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1930 Census Buffalo Township

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Martial Place of BirthSheet
Last NameFirstName RelationRaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMotherPage No.
LandersJames A. headW53M ARARAR154 4A
LandersGrace E. wifeW47M PAPAPA154 4B
LandersAlice V. daughterW10S OKARPA154 4B
LandersMary J. daughterW7S OKARPA154 4B
LawrenceJames L. headw40M ARTXMO146 2B
LawrenceCarrie wifew25M ARTXTX146 2B
LawrenceIvan M. daughterw7S OKARTX146 2B
LawrenceIradaughter w5SOKAR TX1462B
LawrenceDelbert sonw3S OKARTX146 2B
LawrenceDora L. daughterw1S OKARTX146 2B
LawrenceElmerbrother w22SAR TXMO1462B
LawrenceCharlie brother-in-laww32S ARARAR153 3A
LawyerEarnest A. headw53M IAIAIA151 1A
LawyerRosa L.wife w54MMO MOMO1511A
LawyerNeva D.daughter w10SOK MOMO1511A
LedfordRoy R.head w23MOK MOMO1511A
LedfordLillie M. wifew25M ARALAR151 1A
LedfordJunior L. sonw3.3moS OKOKAR151 1A
LedfordLeroy J. sonw2.1 moS OKOKAR151 1A
LedfordJames headW34M MOMOMO154 4A
LedfordBeatrice wifeW27M ARARAR154 4A
LedfordSilvia J. daughterW4S OKMOAR154 4A
LedfordJames sonW3S OKMOAR154 4A
LedfordJoycedaughter W11mo.SOK MOAR1544A
LedfordBroyceson W11mo.SOK MOAR1544A
LeeRobert E.head w31MAR ARAR1462A
LeeIonawife w34MAR ARAR1462A
LeeS.E.daughter w9SOKAR AR1462A
LeeAudreydaughter w7SOKAR AR1462A
LewisD.....uncle Ind42SOK OKOK1462A
LockEugene H.head w35WDAR ARAR1462A
LockLilliedaughter w12SOK ARAR1462A
LockRalph G.son w14SAR ARAR1462A
LockMolinedaughter w10SOK ARAR1462A
LockUladaughter w7SOKAR AR1462A
LockDonaldson w5SOKAR AR1462A
LongCharles F. headw38M OKKYMO148 4B
LongMinervie? L. wifew41M ARMSAR148 4B
LongZelma? A.daughter w10SOK OKAR1484B
LongLillie A.daughter w9SOKOK AR1484B
LongVelva W.daughter w7SOKOK AR1484B
LongCharles F.jr sonw5S OKOKAR148 4B
LooneyJohnfather-in-law w75WDMO TNMO1506A

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