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1930 Census Buffalo Township

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Martial Place of BirthSheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
AbnerIrwinhead w25MOK ALAL153 3A
AbnerDolliewife w20MOK OKTX153 3A
AbnerIrwin, jr.son w2SOK OKOK153 3A
AbnerMarvinson w1 moS OKOKOK 1533A
Adams WilburnheadInd 70MOK full bloodChickasaw 1462B
Adams EmalinewifeInd 46MOK full bloodChickasaw146 2B
Adams ArthursonInd 24SOK full bloodChickasaw146 2B
Adams WilliamsonInd 20SOK full bloodChickasaw146 2B
Adams John P.sonInd 18SOK full bloodChickasaw146 2B
Adams Wilburn, jr.sonInd 17SOK full bloodChickasaw146 2B
Aday Oscar C.headW 34MAR MOMO152 2B
Aday Mabel L.wifeW 30MOK TXTX152 2B
Aday Quinton R.sonW 9SOKAR OK1522B
Aday Lorine A.daughterW 5SOKAR OK1522B
Akins Floydheadw 42MAR ARAR153 3A
Akins Lena wifew 42MOK OKOK153 3A
Akins Halliedaughterw 18SOK AROK153 3A
Akins Estherdaughterw 15SOK AROK153 3A
Akins Alta M.daughterw 9SOkAR OK1533B
Allen John W.headW ?MARNC NC1522B
Allen Mollie P.wifeW 40MAR ARAR152 2B
Allen PearldaughterW 15SOK ARAR152 2B
Allison Fred W.headw 49MAR KSNC151 1B
Allison Della R.wifew 44MAR ARMS151 1B
Allison Bluford E.sonw 21SOK ARAR151 1B
Allison Edith B.daughterw 18SOK ARAR151 1B
Allison Inez T.daughterw 16SOK ARAR151 1B
Allison Murl L.daughterw 12SOK ARAR151 1B
Allison Verna M.daughterw 8SOKAR AR1511B
Allison Clark W.sonw 5SOKAR AR1511B
Anderson JackmanheadInd 50MOK full bloodChoctaw146 2B
Anderson MarthawifeInd 55MOK full bloodChoctaw146 2B
Anderson William N?sonInd 18SOK full bloodChoctaw146 2B
Anderson Gladys A.daughterInd 16SOK full bloodChoctaw146 2B
Anderson ViviandaughterInd 14SOK full bloodChoctaw146 2B
Anderson BenardsonInd 13SOK full bloodChoctaw146 2B
Anderson Luanna?daughterInd 10SOK full bloodChoctaw146 2B
Anderson James H.headInd 39MOK ?Choctaw?147 3B
Anderson Ellawifew 28MAR U.S.U.S.147 3B
Anderson Harrison R.sonInd 12SOK ?Choctaw?147 3B
Anderson Stella B.daughterInd 8SOK? Choctaw?1473B
Anderson Elvin? J.sonInd 6SOK? Choctaw?1473B
Anderson Glady P.daughterInd 4SOK? Choctaw?1473B
Anderson LuelladaughterInd 1SOK? Choctaw?1473B
Anderson Nancyheadw 63WDAR TNAR148 4A
Anderson Lejah E.?headIn 28MOK ??148 4A
Anderson Mariewifew 24MOK OKAR148 4A
Anderson William L.sonIn 5SOKOK ?1484A
Anderson Richard L.sonIn 3SOK? ?1484A
Anderson Clarencehead? 28MOK ??148 4A
Anderson EulahwifeIn 23MOK ??148 4A
Anderson Eldon D.sonIn 5SOK? ?1484A
Anderson Dorris G.daughterIn 6moSOK ??148 4A
Anderson LucindaheadIn 67WDOK OKOK148 4B
Anderson LillieheadIn 39WDOK full bloodChoctaw?148 4B
Anderson JustinedaughterIn 7SOKfull blood Choctaw?1484B
Anderson LurilladaughterIn 4SOKfull blood Choctaw?1484B
Anderson ?sonIn 21?OK full bloodChoctaw?148 4B
Anderson?Samuelson In18S OKfull bloodChoctaw? 1484B
Anderson?Jamesson In15S OKfull bloodChoctaw? 1484B
Armstrong EmonHeadw 64WdAR TNTN145 1A
Armstrong William Sonw 39STX ARTN145 1A
Armstrong Claud L.Sonw 25SOK ARTN145 1A
Aynes? Jessie E.son-in-laww 24MOK not knownnot known147 3B
Aynes? Ruby M.daughterw 21MOK INAR147 3B
Aynes? Raymond E.grandsonw 3SOKOK OK1473B
Aynes? William L.grandsonw 3mo.SOK OKOK147 3B

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