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1930 Census Buffalo Township
S - T

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Martial Place of BirthSheet
Last NameFirstName RelationRaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMotherPage No.
SageClyde E.head w25MOKOK OK1533A
SageOpal W.wife w22MOKOK OK1533A
SageDelphiadaughter w2?SOKOK OK1533A
SageSidney W.son w2 moSOKOK OK1533A
SandersTony F.head w44MMOTN MO1544A
SandersDora S.wife w45MARAR AR1544A
SandersRalph C.son w17SMOMO AR1544A
SandersMary A.daughter w12SMOMO AR1544A
SandersEarnest A. sonw9SMO MOAR1544A
SandersOleta M.daughter w7SOKMO AR1544A
SchoolcraftJameshead w52MTNIN TN1462A
SchoolcraftSarah C. wifew50MAR KYAR1462A
SchoolcraftLoyal H. daugherw28S ARTNAR1462A
SchoolcraftOpal O. daughterw13S ARTNAR1462A
Sconce?Oscarhead w55MIAIN IN1484B
Sconce?Mary A.wife w47MARGA AR1484B
Sconce?Bertha A.daughter w16SARIA AR1484B
Sconce?Herman C.son w12SOKIA AR1484B
Sconce?Elbert L.son w9SOKIA AR1484B
SevearWilliam J.head W71MIL OHOH1555B
SevearNellie P.wife W50MTXAR AR1555B
SherleyJohn N.head W61MSCSC SC1544B
SherleyVictoriawife W55MARAR AR1544B
ShieldsDuncanhead w22MARU.S. U.S.1462B
ShieldsLida F.wife w19MOKAR AR1462B
ShieldsDonald T.son w1.8mSOKAR AR1462B
SlaughterWesley W. headw50MOK U.S.U.S.1484B
SlaughterIda wife w44MARAR MO1484B
SlaughterClyde W. sonw18SOK OKAR1484B
SlaughterGoldiedaughter w16SOKOK AR1484B
SmithBernie F.stepdaughter w8SOKTX TX1462A
SniderOscar S.head W32MKSKS KS1555B
SniderRosa L.wife W26MARAR AR1555B
SniderSible G.son W5SOKKS AR1555B
SniderRuby J.daughter W3SOKKS AR1555B
SniderJewell M.daughter W9 mo.SOKKS AR1555B
SpearsFred M.head W21MOKAR AR1522B
SpearsEsther E.wife W21MARAR MS1522B
SpearsAdam M.son W2.5mo.SOK OKAR1522B
SpringerIda M.head w61WDOKOK OK1522A
SpruellJessiehead w28MARU.S. U.S.1451B
SpruellLucile T.wife w22MWAMO MO1451B
StacyWilliam H.head W37MOKAR AR1566A
StacyPearl A.wife W37MOKAR AR1566A
StacyEthel daughter W16SOKOK OK1566A
StacySamuel J.son W13SOKOK OK1566A
StacyFloyd S.son W10SOKOK OK1566A
StamperWilliamhead w21MKYKY KY1462A
StamperJessiewife w19MARTN AR1462A
StamperJohn son w1SOKKY AR1462A
StandiferJackhead w22MOKOK OK1484A
StandiferMinniewife w22MOKOK OK1484A
StandiferMary N.daughter w4SOKOK OK1484A
StandiferBillie J. daughterw1.3moS OKOKOK1484B
Standifer?Pearl R. headw42WDAR OHTX1462A
Standifer?Edgar O. sonw20SOK MOAR1462A
Standifer?Floydson w18SOKMO AR1462A
Standifer?Clifford C. sonw12SOK MOAR1462A
Standifer?Harrell? sonw10SOK MOAR1462A
Standifer?Silvadaughter w8SOKMO AR1462A
StephensEdgarhead W24MARAR AR1555B
StephensAltawife W22MARAR AR1555B
StephensMarcus G. headW49MAR ARAR1555B
StephensAllie E.wife W45MARAR AR1555B
StephensBessie A. daughterW19S ARARAR1555B
StephensCarrie V. daughterW17S ARARAR1555B
StephensStellla E. daughterW14S OKARAR1555B
StephensOscar G.son W12SOKAR AR1555B
StephensEverett H. sonW10SOK ARAR1555B
StephensCalvin G. sonW8SOK ARAR1555B
StephensCora A.daughter W6SOKAR AR1555B
StephensonRiley W. headw45MTX ALAL1495B
StephensonAudrey M wifew30MTX ALTX1495B
StephensonRay W.son w10STXTX TX1495B
StephensonNormadaughter w9STXTX TX1506A
StephensonJames C. sonw6SOK TXTX1506A
StephensonJohn B. sonw11moSTX TXTX1506A
StocktonElmer D.head W35MARTX TX1566B
StocktonVelma E.wife W24MOKNC NC1566B
StocktonBlanche R. daughterW5S OKAROK1566B
StocktonLeon R.son W3.0mo.SOK AROK1566B
StocktonGarlan C. sonW1.2mo.S OKAROK1566B
StocktonWilliam A. headW33MAR TXTX1566B
StocktonVera B.wife W23MOKNC NC1566B
StocktonWilliamjr. sonW4+SOK AROK1566B
StocktonBonnie M. daughterW2.0moS OKAROK1566B
StoneCharles S.head w64MALAL AL1473B
StoneLiza J.wife w58MALAL AL1473B
StoneCharles W.son w43SALAL AL1473B
StowMaggiehead w62WDARMO MO1495B
StowWarrengrandson w9SOKOK U.S1495B
StowEvalinagranddaughter w6SOKOK U.S.1495B
StowVirgiegranddaughter w5SOKOK U.S.1495B
StowAlex A.head w67MLAAL AL1511B
StowMargaret E.wife w70MARAL AL1511B
StowArden R.grandson w20SOKOK OK1511B
StowAlbert M.grandson w8SOKOK TX1511B
StringerGorden E. headw28MOK MOMO1522A
StringerBessie wife w24MOKAR AR1522A
StringerVena A.daughter w5SOKAR AR1522A
StringerVerna E.daughter w4+SOKAR AR1522A
StringerMelba R.daughter w2.3moSOKAR AR1522A
StringerSeigle A. headW52WDMO MOMO1522B
StringerOgden S.son W22SOKMO MO1522B
StringerWilliamson W20SOKMO MO1522B
StringerPaul H.son W18SOKMO MO1522B
StringerAnnie H.daughter W16SOKMO MO1522B
StuartWilliam F.head w56MTNTN TN1533B
StuartMary J.wife w51MARAR AR1533B
StuartJosie L.daughter w21SOKTN AR1533B
StuartHaley daughter w18SOKTN AR1533B
StuartShermanson w16SOKTN AR1533B
StuartRacheldaughter w14SOKTN AR1533B
StuartJosephson w12SOKTN AR1533B
StuartMamiedaughter w10SOKTN AR1533B
StuartLoladaughter w8SOKTN AR1533B
SturgeonWilliam M. headw64MIN KYIN1473B
SturgeonMelinda M. wifew55MAR ARAR1473B
SturgeonEdward W. headw27MOK INAR1484A
SturgeonHelen R.wife w23MOKAR AR1484A
SturgeonZella L.daughter w5SOKOK OK1484A
SturgeonJosie L.daughter w3SOKOK OK1484A
SumpterJohn T.Head w52MTNTN VA1451A
SumpterRildaWife w49MMOMO MO1451A
SumpterOliver N.Dr. Sonw24SAR TNMO1451A
SumpterHappy?Son w16SOKTN MO1451A
SumpterHenry W.Son w14SOKTN MO1451A
SumpterMary E.Daughter w10SOKTN MO1451A
SumpterArlie J.Son w9SOKTN MO1451A
SuttonBenjamin Lhead W62MKSIL IL1566B
SuttonLily M.wife W54MTNTN TN1566B
SwindellClarencehead w38MLALA LA1495B
SwindellMinniewife w31MOKMO AR1495B
SwindellOttis?son w13SOKLA OK1495B
SwindellOpal J.daughter w11SOKLA OK1495B
SwindellLeatrice J. daughterw3S OKLAOK1495B
TaylorOtto M.head W29MARAR AR1566A
TaylorMinnie B.wife W27MARMO MO1566A
TaylorOther M.son W9SOKAR AR1566A
TaylorReed J.son W4+SOKAR AR1566A
TaylorBenjaminhead W50MMOMO MO1577A
TaylorLillie M.wife W45MOKMO MO1577A
TaylorJessie J.son W15SOKMO OK1577A
TaylorBille J.son W13SOKMO OK1577A
TaylorFrancisdaughter W11SOKMO OK1577A
TaylorVada M.daughter W9SOKMO OK1577A
TaylorLannie W.son W7SOKMO OK1577A
ThomasJason I.head W21SOK TNAR1566B
ThomasIda M.mother W53WDARTN TN1566B
ThomasDelbert D.brother W18SOKTN AR1566B
ThomasLester J.nephew W16SOKOK OK1566B
ThompsonJames P.head w40MOKU.S. OK1473B
Thompson?wife w26MARAR AR1473B
ThompsonAdadaughter w9SOKOK AR1473B
ThompsonLottie L. daughterw8S OKOKAR1473B
ThompsonWilliam H. sonw7SOK OKAR1473B
ThompsonChristine A. daughterw5S OKOKAR1473B
ThompsonMinnie J. daughterw4S OKOKAR1473B
ThompsonJames A.son w2SOKOK AR1473B
ThompsonPauline M. daughterw3mo.S OKOKAR1473B
ThomsonCasey J.head In58WDOK? ?1544A
ThomsonMosesson In17SOK? ?1544A
ThomsonWilliam G. uncleIn82WD OK??1544A
ThomsonBryan H.head W35MOKAR AR1577A
ThomsonMamie C.wife W30MOKOK OK1577A
ThomsonClaud D.son W13SOKOK OK1577A
ThomsonMary A.daughter W10SOKOK OK1577A
ThomsonSarah M daughter W6SOKOK OK1577A
ThreetJames J.head W68MARKY KY1555B
ThreetIrene E.wife W56MARTN TN1555B
ThreetIda M.daughter W16SOKAR AR1555B
ThurmanGilberthead w52MILIL IL1484B
ThurmanJulia A.wife w43MARTN AR1484B
ThurmanDavid J.son w19SOKIL AR1484B
ThurmanRebecca L. daughterw16S OKILAR1484B
TilleyWilliam H.head W51MARAR AR1566B
TilleySopha E.wife W46MARAR AR1566B
TilleyNancy Adaughter W16SOKAR AR1577A
TreagueWilliam H. headW48MAL GAGA1555A
TreagueNora G.wife W46MALIA IA1555A
TreagueLola M.daughter W15SOK ALAL1555A
TreagueHoyt G.son W13SOKAL AL1555A

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