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1930 Latimer County Census

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name AgePage No. Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
OdellEugene7 173Damon
OdellJohn40 173Damon
OdellSallie33 173Damon
OdellVinita4 173Damon
OdonellAudie22 185Degnan
OdonellJC11 185Degnan
OdonellLeona13 185Degnan
OdonellLilymay18 185Degnan
OherRosa22 184Degnan
OldhamDewey32 242Salonia/Bengal
OldhamPearl31 242Salonia/Bengal
OllerAlmeda20 226Red Oak
OllerAlta16 233Red Oak
OllerBuford24 232Red Oak
OllerEdna28 232Red Oak
OllerEdna39 233Red Oak
OllerErma2 232Red Oak
OllerFanny43 226Red Oak
OllerJimmie10mo. 232Red Oak
OllerJohn11 226Red Oak
OllerLonnie12 233Red Oak
OllerMary17 226Red Oak
OllerMaude15 226Red Oak
OllerRandolph49 226Red Oak
OllerRh4 232Red Oak
OllerTomas B.46 233Red Oak
OmalleyCharles T.21 263Wilburton
OmalleyEva T.60 263Wilburton
O'NealDelbert J.1 245Salonia/Bengal
O'NealDollie18 245Salonia/Bengal
O'NealJames28 245Salonia/Bengal
O'NealSusie J.67 245Salonia/Bengal
OrrMable20 249Wilburton
OsburnClarance31 237Red Oak
OsburnJ. D.6 237Red Oak
OsburnJerldine3 237Red Oak
OsburnLula26 237Red Oak
OttAmborse A.19 162Cravens
OttBen46 162Cravens
OttBenard B.9 162Cravens
OttBertha J.37 162Cravens
OttFrankie B.11 162Cravens
OttLester E.14 162Cravens
OttLizzie58 175Damon
OttMyrtle L.18 162Cravens
OttThelma M.3 162Cravens
Ottwill?Robie? E.17 162Cravens
Ottwill?William O.27 162Cravens
OverbyEllinora53 244Salonia/Bengal
OverbyFrank E.55 244Salonia/Bengal
OverbyHugh A.18 244Salonia/Bengal
OverbyLeroy C.11 244Salonia/Bengal
OverbyRuth D.15 244Salonia/Bengal
OwenAlvin18 230Red Oak
OwenIrene11 230Red Oak
OwenJ.S.12 229Red Oak
OwenJames11 230Red Oak
OwenJunita7 230Red Oak
OwenMay.16 230Red Oak
OwenRachel40 230Red Oak
OwenRose14 192Degnan
OwenRuby2 230Red Oak
OwenTrecie4 230Red Oak
OwenWill40 230Red Oak
OwenWilliam62 152Buffalo
Owen?Henry42 190Degnan
Owen?Rebecka36 190Degnan
OwensAlberta13 191Degnan
OwensAlfred9 248Salonia/Bengal
OwensAva? B.26 251Wilburton
OwensBettie1 186Degnan
OwensEdward6 248Salonia/Bengal
OwensEmma40 186Degnan
OwensFannie76 248Salonia/Bengal
OwensGaither38 248Salonia/Bengal
OwensGeorge49 186Degnan
OwensGeorge5 186Degnan
OwensGriffin55 191Degnan
OwensGriffin8 191Degnan
OwensHoward5 191Degnan
OwensIvan9 191Degnan
OwensLorene3 248Salonia/Bengal
OwensMargie1 248Salonia/Bengal
OwensMary78 191Degnan
OwensMoline38 191Degnan
OwensNeoma9 186Degnan
OwensOpia?19 251Wilburton
OwensRose14 251Wilburton
OwensRuth?6 186Degnan
OwensTruman39 248Salonia/Bengal
OwensVencie7 248Salonia/Bengal
OwensWalter23 251Wilburton
OwensWalter24 217Gowen
Owens?Alpha26 196Gowen
Owens?Elizabeth4 196Gowen
Owens?Harry25 196Gowen
Owens?James Henry11 196Gowen
OwensbyAtwell7 218Red Oak
OwensbyBertha29 218Red Oak
OwensbyDempsey10 218Red Oak
OwensbyEarl35 218Red Oak
OxfordHenry C.37 169Cravens
OxfordJack E.7 169Cravens
OxfordLue V.28? 169Cravens
OxfordMinnie A.11 169Cravens
OxfordRuby A.4 169Cravens

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