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1930 Census Buffalo Township
F - G

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Martial Place of BirthSheet
Last NameFirstName RelationRaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMotherPage No.
FarrisWilliam R.head w38MOKOK MO1484A
FarrisMinnie L.wife w36MARTX GA1484A
FarrisWilliam E.son w2mo.SOKOK AR1484A
FaulknerHenry P.head w43?MALAL AL1495A
FaulknerArizona J. wifew41MAL ALAL1495A
FaulknerMaxine M. daughterw10S OKALAL1495A
FaulknerAnthony W. headw45MAL ALAL1495A
FaulknerVelma L.wife w38MALAL AL1495A
FaulknerOliver M. sonw20SAL ALAL1495A
FaulknerAnthony W.jr. sonw18SAL ALAL1495A
FaulknerJames C.son w14SOKAL AL1495A
FaulknerAurilla? A. daughterw12S ARALAL1495A
FaulknerDella O.daughter w10SALAL AL1495A
FaulknerHenry W.son w7SOKAL AL1495A
FaulknerWayne J.son w3SARAL AL1495A
FaulknerEllen L.daughter w5mo.SOKAL AL1495A
FlannaganMolliehead w39WDARAR AR1506 B
FlannaganRilla M. daughterw22S OKARAR1506 B
FlattJoseph P.Head w79MMOMO MO1451A
FlattJennieWife w79MMOMO MO1451A
FlattLeonard W.Head w34MARAR AR1451A
FlattJennie E.Wife w27MARnot known not known1451A
FlattLeonard W.Jr. Sonw7SAR ARAR1451A
FlattEthel L.Daughter w5SOKAR AR1451A
FlattAnna M.Daughter w6mo.SOKAR AR1451A
FlattJames W.head w56MARU.S. TN1473A
FlattRuthwife w?MARAR U.S.1473A
FlattMilbornson w13SOKAR OK1473A
FlattMillardson w7SOKAR OK1473A
FosterClarencehead w23?MARMS AR1506A
FosterAlicewife w21MOKOK OK1506A
FosterVirginiadaughter w1.2moSOKOK OK1506A
FosterMark father w58WDMSAL MS1506A
FosterVeniesister w15SARMS AR1506A
FrenchClabe B.head W55MTXAL AL1577A
FrenchMinnie E.wife W55MININ IN1577A
FullerLester M.stepson w17SARAR AR1473B
FullerThelma M.stepdaughter w15SARAR AR1473B
FullerOttostepson w12SOKAR AR1473B
FullerBeatricestepdaughter w10SOKAR AR1473B
GarnerAlexander P. boarderw21S TXALNE?146 2B
GarrettMcKinleyhead w30MOKKY AR1495A
GarrettPearliewife w23MOKAL AR1495A
GarrettJunior L.son w2SOKOK OK1495A
GarvinOrvill W.head W25MOKTX IN1577A
GarvinZella M.wife W24MOKMO IN1577A
GarvinOra M.daughter W6SOKOK OK1577A
GarvinBernicedaughter W4+SOKOK OK1577A
Geumphry?Williamhead w65MILGermany Germany1533A
Geumphry?Cathernwife w58MILGermany Germany1533A
Geumphry?Walter S. sonw23SIL ILIL1533A
GibsonBenjaminhead w36MARAR AR1533B
GibsonEllenwife w36MARAR AR1533B
GilmoreHenryhead w53MALAL AL1511B
GilmoreOma wife w37MARMO MO1511B
GilmoreDilbert H. sonw19SOK ALAR1511B
GilmoreHubert F.head W22MOKOK OK1566A
GilmoreEtta B.wife W21MOKOK OK1566A
GilmoreMozett? L. daughterW1+S OKOKOK1566A
GlennAnnieMother-in-law w74WDWIIL FRANCE1451A
Grand?Ludella?head w48WDTXIA TX1473A
Grand?Henry L.son w22SOKTN TX1473A
Grand?Homer E.son w19SOKTN TX1473A
Grand?Marshal B.son w14SOKTN TX1473A
Grand?Noreen? C.daughter w9SOKTN TX1473A
GregoryOrvill H.head w21SOKTX MO1511B
GregoryAnna B.mother w52WDMOMO MO1511B
GregoryDaniel B.brother w13SOKTX MO1511B
GregoryLula S.sister w10SOKTX MO1511B
GregoryCecil O.brother w8SOKTX MO1511B

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