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1930 Census Cravens

This index is the property of the Latimer County Historical & Genealogical  Society.

It may not be copied for any commercial reason, but freely use for family research.
Thanks to the Society with special thanks to Joyce Street for permission to publish this on the Web.

MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
PadgettJames H.head w62M ARCanadaAR164 7A
PadgettMary E.wife w45M ARKYAR164 7A
PadgettOrville L.son w30S ARARAR164 7A
PadgettVirgil V.son w24S ARARAR164 7A
PadgettAncel J.son w21S ARARAR164 7A
PadgettClarence C.son w10S OKARAR164 7A
PadgettRobert J.son w6S OKARAR164 7A
PahlonBill H.head w32M OKGermanyScotland 16912B
PahlonPearl C.wife w28M OKMOUS169 12B
PahlonAgnes L.daughter w6S OKOKOK169 12B
PahlonJanet mother w61S ScotlandScotlandScotland 16912B
PahlonDavid S.brother w26S OKGermanyScotland 16912B
PahlonMary M.sister w23S OKGermanyScotland 16912B
PalmieriVergiliohead w33M ItalyItalyItaly 1625B
PalmieriIsalinawife w43M ItalyItalyItaly 1636A
PalmieriMaedaughter w17S OKItalyItaly163 6A
PalmieriEdadaughter w14S OKItalyItaly163 6A
PalmieriDenadaughter w12S OKItalyItaly163 6A
PalmieriMarydaughter w10S OKItalyItaly163 6A
PalmieriAlmadaughter w8S OKItalyItaly163 6A
PalmieriJoehead w36M ItalyItalyItaly 1636A
PalmieriRosawife w33M ItalyItalyItaly 1636A
PalmieriCarloson w13S OKItalyItaly163 6A
PalmieriDelinadaughter w11S OKItalyItaly163 6A
PalmieriJohnieson w10S OKItalyItaly163 6A
Par?John D.head w35M ARGAMS165 8B
Par?Gertrude M.wife w34M OKUSTN165 8B
Par?John D. jrson w13S OKAROK165 8B
Par?Gertrude E.daughter w11S OKAROK165 8B
Par?Richard P.son w9S OKAROK165 8B
Par?Dorthy F.daughter w8S OKAROK165 8B
Par?William A.son w7S OKAROK165 8B
ParksJames R.head w36M ALALAL162 5B
ParksEffiewife w30M TNTNTN162 5B
ParksJames R.son w11S OKALTN162 5B
ParksFloyd E.son w9S OKALTN162 5B
ParksDavid N.son w7S OKALTN162 5B
ParksHoward W.son w5S OKALTN162 5B
ParksDorthy N.daughter w3S OKALTN162 5B
ParksMollie G.daughter w1S OKALTN162 5B
ParksWilliam B.head w62M ALGAGA164 7B
ParksIdella A.wife w61M ALALAL164 7B
ParksAustinhead w23M ALALAL165 8A
ParksGladyswife w19M OKARLA165 8A
ParksPhineas? P.head w31M ALALAL168 11B
ParksMoisell E.wife w32M OKMOMO168 11B
ParksWoodford P.son w15S OKALOK168 11B
ParksFlorence C.daughter w13S OKALOK168 11B
ParksGarnet E.dauaghter w9S OKALOK168 11B
ParksAlexson w7S OKALOK168 11B
ParksMae M.daughter w4S OKALOK168 11B
ParksPaul V.son w2S OKALOK168 11B
ParksHelen B.stepdaughter w12S TXAROK169 12B
ParrArthur R.head w42M KSKSUS167 10A
ParrLenawife w36M OKMOAR167 10A
ParrAlonetadaughter w9S OKKSOK167 10A
ParrLevelldaughter w8S OKKSOK167 10A
PateDavid M.head w40M ARGAAR160 3A
PateMamie L.wife w34M OKIAAR160 3A
PateLorene L.daughter w11S OKAROK160 3A
PateT.....son w4S OKAROK160 3A
PateLouiehead w29M OKUSUS165 8A
PateLulawife w32M ARMSAR165 8A
PateThomas L.son w2S OKOKAR165 8A
PateGeorge W.head w65M ALALAL165 8B
PateLuvenawife w53M GAGAGA165 8B
PateRoy E.son w20S OKALGA165 8B
PateMandy J.daughter w17S OKALGA165 8B
PateBonnie B.daughter w14S OKALGA165 8B
PenningtonGeorgehead w65WD ARALAR158 1B
PeppersJames A.head w59M MOKYMO166 9A
PeppersNellie L.wife w50M ARCanadaAR166 9A
PeppersClifford J.son w18S OKMOAR166 9A
PeppersWoodrowson w15S OKMOAR166 9A
PhillipsSam L.head w39M ARMSAR161 4A
PhillipsMinnie D.wife w40M ARMSAR161 4A
PhillipsMildred L.daughter w15S OKARAR161 4A
PhillipsHazel D.daughter w10S OKARAR161 4A
PhillipsLawrence L.son w7S OKARAR161 4A
PhillipsClara F.daughter w4S OKARAR161 4A
PhillipsHilda L.daughter w2S OKARAR161 4A
PianaltoJoehead w58M ITALYITALYITALY 1581A
PianaltoRosewife w57M ITALYITALYITALY 1581A
PianaltoBruce J.son w16S OKITALYITALY158 1A
PitcockElijah T.head w67M KYKYWV161 4B
PitcockEmma J.wife w63M ALALAL161 4B
PollardPaul E.head w49M OKSCGA171 14A
PollardDovie I.wife w45M ARTNMO171 14A
PollardOdie H.son w23S OKOKAR171 14A
PollardOral P.son w18S OKOKAR171 14A
PollardEdith daughter w15S OKOKAR171 14A
PollardElmer L.son w13S OKOKAR171 14A
PollardEveline T.daughter w11S OKOKAR171 14A
PollardTheron L.son w8S OKOKAR171 14A
PollardElbertson w6S OKOKAR171 14A
PollardWanda L.daughter w3S OKOKAR171 14A
Poole?Earl L.head w30M OKARAR168 11B
Poole?Audrey M.wife w24M OKGAGA168 11B
Poole?Carl G.son w4S OKOKOK168 11B
PowellWilliam T.head w34M ARARAR159 2A
PowellJenniewife w28M OKOKOK159 2A
PowellJ.W.son w9S OKAROK159 2A
PowellMargret N.daughter w7S OKAROK159 2A
PowellHazel J.daughter w6S OKAROK159 2A
Powell...... M.daughter w4S OKAROK159 2A
PowellThelma L.daughter w2S OKAROK159 2A
PowellBillie J.daughter w3mo.S OKAROK159 2A
PowellRichardhead w56WD ARARAR159 2A
PowellH...son w24WD ARARAR159 2A
PowellDannieson w19S ARARAR159 2A
PowellLannieson w15S OKARAR159 2A
PowellJakeboarder w28WD OKARTX160 3A
PowellGreen D.head w26M OKOKOK162 5A
PowellEdna F.wife w19M ARARAR162 5A
PowellHazel T.daughter w4mo.S OKOKAR162 5A
PowellJess F.head w34M OKOKOK162 5A
PowellMae V.wife w26M ARARAR162 5A
PowellWilliam H.son w10S OKOKAR162 5A
PowellJohn son w6S OKOKAR162 5A
PowellEverett F.son w3S OKOKAR162 5A
PowellElizabeth P.daughter w4mo.S OKOKAR162 5A
PowellRachelgranddaughter w6S OKOKOK163 6B
PowellAllengrandson w3S OKOKOK163 6B

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