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1930 Latimer County Census

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name AgePage No. Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
NashBeulah13 176Damon
NashCurtis20 218Red Oak
NashEffie36 176Damon
NashEthel18 218Red Oak
NashGeorge41 176Damon
NashGertrude2 176Damon
NashGrace6 176Damon
NashMary15 176Damon
NashSibby52 175Damon
NashWilliam4 176Damon
NationAud L.38 251Wilburton
NationBell33 258Wilburton
NationBetty Lou1 258Wilburton
NationMargie12 258Wilburton
NationMarion6 251Wilburton
NationMertie M.13 258Wilburton
NationRobert13 251Wilburton
NationSally38 251Wilburton
NationSam A.36 258Wilburton
NationSam A. jr.8 258Wilburton
NeadFranie73 184Degnan
NeadJames79 184Degnan
NealBertha36 205Gowen
NealVest38 205Gowen
NeallyHenry?87 250Wilburton
NeatEster23 203Gowen
NeatRick24 203Gowen
NeatherlyBen52 199Gowen
NeatherlyHansel19 199Gowen
NeatherlyHelen44 199Gowen
NeatherlyIva8 199Gowen
NeatherlyLa..ria26 212Gowen
NeatherlyNellie10 212Gowen
NeatherlyViolet16 199Gowen
NeatherlyWilliam34 212Gowen
NelsonAda20 177Damon
NelsonAndrew28 232Red Oak
NelsonCora46 189Degnan
NelsonFanny47 197Gowen
NelsonFred18 197Gowen
NelsonGeneva22 232Red Oak
NelsonGladys A.18? 156Buffalo
NelsonHenry38 189Degnan
NelsonHouston64 177Damon
NelsonLouis53 197Gowen
NelsonRalph21 197Gowen
NelsonRosy26 197Gowen
NelsonRuby11 197Gowen
NelsonVirgil H.20 156Buffalo
NelsonWinnie15 197Gowen
NesbettArka32 214Gowen
NesbettJames E.23 214Gowen
NesbettMarion?42 214Gowen
NesbettMarjorie14 214Gowen
NettlesBlanche N.2 159Cravens
NettlesBoyce E.4 159Cravens
NettlesBrunnie B,15 159Cravens
NettlesEugene16 159Cravens
NettlesJim R.49 159Cravens
NettlesJim, jr.12 159Cravens
NettlesLara H.41 159Cravens
NewPaul 23 172Damon
NewVelerie B.21 172Damon
NewberryBert P.23 215Gowen
NewberryGuy58 215Gowen
NewberryGuy H.20 215Gowen
NewberryKurtey25 251Wilburton
NewberryOllie26 215Gowen
NewberryRay?12 215Gowen
NewberryRobie50 215Gowen
NewberryWilliam B.30 215Gowen
NewberyAlmeta4 188Degnan
NewberyBen28 188Degnan
NewberyBettie?4 192Degnan
NewberyClarence46 192Degnan
NewberyDortha3 192Degnan
NewberyElfreda6 188Degnan
NewberyEmma39 192Degnan
NewberyFern8 192Degnan
NewberyJack12 192Degnan
NewberyJeratine?18 192Degnan
NewberyLavon26 188Degnan
NewberyMarry14 192Degnan
NewberyMayo6 192Degnan
NewberyRoby10 192Degnan
NewberyT. D.17 192Degnan
NewcombDelmer20 228Red Oak
NewcombE. J.1 228Red Oak
NewcombGertrude22 228Red Oak
NewcombIsom26 228Red Oak
NewcombMary J.56 228Red Oak
NewcombT. J.3 228Red Oak
NewcombThelmer18 228Red Oak
NewmanChester R.26 161Cravens
NewmanDorthy L.1 161Cravens
NewmanElmer4 235Red Oak
NewmanEugene1 235Red Oak
NewmanIra28 235Red Oak
NewmanNina M.6 235Red Oak
NewmanPearl 24 161Cravens
NewmanUla28 235Red Oak
NewsomBrooks I.18 169Cravens
NewsomCharley61 187Degnan
NewsomDovie E.28 169Cravens
NewsomEthan H.8 169Cravens
NewsomJames D.6 169Cravens
NewsomJess B.30 169Cravens
NewsomMattie24 187Degnan
NewsomMildred E.2 169Cravens
NewsomMusie52 187Degnan
NewsomWalter17 187Degnan
NewsomWilliam19 187Degnan
NewsonBonnie Jene4 208Gowen
NewsonCharlie30 208Gowen
NewsonEarl3 208Gowen
NewsonElla May6 208Gowen
NewsonJearl3 208Gowen
NewsonVera25 208Gowen
NichalisRosie? 163Cravens
NicholsAlonzo R.44 214Gowen
NicholsAnabell8 234Red Oak
NicholsBrady18 186Degnan
NicholsElsie11 234Red Oak
NicholsEthel36 234Red Oak
NicholsEthel E.26 214Gowen
NicholsFred59 186Degnan
NicholsHenry31 176Damon
NicholsLester M.1 176Damon
NicholsLowell5 234Red Oak
NicholsMary21 176Damon
NicholsMinnie54 186Degnan
NicholsRuffus16 186Degnan
NicholsStacy42 234Red Oak
NicholsVara70 234Red Oak
NicholsWilliam26 186Degnan
NikleMargrete66 206Gowen
NixAlbert41 236Red Oak
NixAudra M.1 236Red Oak
NixGeorgena3 236Red Oak
NixIona5 236Red Oak
NixJohn A.7 236Red Oak
NixKaty33 236Red Oak
NixLacey10 236Red Oak
NixOdene12 236Red Oak
NixRaymon19 236Red Oak
NixSusa B.14 236Red Oak
NoahAddie10 223Red Oak
NoahBob44 219Red Oak
NoahCage J.48 223Red Oak
NoahClayborn21 223Red Oak
NoahEarl15 223Red Oak
NoahEthel27 223Red Oak
NoahHarold N...8mo. 223Red Oak
NoahHouge?29 223Red Oak
NoahHuston18 223Red Oak
NoahIda63 223Red Oak
NoahJ. C.3 223Red Oak
NoahJ. D.8 223Red Oak
NoahJ. L.65 223Red Oak
NoahLillian5 223Red Oak
NoahMay.6 223Red Oak
NoahMay.24 223Red Oak
NoahMead42 220Red Oak
NoahNona7 220Red Oak
NoahOzell9 223Red Oak
NoahRevis12 223Red Oak
NoahRevis12 227Red Oak
NoahRosie18 223Red Oak
NoahRuth12 223Red Oak
NoahS. D.31 223Red Oak
NoahSybil3 223Red Oak
NoahZulu44 223Red Oak
NobleBarney N.4 147Buffalo
NobleDora27 201Gowen
NobleDurwood M.10 147Buffalo
NobleEva7 201Gowen
NobleIdamay3 201Gowen
NobleJuanita5 201Gowen
NobleLloyd E.2 147Buffalo
NobleMary34 147Buffalo
NobleOrvil J.1 147Buffalo
NobleSylvia C.7 147Buffalo
NobleVelda L.6 147Buffalo
NobleWilliam49 147Buffalo
NobleWillie50 201Gowen
NoblesAda30 199Gowen
NoblesCharles Henry1 199Gowen
NoblesGeorge Otho7 199Gowen
NoblesLouie Oscar13 199Gowen
NoblesMargrete5 199Gowen
NoblesRay Lee11 199Gowen
NoblesSam32 199Gowen
NolanJewal23 184Degnan
NolanPatricia5 184Degnan
NolanWilliam48 184Degnan
NorrisEzril12 158Cravens
NorrisHezra9 158Cravens
NorrisPearl N.34 181Damon
NorrisTom B.51 181Damon
NorwoodColeman18 208Gowen
NorwoodHenry48 208Gowen
NorwoodIrene12 208Gowen
NorwoodJunior1 208Gowen
NorwoodLue45 208Gowen
NowlinElizabeth64 263Wilburton
NowlinJohn69 263Wilburton
NullAlton35 196Gowen
NullAnna23 196Gowen
NullLaurel61 196Gowen
NullReese62 196Gowen
NunleyBeaulah4 154Buffalo
NunleyIda M.30 154Buffalo
NunleyLonie J.1.6mo 154Buffalo
NunleyOra M.9 154Buffalo
NunleyTersie? E.6 154Buffalo
NunleyThomas36 154Buffalo
NunlyAlice Lee1 200Gowen
NunlyCoy22 200Gowen
NunlyLula May2 200Gowen
NunlyMollie20 200Gowen

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