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1930 Latimer County Census
Y - Z

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

Last NameFirst Name AgePage No. Townshp

NameAge Page no.Township
YanceyJessie46 227Red Oak
YanceyJoel M.4 227Red Oak
YanceyLaney29 166Cravens
YanceyLuther31 227Red Oak
YanceyMattie41 227Red Oak
YanceyMay.20 227Red Oak
YanceyMyrtle24 166Cravens
YanceySavanah23 227Red Oak
YanceySirilda64 166Cravens
YanceyVivian8 227Red Oak
YanceyWalter46 227Red Oak
YanceyWillie44 227Red Oak
YandellClar...6 257Wilburton
YandellLoyde O.35 257Wilburton
YandellLoyde O. jr.8 257Wilburton
YandellPauline32 257Wilburton
YarbroughAmbrose?59 240Red Oak
YarbroughJohn17 240Red Oak
YarbroughLou14 240Red Oak
YarbroughMary12 240Red Oak
YarbroughSidney75 172Damon
YatesFrank17 229Red Oak
YatesJC21 229Red Oak
YatesVernon11 229Red Oak
YatesViola46 229Red Oak
YatesWill47 229Red Oak
YorkChristopher C.11 215Gowen
YorkDelpha L.5 215Gowen
YorkEdna A.13 215Gowen
YorkRena G.37 215Gowen
YotherClu28 185Degnan
YoungCarrol D.2 149Buffalo
YoungEugene L.14 149Buffalo
YoungFelix W.43 149Buffalo
YoungFlorence58 155Buffalo
YoungGaylord O.18 149Buffalo
YoungGeraldine O.6 149Buffalo
YoungGertrude18 148Buffalo
YoungJoseph P.61 155Buffalo
YoungLarkin S.71 152Buffalo
YoungLeo F.12 149Buffalo
YoungMinnie B.16 155Buffalo
YoungNettie38 149Buffalo
YoungRuby O.10 149Buffalo
YoungWilliam E.45 152Buffalo
YoungbloodIsom? 145Buffalo
YoungbloodPearl18 145Buffalo
YounseClaton45 204Gowen
YounseDenzel9 204Gowen
YounseElery35 204Gowen
YounseLeysel14 204Gowen
YounseStanley5 204Gowen
YounseVegar12 204Gowen
YourmanEdwin H.13 260Wilburton
YourmanHoward H.18 260Wilburton
YourmanIke50 260Wilburton
YourmanJeane? F.6 260Wilburton
YourmanJennie48 260Wilburton
YourmanMartin A.20 260Wilburton
Yrsavagesee Urcsage
ZacharyJack25 164Cravens
ZacharyMary20 164Cravens
ZacharyW....2 164Cravens
ZacheryBen70 210Gowen
ZackawskiAnnie31 195Gowen
ZackawskiJoe54 195Gowen
ZackawskiMartha15 195Gowen
ZackawskiMary10 195Gowen
ZackawskiMickle5 195Gowen
ZackawskiPeter1 195Gowen
ZackawskiStanley12 195Gowen
ZackawskiVictory?11 195Gowen
ZearleyAsa D.33 214Gowen
ZearleyBeth..8 214Gowen
ZearleyMinnie M.29 214Gowen
Ziak??9 195Gowen
Zina?Tona? 191Degnan
ZinkAnnie5 258Wilburton
ZinkConstantice8 258Wilburton
ZinkElizabeth36 257Wilburton
ZinkLucile2 258Wilburton
ZinkMike13 258Wilburton
ZinkPaul11 258Wilburton
ZinkPete49 257Wilburton
ZinkPete J.6 258Wilburton
ZiverkAnna30 199Gowen
ZiverkJohn35 199Gowen
ZiverkJohnnie10 199Gowen
ZiverkLouie12 199Gowen
ZiverkMaggie3 199Gowen
ZiverkMartha6 199Gowen
ZiverkMartha68 199Gowen
ZiverkMike70 199Gowen
ZiverkPauline23 199Gowen
ZiverkRosa14 199Gowen
ZiverkSofa1 199Gowen
ZiverkVictor28 199Gowen
ZiverkVictor junior3 199Gowen
ZoiaAngelina12 169Cravens
ZoiaFrances17 169Cravens
ZoiaHenry15 169Cravens
ZoiaLoui60 169Cravens
ZonottiJohn59 216Gowen
ZupanBussell13 235Red Oak
ZupanClarance10 235Red Oak
ZupanMat40 235Red Oak

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