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1930 Census Buffalo Township
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Martial Place of BirthSheet
Last NameFirstName RelationRaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMotherPage No.
UptonJoseph head w58MARAR AR1473B
UptonRhoda A.wife w56MININ IN1473B
VaughtGeorge T.father-in-law w55WDMSU.S. U.S.1506A
VaughtEdgar T.brother-in-law w16SMSMS MS1506A
VillinesHosey L.head W45MARAR AR1544B
VillinesEva M.wife W28MOKAR AR1544B
VillinesDora D.daughter W9SOKAR OK1544B
VillinesPaulinedaughter W7SOKAR OK1544B
VillinesBuster L. sonW5SOK AROK1544B
VillinesRosa L.daughter W2.3mo.SOK AROK1544B
WadeDewey H.head w24MALAL AL1462B
WadeEva J.wife w21MOKAR TX1462B
WadeD.... D.son w1SOKAL OK1462B
WafordAllen K.grandfather W74MGAGA GA1522B
WafordDona B.grandmother W?MGAGA GA1522B
WalkerHobart E.head w50MARU.S. U.S.1506 B
WalkerBessie B.wife w36MARMS AR1506 B
WalkerAlice J.daughter w8SARAR AR1506 B
WalkerHobart E. jr. sonw6SAR ARAR1506 B
WalkerGeorgia M.daughter w2SOKAR AR1506 B
WalkerBrady E.head w23MOKOK OK1533A
WalkerAlienewife w18MOKAR TX1533A
WalkerHarveyhead w55MARAR AR1533B
WalkerKatiewife w52MLALA LA1533B
WalkerElmerson w17SOKAR LA1533B
WalkerJames W.head W35MOKOK OK1555A
WalkerGirtie O.wife W38MARIL IL1555A
WallaceAndrew E.head W58MMOWV VA1566B
WallaceEtta B.wife W44MARKY KY1566B
WatsonClaud Shead w44MMOU.S. U.S.1473B
WatsonMaud J.wife w35MARTN IL1473B
WatsonD. B. ?son w14SOKMO AR1473B
WatsonArchieson w8SOKMO AR1473B
WattoxJameshead w54MALU.S. U.S.1495A
WattoxMontie Bwife w42MARAR AR1495A
WattoxColumbus B. sonw15SOK ALAR1495A
WebbElmerhead w29MARU.S. U.S.1473A
WebbJosie A.wife w29MARGA AR1473A
WebbFlonence E.daughter w3SOKAR AR1473A
WebbRosa F.daughter w3mo.SOKAR AR1473A
WebsterSarahstep daughter w10SOKOK AR1484A
WebsterHattie L.daughter w35MOKAR AR1511B
WebsterFred C.grandson w10SOKOK OK1511B
WelchEzra L.head W29MARGA GA1522B
WelchOlliewife W26MOKOK OK1522B
WelchEdward H.son W1SOKAR AR1522B
WhiteWalter? J.head w47MARAR IL1484A
WhiteZelma M.wife w42MPAPA PA1484A
WhiteEvelyn L.daughter w18SGAAR GA1484A
WhiteFrances E.daughter w13SGAAR GA1484A
WiemothArthur L.head w45MARTX AR1495A
WilliamsArthurHired hand w54SOKOK OK1451A
WilliamsHenryhead w24MOKU.S U.S.1451B
WilliamsRuth E.wife w19MOKOK OK1451B
WilliamsMary E.daughter w10mo.SOKOK OK1451B
WilliamsEunice J. stepdaughterw15S OKOKAR1462A
WilmothEmmawife w30MOKOK AR1495A
Wilmoth?? M.son w10SOKAR OK1495A
WilmothArthur L. jr. sonw8SOK AROK1495A
WintonAlzono P.Head w34MARAR AR1451A
WintonDellaWife w34MARMO MO1451A
WintonHermanSon w12SOKAR AR1451A
WintonBettie J.Daughter w4SOKAR AR1451A
WintonLola D.Daughter w2SOKAR AR1451A
WintonGeorgehead w36MARU.S. U.S.1462B
WintonEtta M.wife w20MOKU.S. U.S.1462B
WintonVidia M.daughter w6SOKAR OK1462B
WintonClydehead w27MOKU.S. U.S.1473A
WintonEthel C.wife w27MOKOK U.S.1473A
WintonEveline P.daughter w6SOKOK OK1473A
WintonSilvesterson w3SOKTX OK1473A
WintonClavel?head w28MOKAR AR1506 B
WintonMabelwife w28MOKAR AR1506 B
WintonHubertson w6SOKOK OK1506 B
WintonAudiedaughter w4SOKOK OK1506 B
WintonNancymother w68WDOKU.S. U.S.1506 B
WishardRileyhead w53MOKU.S. U.S.1462B
WishardLuluwife w30MARAR AR1462B
WishardRayson w11SOKOK AR1462B
WishardJack W.son w6SOKOK AR1462B
WishardEdith O.daughter w?SOKOK AR1462B
WishardRiley jr.son w8mo.SOKOK AR1462B
WoodRobert B.head w37MALGA GA1495B
WoodMary L.wife w37MALAL AL1495B
WoodVera F.daughter w16SALAL AL1495B
WoodDorothy E.daughter w14SALAL AL1495B
WoodOthel M.daughter w12SALAL AL1495B
WoodLunar A. ?daughter w11SALAL AL1495B
WoodWilliam C.son w10SALAL AL1495B
WoodRobert A.son w7SALAL AL1495B
WoodComer L.son w11mo.SOKAL AL1495B
WoodMarionhead w43MALGA GA1495B
WoodEllen A.wife w38MALGA AL1495B
WoodMamiedaughter w19SALAL AL1495B
WoodClydson w16SALAL AL1495B
WoodWillardson w10STXAL AL1495B
YoungGertrudeboarder w18SARMS AR1484B
YoungFelix W.head w43MARAR AR1495A
YoungNettiewife w38MARAR AR1495A
YoungGaylord O.son w18SOKAR AR1495A
YoungEugene L.son w14SOKAR AR1495A
YoungLeo F.son w12SOKAR AR1495A
YoungRuby O.daughter w10SOKAR AR1495A
YoungGeraldine O. daughterw6S OKARAR1495A
YoungCarrol D.son w2SOKAR AR1495A
YoungJoseph P.head W61MILVA OH1555B
YoungFlorencewife W58MTXKY AL1555B
YoungMinnie B.daughter W16SOKIL TX1555B
YoungWilliam E.head W45MARAL MS1522B
YoungLarkin S.father W71MALAL AL1522B
YoungbloodIsomHead w?MOKMS U.S.1451B
YoungbloodPearlwife w18MOKAR IL1451B

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