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1930 Census Buffalo Township
M - N

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Martial Place of BirthSheet
Last NameFirstName RelationRaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMotherPage No.
MangnumElmerhead w18MOK AROK1473B
MangnumJewellwife w17MOK U.S.OK1484A
MangumBerthasister-in-law w17MOK ARAR1473B
MangumBarneybrother-in-law w19MOK U.S.U.S.1473B
MangumNoblebrother-in-law w17SOK U.S.U.S.1473B
MangumThomas S. headw41M ARARAR148 4B
MangumMaggiewife w35MAR ARAR1484B
MangumFloydson w17SOK ARAR1484B
MangumJewelldaughter w15SOK ARAR1484B
MangumHubertson w13SOK ARAR1484B
MangumHellendaughter w11SOK ARAR1484B
MangumS.T.son w6SOKAR AR1484B
MangumZelladaughter w1.6moSOK ARAR1484B
Marchbank?William headneg48M TXTXTX156 6A
Marchbank?Viola wifeneg38M TXTXTX156 6A
Marchbank?Belle G. daughterneg14S OKTXTX156 6A
Marchbank?Wilburn W. sonneg8S OKTXTX156 6A
Marchbank?Allen W. sonneg6S OKTXTX156 6A
Marchbank?Loree E. daughterneg3+S OKTXTX156 6A
MattoxWhitgrandfather w92WDAL U.S.U.S.1495A
MattoxVirgil M. headw21M OKKYAR150 6A
MattoxHazel wife w18MOK OKOK1506A
May'Minnie M.daughter w12SOK AROK1506A
May'Ruby L.daughter w10SOK AROK1506A
May'Bertie L.daughter w8SOKAR OK1506A
MayberyJewelldaughter w28WDOK MOAR1506 B
MaysReba M.daughter w22WDOK ARTX1511B
MaysBurl H.grandson w3.4moSOK OKOK1511B
McBrideWilliam J. headW30M OKOKOK155 5A
McBrideBellewife W40MOK OKMS1555A
McBrideBenjamin sonW5S OKOKOK155 5A
McDanielOrbie B. headW22M ARARAR154 4B
McDanielRoeann wifeW19M OKGAGA154 4B
McDanielDelbert H. sonW7mo.S OKAROK154 4B
McDavidAllen L. headw47M ARARMS154 4A
McDavidEliza J. wifew44M OKNCNC154 4A
McDavidJuliadaughter w13SOK AROK1544A
McDougalHarley headw42M ARARUS.145 1B
McDougalAlmedia wifew37M ARARMO145 1B
McDougalEugene daughterw10S OKARAR145 1B
McDougalHerman sonw7S OKARAR145 1B
McDougalThelma L. daughterw5S OKARAR145 1B
McDougalJohn H. sonw3S OKARAR145 1B
McFarlandWilliam L. headw29M ARINTX147 3B
McFarlandEffie E. wifeInd27M OK?Cherokee147 3B
McFarlandLuie? J. sonInd4S OK?Cherokee147 3B
McFarlandJoseph K. sonInd3S OK?Cherokee147 3B
McFarlandEveline J. daughterInd8mo.S OK?Cherokee147 3B
McGeeJohn E.head w63MAR OHOH1511A
McGeeLillie J. wifew53M OKOKOK151 1A
McGeeFred W.head w30MOK AROK1511A
McGeeRosa A.wife w32MWV WVWV1511A
McGeeRandelson w10SOK OKWV1511A
McGeeVaughndaughter w8SOKOK WV1511A
McGeeLandon?son w6SOKOK WV1511A
McGowenGuy? H. headW41M IAIAIA155 5A
McGowenZona M. wifeW31M ILILIL155 5A
McGowenJames R. sonW9S OKIAIL155 5A
McGowenWilliam sonW7S OKIAIL155 5A
McGowenEdwardson W2+SOK IAIL1555A
McGuireWilliam E. headW38M ARARAR152 2B
McGuireVelma A. wifeW33M OKOKOK152 2B
McGuireJackson H. sonW14S OKAROK152 2B
McGuirePauline R. daughterW11S OKAROK152 2B
McGuireGuy K.son W9mo.SOK AROK1522B
McLainFrank H. headW26M ARMOMO154 4B
McLainLucy L.wife W23MOK ARAR1544B
McLainMaggie E. daughterW2+S OKAROK154 4B
McMurryRuben B. headw28WD ARARAR151 1A
McMurryMollie R. motherw54WD ARARAR151 1A
McMurryArlie R. brotherw19S ARARAR151 1A
McMurryJoe C.brother w17SAR ARAR1511A
McMurryGirtie P. sisterw15S ARARAR151 1A
McMurryKenneth E. sonw4.4moS OKAROK151 1A
McMurryClinton H. headw24M ARARAR151 1A
McMurryNadinewife w24MOK VAVA1511A
McMurryCluster E.? sonw4+S OKAROK151 1A
McMurryMunden? L. sonw2.1moS OKAROK151 1A
McMurryMinnie J. daughterw6 mo.S OKAROK151 1A
McMurryGarlen C. headw32M ARARAR151 1A
McMurryJessie A. wifew24M ARARAR151 1A
MeddersJohn H. headw66M TXTXTX153 3A
MeddersGirtie B. wifew50M OKMOIL153 3A
MeddersWilliam B. sonw23S OKTXOK153 3A
MeddersJames R. sonw14S OKTXOK153 3A
MeddersRoy L.son w12SOK TXOK1533A
MeddersOpal A. daughterw9S OKTXOK153 3A
MeddersRobert L. sonw7S OKTXOK153 3A
MeddowsOra M.daughter w27WDOK AROK1511A
MeddowsJack B. grandsonw8S OKOKOK151 1A
MeddowsJohn grandson w8SOKOK OK1511A
MerkelJames G. boarderW57WD PAGERMANYGERMANY157 7B
MillerDewey A. bother-in-lawW15S ARARAR155 5A
MillerRachel S. sister-in-lawW12S ARARAR155 5A
MillerHarry J. headW42M TXTXTX156 6A
MillerMamiewife W40MAL ALAL1566A
MillerMary L.daughter W17SOK TXAL1566A
MillerLoyd E.son W11SOK TXAL1566A
MillerRuth E.daughter W8SOKTX AL1566A
MitchellRobert headw36M OKALAL150 6A
MitchellMaggie wifeIn32M OKOKOK150 6A
MitchellBeatrice B. daughterIn11S OKOKOK150 6A
MitchellErvin L. sonIn10S OKOKOK150 6A
MitchellUel E. sonIn8S OKOKOK150 6A
MitchellJoseph W. sonIn6S OKOKOK150 6 B
MitchellRobert B. sonIn4S OKOKOK150 6 B
MitchellEli S. headw53M ARARAR152 2A
MitchellLissa E. wifew40M TXMSMS152 2A
MitchellRobert L. sonw19S OKARTX152 2A
MitchellLorena daughterw16S OKARTX152 2A
MitchellJames R. sonw11S OKARTX152 2A
MoffittEli C.head W49MGA NCNC1566A
MoffittErie E. wifeW46M ARMOMO156 6A
MoffittAnna H. daughterW18S OKGAAR156 6A
MoffittEarnest R. sonW15S OKGAAR156 6A
MoffittJaunita daughterW9S OKGAAR156 6A
MoonEugene L.head w60MIN PANC1511A
MoonMinniewife w47MAR ARTX1511A
MoonPaul E.son w20MAR INAR1511A
MoonAnna J.mother-in-law w18MAR ALAL1511A
MoonGrace V.daughter w15SAR INAR1511A
MoonVirgil A.son w12SAR INAR1511A
MoonLoree V.daughter w7SARIN AR1511A
MoonPauline J. granddaughterw2 mo.S OKARAR151 1A
MorrisWilliam T. Headw60M TXMOTX145 1A
MorrisNoraWife w54MKS MOWI1451A
MorrisHopwood W. headw50M MOU.S.U.S.145 1B
MorrisEtta M.wife w37MMO MOU.S.1451B
MorrisJames H. sonw?S MOMOMO145 1B
MorrisViolet F. daughterw12S MOMOMO145 1B
MorrowRichardhead W63MAR ARAR1555A
MorrowCharlotte wifeW65M ARGAGA155 5A
MorrowBenton H. sonW27M ARARAR155 5B
MorrowBonnie L. daughter-in-lawW23M ARARAR155 5B
MorrowElenorgranddaughter W2+SOK ARAR1555B
MorrowRay T.grandson W3 mo.SOK ARAR1555B
NelsonVirgil H. headW20M ILILIL156 6B
NelsonGladys A. wifeW18?M OKOKOK156 6B
NobleWilliamhead w49MAR MOAR1473A
NobleMarywife w34MOK MOAR1473A
NobleDurwood M. sonw10S OKAROK147 3A
NobleSylvia C. daughterw7S OKAROK147 3A
NobleVelda L.daughter w6SOKAR OK1473A
NobleBarney N. sonw4S OKAROK147 3A
NobleLloyd E.son w2SOKAR OK1473A
NobleOrvil J.son w1SOKAR OK1473A
NunleyThomashead w36MAR ARAR1544A
NunleyIda M.wife w30MAR IAIA1544A
NunleyOra M.daughter w9SOKAR AR1544A
NunleyTersie? E. daughterw6S OKARAR154 4A
NunleyBeaulahdaughter w4SOKAR AR1544A
NunleyLonie J. sonw1.6m

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