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1930 Census Buffalo Township
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Martial Place of BirthSheet
Last NameFirstName RelationRaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMotherPage No.
PearceTilda M.wife w49MGAGA GA1544A
PearceClarenceson w21SOKKS GA1544A
PearceCharlie son w16SOKKS GA1544A
PearceChesterson w14SOKKS GA1544A
PearceHaleydaughter w7SOKKS GA1544A
PearceEdmond A.head w58MKSINGLAND INGLAND1544A
PearceMarthawife w38MOKKS MO1544A
PearceBeaulahdaughter w17SOKKS MO1544A
PearceOlliedaughter w14SOKKS MO1544A
PearceFloydson w10SOKKS MO1544A
PearsonAaron C.head w47MTN TNTN1522A
PearsonAda N.wife w47MTXTN TN1522A
PearsonJohn L.son w22SOKTN TX1522A
PhilipsJohn D.head w40MOKAL AL1544A
PhilipsMay V.wife w26MARAR AR1544A
PhilipsElsie A.daughter w9SOKOK AR1544A
PhilipsCharlie R. brother-in-lawW16S OKGAGA1544B
PhilpotSamuel W.head W52MWVVA VA1544B
PhilpotMildred A. wifeW50MMS MSMS1544B
PierceSamuelboarder W19STXTX TX1522B
PotterAmbros L.head w40MOKU.S. U.S.1451B
PotterIda M.wife w29MARIL AL1451B
PotterClyde? O.son w16SOKOK OK1451B
PotterAlta M.daughter w13SOKOK AR1451B
PotterThelmadaughter w9SOKOK AR1451B
PotterLislie L.son w5SOKOK AR1451B
PottsElihead In37MOKOK OK1484B
PottsRosa L.wife w35MARPA OK1484B
PottsLeonard E.son In11SOkOK AR1484B
PottsLeola M.daughter In9SOKOK AR1484B
PottsFlorence L.daughter In6SOKOK AR1484B
PottsLola L.daughter IN3SOKOK AR1484B
PottsHorracehead In35SOKfull blood Choctaw?1484B
PottsNormanson In8SOKfull blood Choctaw?1484B
PottsJulia N.sister-in-law w69WDOKMS MS1511A
PottsWilliam A.head w29MARMS MS1511B
PottsMonnie? M.wife w28MOKAR AR1511B
PottsGrady A.son w9SOKAR OK1511B
PottsLoyd R.son w5SOKAR OK1511B
PottsVan H.son w3.4 mo.SOK AROK1522A
PottsJosh head W45MOKOK OK1566B
PottsClara M.wife W39MTXTX TX1566B
PottsJames S.son W12SOKOK TX1566B
PrattBerthastepdaughter w14SOKAR AR1506 B
QueenJoseph F.Head w30MOKOK OK1451A
QueenDella m. Wifew26MOK OKOK1451A
RalstonGuss C.head w31MOKTN TN1533B
Ralston.....? M. wifew25MOK MOMO1533B
RalstonHenry C.son w8SOKOK OK1533B
RalstonLeo M.son w6SOKOK OK1533B
RayVirgil B.head w29MARAR AR1511B
RayEula R.wife w22MOKTX TX1511B
RayWilliam L.son w4SOKAR OK1511B
RayFlorence L.daughter w2.1moSOKAR OK1511B
RayGeorge W.head w71MARMO IL1511B
RayMaude C.wife w68MARMS MS1511B
RayJohn A.head w38MARAR AR1511B
RayFlorencewife w32MOKOK MO1511B
RayHarold B.son w12SOKAR OK1511B
RenfrowJessie J.head w40MMOMO VA1451B
RenfrowEunice? wife w30MARU.S. U.S.1451B
RenfrowWilliam R. sonw13SAR MOAR1451B
RenfrowRuby L.daughter w11SARMO AR1451B
RenfrowLeslie S.son w7SARMO AR1451B
RenfrowLowell N.son w5SOKMO AR1451B
RenfrowEaster L.daughter w3SOKMO AR1451B
RileySidneyboarder w40STXU.S. OK1451B
RitchersonHenryboarder W40WDARAR AR1577A
RitterHoward L.head W41MININ IN1566B
RitterMabel L.wife W34MILINGLAND INGLAND1566B
RitterSilvester J. sonW9SIL INIL1566B
RobinsonTheodorehead w63MARU.S. U.S.1506 B
RobinsonArtia? B. wifew33MOK ARAL1506 B
RobisonEva M.head w54WDARKS AR1506 B
RogersJohn J.head W59MTNTN TN1566A
RogersFay E.wife W50MGAGA GA1566A
RogersHelen G.daughter W22SNMTN GA1566A
RoseThomas R.head w52MARAR AR1484B
RoseMay'wife w27MOKIA MS1484B
RoseFrederickson w20SOKAR AR1484B
RoseWrenelyson w19SOKAR AR1484B
RoseForest M.son w12SOKAR AR1484B
RoseJanedaughter w10SOKAR AR1484B
RoseEthel J.daughter w4 mo.SOKAR OK1495A
RoseJohn A.head w45WDARAR AR1495A
RoseOpaldaughter w16SOKAR MO1495A
RoseClydeson w18SOKAR MO1495A
RoseJohn A. jr.son w13SOKAR MO1495A
RoseMabel E.daughter w10SOKAR MO1495A
RoseBerthadaughter w7SOKAR MO1495A
RoseEthel M.daughter w5SOKAR MO1495A
RoseRebbeca M.mother w74WDARTN TN1495A
RoseArthur A.head w33MARAR TN1495A
RoseSadiewife w24MARUS. U.S.1495A
RosePerlinedaughter w3SOKAR AR1495A
RoseAlinedaughter w9mo.SOKAR AR1495A
RoseCleoniece w27SOKAR unknown1495B
RoseAllenhead w51MARAR AR1506A
RoseSarah J.wife w40MMOunknown MO1506A
RoseDaniel J. ?son w20SOKAR MO1506A
RoseRebecca A.daugher w18SOKAR MO1506A
RoseEula V. ?daugher w17SOKAR MO1506A
RoseBessie M.daugher w12SOKAR MO1506A
RoseMaud L.daughter w10SOKAR MO1506A
RoseHellen L.daugher w7SOKAR MO1506A
RoseArthur A.son w4SOKAR MO1506A
RoseOneda R.daughter w2SOKAR MO1506A
RoseRuth W.daughter w2SOKAR MO1506A
RoseIke B.head w44MOkGA GA1533B
RoseIsabellewife w40MOkMO MO1533B
RoseEtheldaughter w18MOkOK OK1533B
RoseMillardson w16SOkOK OK1533B
RoseMelvinson w14SOkOK OK1533B
RoseAlicedaughter w12SOkOK OK1533B
RoseHerbert A.head w23MOKGA GA1533B
RoseEdna N.wife w19MOKOK OK1533B
RoseBarbra J.daughter w8moSOKOK OK1533B
RoseJohn J.head w50MARAR AR1544A
RoseMaud E.wife w46MARTX TX1544A
RoseMary L.daughter w16SOKAR AR1544A
RoseJames R.son w12SOKAR AR1544A
RoseUlysis G.son w9SOKAR AR1544A
RoseNancy N.mother w80WDTNTN TN1544A
RoseWilliam E.head W64MOHOH OH1555A
RoseEllenwife W62MMOMO MO1555A
RoseJohn J.son W18SOKOH MO1555A
RoseBrady B.head W29MARAR AR1555B
RoseElva M.wife W26MOKOK OK1555B
RoseHazel M.daughter W8SOKAR OK1555B
RoseOcie T.?daughter W6SOKAR OK1555B
RoseDaniel B.son W4+SOKAR OK1555B
RoseJames N.head W40MARAR AR1555B
RoseGrace V.wife W35MARAR AR1555B
RoseWoodrow W.son W17SARAR AR1555B
RoseLial C.son W15SARAR AR1555B
RoseBernice C.daughter W12SOKAR AR1555B
RoseGrover C.son W10SOKAR AR1555B
RoseJessie G.daughter W8SOKAR AR1555B
RoseHenry J.son W6SOKAR AR1555B
RosierMary F.Daughter w41WdTXAR TN1451A
RosierMiles? M.Grandson w20SLAGA TX1451A
RosierRuby B.Granddaughter w18STXGA TX1451A

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