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1930 Census Cravens

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
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MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
DaileyGeorgehead w35M OKARKS170 13A
DaileyWessiewife w22M OKOKOK170 13A
DameronPaulinegranddaughter w9S OKOKOK165 8A
DameronRalphgrandson w7S OKOKOK165 8A
DameronWill G.head w40M OHMOMO169 12B
DameronMaudewife w37M OKARTX169 12B
DameronGracedaughter w14S OKOHOK169 12B
DanelCharleyhead w35M KYKYKY159 2A
DanelMyrtle L.wife w21M ARARAR159 2A
DanelCharles Jr.son w1S OKKYAR159 2A
DanelLogan H.head w38M KYKYKY167 10B
DanelLily A.wife w33M KYTNTN167 10B
DanelHarley H.son w15S TXKYKY167 10B
DanelGrace S.daughter w13S TXKYKY167 10B
DanelJoyce E.daughter w10S OKKYKY167 10B
DanelDonna M.daughter w5S OKKYKY167 10B
DanelMattie O.daughter w3S OKKYKY167 10B
DanielRobert L.head w54M TXMSMS162 5B
DanielOrawife w50M ARALAL162 5B
DanielElmer J.son w23S OKTXAR162 5B
DanielLuster N.son w19S OKTXAR162 5B
DanielWillie J.son w15S OKTXAR162 5B
DanielJohnie son w10S OKTXAR162 5B
DanielFred C.head w29M OKTXAR162 5B
DanielMartha J.wife w25M ARARAR162 5B
DanielAlvin P.son w8S OKOKAR162 5B
DanielR. C. son w6S OKOKAR162 5B
DanielChesterson w3S OKOKAR162 5B
DarrahRobert E.head w55M ALGAAL169 12B
DarrahElizabeth N.wife w52M ALGAAL169 12B
DarrahRena?daughter w17S OKALAL169 12B
DarrahRosilyn?daughter w10S OKALAL169 12B
DarrahRobert E.son w9S OKALAL169 12B
DavisGoldishead w28M ARUSUS164 7A
DavisJosepinewife w20M ARMSAR164 7A
DavisJ.W.son w3S TXARAR164 7A
DavisJoe M.head w52M ARARAR168 11A
DavisEffie M.wife w48M ARARAR168 11A
DavisStokesson w18S ARARAR168 11A
DehartJohnhead w54M ARSCTN159 2B
DehartElmerwife w47M ALALAL159 2B
DehartRa...son w19S OKARAL159 2B
DehartMildreddaughter w12S OKARAL159 2B
DehartArlohead w29M OKUSAL164 7B
DehartLonawife w26M OKUSOK164 7B
DehartArlo jr.son w6S OKOKOK164 7B
DehartVirginia L.daughter w5S OKOKOK164 7B
DightonArthur L.head w33M MOOHUS161 4B
DightonElizabeth R.wife w34M ARALAR161 4B
DightonMildred C.daughter w12S OKMOAR161 4B
DightonJames F.son w11S OKMOAR161 4B
DightonS...son w8S OKMOAR161 4B
DightonDarse M.daughter w5S OKMOAR161 4B
DightonGenevia daughter w1S OKMOAR161 4B
DightonFrank L.father w77WD OHUSUS161 4B
DillArthurhead w37M SCSCSC168 11B
DillGertrudewife w35M OKARAL168 11B
DixonWinchesterboarder w60S ALALAL159 2B
DixonRobertuncle w66S ILTNIL171 14A
DoddWilliam C.head w67M ARMOMO158 1B
DoddOllie E.wife w49M ARARMO158 1B
DoddCoy L.son w19S OKARAR158 1B
DoddFloydaughter w18S OKARAR158 1B
DoddPearl M.daughter w17S OKARAR158 1B
DoddPerry W.head w37M OKMOMO159 2A
DoddJulia M.daughter In3S OKMIXED BLOODCHOCTAW 1592A
DoddWesley E.son In11mo.S OKMIXED BLOODCHOCTAW 1592A
DoddJim M.head w63M MOTNMO169 12B
DoddLaura B.wife w61M MOKYTN169 12B
DunhamMyrtledaughter w14S OKILTN166 9A
DunlapIdahead w53WD ARTNTN163 6A
DunlapC.C.son w19S OKARAR163 6A
DunlapE. T.son w15S OKARAR163 6A
DunlapLeoson w12S OKARAR163 6A
DunlapJohniedaughter w9S OKARAR163 6A
DunlapFredhead w29M OKOKAR163 6B
DunlapLulawife w27M OKTXTX163 6B
DunlapJerldson w7S OKOKOK163 6B
DunlapKennethson w1S OKOKOK163 6B
DunnJohn H.head w63M MOTXIL167 10B
DunnKittie L.wife w55M ALGAIL167 10B
DunnBeulah M.daughter w20S OKMOAL167 10B
DunnEulah V.daughter w20S OKMOAL167 10B
DunnBerthadaughter w16S OKMOAL167 10B
DunnJohnnie E.grandson w1S OKAROK167 10B

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