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1930 Census Cravens

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
BackCalehead w37M OKILIL159 2A
BackMaggiewife w33M TNTNKY159 2A
BackErnestson w15S OKOKTN159 2A
BackBill H.son w12S OKOKTN159 2A
BackAlice E.daughter w10S OKOKTN159 2A
BackLucille M.daughter w9S OKOKTN159 2B
BackStella M.daughter w7S OKOKTN159 2B
BackAllen E.son w5S OKOKTN159 2B
BackDoyleson w3S OKOKTN159 2B
BakerSoloman F.head w63WD PAPAPA161 4B
BallTynor?head w38M OKTNAR165 8A
BallPearl wife w38M OKPAOK165 8A
BallLucilledaughter w15S OKOKOK165 8A
BallGladysdaughter w13S OKOKOK165 8A
BallJamesson w11S OKOKOK165 8A
BallEugeneson w9S OKOKOK165 8B
BallCliftonson w6S OKOKOK165 8B
BallEllendaughter w4S OKOKOK165 8B
BallCecilson w3S OKOKOK165 8B
BallMonthead w40S OKTNUS165 8B
BarnardByron A.head w22M OKMOUS168 11A
BarnardDena L.wife w22M OKMOMS168 11A
BarnerdAndrew J.head w65M MOUSUS166 9B
BarnerdMaud M.wife w49M MNIANE166 9B
BarnerdEdith B.daughter w18S OKMOMN166 9B
BatesHenry C.head w36M ARARAR159 2A
BatesGraciewife w27M ARARAR159 2A
BatesAllie L.daughter w11S ARARAR159 2A
BatesClarence son w10S ARARAR159 2A
BatesBertha daughter w8S ARARAR159 2A
BatesHazel daughter w6S ARARAR159 2A
BatesWinford D.son w3S OKARAR159 2A
BaxterLeeHead w54M ARARAR158 1B
BaxterOnawife w35M OKARAR158 1B
BaxterCordeliadaughter w3S OKAROK158 1B
BaxterJohn L.son w3S OKAROK158 1B
BaxterLena stepdaughter w8S OKUSOK161 4A
BaxterGerldinestepdaughter w6S OKUSOK161 4A
BaxterJess J.head w47M ARUSUS170 13A
BaxterAlicewife w37M OKOKOK170 13A
BaxterAllie W.daughter w17S OKAROK170 13A
BaxterJosiedaughter w14S OKAROK170 13A
BaxterJamesson w12S OKAROK170 13A
BaxterHarold M.son w10S OKAROK170 13A
BaxterFaydaughter w4S OKAROK170 13A
BaxterRoy A.son w1S OKAROK170 13A
BeauchampJames G.head w53M MSGAAL167 10B
BeauchampMervaniawife w47M ARARAR167 10B
BeauchampArthur J.son w23S OKMSAR167 10B
BeauchampCarl L.son w21S OKMSAR167 10B
BeauchampLeeroyson w19S OKMSAR167 10B
BeauchampVita M.daughter w17S OKMSAR167 10B
BellFloyd A.head w38M ALTNAL169 12A
BellMae D.wife w28M OKARAR169 12A
BellEugene C.son w9S OKALOK169 12A
BellJuanita M.daughter w6S OKALOK169 12A
BellRufus head w69M ALUSUS171 14A
BellTennie E.wife w54M ARTNKY171 14A
BenuzziPiohead w49M ItalyItalyItaly 16912A
BenuzziGeorginawife w49M ItalyItalyItaly 16912A
BenuzziYolandadaughter w16S OKItalyItaly169 12A
BenuzziPeteson w13S OKItalyItaly169 12A
BenuzziMary V.daughter w11S OKItalyItaly169 12A
BenuzziCilio J.son w6S OKItalyItaly169 12A
BenuzziLeno G.son w4?S OKItalyItaly169 12A
BerardiMikehead w62M ItalyItalyItaly 16912A
BerardiAntanniowife w56M ItalyItalyItaly 16912A
BirchRobert I.head w41M ARUSUS167 10B
BirchFlorence O.wife w36M ARGAGA167 10B
BirchOphelia N.daughter w17S OKARAR167 10B
BirchHenry O.son w16S OKARAR167 10B
BirchWilma B.daughter w7S OKARAR167 10B
BlackJeffhead w51M ARUSUS160 3A
BlackVan...wife w47M AROHTX160 3A
BlackRuth C.daughter w17S ARARAR160 3A
BlackLenadaughter w14S ARARAR160 3A
BlackR. G.son w9S ARARAR160 3A
BlackAbrahamson w7S ARARAR160 3A
BlackWilliam O.head w49M ARNCMS166 9A
BlackEmmawife w46M AREnglandMS166 9A
BlackBarbrason w21S ARARAR166 9A
BlakeSam B.father-in-law w66WD ILILIL167 10A
BlalackJudsonhead w28M OKMOAR165 8B
BlalackArtiebellwife w29M GAGAGA165 8B
BlalackErnest A.son w4M OKOKGA165 8B
BlalackEsther M.daughter w3M OKOKGA165 8B
BlalackBeatricedaughter w1M OKOKGA165 8B
BlankenshipWill A.head w39M ARMOMO163 6B
BlankenshipDellawife w27M TXUSUS163 6B
BlankenshipGeorgeson w7S OKARTX164 7A
BlankenshipBeulahdaughter w4S OKARTX164 7A
BlankenshipWilliamson w9moS OKARTX164 7A
BlankenshipAustinson w12S OKARAR164 7A
Bodler?Ollie N.head w49M USUSUS161 4A
Bodler?Laurawife w44M OKMOOK161 4A
BoothJerry W.head w44WD ARARAR167 10A
BoothEdward C.brother w27S ARARAR167 10A
BoothClintons? W.brother w23S ARARAR167 10A
BoothElmer L.brother w23S ARARAR167 10A
BoothElsie M.sister w21S ARARAR167 10A
BoothAlabamamother w49WD ARGAAL167 10A
BoothMarion M.head w37M ARARAR167 10A
BoothCardiewife w26M OKOKMS167 10A
BoothHilton J.son w8S OKAROK167 10B
BoothWilliam O.son w5S OKAROK167 10B
BoothClyde L.son w2S OKAROK167 10B
BoothMelba J.daughter w1mo.S OKAROK167 10B
BoothClarence C.head w41M ARTXAL168 11A
BoothNellie M.wife w27M OKUSUS168 11A
BoothBurl M.son w18S OKAROK168 11A
BoothRalph C.son w9S OKAROK168 11A
BoothShermanson w6S OKAROK168 11A
BoothLillian daughter w4S OKAROK168 11A
BoothJ.....son w2S OKAROK168 11A
BowenCarni....head w27M MSUSTX160 3A
BowenClara C.wife w29M ARARTX160 3A
BowenClarence A.son w7S ARMSAR160 3A
BowenMaxine R.daughter w5S ARMSAR160 3A
BowenMerrill E.son w2S ARMSAR160 3A
BowlingEdward D.head w40M ALALAL170 13B
BowlingViola B.wife w36M ARUSUS170 13B
BowlingLouis J.son w18S OKALAR170 13B
BowlingRuby L.daughter w15S OKALAR170 13B
BowlingLuther D.son w11S OKALAR170 13B
BowlingRuth C.daughter w2S OKALAR170 13B
BoydLutherson w22S OKMOKS170 13A
BradenJoe L.head w46M TNUSTN164 7B
BradenArkawife w48M KYKYKY164 7B
BradenClinte H.son w23S OKTNKY164 7B
BreedenMarion S.head w46M ARMOIA160 3B
BreedenEssiewife w42M OKOKMO160 3B
BreedenEzra S.son w24S ARAROK160 3B
BreedenLoyd E.son w16S OKAROK160 3B
BreedenFredrick W.son w13S OKAROK160 3B
BreedenMaereendaughter w11S OKAROK160 3B
BreedenGlenson w9S OKAROK160 3B
BreedenGladys M.daughter w6S OKAROK161 4A
BreedenVirgil L.son w3S OKAROK161 4A
BreedenLester O.son w11mo.S OKAROK161 4A
BrownAntonehead w65M LITHLITHLITH160 3A
BrownJuliawife w56M LITHLITHLITH160 3A
BrownGedmanson w28S OKLITHLITH160 3A
BrownEdwin J.son w14S OKLITHLITH160 3B
BrownCharleyhead neg56WD OKOKOK160 3B
BrownPeggymother neg?WD OKOKOK160 3B
BrownMilton J.head In51M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1647B
BrownJulia E.wife In37M OKmixed bloodChoctaw 1647B
BrownCalven C.son In19S OKmixed bloodChoctaw 1647B
BrownEarl J.son In16S OKmixed bloodChoctaw 1647B
BrownM. J.son In13S OKmixed bloodChoctaw 1647B
BrownLaverne L.daughter In11S OKmixed bloodChoctaw 1647B
BrownGeorge W.son In8S OKmixed bloodChoctaw 1647B
BrownEdgar E.head w29M OKUSAL165 8A
BrownLillie V.wife w25M OKGAAL165 8A
BrownLucille N.daughter w7S OKOKOK165 8A
BrownJunisedaughter w5S OKOKOK165 8A
BrunettiAndrewhead w50M ItalyItalyItaly 17114A
BrunettiErmeliandawife w42M ItalyItalyItaly 17114A
BrunettiMarydaughter w20S OKItalyItaly171 14B
BrunettiRenadaughter w15S OKItalyItaly171 14B
BrunettiBrunoson w5S OKItalyItaly171 14B
BuchananAgnesmother w75WD ScotlandScotlandScotland 1592A
BullardElmerhead w27M ARARAR162 5A
BullardVirgiewife w21M ARARAR162 5A
BullardBuford O.son w1S ARARAR162 5A
BurgerNep B.head w37M TNTNTN158 1A
BurgerEmmawife w35S OKILAR158 1A
BurgerJoe son w11S OKTNOK158 1A
BurgerEthan J.son w6S OKTNOK158 1A
BurgerHoward son w5S OKTNOK158 1A
BurgerMaxinedaughter w4+S OKTNOK158 1A
BurgerCliffton J.son w2+S OKTNOK158 1A
BurgerEmogenedaughter w1mo.S OKTNOK158 1A
BurrisReasonhead w62M MOPAOH166 9A
BurrisMertiewife w47M MOILIL166 9A
BurrisBillson w19S OKMOMO166 9A
BurrisHazeldaughter w9S OKMOMO166 9A
BurrisFerndaughter w7S OKMOMO166 9A
BusellatoTonyhead w49M ItalyItalyItaly 17114A
BusellatoMarywife w46M ItalyItalyItaly 17114A
BusellatoPeteson w19S OKItalyItaly171 14A
BusellatoMaedaughter w17S OKItalyItaly171 14A
BusellatoJohnieson w2S OKItalyItaly171 14A
BusellatoJoehead w46M ItalyItalyItaly 17114A
BusellatoCeciliawife w38M ItalyItalyItaly 17114A
BusellatoAlicedaughter w14S OKItalyItaly171 14A
BusellatoEmmadaughter w12S OKItalyItaly171 14A
BusellatoAlbertson w10S OKItalyItaly171 14A
BusellatoMarydaughter w6S OKItalyItaly171 14A
BynumTurner? B.boarder w55S MSNCMS163 6B

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