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1930 Census Cravens

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MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
MableyThomas P.head w56M MSMSAL162 5B
MableyLily M.wife w45M OKTNTX162 5B
MableyGeraldine G.daughter w10S OKMSOK162 5B
MableyDurmeus? E.son w6S OKMSOK162 5B
Mainard?Albert M.head w64M ARTNTN168 11A
Mainard?Susan M.wife w45M ARARMS168 11A
Mainard?Marlie M.son w24S OKARAR168 11A
Mainard?Lillian S.daughter w16S OKARAR168 11A
Mainard?James A.son w14S OKARAR168 11A
MankinEffiestepdaughter w17S OKAROK167 10A
MankinEssiestepdaughter w16S OKAROK167 10A
MankinDessiestepdaughter w13S OKAROK167 10A
MankinsJohn A.head w63M ARMOMO166 9B
MankinsMartha L.wife w58M ARKYAR166 9B
MankinsJoeson w28S ARARAR166 9B
MankinsHooperson w18S OKARAR166 9B
MankinsJohn C.son w32WD ARARAR166 9B
MankinsOpal L.granddaughter w8S OKAROK166 9B
MankinsCliffton J.grandson w6S OKAROK166 9B
MankinsWillie T.head w40M ARARAR166 9B
MankinsBirdiewife w32M ARARAR166 9B
MankinsAudiedaughter w18S OKARAR166 9B
MankinsA. C.son w13S OKARAR166 9B
MankinsEvalyndaughter w10S OKARAR166 9B
MankinsJuanitadaughter w8S OKARAR166 9B
MankinsKatherinedaughter w6S OKARAR166 9B
MankinsChristinedaughter w2S OKARAR166 9B
MankinsBerniecedaughter w9mo.S OKARAR166 9B
MarksBud C.head w57M ALGAGA166 9B
MarksAlicewife w53M ARTNIL166 9B
Marteller?Georgehead w59WD TXGAGA159 2A
Marteller?Edithdaughter w21S OKTXOK159 2A
Marteller?Renadaughter w16S OKTXOK159 2A
Marteller?Susiedaughter w14S OKTXOK159 2A
MartinJoseph A.head w63WD ARKYGA170 13A
MartindaleAlma A.boarder w29M USUSUS162 5A
MateCharley E.head w27M ARARAR160 3B
MateSarah E.wife w27M OKUSUS160 3B
MateGrady L.son w7S OKAROK160 3B
MateEdith L.daughter w5S ARAROK160 3B
MateGeorge W.son w?S ARAROK160 3B
Mate?William J.head w57M ARGAAR161 4A
Mate?Annie C.wife w53M MOMOMO161 4A
Mate?Hugh A.son w20S ARARMO161 4A
Mate?Josie B.daughter w16S OKARMO161 4A
McAlpineTom B.head w69M ScotlandScotlandScotland 17114A
McAlpineSadiewife w54M INKYEngland171 14A
McCormickPetefather-in-law w?WD TNTNTN159 2B
McCoyFredboarder w17S TXKYTN158 1A
McCoyMurl A.head w55M KYKYKY158 1A
McCoyDellawife w40M TNININ158 1A
McCoyCadie M.daughter w16S TXKYTN158 1A
McCoyFloyd L.son w14S TXKYTN158 1A
McCoyOreen I.daughter w12S TXKYTN158 1A
McCoyFlora O.daughter w10S TXKYTN158 1A
McCoyJewell daughter w9S TXKYTN158 1A
McCoyLaverne V.daughter w1.6moS OKKYTN158 1A
McGeeDane M.head w43M ARARAR168 11B
McGeeBessie B.wife w33M OKOKAL168 11B
McGeeCharles L.son w11S OKAROK168 11B
McGeeMargaret A.daughter w2S OKAROK168 11B
McKay?Leslie E.head w29M ARARAR168 11A
McKay?Ethel M.wife w26M OKALOK168 11A
McKay?Hershell R.son w5S OKAROK168 11A
McKay?Betty M.daughter w3S OKAROK168 11A
McKay?Sam W.father w51M ARKYMO168 11A
McMasterOralhead w31M OKMOAR163 6B
McMasterOlawife w23M OKOKAR163 6B
McMasterZennieson w4S OKOKOK163 6B
McMasterLaleshead w26M OKUSUS168 11A
McMasterOmawife w25M ARARAR168 11A
MessengerAndrewfather w73WD NCNCNC166 9A
MetcalfJohn L.head w37S ARTNAR160 3A
MetcalfEllawife w30M ARARAR160 3A
MetcalfGenevadaughter w8M ARARAR160 3A
MetcalfJaunitadaughter w6S ARARAR160 3A
MetcalfWilliamson w10mo.S OKARAR160 3A
MetcalfCharleyhead w26M ARTNAR160 3A
MetcalfLessiewife w20M OKUSUS160 3A
MetcalfLaurels?daughter w5mo?S OKAROK160 3A
MichelBill head w30M OKAROK170 13B
MichelLaura D.wife w24M OKTXKY170 13B
MichelBilly L.son w7S OKOKOK170 13B
MichelJames E.son w1S OKOKOK170 13B
MichelEd L.head w57M AROKTN171 14B
MichelElla V.wife w44M OKTXAR171 14B
MichelCharles J.son w18S OKAROK171 14B
MichelA.V.son w16S OKAROK171 14B
MichelLorene O.daughter w11S OKAROK171 14B
MichelJoe P.son w6S OKAROK171 14B
MickelBernie head w28M OKOKUS170 13A
MickelClarice E.wife In23M OKmixed bloodChoctaw 17013A
MickelClarice J.daughter In2S OKmixed bloodChoctaw 17013A
MickelJuanita C.daughter In1S OKmixed bloodChoctaw 17013A
MillerThomasboarder w60WD ILILIL158 1B
MillerLon J.head w61WD ALALAL161 4A
MitchellMose A.head w56M OKUSUS167 10B
MitchellMartha C.wife w57M ALALGA167 10B
MitchellLessie A.son w19S OKOKAL168 11A
MitchellAlaska L.daughter w16S OKOKAL168 11A
MitchellFana L.granddaughter w12S OKOKAL168 11A
MitchellAubery A.grandson w10S OKOKAL168 11A
MitchellEdhead w27M OKOKAR171 14A
MitchellAda L.wife w22M OKOKOK171 14A
MitchellJessie E.son w3S OKOKOK171 14A
MitchellMarion L.son w2S OKOKOK171 14A
MonroeEarlboarder w22S OKARAR158 1A
MonroeLousister-in-law w34WD ARARAR165 8B
MonroeEwellnephew w7S ARARAR165 8B
MooneyhamMelvinhead w36S ARTXAR158 1B
MooreLeehead w26M OKKYOK163 6A
MooreBerthawife w19M ARARAR163 6A
MooreRoy L.son w1S OKOKAR163 6A
MooreDoris J.daughter w2 mo.S OKOKAR163 6B
MooreRobert P.head w32M ARALAR164 7B
MooreJennie V.wife w31M OKARAR164 7B
MooreLorene M.daughter w12S OKAROK164 7B
MooreElsie M.daughter w7S OKAROK164 7B
MooreOmer H.head w30M ARARAL166 9A
MooreLenawife w25M TXUSTX166 9A
MooreDonaldson w7S OKARTX166 9A
MooreHaskellson w11moS OKARTX166 9A
MooreWillie C.head w34M ARUSAL167 10B
MooreMae W.wife w30M ARTNAR167 10B
MooreVastana A.daughter w10S OKARAR167 10B
MooreLeana W.daughter w8S OKARAR167 10B
MooreWilma C.daughter w7S OKARAR167 10B
MosesAndrewhead neg65M GAMSMS160 3A
MosesQueen D.wife neg51M OKTNOK160 3A
MurphyJoseph head w58M LALALA170 13B
MurphyLydia J.wife w45M KYKYKY170 13B
MurphyEdna J.daughter w8S OKLAKY170 13B
MustainTerryhead w47M KYKYKY165 8B
MustainEulawife w41M OKARAR165 8B
MustainMarydaughter w21S OKKYOK165 8B
MustainFanniemother w70S KYKYKY165 8B

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