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1930 Latimer County Census
This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name AgePage No. Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
TaberaAnna19 190Degnan
TaberaFrank49 190Degnan
TaberaJoe12 190Degnan
TaberaLena10 190Degnan
TaberaPaline7 190Degnan
TaberaRosa47 190Degnan
TackettDouis D.18 236Red Oak
TackettJohn45 236Red Oak
TackettLillie41 236Red Oak
TackettLily52 190Degnan
TackettOpal11 236Red Oak
TagleyPearl G.19 179Damon
TalleyHerbert29 219Red Oak
TalleyMrs. N. J.un 219Red Oak
TalleyNancy2 219Red Oak
TalleyNellie24 219Red Oak
TamazellaAlbert18 197Gowen
TamazellaBernice?1 197Gowen
TamazellaGeni?41 197Gowen
TamazellaIrene16 197Gowen
TamazellaLena12 197Gowen
TamazellaLeno3 197Gowen
TamazellaMatilda13 197Gowen
TamazellaStafana39 197Gowen
TarrellGladys13 158Cravens
TarrellJohn A.65 158Cravens
TaveggiaGeorge48 169Cravens
TaylorAbigal53 177Damon
TaylorBen35 180Damon
TaylorBenjamin50 157Buffalo
TaylorBille J.13 157Buffalo
TaylorCharley59 180Damon
TaylorDavid C.72 248Salonia/Bengal
TaylorElizabeth60 235Red Oak
TaylorElven50 177Damon
TaylorEmma66 248Salonia/Bengal
TaylorFrancis11 157Buffalo
TaylorJ. V.24 216Gowen
TaylorJames8mo. 180Damon
TaylorJessie J.15 157Buffalo
TaylorJohn35 227Red Oak
TaylorJohn63 235Red Oak
TaylorJohnie2 227Red Oak
TaylorLannie W.7 157Buffalo
TaylorLavelle4 227Red Oak
TaylorLayton W.36 248Salonia/Bengal
TaylorLillie M.45 157Buffalo
TaylorLizzie26 180Damon
TaylorMattie L.46 163Cravens
TaylorMcKinley24 180Damon
TaylorMinnie B.27 156Buffalo
TaylorMonroe19 235Red Oak
TaylorOther M.9 156Buffalo
TaylorOtto M.29 156Buffalo
TaylorReed J.4+ 156Buffalo
TaylorTom E.52 163Cravens
TaylorVada M.9 157Buffalo
TaylorVerda25 227Red Oak
TaylorWilliam L.18 213Gowen
TedfordErnest10 232Red Oak
TeemAnne18 161Cravens
TeemCalvin16 161Cravens
TeemEllis27 161Cravens
TeemJohn H.64 161Cravens
TeemRosie B.56 161Cravens
TempletonFred16 234Red Oak
TempletonNettie42 234Red Oak
TempletonPaul18 234Red Oak
TempletonWillie10 234Red Oak
TerryAllen53 186Degnan
TerryBillie53 186Degnan
TerryDarline3 212Gowen
TerryElbert?16 259Wilburton
TerryEthel42 255Wilburton
TerryEthel24 212Gowen
TerryEvylon7 186Degnan
TerryGoldie17 186Degnan
TerryHomer30 212Gowen
TerryJames23 186Degnan
TerryJaunita16 186Degnan
TerryJohn E.42 259Wilburton
TerryLinard6 212Gowen
TerryLiza 59? 259Wilburton
TerryMaxine9 186Degnan
TerryPolly38 186Degnan
TerryWilliam48 186Degnan
TerryZell20 186Degnan
TessonAlace23 263Wilburton
TessonLena16 263Wilburton
TessonRosie49 263Wilburton
ThemothyLouis52 203Gowen
ThomaDella26 242Salonia/Bengal
ThomaIrene6 242Salonia/Bengal
ThomaJohn M.27 242Salonia/Bengal
ThomaRichard4 242Salonia/Bengal
ThomasAdra27 251Wilburton
ThomasAlfred B.24 263Wilburton
ThomasAlfred Jr.0? 263Wilburton
ThomasAndrew4 251Wilburton
ThomasAnnie11 232Red Oak
ThomasArthur45 189Degnan
ThomasBen J.37 253Wilburton
ThomasBill21 221Red Oak
ThomasCarolyn9 253Wilburton
ThomasDelbert7 251Wilburton
ThomasDelbert D.18 156Buffalo
ThomasDona58 215Gowen
ThomasEdith36 165Cravens
ThomasElsie1 243Salonia/Bengal
ThomasGladys12 165Cravens
ThomasGrace14 165Cravens
ThomasHelen13 165Cravens
ThomasHerald6 189Degnan
ThomasHomer30 221Red Oak
ThomasIda M.53 156Buffalo
ThomasJanie29 232Red Oak
ThomasJason I.21 156Buffalo
ThomasJohn56 243Salonia/Bengal
ThomasJohn11 189Degnan
ThomasJohn E.1 251Wilburton
ThomasJohn Hayden6 221Red Oak
ThomasJuanita18 189Degnan
ThomasLaverne11mo 165Cravens
ThomasLena23 243Salonia/Bengal
ThomasLester J.16 156Buffalo
ThomasLoyd9 232Red Oak
ThomasLucille36 253Wilburton
ThomasMary21 203Gowen
ThomasMary3 165Cravens
ThomasMary M.19 263Wilburton
ThomasMilly E.73 233Red Oak
ThomasMolly61 221Red Oak
ThomasMyrtle18 255Wilburton
ThomasNolan W.21 215Gowen
ThomasOllie40 216Gowen
ThomasPaul4 243Salonia/Bengal
ThomasPearl39 189Degnan
ThomasRandel6mo. 232Red Oak
ThomasRay25 243Salonia/Bengal
ThomasRiley40 232Red Oak
ThomasRoy7 232Red Oak
ThomasSavanna46 255Wilburton
ThomasSeaton63 221Red Oak
ThomasStanley65 264Wilburton
ThomasThomas30 251Wilburton
ThomasTilman2 232Red Oak
ThomasVetta57 243Salonia/Bengal
ThomasWaller E.46 165Cravens
ThomasWilliam H.50 255Wilburton
ThomasWilliam R.35 216Gowen
Thompson?26 147Buffalo
ThompsonAda9 147Buffalo
ThompsonBula24 230Red Oak
ThompsonChristine A.5 147Buffalo
ThompsonGuy19 246Salonia/Bengal
ThompsonIda14 246Salonia/Bengal
ThompsonJames A.2 147Buffalo
ThompsonJames P.40 147Buffalo
ThompsonJosephine17 246Salonia/Bengal
ThompsonJoy11 230Red Oak
ThompsonLottie L.8 147Buffalo
ThompsonLulu23 246Salonia/Bengal
ThompsonMinnie J.4 147Buffalo
ThompsonPauline M.3mo. 147Buffalo
ThompsonRosa36 180Damon
ThompsonVina50 246Salonia/Bengal
ThompsonWilliam H.7 147Buffalo
ThomsonBryan H.35 157Buffalo
ThomsonCasey J.58 154Buffalo
ThomsonClaud D.13 157Buffalo
ThomsonMamie C.30 157Buffalo
ThomsonMary A.10 157Buffalo
ThomsonMoses17 154Buffalo
ThomsonSarah M 6 157Buffalo
ThomsonWilliam G.82 154Buffalo
ThreetBruce25 230Red Oak
ThreetClara21 230Red Oak
ThreetFloyd3 230Red Oak
ThreetIda M.16 155Buffalo
ThreetIrene E.56 155Buffalo
ThreetJames5 230Red Oak
ThreetJames J.68 155Buffalo
ThreetWillie1 230Red Oak
ThurmanCarline53 184Degnan
ThurmanDavid J.19 148Buffalo
ThurmanGilbert52 148Buffalo
ThurmanJulia A.43 148Buffalo
ThurmanRebecca L.16 148Buffalo
ThurmanWill57 184Degnan
ThurstonCyrus68 181Damon
ThurstonFrances34 181Damon
TidwellAndrew J.58 228Red Oak
TidwellBen F.35 228Red Oak
TidwellBetty56 228Red Oak
TidwellElizabeth28 228Red Oak
TiffieLillie44 208Gowen
TilleyNancy A16 157Buffalo
TilleySopha E.46 156Buffalo
TilleyWilliam H.51 156Buffalo
Timer?Ella19 211Gowen
Timer?Frieda15 211Gowen
TimmonsBessie2 237Red Oak
TippittDorthy J.21 168Cravens
TippittRobert28 168Cravens
TobbacesGeorge62 262Wilburton
ToddThomas N.48 236Red Oak
TolbertLee31 214Gowen
TolbertNancy A.27 214Gowen
TollettOrville M.5 214Gowen
TollettThurston C.3 214Gowen
TolverEtta53 191Degnan
TomlinsonBirdie13 245Salonia/Bengal
TomlinsonEdna6 245Salonia/Bengal
TomlinsonElsie14 245Salonia/Bengal
TomlinsonEthel37 245Salonia/Bengal
TomlinsonFloyd19 245Salonia/Bengal
TomlinsonGrady10 245Salonia/Bengal
TomlinsonHarold9 245Salonia/Bengal
TomlinsonLoyd1 245Salonia/Bengal
TomlinsonMildred4 245Salonia/Bengal
TomlinsonPasy?18 245Salonia/Bengal
TomlinsonWalter38 245Salonia/Bengal
TomlisonAlvin8 247Salonia/Bengal
TomlisonDella16 247Salonia/Bengal
TomlisonMary56 247Salonia/Bengal
TomlisonMonroe45 247Salonia/Bengal
TomlisonSarina37 247Salonia/Bengal
TomlisonVirgil12 247Salonia/Bengal
TomlisonVonnie1 247Salonia/Bengal
TomlisonW. Scott80 247Salonia/Bengal
TomlisonWilliam42 247Salonia/Bengal
ToomsAlford16 210Gowen
ToomsChristain10 210Gowen
ToomsJames46 210Gowen
ToomsMinnie44 210Gowen
ToomsStacy14 210Gowen
TorbettErnest12 175Damon
TorbettEugene10 175Damon
TorbettFred40 175Damon
TorbettLee34 175Damon
TorbettLorene8 175Damon
TorbettMary4 175Damon
TorbettOtes16 175Damon
TorbettWillie6 175Damon
ToriusFelix49 203Gowen
ToriusJohn20 203Gowen
ToriusJuanita16 203Gowen
ToriusJuline10 203Gowen
ToriusLena12 203Gowen
ToriusPatria44 203Gowen
ToriusWalter8 203Gowen
TorresAlice65 169Cravens
TorresFrank60 169Cravens
TottyAlbert34 229Red Oak
TracyDona75 187Degnan
TracyHenry79 187Degnan
TracyMitchell19 188Degnan
TraywickDail21 243Salonia/Bengal
TraywickLizzie18 243Salonia/Bengal
TreadoAnna C.29 260Wilburton
TreadoBen O.37 255Wilburton
TreadoBettie6 187Degnan
TreadoBetty J.6 260Wilburton
TreadoClifford W.35 260Wilburton
TreadoGrace35 255Wilburton
TreadoMollie?10 187Degnan
TreadoNellie31 187Degnan
TreadoOra57 255Wilburton
TreadoRalph31 187Degnan
TreagueHoyt G.13 155Buffalo
TreagueLola M.15 155Buffalo
TreagueNora G.46 155Buffalo
TreagueWilliam H.48 155Buffalo
TripletGeorge F.58 213Gowen
TripletGeorge L.7 213Gowen
TripletMargret49 213Gowen
TripletOllie M.19 213Gowen
TriplettCecil1 176Damon
TriplettJohn25 176Damon
TriplettTincie?21 176Damon
TrippJohn W.52 233Red Oak
TrippLouisa52 233Red Oak
TrippThomas20 233Red Oak
TubbsAllen G.34 215Gowen
TubbsAndrew J.5 215Gowen
TubbsAndrew W.70 215Gowen
TubbsDella L.13 215Gowen
TubbsJ. D.9 215Gowen
TubbsLouie56 203Gowen
TubbsMyrtle M.34 215Gowen
TubbsOrville O.7 215Gowen
TubbsVernon J.2 215Gowen
TuckerBetty Joe1 221Red Oak
TuckerBula? M.6 251Wilburton
TuckerCarroll21 263Wilburton
TuckerCatherine19 263Wilburton
TuckerCharles E54 251Wilburton
TuckerChristine Z.16 218Red Oak
TuckerDouglas8 251Wilburton
TuckerEdward20 251Wilburton
TuckerEugene13 251Wilburton
TuckerGeorge52 221Red Oak
TuckerHarry Lee10 251Wilburton
TuckerJames17 251Wilburton
TuckerJoe S.53 242Salonia/Bengal
TuckerLevy H.20 218Red Oak
TuckerMargret12 251Wilburton
TuckerMartha M.50 242Salonia/Bengal
TuckerMinnie44 251Wilburton
TuckerNeopa13 242Salonia/Bengal
TuckerNettie25 221Red Oak
TuckerOra27 178Damon
TuckerRuby16 178Damon
TuckerTed..19 251Wilburton
TuckerThula60 221Red Oak
TuckerWillie50 178Damon
TugesHenry B.40 204Gowen
TugesRuth B.27 204Gowen
TugesRuth S.9 204Gowen
Tullard?Arnold40 191Degnan
Tullard?Berta37 191Degnan
Tullard?Claud21 191Degnan
Tullard?Sallie15 191Degnan
TumbullAJ2 229Red Oak
TumbullHerman1 229Red Oak
TumbullMildred4 229Red Oak
Turley? (Torri)Latichie?56 255Wilburton
TurnbowBirdie Lee3 180Damon
TurnbowElcie Clea13 180Damon
TurnbowFlorence38 180Damon
TurnbowGertie V.10 180Damon
TurnbowJess L.41 180Damon
TurnbowJoe S.71 180Damon
TurnbowLeo14 180Damon
TurnbowLoyd2 180Damon
TurnbowMary Violet5 180Damon
TurnbowRudy S.5mo. 180Damon
TurnbowZola An8 180Damon
TurnbullAlfred50 231Red Oak
TurnbullEmit17 231Red Oak
TurnbullGacie8 231Red Oak
TurnbullJosie13 231Red Oak
TurnbullMartha49 231Red Oak
TurnbullVirgie15 231Red Oak
TurnerAnna S.33 179Damon
TurnerBetty S.4 230Red Oak
TurnerBilley L.4 230Red Oak
TurnerJess40 179Damon
TurnerLouis39 230Red Oak
TurnerMae36 230Red Oak
TurnerOrvel E.16 179Damon
TurnerRay9 230Red Oak
TurnerVivian G.3 179Damon
TutorGertrude25 206Gowen
Tutur?Agnes37 211Gowen
Tutur?Johnnie13 211Gowen
Tutur?K....42 211Gowen
Tutur?Mosella8 211Gowen
Tutur?Willie10 211Gowen

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