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1930 Latimer County Census

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name AgePage No. Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
WackerlyCharlie R.5 245Salonia/Bengal
WackerlyHarison H.37 245Salonia/Bengal
WackerlyHenry24 245Salonia/Bengal
WackerlyMrs. J. A.57 245Salonia/Bengal
WackerlyRobert4 245Salonia/Bengal
WackerlyRuth24 245Salonia/Bengal
WackerlyTheodore15 245Salonia/Bengal
WackerlyYvone11mo. 245Salonia/Bengal
WadeAgnes6 178Damon
WadeAlice39 178Damon
WadeAlta10mo. 178Damon
WadeBert F.6 168Cravens
WadeBobby Jean4 224Red Oak
WadeD.... D.1 146Buffalo
WadeDena?mo. 224Red Oak
WadeDewey H.24 146Buffalo
WadeElan?16 178Damon
WadeEldred14 242Salonia/Bengal
WadeEllis37 178Damon
WadeElmer18 257Wilburton
WadeElmer14 178Damon
WadeEsi44 178Damon
WadeEva J.21 146Buffalo
WadeGlydas?13 257Wilburton
WadeHenry9 257Wilburton
WadeHerbert L.9 168Cravens
WadeJ. K.27 224Red Oak
WadeJames10 178Damon
WadeJames A.58 257Wilburton
WadeJewel C.11 168Cravens
WadeJohn L.3 168Cravens
WadeJohn L.78 168Cravens
WadeJulia C.37 168Cravens
WadeLee Roy22 168Cravens
WadeLillie26 178Damon
WadeLorene5 224Red Oak
WadeLouella49 257Wilburton
WadeMabel L.37 242Salonia/Bengal
WadeMack L.38 168Cravens
WadeMaxine N.6mo. 168Cravens
WadeMyrtle12 178Damon
WadeNellie15 257Wilburton
WadeNettie J.65 168Cravens
WadePearl24 224Red Oak
WadeSarah70 187Degnan
WadeViva L.15 168Cravens
WaffordBeatrice?18 257Wilburton
WaffordClara8mo. 257Wilburton
WaffordJoseph25 257Wilburton
WafordAllen K.74 152Buffalo
WafordDona B.? 152Buffalo
WagnerLester22 167Cravens
WagnerSavanah37 185Degnan
WagnerTroye14 185Degnan
WagnerWilliam37 185Degnan
WaldenAddie27 160Cravens
WaldenCalven28 160Cravens
WaldenEmery41 256Wilburton
WaldenIrene11 160Cravens
WaldenJennivee M1 160Cravens
WaldenJimmie J.7 180Damon
WaldenLillian L.11 180Damon
WaldenLola30 180Damon
WaldenOrvel6 180Damon
WaldenRuby34 256Wilburton
WaldenSherman34 180Damon
WalingsfordDavid B.14 213Gowen
WalingsfordJames A.21 213Gowen
WalingsfordJames W.54 213Gowen
WalingsfordMary B.43 213Gowen
WalingsfordRobert Lee22 213Gowen
WalingsfordRufus J.12 213Gowen
WalingsfordSamuel J.9 213Gowen
WalkerAlice J.8 150Buffalo
WalkerAliene18 153Buffalo
WalkerBessie B.36 150Buffalo
WalkerBrady E.23 153Buffalo
WalkerEdgar3 205Gowen
WalkerElmer17 153Buffalo
WalkerEveret1 205Gowen
WalkerGeorgia M.2 150Buffalo
WalkerGirtie O.38 155Buffalo
WalkerHarvey55 153Buffalo
WalkerHobart E.50 150Buffalo
WalkerHobart E. jr.6 150Buffalo
WalkerIrene4 205Gowen
WalkerJ. D.7 205Gowen
WalkerJames W.35 155Buffalo
WalkerJohn39 205Gowen
WalkerKatie52 153Buffalo
WalkerMaggie38 205Gowen
WalkerMarie9 205Gowen
WalkerNoah77 174Damon
WallRuth14 231Red Oak
WallaceAllie48 261Wilburton
WallaceAndrew E.58 156Buffalo
WallaceBuelah G.19 218Red Oak
WallaceEdward B.11 261Wilburton
WallaceEffie43 254Wilburton
WallaceElmer37 258Wilburton
WallaceEtta B.44 156Buffalo
WallaceFloyd47 254Wilburton
WallaceHomer23 170Cravens
WallaceJake H.21 218Red Oak
WallaceJames A.4 258Wilburton
WallaceLillian35 258Wilburton
WallaceNancy L.1 218Red Oak
WallaceOtholene15 254Wilburton
WallaceRobert15 258Wilburton
WallaceRobert L.61 261Wilburton
WallaceWilliam8 258Wilburton
WallenDeroy8 177Damon
WallenJohn35 177Damon
WallenMannan3mo. 177Damon
WallenPauline5 177Damon
WallenSelina29 177Damon
Waller?John27 203Gowen
WallsBessie17 210Gowen
WallsDaivd5 200Gowen
WallsEmmit10 210Gowen
WallsEsra15 200Gowen
WallsFloyd23 210Gowen
WallsHubert6 210Gowen
WallsJessie8 210Gowen
WallsMaggie43 200Gowen
WallsMarie?47 210Gowen
WallsMonroe13 210Gowen
WalzerAmos22 161Cravens
WalzerJenevia?15 161Cravens
WalzerMagnolia48 161Cravens
WarankaJohn31 171Cravens
WardAlva L.39 164Cravens
WardBessie A.14 213Gowen
WardBlanie R.48 213Gowen
WardCallie70 190Degnan
WardDora18 213Gowen
WardE. C.5 213Gowen
WardEd60 164Cravens
WardEd T.10 164Cravens
WardEdward1 207Gowen
WardElla13 237Red Oak
WardElla Lee27 263Wilburton
WardElscie25 207Gowen
WardErnest8 237Red Oak
WardEthel28 190Degnan
WardFreddie17 199Gowen
WardGeorge47 199Gowen
WardGeorgia19 199Gowen
WardGlen25 207Gowen
WardGuy21 213Gowen
WardHarrold Lee1 263Wilburton
WardHelen2 207Gowen
WardHoward A.3 164Cravens
WardJohn H.8 164Cravens
WardJoseph F.11 213Gowen
WardJunior Glen4 207Gowen
WardL W47 190Degnan
WardLeona52 236Red Oak
WardLettie L.13 164Cravens
WardMary45 199Gowen
WardNannie M.45 213Gowen
WardNannie M. jr.16 213Gowen
WardOrvin W.19 213Gowen
WardPearl L.31 164Cravens
WardRichard20 199Gowen
WardRoxy26 199Gowen
WardWalter18 237Red Oak
WardWill60 236Red Oak
WarellSpark?50 201Gowen
WarfordAda E.40 216Gowen
WarfordAda G.4 216Gowen
WarfordAnna55 218Red Oak
WarfordBryan E.8 216Gowen
WarfordBusby L.19 216Gowen
WarfordFred16 216Gowen
WarfordGeorge W.11? 216Gowen
WarfordGladys D.15 216Gowen
WarfordJoseph E.45 216Gowen
WarfordLeana E.25 218Red Oak
WarfordNellie M.18 218Red Oak
WarfordPaul J.22 216Gowen
WarfordRobert E.6 216Gowen
Waron?Sarah62 206Gowen
Waron?William63 206Gowen
WarrenArthur34 176Damon
WarrenDella2 237Red Oak
WarrenElks C.22 159Cravens
WarrenEthel21 237Red Oak
WarrenEverett28 165Cravens
WarrenGarland21 211Gowen
WarrenJanevia39 211Gowen
WarrenJohn49 211Gowen
WarrenJohnnie10 211Gowen
WarrenMargaret J.67 165Cravens
WarrenMargret H.4? 159Cravens
WarrenMaud30 176Damon
WarrenMeta E.24 159Cravens
WarrenRaymond4 176Damon
WarrenSid34 202Gowen
WarrenThomas7 176Damon
WarrenWilliam4 176Damon
WarthamWanita13 263Wilburton
WashingtonAnnie27 191Degnan
WashingtonElcy10 191Degnan
WashingtonElza?34 184Degnan
WashingtonIrene5 191Degnan
WashingtonIvy11 191Degnan
WashingtonJasper6 184Degnan
WashingtonLeeroy7 191Degnan
WashingtonLelamay?8 184Degnan
WatermanNettie81 253Wilburton
WatkinsBailey14 234Red Oak
WatkinsBeulah17 234Red Oak
WatkinsGeorge32 263Wilburton
WatkinsJoe58 174Damon
WatkinsLorine8 234Red Oak
WatkinsNewt53 234Red Oak
WatkinsSarah52 234Red Oak
WatkinsTussie10 234Red Oak
WatsonArchie8 147Buffalo
WatsonClaud S44 147Buffalo
WatsonD. B. ?14 147Buffalo
WatsonEsther M.9 213Gowen
WatsonGeraldine11 198Gowen
WatsonIone6 159Cravens
WatsonJessie S.67 170Cravens
WatsonMaud J.35 147Buffalo
WatsonMyrtle24 159Cravens
WatsonRay L.7 213Gowen
WatsonSallie E.65 170Cravens
WatsonWilliam A.57 213Gowen
WattoxColumbus B.15 149Buffalo
WattoxJames54 149Buffalo
WattoxMontie B42 149Buffalo
Watts?.. A.2 175Damon
WattsBobbie J.2 240Red Oak
WattsClyde W.29 175Damon
WattsDanie C.5mo. 175Damon
WattsEmma J.2 175Damon
WattsFrancis6 175Damon
WattsLizzie M.47 175Damon
WattsMartha? 175Damon
WattsMary22 240Red Oak
WattsMildred5 175Damon
WattsMoses W.57 175Damon
WattsRaymond W.23 175Damon
WattsWalter24 240Red Oak
WeaverCarlton48 263Wilburton
WeaverSarah43 263Wilburton
WebbElmer29 147Buffalo
WebbFlonence E.3 147Buffalo
WebbJosie A.29 147Buffalo
WebbRosa F.3mo. 147Buffalo
WebsterFred C.10 151Buffalo
WebsterHattie L.35 151Buffalo
WebsterSarah10 148Buffalo
WeehuntAudie38 180Damon
WeehuntDella 25 179Damon
WeehuntEva Lee1 179Damon
WeehuntLaura75 180Damon
WeehuntPater K.27 179Damon
WehuntMilard20 188Degnan
WeissingerHarold H.25 254Wilburton
WelchEdward H.1 152Buffalo
WelchErnestine24 235Red Oak
WelchEzra L.29 152Buffalo
WelchLula52 235Red Oak
WelchOllie26 152Buffalo
WelchReagon27 235Red Oak
WelchRobert A.52 235Red Oak
WelshCristine14 255Wilburton
WelshJames17 255Wilburton
WelshJoe55 255Wilburton
WelshMargie?10 255Wilburton
WelshMartha48 255Wilburton
WestbrookAllega11 204Gowen
WestbrookBeatrice6 204Gowen
WestbrookDyner13 204Gowen
WestbrookJames36 204Gowen
WestbrookJoe E.8 204Gowen
WestbrookMaria10 204Gowen
WestbrookMartha39 204Gowen
WestingHenry80 253Wilburton
WestingLottie78 253Wilburton
WhitakerLee59 234Red Oak
WhitakerMyrtle57 234Red Oak
WhitcottenCecil W.27 169Cravens
WhitcottenCharles M.54 169Cravens
WhitcottenGrace R.50 169Cravens
WhiteAllas15 191Degnan
WhiteAnna30 181Damon
WhiteBobbie17 224Red Oak
WhiteBook36 180Damon
WhiteCharles15 224Red Oak
WhiteClarence20 223Red Oak
WhiteCloy1 229Red Oak
WhiteCora37 229Red Oak
WhiteD. L.5 165Cravens
WhiteDoris13 165Cravens
WhiteDorthy16 165Cravens
WhiteEdgie6 224Red Oak
WhiteElis7 165Cravens
WhiteElizath36 191Degnan
WhiteElla4 224Red Oak
WhiteElsie9 229Red Oak
WhiteEmmit22 236Red Oak
WhiteEsibel54 236Red Oak
WhiteEthel17 236Red Oak
WhiteEvelyn L.18 148Buffalo
WhiteFoy22 218Red Oak
WhiteFrances E.13 148Buffalo
WhiteGarvin13 229Red Oak
WhiteH. L.46 223Red Oak
WhiteH. L.8 223Red Oak
WhiteHelen4 181Damon
WhiteHenry22 191Degnan
WhiteHenry F.53 165Cravens
WhiteHester37 191Degnan
WhiteHester6 191Degnan
WhiteHoward7 181Damon
WhiteHugh D.70 218Red Oak
WhiteIda42 224Red Oak
WhiteJake39 181Damon
WhiteJames9 165Cravens
WhiteJessie6 229Red Oak
WhiteJim42 224Red Oak
WhiteLaban41? 229Red Oak
WhiteLannie3 165Cravens
WhiteLawerance15 223Red Oak
WhiteLewis2 181Damon
WhiteLonnie40 165Cravens
WhiteLue46 223Red Oak
WhiteManul Lee11 181Damon
WhiteMattie Jane70 218Red Oak
WhiteMelton13 236Red Oak
WhiteMenon19 223Red Oak
WhiteMilton52 191Degnan
WhiteOrval7 191Degnan
WhitePerna16 236Red Oak
WhiteRay3mo 181Damon
WhiteRosa52 191Degnan
WhiteSyble L.9 181Damon
WhiteTaylor11 229Red Oak
WhiteWalter? J.47 148Buffalo
WhiteWilliam0 191Degnan
WhiteZelma M.42 148Buffalo
WhitenburghDouglas24 205Gowen
WhitesideEffie R.39 168Cravens
WhitesideJ. R.19 168Cravens
WhitesideLeah W.17 168Cravens
WhitesideMary J.13 168Cravens
WhitesidePorter D.42 168Cravens
WhitesideRobie J.7 168Cravens
WhitfieldDora54 222Red Oak
WhitfieldE. M. 68 222Red Oak
WhitlyBilly B.6mo. 161Cravens
WhitlyHenry L.53 161Cravens
WhitlyHettie M.18 161Cravens
WhitmoreEmma22 229Red Oak
WhitmoreHarley26 229Red Oak
WhitmoreMinnie18 229Red Oak
WhitmorePricie51 229Red Oak
WhitmoreUnice24 229Red Oak
WhitwordEsther25 220Red Oak
WhitwordRaymond29 220Red Oak
WhitworthDorothy Lu2 221Red Oak
WhitworthG. M.67 222Red Oak
WhitworthMaude21 221Red Oak
WhitworthRoy27 221Red Oak
WhitworthSelia62 222Red Oak
WiemothArthur L.45 149Buffalo
WilburkJohn36 200Gowen
WilburkRosa26 200Gowen
WilburnDewey29 236Red Oak
WilburnElizabeth68 236Red Oak
WilburnLois20 236Red Oak
WilcockJohn63 183Degnan
WilcockLula48 183Degnan
WilcoxFoyd37 184Degnan
WilcoxHattie13 184Degnan
WilcoxNora36 184Degnan
WilcoxRaymond9 184Degnan
WilcoxRoy15 184Degnan
WilkersonCarl E.2 195Gowen
WilkersonCliff G.33 195Gowen
WilkersonDavid A.5 195Gowen
WilkersonEarl 7 202Gowen
WilkersonJoe61 201Gowen
WilkersonJosephene12 202Gowen
WilkersonLola L.25 195Gowen
WilkersonMinnie34 201Gowen
WilkersonSestasfrum14 201Gowen
WilkettBonnie8 191Degnan
WilkettDotha6 191Degnan
WilkettGryte32 191Degnan
WilkettMabell13 191Degnan
WilkettThelma11 191Degnan
WilkettWilliam34 191Degnan
William?63 190Degnan
WilliamAlvin39 170Cravens
WilliamCharly58 190Degnan
WilliamClevah11 170Cravens
WilliamGeorge T.13 170Cravens
WilliamLorany?4 184Degnan
WilliamNorma1 171Cravens
WilliamSula31 170Cravens
WilliamTh....70 202Gowen
Williams?55 189Degnan
WilliamsAgnes11 196Gowen
WilliamsAlfred17 258Wilburton
WilliamsAlice35 234Red Oak
WilliamsAlice13 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsAllace58 259Wilburton
WilliamsAlvin3mo. 219Red Oak
WilliamsAmbers? D.66 161Cravens
WilliamsAmbros15 256Wilburton
WilliamsAnna M.9 234Red Oak
WilliamsArthur54 145Buffalo
WilliamsAubrey9 253Wilburton
WilliamsAurther11 256Wilburton
WilliamsBertha11 167Cravens
WilliamsBessie13 167Cravens
WilliamsBettie34 196Gowen
WilliamsBetty Joe6 253Wilburton
WilliamsBilly Eudene1 223Red Oak
WilliamsBobbie2 196Gowen
WilliamsBonnie17 219Red Oak
WilliamsBulahmay6 196Gowen
WilliamsChole? C.35 258Wilburton
WilliamsClaud H.10 258Wilburton
WilliamsClaude39 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsCliddie8 253Wilburton
WilliamsClifford13 196Gowen
WilliamsD. L.47 223Red Oak
WilliamsDaisie3 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsDannell4 196Gowen
WilliamsDee10 223Red Oak
WilliamsEarl15 253Wilburton
WilliamsEfferada9 223Red Oak
WilliamsEli42 234Red Oak
WilliamsElizabeth46 253Wilburton
WilliamsEllis7 165Cravens
WilliamsElmer16 234Red Oak
WilliamsElsie24 163Cravens
WilliamsEtta30 165Cravens
WilliamsEugene8 256Wilburton
WilliamsEunice J.15 146Buffalo
WilliamsGathes G.35 253Wilburton
WilliamsGeorge39 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsGeorge G.65 259Wilburton
WilliamsHarlis10 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsHelen7 234Red Oak
WilliamsHenry24 145Buffalo
WilliamsIna40 167Cravens
WilliamsInez24 205Gowen
WilliamsIvor H.14 249Wilburton
WilliamsJack2 235Red Oak
WilliamsJames10 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsJames 29 163Cravens
WilliamsJames D., Jr3 163Cravens
WilliamsJane E.66 165Cravens
WilliamsJasper37 196Gowen
WilliamsJC"3mo. 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsJodie28 253Wilburton
WilliamsJohn E.23 253Wilburton
WilliamsJohn T.69 163Cravens
WilliamsJohn W.26 165Cravens
WilliamsLaura22 167Cravens
WilliamsLauretta7 223Red Oak
WilliamsLawarence17 234Red Oak
WilliamsLenaurd18 167Cravens
WilliamsLeon4 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsLeslie14 244Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsLettie18 256Wilburton
WilliamsLilma H.7 263Wilburton
WilliamsLiva M.18 263Wilburton
WilliamsLona6 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsLorane2 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsLoyd14 167Cravens
WilliamsLucy57 189Degnan
WilliamsLuke19 219Red Oak
WilliamsLula43 189Degnan
WilliamsLuther13 234Red Oak
WilliamsMable21 253Wilburton
WilliamsMahala46 167Cravens
WilliamsMary31 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsMary E.10mo. 145Buffalo
WilliamsMary M....6 253Wilburton
WilliamsMina?52 164Cravens
WilliamsMonroe35 263Wilburton
WilliamsMyrtle8 196Gowen
WilliamsNannie27 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsNellie N.2 165Cravens
WilliamsNewton49 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsOdos11 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsOllie21 167Cravens
WilliamsOma30 263Wilburton
WilliamsPaull5 235Red Oak
WilliamsPearl36 223Red Oak
WilliamsRaymond5 256Wilburton
WilliamsReba17 165Cravens
WilliamsRena7 247Salonia/Bengal
WilliamsRobert49 253Wilburton
WilliamsRobert E.19 253Wilburton
WilliamsRobert M.29? 165Cravens
WilliamsRobie M.11 166Cravens
WilliamsRuby15 196Gowen
WilliamsRuth E.19 145Buffalo
WilliamsSarah81 178Damon
WilliamsTege I.66 163Cravens
WilliamsThomas A.23 165Cravens
WilliamsTurner B.45 167Cravens
WilliamsVernon9mo. 263Wilburton
WilliamsViola38 256Wilburton
WilliamsWalter Lloyd3 223Red Oak
WilliamsWanda2 253Wilburton
WilliamsWilliam L.2 263Wilburton
WilliamsWilma B.8 263Wilburton
Williams?J.....18 264Wilburton
Williams?Louise?15? 264Wilburton
WilliamsonEmett61 161Cravens
WilliamsonRoxie66 161Cravens
WillinghamRobert75 177Damon
WillisAlba6 245Salonia/Bengal
WillisChester17 235Red Oak
WillisClaude3 246Salonia/Bengal
WillisClyde3mo. 246Salonia/Bengal
WillisDora47 235Red Oak
WillisHenry4 245Salonia/Bengal
WillisJames4 246Salonia/Bengal
WillisJB"1 246Salonia/Bengal
WillisJess N.48 245Salonia/Bengal
WillisJohn B.27 246Salonia/Bengal
WillisLillie22 246Salonia/Bengal
WillisLizzie M.22 246Salonia/Bengal
WillisLulu43 245Salonia/Bengal
WillisMary8 245Salonia/Bengal
WillisRuby7 245Salonia/Bengal
WillisUla19 235Red Oak
WillisWayne12 235Red Oak
WillisWill57 235Red Oak
WillisWilliam25 246Salonia/Bengal
WillkettEffie28 189Degnan
WillkettElmer2 189Degnan
WillkettJim33 189Degnan
WillkettMarie9 189Degnan
WillkettVelma2 189Degnan
WillliamsDorohy L.3 215Gowen
WillliamsFloyd E.8 215Gowen
WillliamsGrace M.26 215Gowen
WillliamsJames J.9 215Gowen
WillliamsPerry F.6 215Gowen
WillliamsSimon?51 190Degnan
WillsonAnna M.24 235Red Oak
WillsonJohn48 192Degnan
WillsonRocky?48 192Degnan
Wilmoth?? M.10 149Buffalo
WilmothArthur L. jr.8 149Buffalo
WilmothEmma30 149Buffalo
WilsonAlbert9 174Damon
WilsonAlta E.20 213Gowen
WilsonAlva25 164Cravens
WilsonAnna48 183Degnan
WilsonAnna55 192Degnan
WilsonAnnie25 175Damon
WilsonAustin2 232Red Oak
WilsonBessie28 187Degnan
WilsonCarey45 164Cravens
WilsonCharlie26 209Gowen
WilsonChristine8 175Damon
WilsonClarence M.25 179Damon
WilsonClorene11 174Damon
WilsonDeliah May21 204Gowen
WilsonDella42 181Damon
WilsonDona5mo. 233Red Oak
WilsonDoris18 169Cravens
WilsonDorthy M.7 161Cravens
WilsonEdgar47 258Wilburton
WilsonEllan?6 174Damon
WilsonElmer10 232Red Oak
WilsonElva19 233Red Oak
WilsonElvin13 183Degnan
WilsonEmris?13 185Degnan
WilsonErvan31 187Degnan
WilsonEugene4 248Salonia/Bengal
WilsonEverett54 232Red Oak
WilsonFannie L.55 179Damon
WilsonFerd?17 192Degnan
WilsonGennie7 187Degnan
WilsonGeorge C.15 166Cravens
WilsonGeorgia A.40 169Cravens
WilsonGertrude6 203Gowen
WilsonGirlie?36 174Damon
WilsonGladys25 232Red Oak
WilsonGurldrine?0 203Gowen
WilsonHarald8 203Gowen
WilsonHarry D.8 181Damon
WilsonHarry?20 192Degnan
WilsonHelen33 203Gowen
WilsonHenry38 166Cravens
WilsonHenry D.49 181Damon
WilsonHouston4 175Damon
WilsonHoward20 232Red Oak
WilsonHoward31 203Gowen
WilsonHoward10 203Gowen
WilsonImogene6 248Salonia/Bengal
WilsonIva52 209Gowen
WilsonJ B Curtus4 203Gowen
WilsonJames46 174Damon
WilsonJames H.11 181Damon
WilsonJames L.6 167Cravens
WilsonJames M.15 174Damon
WilsonJames W.21 213Gowen
WilsonJames? W.67 175Damon
WilsonJesse60? 192Degnan
WilsonJesse F.35 179Damon
WilsonJessie19 185Degnan
WilsonJoe55 192Degnan
WilsonJoseph B.5 161Cravens
WilsonJuanita11 166Cravens
WilsonKeana5 185Degnan
WilsonKelly22 204Gowen
WilsonL. E.23 232Red Oak
WilsonLawrance28 209Gowen
WilsonLawrence11 248Salonia/Bengal
WilsonLily10 187Degnan
WilsonLonada?23 190Degnan
WilsonLoraine4 209Gowen
WilsonLouise3 204Gowen
WilsonMack54 185Degnan
WilsonMarjorie16 170Cravens
WilsonMarten L.52 215Gowen
WilsonMary74 244Salonia/Bengal
WilsonMary4 174Damon
WilsonMary?25 209Gowen
WilsonMildred9 248Salonia/Bengal
WilsonNadine0 203Gowen
WilsonNancy29 248Salonia/Bengal
WilsonNancy A.49 215Gowen
WilsonOdesie M.9 167Cravens
WilsonOland29 190Degnan
WilsonOze R.50 169Cravens
WilsonPauline6 209Gowen
WilsonRalph26 232Red Oak
WilsonRiley J.57 209Gowen
WilsonRuby20 169Cravens
WilsonRussell2 181Damon
WilsonSusa43 185Degnan
WilsonThomas A.69 179Damon
WilsonThurman12 170Cravens
WilsonVelma2 203Gowen
WilsonVeranie?38 166Cravens
WilsonVergil L.20 233Red Oak
WilsonVirgie44 232Red Oak
WilsonWalter3 187Degnan
WilsonWillie W.29 248Salonia/Bengal
WilsonWyvon13 181Damon
WilsonZaney16 232Red Oak
WilsonZula15 185Degnan
WindsorAnnie M.41 168Cravens
WindsorDelmar A.22 168Cravens
WindsorMona M.8 168Cravens
WindsorThelma L.5 168Cravens
WindsorValeria A.14 168Cravens
WindsorVera E.16 168Cravens
WindsorVester A.51 168Cravens
WingoEdgar73 208Gowen
WingoMinnie67 208Gowen
WinlockAlphy30 244Salonia/Bengal
WinlockEllis32 244Salonia/Bengal
WinlockJames10 244Salonia/Bengal
WinlockLauretta7 244Salonia/Bengal
WinlockLizzie17 246Salonia/Bengal
WinnJohn29 192Degnan
WintersEvatone62 189Degnan
WintersTroy10 189Degnan
WintonAlzono P.34 145Buffalo
WintonAudie4 150Buffalo
WintonBettie J.4 145Buffalo
WintonClavel?28 150Buffalo
WintonClyde27 147Buffalo
WintonDella34 145Buffalo
WintonEthel C.27 147Buffalo
WintonEtta M.20 146Buffalo
WintonEveline P.6 147Buffalo
WintonGeorge36 146Buffalo
WintonHerman12 145Buffalo
WintonHubert6 150Buffalo
WintonLola D.2 145Buffalo
WintonMabel28 150Buffalo
WintonNancy68 150Buffalo
WintonSilvester3 147Buffalo
WintonVidia M.6 146Buffalo
WisdomSarah72 208Gowen
WishardEdith O.? 146Buffalo
WishardJack W.6 146Buffalo
WishardLulu30 146Buffalo
WishardRay11 146Buffalo
WishardRiley53 146Buffalo
WishardRiley, jr.8mo. 146Buffalo
WoodAnnie27 162Cravens
WoodBilly J.1 252Wilburton
WoodCharles O.44 167Cravens
WoodClyd16 149Buffalo
WoodComer L.11mo. 149Buffalo
WoodD....70 158Cravens
WoodDorothy E.14 149Buffalo
WoodEdgar S.16 167Cravens
WoodEleanor70 258Wilburton
WoodEllen A.38 149Buffalo
WoodElsie39 167Cravens
WoodGeorge P.53 263Wilburton
WoodGeorge P.12 263Wilburton
WoodHalsey L.14 167Cravens
WoodHattie E.75 158Cravens
WoodHazel M.7 167Cravens
WoodJames3 252Wilburton
WoodJames4mo. 176Damon
WoodJames?34 176Damon
WoodJeff50 258Wilburton
WoodLena 21 263Wilburton
WoodLena R.9 167Cravens
WoodLenard9 176Damon
WoodLottie19 263Wilburton
WoodLouize?8 263Wilburton
WoodLoyce15 263Wilburton
WoodLunar A. ?11 149Buffalo
WoodMaggie39 263Wilburton
WoodMamie19 149Buffalo
WoodMarion43 149Buffalo
WoodMarvin2 176Damon
WoodMary B.10 263Wilburton
WoodMary L.37 149Buffalo
WoodMary L.2 163Cravens
WoodMellie17 263Wilburton
WoodMinnie25 176Damon
WoodMolly G.6 263Wilburton
WoodOmarie2 162Cravens
WoodOthel M.12 149Buffalo
WoodRobert A.7 149Buffalo
WoodRobert B.37 149Buffalo
WoodRoy30 252Wilburton
WoodRuby4 176Damon
WoodSusie32 252Wilburton
WoodVera F.16 149Buffalo
WoodWaymond8 176Damon
WoodWillard10 149Buffalo
WoodWilliam C.10 149Buffalo
WoodardDavid48 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodardDavid C.3 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodardElizabeth12 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodardEthel17 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodardPearl42 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodardRuby6 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodardWilliam N.20 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodrufMiles17 164Cravens
WoodruffBillie J.4 190Degnan
WoodruffCalvin48 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffEarl P.32 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffEdgar A.7 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffElla19 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffFred T.29 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffGeorge L.5 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffGertrude29 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffH. Ernest27 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffHarold T.7 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffHazel10 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffHerbert E.10 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffHettie31 190Degnan
WoodruffJames H.16 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffJessie9 190Degnan
WoodruffLettie33 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffOlen7mo. 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffOmer 19 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffPearlie7 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffRobert43 190Degnan
WoodruffRobert8 190Degnan
WoodruffRosa M.13 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffRoy J.3 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffStanley1 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffTheodore5 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffThomas E.63 247Salonia/Bengal
WoodruffWillie H.39 246Salonia/Bengal
WoodsAnna12 210Gowen
WoodsBruce?6 210Gowen
WoodsCara8 210Gowen
WoodsEthel46 210Gowen
WoodsJames48 210Gowen
WoodsNoel27 255Wilburton
WoodsWilliam10 210Gowen
WorleyJames13 244Salonia/Bengal
WorleyMary9 244Salonia/Bengal
WorthyAnderson57 161Cravens
WorthyGrace27 161Cravens
WorthyMaggie E.24 161Cravens
WorthyMellisa? M.20 161Cravens
WorthyPatience59 161Cravens
WrenBenny18 254Wilburton
WrenCurtis21 221Red Oak
WrenGeneva22 221Red Oak
WrenJoseph50 254Wilburton
WrenJoyce28 221Red Oak
WrenLucille25 221Red Oak
WrenMattie46 254Wilburton
WrenPearl15 254Wilburton
WrenV. G.61 221Red Oak
WrenVerladean5 254Wilburton
WrenViola8 254Wilburton
WrightCurtis11 251Wilburton
WylieAlma I.22 169Cravens
WylieCecil W.10 169Cravens
WylieCentha J.49 169Cravens
WylieNewt J.48 169Cravens
WylieViola L.28 169Cravens
WylieVivan V.12 169Cravens
WynnHazel15 260Wilburton
WynnIrene26 260Wilburton
WynnJohn68 260Wilburton
WynnMary49 260Wilburton
WynnMickle? P.19 260Wilburton
WynnWilliam B.24 260Wilburton
WynnWilliam D.53 260Wilburton
WyrickIda May? 208Gowen
WyrickThomas27 208Gowen

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