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1930 Latimer County Census
P - Q

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name AgePage No. Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
PaceAddie57 187Degnan
PaceBlanche38 253Wilburton
PaceBonnie L.5mo. 255Wilburton
PaceCurnon25 187Degnan
PaceDolce?10 187Degnan
PaceDorothy0 187Degnan
PaceEarl R.41 253Wilburton
PaceGene0 187Degnan
PaceGolden8 187Degnan
PaceHarrington16 187Degnan
PaceHomer4 253Wilburton
PaceHomer C.36 255Wilburton
PaceHomer E.3 255Wilburton
PaceJewell27 255Wilburton
PaceJim56 187Degnan
PaceJoe Ann1 253Wilburton
PaceJohn M.42 217Gowen
PaceJohn M. jr.8 217Gowen
PaceLaura19 187Degnan
PaceLouis M.32 255Wilburton
PaceLucille34 255Wilburton
PaceLueze5 187Degnan
PaceMartha L.38 217Gowen
PaceMary24 187Degnan
PaceMary H.1 217Gowen
PaceOliver24 187Degnan
PaceRosie Lee49 255Wilburton
PaceRufus S.71 255Wilburton
PaceRufus W.6 217Gowen
PadgettAncel J.21 164Cravens
PadgettClarence C.10 164Cravens
PadgettJames H.62 164Cravens
PadgettMary E.45 164Cravens
PadgettOrville L.30 164Cravens
PadgettRobert J.6 164Cravens
PadgettVirgil V.24 164Cravens
PahlonAgnes L.6 169Cravens
PahlonBill H.32 169Cravens
PahlonDavid S.26 169Cravens
PahlonJanet 61 169Cravens
PahlonMary M.23 169Cravens
PahlonPearl C.28 169Cravens
PaineskiAndrew71 198Gowen
PainterThelma24 259Wilburton
PalmeltreeJohnny35 225Red Oak
PalmeltreeRoxie76 225Red Oak
PalmerAline7 242Salonia/Bengal
PalmerBarbara2 226Red Oak
PalmerBillie2 226Red Oak
PalmerChester12 226Red Oak
PalmerDee11 242Salonia/Bengal
PalmerDewey? G.30 226Red Oak
PalmerElmer7 226Red Oak
PalmerIsabell32 242Salonia/Bengal
PalmerLouise7 226Red Oak
PalmerLuther P.38 242Salonia/Bengal
PalmerMyrtle M.26 226Red Oak
PalmerPearle27 226Red Oak
PalmerWillliam36 226Red Oak
PalmieriAlma8 163Cravens
PalmieriCarlo13 163Cravens
PalmieriDelina11 163Cravens
PalmieriDena12 163Cravens
PalmieriEda14 163Cravens
PalmieriIsalina43 163Cravens
PalmieriJoe36 163Cravens
PalmieriJohnie10 163Cravens
PalmieriMae17 163Cravens
PalmieriMary10 163Cravens
PalmieriRosa33 163Cravens
PalmieriVergilio33 162Cravens
PannellLo.. C.52 251Wilburton
PannellMary P.39 251Wilburton
PanterDessie M.25 155Buffalo
PanterFrank S.29 155Buffalo
PanterMary L.2.6mo. 155Buffalo
Par?Dorthy F.8 165Cravens
Par?Gertrude E.11 165Cravens
Par?Gertrude M.34 165Cravens
Par?John D.35 165Cravens
Par?John D., jr13 165Cravens
Par?Richard P.9 165Cravens
Par?William A.7 165Cravens
ParapeAugusta45 200Gowen
ParapeDann16 200Gowen
ParapeErnest50 200Gowen
ParapeFred9 200Gowen
ParapeJeneve13 200Gowen
ParapeLela18 200Gowen
ParapeMildred11 200Gowen
ParateSam42? 200Gowen
PardoneFrank69 221Red Oak
PardoneJohn32 220Red Oak
PardoneJulia26 221Red Oak
PardoneJunior9 220Red Oak
PardoneLois29 220Red Oak
PardoneMadeline65 221Red Oak
Pareyenez?Albert7 206Gowen
Pareyenez?Felix1 206Gowen
Pareyenez?Gregory3 206Gowen
Pareyenez?Lillie10 206Gowen
Pareyenez?Sallie29 206Gowen
Pareyenez?Zenan40 206Gowen
ParishBertha38 221Red Oak
ParishBettie Marie4 205Gowen
ParishDorthy9? 205Gowen
ParishEmma28 205Gowen
ParishGeorgia May6 205Gowen
ParishGrace12 205Gowen
ParishJoe9 221Red Oak
ParishJoy4mo. 205Gowen
ParishPauline11 221Red Oak
ParishWilliam36 205Gowen
ParkBaby Gene5mo. 251Wilburton
ParkEstel? J.63 252Wilburton
ParkHomer C.38 251Wilburton
ParkLucille54 252Wilburton
ParkMaud36 251Wilburton
ParkWilliam 13 251Wilburton
ParkerCathrine0 192Degnan
ParkerEarl T.27 262Wilburton
ParkerElla20 192Degnan
ParkerElmr36 192Degnan
ParkerMary28 262Wilburton
ParkerPeter P.32 199Gowen
ParkerRaymond E.1 262Wilburton
Parker?Billy Lee4 255Wilburton
Parker?Coney C.29 255Wilburton
Parker?Fred8 255Wilburton
Parker?Morine7 255Wilburton
Parker?Netty26 255Wilburton
ParkinsonClif...23 197Gowen
ParkinsonFlorence18 197Gowen
ParksAlex7 168Cravens
ParksAustin23 165Cravens
ParksBethel35 221Red Oak
ParksC. E.40 221Red Oak
ParksDavid N.7 162Cravens
ParksDorthy N.3 162Cravens
ParksEffie30 162Cravens
ParksFlorence C.13 168Cravens
ParksFloyd E.9 162Cravens
ParksGarnet E.9 168Cravens
ParksGladys19 165Cravens
ParksHelen B.12 169Cravens
ParksHoward W.5 162Cravens
ParksIdella A.61 164Cravens
ParksJames R.36 162Cravens
ParksJames R.11 162Cravens
ParksMae M.4 168Cravens
ParksMildred14 221Red Oak
ParksMoisell E.32 168Cravens
ParksMollie G.1 162Cravens
ParksOlan10 221Red Oak
ParksPaul V.2 168Cravens
ParksPhineas P.31 168Cravens
ParksWilliam B.62 164Cravens
ParksWoodford P.15 168Cravens
ParrAloneta9 167Cravens
ParrArthur R.42 167Cravens
ParrLena36 167Cravens
ParrLevell8 167Cravens
PateAnnie29 179Damon
PateBeatrice L.2 179Damon
PateBonnie B.14 165Cravens
PateCatherine16 259Wilburton
PateCathryn 15 179Damon
PateDavid M.40 160Cravens
PateDorthy4 179Damon
PateFannie M.8 181Damon
PateGeorge W.65 165Cravens
PateHissie30 198Gowen
PateJohn M.52 179Damon
PateKenneth19 179Damon
PateKenneth J.7mo. 179Damon
PateLorene L.11 160Cravens
PateLouie29 165Cravens
PateLula32 165Cravens
PateLuvena53 165Cravens
PateMamie L.34 160Cravens
PateMandy J.17 165Cravens
PateRecie11 181Damon
PateRena May.22 179Damon
PateRoy E.20 165Cravens
PateStanford15 181Damon
PateT.....4 160Cravens
PateThomas L.2 165Cravens
PateUlla Belle13 179Damon
PateWesly12 181Damon
PaternellWalter64 236Red Oak
Paterson?George2? 188Degnan
Paterson?Lola34 188Degnan
Paterson?Ponder32 188Degnan
PatrickBell42 173Damon
PatrickDaniel17 173Damon
PatrickJoe24 173Damon
PatrickJohn49 173Damon
PatrickJohn B.7 173Damon
PatrickLoise?11 173Damon
PatrickParnell14 173Damon
PattersonIda4 186Degnan
PattersonIsabell25 186Degnan
PattersonMinnie24 235Red Oak
PattersonMollie5 186Degnan
PattersonWilliam54 186Degnan
PattersonWilliam1 186Degnan
PattissonLavena50 191Degnan
PattissonSam53 190Degnan
PaulAbbie34 259Wilburton
PaulEdna M.16 259Wilburton
PaulPattrica2 259Wilburton
PaulPress M.39 259Wilburton
PaulPress M. jr.4 259Wilburton
PaxtonSelina60 177Damon
PayneN...59 199Gowen
PeacheeIra70 260Wilburton
Peain?Charls65 199Gowen
Peain?Dorthy9 199Gowen
Peain?Neomi55 199Gowen
PearceAlfred J.69 150Buffalo
PearceBeaulah17 154Buffalo
PearceCharlie 16 154Buffalo
PearceChester14 154Buffalo
PearceClarence21 154Buffalo
PearceEdmond A.58 154Buffalo
PearceFloyd10 154Buffalo
PearceHaley7 154Buffalo
PearceLeona E68 150Buffalo
PearceMartha38 154Buffalo
PearceOllie14 154Buffalo
PearceOscar A.56 154Buffalo
PearceTilda M.49 154Buffalo
PearmanDortha9 256Wilburton
PearmanEmma41 256Wilburton
PearmanWiley17 256Wilburton
Pearsat?Allas60 184Degnan
Pearsat?Omar53 184Degnan
PearsonAaron C.47 152Buffalo
PearsonAda N.47 152Buffalo
PearsonAlbert19 257Wilburton
PearsonAndrew J.2 257Wilburton
PearsonGeorge H.3 257Wilburton
PearsonJohn L.22 152Buffalo
PearsonLee H.29 257Wilburton
PearsonLela M.22 257Wilburton
PearsonLizzy60 257Wilburton
PearsonWalter S.30 257Wilburton
PebworthDella B.12? 216Gowen
PebworthJohn L.33 216Gowen
PebworthJoseph65 216Gowen
PebworthLena?20 216Gowen
PebworthMildred A.2 216Gowen
PebworthMinnie17 216Gowen
PebworthNancy.40 216Gowen
PebworthRobert?10 216Gowen
PebworthRosella8 216Gowen
PedenG. W.4 237Red Oak
PedenGivens38 237Red Oak
PedenJames11 237Red Oak
PeevyLeo5 188Degnan
PeevyLily4 188Degnan
PeevyRongo?32 188Degnan
PeevySara22 188Degnan
PeevyTroy1 188Degnan
PellumAugustus S.71 216Gowen
PellumViola49 216Gowen
PendletonBertie48 196Gowen
PendletonBill12 196Gowen
PendletonJohn48 196Gowen
PendletonMarie18 196Gowen
PendletonVinitie10 196Gowen
PenningtonGeorge65 158Cravens
PeppersClifford J.18 166Cravens
PeppersEster25 251Wilburton
PeppersFloyd27 251Wilburton
PeppersJames A.59 166Cravens
PeppersJudy A.78 252Wilburton
PeppersNellie L.50 166Cravens
PeppersWoodrow15 166Cravens
PerdueJewell28 260Wilburton
PerdueRobert C.32 260Wilburton
PerryHenry53 207Gowen
PerryLenard14 207Gowen
PerryMattie33 207Gowen
Persinger?Charley W.56 180Damon
PetersCallis37 245Salonia/Bengal
PettijohnSherman63 261Wilburton
Petty?Grunetta25 253Wilburton
Petty?Vern35 253Wilburton
PeytonHomer L.9 229Red Oak
PeytonSilas P.12 229Red Oak
PhikasEva43 210Gowen
PhikasWilliam M.60 210Gowen
PhilipsCharlie R.16 154Buffalo
PhilipsElsie A.9 154Buffalo
PhilipsGladys B.11 238Red Oak
PhilipsHance19 209Gowen
PhilipsJames14 210Gowen
PhilipsJessie48 210Gowen
PhilipsJohn D.40 154Buffalo
PhilipsMary44 210Gowen
PhilipsMay V.26 154Buffalo
PhilipsNellie19 209Gowen
PhilipsVirgil23 209Gowen
PhillipsClara F.4 161Cravens
PhillipsHazel D.10 161Cravens
PhillipsHenry67 216Gowen
PhillipsHilda L.2 161Cravens
PhillipsLawrence L.7 161Cravens
PhillipsMildred L.15 161Cravens
PhillipsMinnie D.40 161Cravens
PhillipsOscar43 183Degnan
PhillipsSallie64 216Gowen
PhillipsSam L.39 161Cravens
PhilpotMildred A.50 154Buffalo
PhilpotSamuel W.52 154Buffalo
PianaltoBruce J.16 158Cravens
PianaltoJoe58 158Cravens
PianaltoRose57 158Cravens
PickleBennett25 225Red Oak
PickleFreeman24 225Red Oak
PickleJ. R.52 225Red Oak
PickleZelah46 225Red Oak
PierceFred19 215Gowen
PierceSamuel19 152Buffalo
PigmanFannie B.56 213Gowen
PigmanFrancis?2 209Gowen
PigmanIvan R.55 213Gowen
PigmanLouie L.3 213Gowen
PigmanLulu26 209Gowen
PigmanRosa C.22 213Gowen
PigmanRoy L.30 213Gowen
PigmanRussell30 213Gowen
PigmanWayne32 209Gowen
Pini?Cathrine35 198Gowen
Pini?Jack15 198Gowen
Pini?Joseph20 198Gowen
Pini?Nancy18 198Gowen
Pini?Velda17 198Gowen
Pini?Zounfini39 198Gowen
PitchfordCallie33 228Red Oak
PitchfordDavid7 229Red Oak
PitchfordDella50 234Red Oak
PitchfordDona5 229Red Oak
PitchfordEarl11 229Red Oak
PitchfordEris46 234Red Oak
PitchfordFloyd21 234Red Oak
PitchfordJames1 229Red Oak
PitchfordJess82 229Red Oak
PitchfordOpal12 234Red Oak
PitchfordThomas3 229Red Oak
PitchfordTom79 228Red Oak
PitchfordVerbin8 234Red Oak
PitchfordVoil14 234Red Oak
PitcockElijah T.67 161Cravens
PitcockEmma J.63 161Cravens
PitcockHamilton22 217Gowen
PitcockLula A.59 217Gowen
PlunkHarvey14 240Red Oak
PlunkIbra7 240Red Oak
PlunkLetha10 240Red Oak
PoeBetty Bell9 254Wilburton
PoeDouglas W.15 254Wilburton
PoeEdna41 254Wilburton
PoeEdna V.6 254Wilburton
PoeJ. Paul11 254Wilburton
PoeJohn61 254Wilburton
PoeOren D.13 254Wilburton
PollardDovie I.45 171Cravens
PollardEdith 15 171Cravens
PollardElbert6 171Cravens
PollardElmer L.13 171Cravens
PollardEveline T.11 171Cravens
PollardOdie H.23 171Cravens
PollardOral P.18 171Cravens
PollardPaul E.49 171Cravens
PollardTheron L.8 171Cravens
PollardWanda L.3 171Cravens
Polon??... F.25 249Wilburton
Polon?Bernice20 249Wilburton
PonsBerth20 185Degnan
PonsLois?3 185Degnan
Poole?Audrey M.24 168Cravens
Poole?Carl G.4 168Cravens
Poole?Earl L.30 168Cravens
PoorEster23 202Gowen
PoorFlora20 202Gowen
PoorMelvina17 202Gowen
PoorNancy50 202Gowen
PoorNoah63 202Gowen
PoorNoah F.12 202Gowen
PopeAlton L.13 244Salonia/Bengal
PopeAthelene3mo. 244Salonia/Bengal
PopeLeroy10 244Salonia/Bengal
PopeLeslie7 244Salonia/Bengal
PopeMary31 244Salonia/Bengal
PopeTecumseh56 244Salonia/Bengal
PopeVelma5 244Salonia/Bengal
PopeVernon3 244Salonia/Bengal
PopeWine80 189Degnan
PorterClyde31 183Degnan
PorterEthel23 183Degnan
PorterLillie M.12 242Salonia/Bengal
PorterRhoda A.47 242Salonia/Bengal
PotterAlta M.13 145Buffalo
PotterAmbros L.40 145Buffalo
PotterClyde? O.16 145Buffalo
PotterIda M.29 145Buffalo
PotterLislie L.5 145Buffalo
PotterThelma9 145Buffalo
PottsClara M.39 156Buffalo
PottsEli37 148Buffalo
PottsFlorence L.6 148Buffalo
PottsGrady A.9 151Buffalo
PottsHorrace35 148Buffalo
PottsJames S.12 156Buffalo
PottsJosh 45 156Buffalo
PottsJulia N.69 151Buffalo
PottsLeola M.9 148Buffalo
PottsLeonard E.11 148Buffalo
PottsLola L.3 148Buffalo
PottsLoyd R.5 151Buffalo
PottsMonnie? M.28 151Buffalo
PottsNorman8 148Buffalo
PottsRosa L.35 148Buffalo
PottsVan H.3.4 mo. 152Buffalo
PottsWilliam A.29 151Buffalo
Powell...... M.4 159Cravens
PowellAllen3 163Cravens
PowellBillie J.3mo. 159Cravens
PowellDannie19 159Cravens
PowellEdna F.19 162Cravens
PowellElizabeth P.4mo. 162Cravens
PowellEverett F.3 162Cravens
PowellGreen D.26 162Cravens
PowellH...24 159Cravens
PowellHazel J.6 159Cravens
PowellHazel T.4mo. 162Cravens
PowellJ.W.9 159Cravens
PowellJake28 160Cravens
PowellJennie28 159Cravens
PowellJess F.34 162Cravens
PowellJohn 6 162Cravens
PowellLannie15 159Cravens
PowellMae V.26 162Cravens
PowellMargret N.7 159Cravens
PowellRachel6 163Cravens
PowellRichard56 159Cravens
PowellThelma L.2 159Cravens
PowellWilliam H.10 162Cravens
PowellWilliam T.34 159Cravens
PowersCharles13 260Wilburton
PowersFrancis32 259Wilburton
PowersHelen54 260Wilburton
PowersJames10 260Wilburton
PowersMayme37 260Wilburton
PowersPat J.34 259Wilburton
PowersRobert8 259Wilburton
PowersWilliam37 260Wilburton
PowersWilliam H.59 260Wilburton
PowersWilliam jr.11 260Wilburton
PrattBertha14 150Buffalo
Preason?Bertha31 233Red Oak
Preason?Jessie58 233Red Oak
PrewetAlvin3 242Salonia/Bengal
PriceEthel20 186Degnan
PriceHarry26 186Degnan
PriceHoward23 186Degnan
PriceJack3 243Salonia/Bengal
PriceJames72 206Gowen
PriceLila7 243Salonia/Bengal
PriceLoise11 243Salonia/Bengal
PriceMary A.64 186Degnan
PriceNellie4 243Salonia/Bengal
PriceOde L.33 243Salonia/Bengal
PriceOra Lee11mo. 243Salonia/Bengal
PriceStella31 243Salonia/Bengal
PriceTomas M.63 186Degnan
PriestBen35 233Red Oak
PriestBennie9 233Red Oak
PriestCalvin14 212Gowen
PriestDaloah48 212Gowen
PriestEster50 233Red Oak
PriestGeorge66 208Gowen
PriestManda44 212Gowen
PriestMary71 208Gowen
PriestRosie5 233Red Oak
PriestWilliam56 233Red Oak
PrinceA. H.43 224Red Oak
PrinceHenry A.80 206Gowen
PrinceLattie39 206Gowen
PrinceMarvin16 224Red Oak
PrinceNola36 224Red Oak
PrinceViola19 206Gowen
PrinceWilliam44 206Gowen
ProckAlpha24 231Red Oak
ProckAmanda62 219Red Oak
ProckBernice5 225Red Oak
ProckBilley13 230Red Oak
ProckBilly L.5 231Red Oak
ProckBrutus9 230Red Oak
ProckClint17 225Red Oak
ProckDean4 234Red Oak
ProckDerb40 230Red Oak
ProckDoris5 234Red Oak
ProckE. A.43 225Red Oak
ProckEthel36 230Red Oak
ProckFloyd5 230Red Oak
ProckFrank11 230Red Oak
ProckFrank34 234Red Oak
ProckHarry13 225Red Oak
ProckHelen9mo. 234Red Oak
ProckHerman8 225Red Oak
ProckImogene3 225Red Oak
ProckImogene3 230Red Oak
ProckIrene7 230Red Oak
ProckIvy30 234Red Oak
ProckJ. F.70 219Red Oak
ProckJohn22 225Red Oak
ProckJosilina1 231Red Oak
ProckLester16 230Red Oak
ProckLoyd24 231Red Oak
ProckNorma1 225Red Oak
ProckNorma3 234Red Oak
ProckRobert4 231Red Oak
ProckRuby6 225Red Oak
ProckVera10 225Red Oak
ProckWalsie32 225Red Oak
PryerAlma32 225Red Oak
PryerJ. H.42 225Red Oak
PryerLloyd7 225Red Oak
PryerMarlin4 225Red Oak
PryerShelton11 225Red Oak
PryorCora38 188Degnan
PryorGreen45 188Degnan
PryorHaskel20 188Degnan
PryorLee12 188Degnan
PryorPearl19 188Degnan
PtsaffCalvin4 211Gowen
PtsaffCatherine8 211Gowen
PtsaffMargrete11 211Gowen
PtsaffMarie43 211Gowen
PtsaffSteve44 211Gowen
PughAnna R.18 215Gowen
PughAureolia13 215Gowen
PughClifton15 215Gowen
PughCriss C.35 261Wilburton
PughDelia L.39 215Gowen
PughGeraldine10 215Gowen
PughGlenn B.4 215Gowen
PughImogine1 215Gowen
PughJohn H.42 215Gowen
PughMildred24 261Wilburton
PughOphelia13 215Gowen
PulcherSam22 184Degnan
PulleyAudry2 232Red Oak
PulleyBetty L.4 232Red Oak
PulleyEarl28 231Red Oak
PulleyEffie21 229Red Oak
PulleyFrank12 230Red Oak
PulleyGladys10 230Red Oak
PulleyHenry5 232Red Oak
PulleyLee31 229Red Oak
PulleyLydia28 229Red Oak
PulleyMaggie25 231Red Oak
PulleyMary M.64 229Red Oak
PulleyMinnie30 230Red Oak
PulleyWilliam J.35 230Red Oak
PulseyWilliam25 210Gowen
PultsAda M.39 213Gowen
PultsEli A.40 213Gowen
PultsHenry G.15 213Gowen
PultsRay E.13 213Gowen
PultsRuby11 213Gowen
PusleyAnna16 177Damon
PusleyGarrett14 177Damon
PusleyMervina48 177Damon
PyleDollie L.4 213Gowen
PyleErnest F.8 213Gowen
PyleJames52 213Gowen
PyleJohn T.15 213Gowen
PyleL.... N.6 213Gowen
PyleLillie M.11 213Gowen
QueenDella m. 26145Buffalo
QueenJoseph F.30 145Buffalo
QuimbyJerald17 227Red Oak

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