin36 158Cravens
MoonyhamElla42 206Gowen
MoonyhamJo...46 206Gowen
MooreAlma L.17 214Gowen
MooreBennie47 234Red Oak
MooreBertha19 163Cravens
MooreBill46 218Red Oak
MooreBuel G.2 181Damon
MooreCarl17 218Red Oak
MooreCordealia13 234Red Oak
MooreDave B.7 181Damon
MooreDoc6 218Red Oak
MooreDonald7 166Cravens
MooreDoris J.2 mo. 163Cravens
MooreElsie M.7 164Cravens
MooreElzie9 218Red Oak
MooreErnest16 238Red Oak
MooreEthel19 218Red Oak
MooreExel M.12 181Damon
MooreFleeter M.31 181Damon
MooreFrankie16 218Red Oak
MooreGeorge W.35 181Damon
MooreHaskell11mo 166Cravens
MooreHomer5 234Red Oak
MooreJ. B.12 218Red Oak
MooreJack73 198Gowen
MooreJennie V.31 164Cravens
MooreJim A.53 234Red Oak
MooreLawrence R.26 214Gowen
MooreLeana W.8 167Cravens
MooreLee26 163Cravens
MooreLena25 166Cravens
MooreLorene M.12 164Cravens
MooreLoyd R.20 214Gowen
MooreMae W.30 167Cravens
MooreMargie38 218Red Oak
MooreMarvin10 198Gowen
MooreMary K.54 214Gowen
MooreMattie18 179Damon
MooreMichel F.10 181Damon
MooreOmer H.30 166Cravens
MooreRay11 234Red Oak
MooreRobert20 234Red Oak
MooreRobert P.32 164Cravens
MooreRobert R.55 214Gowen
MooreRoy L.1 163Cravens
MooreTracy2 184Degnan
MooreVastana A.10 167Cravens
MooreViolet L1mo. 181Damon
MooreVirgel16 234Red Oak
MooreWillie C.34 167Cravens
MooreWilma C.7 167Cravens
MoranBille Lee? 185Degnan
MoranStella22 185Degnan
MordecaiJenosha53 233Red Oak
MordecaiTom J.54 233Red Oak
MoreSalina85 176Damon
Morgan?2 173Damon
Morgan? M.10mo. 173Damon
Morgan? L.27 173Damon
MorganAlan B.0 183Degnan
MorganAlma L.12 264Wilburton
MorganBessie26 183Degnan
MorganCora A.51 264Wilburton
MorganDixie36 227Red Oak
MorganDonald1 250Wilburton
MorganGeraldine22 250Wilburton
MorganHaraldine2 227Red Oak
MorganLillian21 173Damon
MorganLuciel9 183Degnan
MorganLugene3 173Damon
MorganLula60 250Wilburton
MorganMack41 227Red Oak
MorganMamie27 261Wilburton
MorganMaxine12 227Red Oak
MorganMyrle39 244Salonia/Bengal
MorganOlan22 183Degnan
MorganPerry13 250Wilburton
MorganQuinton24 250Wilburton
MorganR. Berry60 244Salonia/Bengal
MorganRaymond D.1 250Wilburton
MorganRoscoe16 245Salonia/Bengal
MorganWanetta5 261Wilburton
MorganWilliam H.73 173Damon
MorganWilliam J.35 261Wilburton
MorganWilliam J. jr3 261Wilburton
MorrisAlbert47 199Gowen
MorrisAlice29 195Gowen
MorrisAnnie20 260Wilburton
MorrisBiddie49 196Gowen
MorrisBonnie3 195Gowen
MorrisBonnie15 195Gowen
MorrisCarrie48 197Gowen
MorrisClarence5 180Damon
MorrisCordelia78 198Gowen
MorrisDelpha33 195Gowen
MorrisDimpsey?9 195Gowen
MorrisDotty13 195Gowen
MorrisEddie15 199Gowen
MorrisElle43 195Gowen
MorrisEtta M.37 145Buffalo
MorrisFrancies58 180Damon
MorrisGeorgia18 195Gowen
MorrisHopwood W.50 145Buffalo
MorrisHuston?20 180Damon
MorrisImogene14 223Red Oak
MorrisJ... L.54 195Gowen
MorrisJames H.? 145Buffalo
MorrisJD4 243Salonia/Bengal
MorrisJoe22 177Damon
MorrisJohn52 197Gowen
MorrisLeo9 243Salonia/Bengal
MorrisLillian2 203Gowen
MorrisLily36 199Gowen
MorrisLoiuse11 196Gowen
MorrisLonnie38 203Gowen
MorrisLorine15 196Gowen
MorrisLouis19? 199Gowen
MorrisLucile8 203Gowen
MorrisLutie18 259Wilburton
MorrisMack41 196Gowen
MorrisMaggie M.44 180Damon
MorrisMargret25 259Wilburton
MorrisMartha Lee1 259Wilburton
MorrisMary76 223Red Oak
MorrisMary27 198Gowen
MorrisMary Alice13 196Gowen
MorrisMary J.6 243Salonia/Bengal
MorrisMinnie34 203Gowen
MorrisNora54 145Buffalo
MorrisPauline35 243Salonia/Bengal
MorrisRay Lee23 197Gowen
MorrisRobert8 243Salonia/Bengal
MorrisRobert28 197Gowen
MorrisRobert6 203Gowen
MorrisSamuel41 243Salonia/Bengal
MorrisThomas30 264Wilburton
MorrisVerge40 198Gowen
MorrisViolet F.12 145Buffalo
MorrisWalter31 198Gowen
MorrisWill A.55 180Damon
MorrisWilliam12 195Gowen
MorrisWilliam T.60 145Buffalo
MorrisWillie M.26 180Damon
MorrisWillis21 260Wilburton
MorrisWillis13 199Gowen
MorrisonAlex0 190Degnan
MorrisonBeatrice21 190Degnan
MorrisonBernace5 190Degnan
MorrisonCarline27 190Degnan
MorrisonCathrine16 191Degnan
MorrisonClarence21 190Degnan
MorrisonCora39 235Red Oak
MorrisonDora31 190Degnan
MorrisonEd35 190Degnan
MorrisonFrances7 235Red Oak
MorrisonFrank6 191Degnan
MorrisonGuinel2? 190Degnan
MorrisonHenry53 190Degnan
MorrisonHoward5 190Degnan
MorrisonIrene9 235Red Oak
MorrisonJames14 235Red Oak
MorrisonJames B.50 235Red Oak
MorrisonJessie38 235Red Oak
MorrisonJewel17 235Red Oak
MorrisonJohn3 191Degnan
MorrisonJohn D.47 235Red Oak
MorrisonJuanaita16 235Red Oak
MorrisonLawrence7 190Degnan
MorrisonLeo17 235Red Oak
MorrisonLillian A.38 235Red Oak
MorrisonLinzie19 235Red Oak
MorrisonLorine10 235Red Oak
MorrisonMary1 235Red Oak
MorrisonMary39 191Degnan
MorrisonMatilda10 190Degnan
MorrisonNeoma2 190Degnan
MorrisonSam7 190Degnan
MorrisonVeata14 235Red Oak
MorrowBenton H.27 155Buffalo
MorrowBernnie16 207Gowen
MorrowBonnie L.23 155Buffalo
MorrowCharlie27 209Gowen
MorrowCharlotte65 155Buffalo
MorrowClarance17 209Gowen
MorrowDelbert20 207Gowen
MorrowDorthey Mildred10 197Gowen
MorrowEdward30 197Gowen
MorrowElenor2+ 155Buffalo
MorrowEugene8 209Gowen
MorrowFrank18 207Gowen
MorrowJames6 197Gowen
MorrowJohnnie David3 209Gowen
MorrowJoseph11 209Gowen
MorrowLena39? 209Gowen
MorrowLeo14 209Gowen
MorrowLouis4 197Gowen
MorrowMarvin Lee1 197Gowen
MorrowMyrtle28? 197Gowen
MorrowOscar58 205Gowen
MorrowRay T.3 mo. 155Buffalo
MorrowRichard63 155Buffalo
MorrowRuby24 209Gowen
MorrowSusie22 207Gowen
MorrowTim54 207Gowen
MorrowWalter18 209Gowen
MorrowWillia P.1mo. 209Gowen
MorrowWilliam45 209Gowen
MosburgAnna48 236Red Oak
MosburgCharlie76 236Red Oak
MosesAndrew65 160Cravens
MosesQueen D.51 160Cravens
MoteAnnie C.53 161Cravens
MoteCharley E.27 160Cravens
MoteEdith L.5 160Cravens
MoteGeorge W.? 160Cravens
MoteGrady L.7 160Cravens
MoteHugh A.20 161Cravens
MoteJosie B.16 161Cravens
MoteSarah E.27 160Cravens
MoteWilliam J.57 161Cravens
MotleyCharles F.6 260Wilburton
MotleyFred D.38 260Wilburton
MotleyFred J.8 260Wilburton
MotleyKenneth8mo. 260Wilburton
MotleyLulu M.30 260Wilburton
MoyElla C.9 262Wilburton
MoyFrancis E.18 262Wilburton
MoyFrank20 262Wilburton
MoyHarry L.13 262Wilburton
MoyMary J.43 262Wilburton
MoyMildred M.15 262Wilburton
MoyTony47 262Wilburton
MullenSydney22 179Damon
MullenixCurtis M.38 227Red Oak
MullenixFay13 227Red Oak
MullenixLacy39 227Red Oak
MullenixRussell17 227Red Oak
MullerMorrisun 177Damon
MullinsElsie13 243Salonia/Bengal
MullinsHerby20 243Salonia/Bengal
MullinsJames I.55 243Salonia/Bengal
MullinsMattie47 243Salonia/Bengal
MullinsSolomon24 243Salonia/Bengal
MunaRichard16 192Degnan
MurchisonBessie32 192Degnan
MurchisonJames36 192Degnan
MurchisonJames jr.0 192Degnan
MurchisonJoe10 192Degnan
MurchisonKay9 192Degnan
MurchisonMax6 192Degnan
MurphyArthur C.16 214Gowen
MurphyEdna J.8 170Cravens
MurphyElla P.42 214Gowen
MurphyFrank W.19 214Gowen
MurphyJohn H.53 214Gowen
MurphyJoseph 58 170Cravens
MurphyLydia J.45 170Cravens
MurphyPat62 206Gowen
MurphyPete47 212Gowen
MurrayChester16 220Red Oak
MurrayEarnest18 220Red Oak
MurrayHarry13 220Red Oak
MurrayJ. N.55 220Red Oak
MurrayNettie52 220Red Oak
MurrayRaymond20 220Red Oak
MurrayRuby10 220Red Oak
MurryJames L.70 242Salonia/Bengal
MuseCecil9 181Damon
MuseFlorence8 181Damon
MuseFoster35 180Damon
MuseMary29 180Damon
MussinoAlice29 199Gowen
MussinoD...42 199Gowen
MussinoEarl4 199Gowen
MussinoJoseph6 199Gowen
MustainEula41 165Cravens
MustainFannie70 165Cravens
MustainMary21 165Cravens
MustainTerry47 165Cravens
MyerEmma25 199Gowen
MyerJoseph Franklin6 199Gowen
MyerWesley37 199Gowen
MyersBrince? Allen17 197Gowen
MyersDavid M...19 197Gowen
MyersDora22 197Gowen
MyersFrancis11 245Salonia/Bengal
MyersImogene10 197Gowen
MyersJames40 197Gowen
MyersJames Junior5 197Gowen
MyersJoe61 243Salonia/Bengal
MyersLeota9 245Salonia/Bengal
MyersMildred6 197Gowen
MyersPauline13 245Salonia/Bengal
MyersRachel39 245Salonia/Bengal
MyersWilliam B.39 245Salonia/Bengal

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