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1930 Census Buffalo Township

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Martial Place of BirthSheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
Bailey Fredheadw 22MOK AROK148 4A
Bailey Emmawifew 15MOK OKOK148 4A
Baker Garvinheadw 22MOK OKOK154 4A
Baker Rosawifew 20MOK OKOK154 4A
Baker Lizziedaughterw 3?SOK OKOK154 4A
Baker Ocie?daughterw 3mo.SOK OKOK154 4A
Baker Earnest L.headW 41MAR ARAR156 6B
Baker Bettie J.wifeW 40MAR ARAR156 6B
Baker Elbert E.sonW 20SOK ARAR156 6B
Baker Doris E.daughterW 18SOK ARAR156 6B
Baker Ray M.sonW 16SOK ARAR156 6B
Baker Zella M.daughterW 14SOK ARAR156 6B
Baker Stella E.daughterW 12SOK ARAR156 6B
Baker Maggie L.daughterW 10SOK ARAR156 6B
Baker Dalton J.sonW 6SOKAR AR1566B
Baker Clyde A.headW 28MAR ARAR157 7A
Baker Oleta E.wifeW 26MOK TXTX157 7A
Baker Andy D.sonW 9SOKAR OK1577A
Baker Fay B.sonW 7SOKAR OK1577A
Barnsdale HomerheadW 21MOK OKOK155 5A
Barnsdale PhebiewifeW 20MOK OKOK155 5A
Barnsdale Thadeaus W.headw 64MAR TNAR150 6 B
Bates Ellawifew 41MAR ARAR150 6 B
Bates Wilmer P.daughterw 18SOK ARAR150 6 B
Bates Lucile L.daughterw 16SOK ARAR150 6 B
Bates Allen T.sonw 8SOKAR AR1506 B
Bates Flossie L.daughterw 4SOKAR AR1506 B
Bates Thadeaus D.sonw 1.6moSOK ARAR150 6 B
Bean John K.headW 59MAR ALAL154 4B
Bean Mattie R.wifeW 51MAR GAGA154 4B
Bean PaulinedaughterW 15SOK ARAR154 4B
Bean BrewersonW 13SOK ARAR154 4B
Beanes GrahamheadW 27MOK ARAR154 4B
Beanes GracewifeW 23MNC NCNC154 4B
Beanes Atha?sonW 8SOKOK NC1544B
Beanes BettiedaughterW 6SOKOK NC1544B
Beanes ThelmadaughterW 4.4mo.SOK OKNC154 4B
Bell Silvesterheadw 23MTX TXTX153 3B
Bell Mildredwifew 21MOK OKOK153 3B
Bell Joycedaughterw 1.7moSOK TXOK153 3B
Boggs Henry A.Headw 35MOK IILTX145 1A
Boggs GraceWifew 35MAR LAnot known145 1A
Boggs Harold Sonw 17SAR OKAR145 1A
Boggs SusanMotherw 65WDTX? not knownnot known145 1A
Bowen Georgeheadw 30MOK ARAR153 3B
Bowen Marthawifew 27MOK TXMO153 3B
Bowen Leladaughterw 1.2moSOK OKOK153 3B
Bowen John R.headW 33MAR NCNC154 4B
Bowen Alice W.wifeW 29MAR MOMO154 4B
Bowen Irene H.daughterW 5SOKAR AR1555A
Bowen ArzonadaughterW 3+SOK ARAR155 5A
Bowen Russell G.sonW 1+SOK ARAR155 5A
Bowen Jessie A.headW 25MAR NCNC155 5A
Bowen Mamie wifeW 26MAL ALAL155 5A
Bowen James L.brotherW 28SAR NCNC155 5A
Bowling Leo W.headw 22MOK OKOK151 1A
Bowling Wanda N.wifew 18MOK OKOK151 1A
Bowling Edna E.daughterw 2+SOK OKOK151 1A
Bowling Leon E.sonw 3 mo.SOK OKOK151 1A
Bratton Carl L.headW 32MNE INND156 6B
Bratton Minnie A.wifeW 29MAR ARAR156 6B
Bratton RuthdaughterW 8SOKNE AR1566B
Bratton Leon R.sonW 6SOKNE AR1566B
Bratton Joyce M.daughterW 2.9mo.SOK NEAR156 6B
Bratton Ora B.daughterW 4mo.SOK NEAR156 6B
Brewer Roy L.headw 26MAR ILIL153 3A
Brewer Ruby L.wifew 23MOK OKAR153 3A
BrewerBert L.son w4 moS OKAROK 1533A
Briley William E.head? 31MOK AROK148 4A
Briley Besswifew 29MOK INAR148 4A
Briley Carlotta C.daughterw 11SOK OKOK148 4A
Briley Carnell W.sonw 5SOKOK OK1484A
Broom Cecil O.boarderW 19SOK OKOK156 6B
Brothers HowardboarderW 40WDTX TXTX154 4B
Brown William N.headInd 39MOK ??145 1B
Brown Katherinewifew 36MOK ARAL145 1B
Brown William N. jr.sonInd 11SOK ??145 1B
Brown WanatchdaughterInd 10SOK ??146 2A
Brown WilmadaughterInd 9SOK? ?1462A
Bruce Robert M.headw 37MOK OHOH153 3B
Bruce Helen M.wifew 35MTX ALAL153 3B
Bruce Samuel L.headW 41MAR TNTN152 2B
Bruce Rachel P.wifeW 38MAR MOAR152 2B
Bruce JosephsonW 22SOK ARAR152 2B
Bruce CharliesonW 17SOK ARAR152 2B
Bruce MildreddaughterW 14SOK ARAR152 2B
Bruner RandolphheadW 54WDAR NCNC156 6B
Bruner Seldon H.sonW 18SAR ARAR156 6B
Bruner Elmer sonW 15SAR ARAR156 6B
BrunsonClyde M.head W24SAR ARAR152 2B
BrunsonEmma J.mother W54Wd ARVAVA 1522B
BryantTony C.head w37MAR GAGA153 3B
BryantFlorawife w34MAR ARAR153 3B
BryantLillie E.daughter w15SOK ARAR153 3B
BryantTony, jr.son w12SOK ARAR153 3B
BryantTilliedaughter w10SOK ARAR153 3B
BryantEdithdaughter w6SOK ARAR153 3B
BryantRaymondhead W23MOK OKOK155 5A
BryantMinniewife W22MOK OKOK155 5A
Bryant RubydaughterW 2SOKOK OK1555A
Bryant GeneviadaughterW 3 mo.SOK OKOK155 5A
Burdett Wayneboarderw 19SOK TXTX152 2A
Burk Busterservantw 19SOK MOU.S.146 2B
Burnett Wayne R.boarderw 19SOK OKOK153 3B

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