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1930 Census Cravens

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MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
CalbertLizziesister neg55WD OKOKOK160 3B
CalcaterraMarysister w34M PALithLith171 14A
CalcaterraJacobnephew w9S OKItalyPA171 14A
CalwellPaul C.head w35M ARALAL162 5A
CalwellEunice B.wife w32M OKOKOK162 5A
CalwellLois P.daughter w11S ARAROK162 5A
CalwellEarl P.son w10S ARAROK162 5A
CalwellThelma B.daughter w8S OKAROK162 5A
CalwellBilly M.son w3S OKAROK162 5A
CalwellKenneth R.son w1S OKAROK162 5A
CalwellNathan E.head w43M ARALAL162 5A
CalwellDora E.wife w37M OKOKAL162 5A
CalwellYoudia D.daughter w13S OKAROK162 5A
CalwellJessie N.son w11S OKAROK162 5A
CalwellGloria O.daughter w7S OKAROK162 5A
CalwellBetty J.daughter w4S OKAROK162 5A
CalwellWanda J.daughter w1S OKAROK162 5A
CannonRobert E.head w68M ALALAL167 10B
CannonRosiewife w57M ARARAR167 10B
CannonRobert E.son w20S OKALAR167 10B
CannonMinnie B.daughter w18S OKALAR167 10B
CannonMary E.daughter w16S OKALAR167 10B
CareyGeorge C.head w40M OKMOMO158 1A
CareyAsleewife w40M ARARAR158 1A
CareyViladaughter w18S OKOKAR158 1A
CareyClintson w14S OKOKAR158 1A
CareyElsiedaughter w11S OKOKAR158 1A
CareyOrvilleson w10S OKOKAR158 1A
CareyRuby L.daughter w7S OKOKAR158 1A
CareyOpal E.daughter w4S OKOKAR158 1A
CareyGeorgia L.daughter w2.6moS OKOKAR158 1A
CareyBilly J.daughter w7mo.M OKOKAR158 1A
CareyJimhead w43M MOMOMO161 4B
CareyDotwife w34M OKMOUS161 4B
CareyOrgene J.son w19S OKMOOK161 4B
CareyRobertson w15S OKMOOK162 5A
CareyLilybelldaughter w8S OKMOOK162 5A
CarterVirgilhead w54M TNTNTN170 13A
CarterKatiewife w51M OKTNTN170 13B
CarterHubertson w14S OKTNOK170 13B
CatcheyBrazel W.head w30M ARARAR160 3B
CatcheyJessie E?wife w29M ARARUS160 3B
CatcheyGladys G.daughter w8S OKARAR160 3B
CatcheyOpal L.daughter w6S OKARAR160 3B
CatheyRile Jhead w52M ARARAR160 3B
CatheyRosie L.wife w52M ARILAR160 3B
CatheySybil A.daughter w17S OKARAR160 3B
CatheyHazel J.daughter w13S OKARAR160 3B
CatheyJ.W.son w11S OKARAR160 3B
CatheyJ.R.son w8S OKARAR160 3B
CatheyWyatt W.head w28M ARARAR160 3B
CatheyLillianwife w26M FLGAFL160 3B
CatheyWilmadaughter w5S OKARFL160 3B
CatheyJ.G.son w3S OKARFL160 3B
CatheyLuortha?daughter w11mo.S OKARFL160 3B
CatheyJeff J.head w22M OKARAR160 3B
CatheyEthel wife w18M GAGAGA160 3B
CatheyPerry J.son w6mo?S OKOKGA160 3B
CecilAlfred L.head w43M OKARAR165 8A
CecilEthel L.wife w40M OKMOOK165 8A
CecilLevi B.son w16S OKOKOK165 8A
ChambersWill H.head w34?M TNNCNC160 3A
ChambersJosie A.wife w23M ARARAR160 3A
ChambersRuthie I.daughter w11S OKTNAR160 3A
ChambersWillis M.daughter w8S OKTNAR160 3A
ChambersLucilledaughter w5S OKTNAR160 3A
ChapmanWillie head w34M OKUSUS163 6A
ChapmanVida M.wife w29M ALALAL163 6A
ChapmanBlanche daughter w11S OKOKAL163 6A
ChapmanRuby L.daughter w8S OKOKAL163 6A
ChapmanMaggie J.daughter w9S OKOKAL163 6A
ChapmanMary K.daughter w3S OKOKAL163 6A
ChapmanDorthy M.daughter w6mo?S OKOKAL163 6A
ChappellOzella daughter w25M OKKYAL161 4B
ChappellElda M.granddaughter w4S OKTXOK161 4B
ChappellBarbara A.granddaughter w2mo.S OKTXOK161 4B
ChatmanMarthahead w60WD GAUSUS162 5B
ChatmanEdnadaughter w23?S OKGAGA162 5B
CheathamEliza A.mother-in-law w73WD IANCIA168 11A
ChurchillLucyhead w47WD ARKYAR166 9A
ChurchillSarahdaughter w15S ARARAR166 9A
ChurchillAaronson w13S OKARAR166 9A
ChurchillLavernedaughter w9S OKARAR166 9A
CioniFedericohead w45M ItalyItalyItaly 1636A
CioniTeresawife w40M ItalyItalyItaly 1636A
CioniVilisson w16S OKItalyItaly163 6A
CioniAzioson w15S OKItalyItaly163 6A
CioniLenieson w11S OKItalyItaly163 6A
ClabornLurindamother-in-law w83WD ILILIL166 9B
ClassonHazelservant w20S OKAROK158 1A
ClawsonFrankhead w45M ARTNTN169 12A
ClawsonWinnie M.wife w36M LALALA169 12A
ClawsonFrank jrson w16S OKARLA169 12A
ClawsonHellen M.daughter w14S OKARLA169 12A
ClawsonRay M.son w9S OKARLA169 12A
ClawsonRaymond M.son w9mo.S OKARLA169 12A
ClawsonLarkhead w50M ARTNKS171 14A
ClawsonOlliewife w43M OKKYTN171 14A
ClawsonF. M.son w15S OKAROK171 14A
ClawsonRoxyanndaughter w13S OKAROK171 14A
ClawsonRayson w10S OKAROK171 14A
ClawsonCalvanson w6S OKAROK171 14A
ClawsonLouisson w4S OKAROK171 14A
ClaycombVirginiaboarder w42S TXTXTX160 3B
CleaverHarrison M.head w32M ARARAR171 14A
CleaverLuewife w21M OKARAR171 14A
CleaverLavernedaughter w2S OKAROK171 14A
CoffeeWillardhead w35M OKMSAR158 1B
CoffeeBurtresswife w31M OKMSGA158 1B
CoffeeTaney?son w11S OKOKOK158 1B
CoffeeWillard jr.son w3S OKOKOK158 1B
CoffeeMildreddaughter w2S OKOKOK158 1B
CoffeeJoehead w65WD GAGAIL158 1B
ColeWillhead w26M SCSCSC166 9A
ColeAlthawife w25M ARARAR166 9A
ColeKennethson w8S OKSCAR166 9A
ColeBeaulh M.daughter w4S SC?SCAR166 9A
ColeyWillhead In48M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1647A
ColeyMarywife In49M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1647A
ColvardNoel L.head w54M ARARAR166 9A
ColvardGertrudewife w46M OKOKOK166 9A
ColvardBartsson w21S OKAROK166 9A
ColvardClarenceson w18S OKAROK166 9A
ColvardAgnesdaughter w16S OKAROK166 9B
ColvardWoodrowson w14S OKAROK166 9B
ColvardVictorson w9S OKAROK166 9B
ColvardWandadaughter w7S OKAROK166 9B
ColvardOpaldaughter w3S OKAROK166 9B
CookCecil E.head w27M OKALTX162 5B
CookRuby A.wife w28M OKALTX162 5B
CookGerald E.son w11mo.S OKOKOK162 5B
CookSimhead w49M ARMSAL164 7A
CookMarywife w49M OKMOMO164 7A
CookLouisson w24S OKAROK164 7A
CookOdesson w19S OKAROK164 7A
CookSebiamother w66WD ALNCNC164 7A
CookEvadaughter w32M ARVAMO170 13B
CowenArtrice?nephew w15S OKOKOK163 6B
CoxAzleecousin w18M NMGAGA165 8B
CunninghamErnest?head w23M ARARAR158 1B
CunninghamCelia A.wife w25M ALALAL158 1B
CunninghamEarilenedaughter w3S OKOKAL158 1B
CunninghamMadenadaughter w2S OKOKAL158 1B
CunninghamAllinedaughter w4mo.S OKOKAL158 1B
CunninghamDell C.head w20M OKARAR158 1B
CunninghamBeulah R.wife w21M OKOKOK158 1B
CunninghamThelma J.daughter w5mo.S OKOKOK158 1B
CunninghamMary C.head w78WD WVWVWV170 13A
CunninghamJohnson w56WD KSWVWV170 13A

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