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1930 Census Buffalo Township
J - K

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Martial Place of BirthSheet
Last NameFirstName RelationRaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMotherPage No.
JacksonWalter A.head w28?MMOMO OK1484A
JacksonNeomawife w21MOKOK OK1484A
JacksonJeme? R.son w4SOKMO OK1484A
JacksonCharles E. sonw8moSOK MOOK1484A
JamesJohn J.head W59MTXTN TN1544B
JamesEtta B.wife W49MTXIL MO1544B
JarvisJohn C.head W40MILIL IL1522B
JarvisMary L.wife W35MILIL IL1522B
JarvisJohnson W15SILIL IL1522B
JarvisLetha E.daughter W6SOKIL IL1522B
JarvisMaud A.daughter W4.0mo.SOK ILIL1522B
JearriganWatie N. boarderW19S OKTXTX1555B
JeffersonJohn J.head W40MOKAL AL1577A
JeffersonMaud E.wife W38MOKMO MO1577A
JeffersonFannie E. daughterW15S OKOKOK1577A
JeffersonM..... C. sonW10SOK OKOK1577A
JonesJosephhead w53MMOMO MO1495B
JonesMargret R.wife w40MTXTX TX1495B
JonesRichard D.son w13SOKMO TX1495B
JonesPaul H.son w10SOKMO TX1495B
JonesMercedes R.daughter w7SOKMO TX1495B
JonesKatie M.mother-in-law W70WDTXNC NC1522B
KaneyLula E.sister W54WDKSIL IL1566B
KaneyMargie A.neice W20SOKKS KS1566B
KeelingAlfredhead w38MARAR AR1533A
KeelingMyrtlewife w38MMOMO MO1533A
KeelingLafayettson w17SOKAR MO1533A
KeelingAda M.daughter w15SOKAR MO1533A
KeelingEtheldaughter w8SOKAR MO1533A
KeelingEldredson w4SOKAR MO1533A
KempVada V.stepdaughter w12SOKU.S. AR1473A
KempGladysstepdaughter w8SOKU.S. AR1473A
KempClarence L.stepson w6SOKU.S. AR1473A
KennedyWilliam E. headw27MOK OKOK1522A
KennedyIrene R.wife w22MOKTX TX1522A
KennedyDewey J.son w6SOKOK OK1522A
KennedyAlva V.daughter w3.1moSOKOK OK1522A
KennedyLeo O.son w2 mo.SOKOK OK1522A
KennedyJohn L.head w49MARMO MO1522A
KennedyLizz M.wife w47MARKY KY1522A
KennedyJames son w19MOKAR AR1522A
KennedyDora? L.daughter-in-law w16MOKOK OK1522A
KennedyRay D.son w14SOKAR AR1522A
KennedyWarren G.son w11SOKAR AR1522A
KennedyJackson grandson w3 moSOKOK OK1522A
KennedyRoy L.head W25MOKAR AR1522B
Kennedy?wife W20MARKY KY1522B
KennedyVera K.daughter W5SOKOK AR1522B
KennedyVivian L.daughter W3+SOKOK AR1522B
KennedyAliene J.daughter W11mo.SOKOK AR1522B
KimmelJohn I.head w24MOKKS OH1473B
KimmelEthel M.wife w19MARunknown AR1473B
KimmelEthel M.daughter w1+SOKOK AR1473B
KimmelWilliam T.head w31MMOIL IL1484A
KimmelRuby J.wife w23MOKKY MO1484A
KimmelGlenna I.daughter w1moSOKMO OK1484A
KingAlbert A.head w38MARU.S. U.S.1451B
KingAlice F.wife w29MOKGA AR1451B
KingIra M.head w38MTXU.S. TX1462A
KingJessie L.wife w25MTXTX TX1462A
KingMarie A.daughter w11STXTX U.S.1462A
KingFred E.son w8STXTX U.S.1462A
KingJoannahead w55WDOKTN TN1506A
KingMarydaughter In14SOKOK OK1506A
KingElizabethdaughter In10SOKOK OK1506A
KingGeorge W.head In29MOKOK OK1506A
KingLillie M.wife w26MARMS AR1506A
KingMarthadaughter In6SOKOK AR1506A
KingRobertson In5SOKOK AR1506A
KingJohnnie?daughter In3SOKOK AR1506A
KingMonettedaughter In1+SOKOK AR1506A
KingCharles R.head w33SOKOK OK1522A
KingElsie C.wife w29?MOKOK OK1522A
KingGilbert H.son w9MOKOK OK1522A
KingWesley E.son w7SOKOK OK1522A
KingWilliam E.son w5SOKOK OK1522A
KingOdis B.son w3+SOKOK OK1522A
KirkesOscarhead w32MARGA AR1462B
KirkesDrusiewife w36MOKAL AR1462B
KirkesRichard T.son w11SOKAR OK1462B
KirkesEugeneson w8SOKAR OK1462B
KirkesLeehead w42?MARGA AR1462B
KirkesGertrudewife Ind41MOKOK OK1462B
KirkesWillimaydaughter Ind17SOKAR OK1462B
KirkesWilliamson Ind15SOKAR OK1462B
KirkesAlbert H.son Ind10SOKAR OK1462B
KirkesAlfred L.son Ind7SOKAR OK1462B
KirkesWilliam R.head w29MARAR AL1462B
KirkesOna F.wife w24MOKAR TX1473A
KirkesGreely H.son w7SOK? OK1473A
KirkesGrady son w4SOKAR OK1473A
KirkesRoy L.son w3SOKAR OK1473A
KirkesCarmie? M.daughter w5mo.SOKAR OK1473A
KirkesJames D.head w54MARGA AR1473A
KirkesSarah wife w54MALGA S.C.1473A
KirkesWoodrow W.son w17SOKAR AL1473A
KirkesLecil? T.son w13SOKAR AL1473A
KirkesFlossie L.daughter w11SOKAR AL1473A
KirkesLuther L.head w26MOKAR AL1473A
KirkesEvawife w25MOKAR AR1473A
KirkesIvanson w4SOKOK OK1473A
KirkesBeatrice E. daughterw1+S OKOKOK1473A
KirkesEdward head w?MARGA AR1473A
KirkesCarrie M.wife w41MTXMO U.S.1473A
KirkesGeorgia W.daughter w22SOKAR TX1473A
KirkesArthur K.son w15SOKAR TX1473A
KirkesHorace G.son w10SOKAR TX1473A
KirkesRobert H.son w7SOKAR TX1473B
KirkesIrenedaughter w5SOKAR TX1473B
KirkesPearl M.daughter w3SOKAR TX1473B
KnappWallace H.head W21MTXTX TX1555B
KnappMyrtle R.wife W21MOKOK OK1555B
KnappDorthy D.daughter W2+SOKTX OK1555B
KnappJoseph R.head W48MTXTX TX1566A
KnappHattie P.wife W42MTXTX TX1566A
KnappMyrtle V.daughter W16SOKTX TX1566A
KnappJay R.son W14SOKTX TX1566A
KnappWilliam H.son W12SOKTX TX1566A
KnappUtah K.son W10SOKTX TX1566A
KnappLeon B.son W8SOKTX TX1566A
KnappNorma? daughter W6SOKTX TX1566A
KnappJames L.son W4+SOKTX TX1566A
KnightWillliam H. headW33MAR ARAR1544B
KnightWyvonewife W33MARAR AR1544B
KnightFlossiedaughter W10SOKAR AR1544B
KnightJames J.son W9SOKAR AR1544B
KnightPaulson W7SOKAR AR1544B
KnightMaggiedaughter W5SOKAR AR1544B
KnightJamesfather W64MARKY KY1544B
KnightLinniemother W51MARTN TN1544B
KnightHerbert L.head W29MTXTX TX1566A
KnightHattie P.wife W22MARAR AR1566A
KnightHarold D.son W4+SOKTX AR1566A
KnightMaree V.daughter W2+SOKTX AR1566A

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