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1930 Census Cravens

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MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
SabatiniDavidhead w64M ItalyItalyItaly 1636A
SabatiniMarywife w40M OKItalyItaly163 6A
Sabatini?son w16S OKItalyItaly163 6A
SabatiniRenadaughter w14S OKItalyItaly163 6A
SabatiniArtureson w12?S OKItalyItaly163 6A
SabatiniDelinadaughter w10S OKItalyItaly163 6A
SabatiniAnalius?son w8S OKItalyItaly163 6A
SabatiniArierl?head w52WD ItalyItalyItaly 1636A
SabatiniGenoson w21S OKItalyItaly163 6A
SazusFrankboarder w61S ItalyItalyItaly 1636A
ScotchJoehead w53M RussiaRussiaRussia 17013B
ScotchMarywife w44M RussiaRussiaRussia 17013B
ScotchOlesadaughter w17S OKRussiaRussia170 13B
ScotchBilly J.son w3S OKRussiaRussia170 13B
SealumFloydhead w37M MOUSKY170 13B
SealumBeaulahwife w34M KYVAKY170 13B
SernaAleckboarder w57WD TXUSUS160 3B
ShelbyGeorge P.head neg37M OKTNOK160 3A
ShelbyRachel R.wife neg29M OKTXTX160 3A
ShelbyCharley A.son neg1mo?S OKOKOK160 3A
SherrillElmer E.head w40M ARMSAR158 1A
SherrillEttawife w32M ARARAL158 1A
SimingtonAnnie mother-in-law w77WD NCNCNC169 12A
SmallClyde head w43M TNININ158 1A
SmallAllie M.wife w39M OKILAR158 1A
SmallJessie C.son w19S OKTNOK158 1A
SmallWinnie V.daughter w18S OKTNOK158 1A
SmallDoyle G.son w14S OKTNOK158 1A
SmallBernice daughter w12S OKTNOK158 1A
SmallLeanderhead w84M INUSUS170 13B
SmallEliza J.wife w76M NCVASC170 13B
SmartLulahead w48WD TNNCTN166 9A
Smart?Tomhead w58M ARUSAL162 5A
Smart?Idadaughter w15M OKAROK162 5A
Smart?Alvason w11S OKAROK162 5A
Smart?Josiedaughter w10S OKAROK162 5B
SmithCharley A.head w42M TXGATN161 4B
SmithEllen S.wife w38M MSMSMS161 4B
SmithLorene daughter w19S OKTXMS161 4B
SmithLeslie W.son w15S OKTXMS161 4B
SmithLester L.son w10S OKTXMS161 4B
SmithCharlie T.son w8S OKTXMS161 4B
SmithMarvin J.son w6S OKTXMS161 4B
SmithAllen F.head w29M OKTNAR163 6B
SmithMae F.wife w26M OKTXMS163 6B
SmithRoy O.son w2S OKOKOK163 6B
SmithRoss L.son w1S OKOKOK163 6B
SmithJames R.son w?S OKOKOK163 6B
SmithMary J.mother w59WD ARARAL163 6B
SmithAllen J.head w67M OHVAUS163 6B
SmithAmandawife w52M TXMSLA163 6B
SmithDoradaughter w24S OKOHTX163 6B
SmithJessboarder w24S OKOKMO166 9A
SmithMonroe W.head w42M OKMSOK168 11B
SmithEthel J.wife w42M ARTXAR168 11B
SmithFreddie L.son w19S OKOKAR168 11B
SmithMildred G.daughter w17S OKOKAR168 11B
SmithImoginedaughter w15S OKOKAR168 11B
SmithWilfordson w10S OKOKAR168 11B
SmithLeamonson w6S OKOKAR168 11B
SmithR. D.son w4S OKOKAR168 11B
SparksMaryhead w45WD TNNCTN166 9A
SparksCoryson w23S TXTNTX166 9A
StambeckNatchhead w26M ItalyItalyItaly 16912A
StambeckLenawife w19M ItalyItalyItaly 16912A
StarkThomashead w68Wd PAScotlandScotland 1592A
StarkThomas Jr.head w43M OKPAScotland159 2A
StarkBeaulahwife w34M KYGATN159 2A
StarkJohn son w17S OKOKKY159 2A
StarkVera A.daughter w14S OKOKKY159 2A
StarkWalter S.son w10S OKOKKY159 2A
StarkCharleyson w10S OKOKKY159 2A
StocktonNormanhead w50WD MOTNAR163 6B
StocktonOscarson w9S OKMOOK163 6B
StocktonJacobson w8S OKMOOK163 6B
StocktonMary M.mother w75WD ARINAR163 6B
StocktonCharleyhead w34M MOTNAR163 6B
StocktonEllenwife w21M OKOKAR163 6B
StocktonOthelladaughter w3S OKMOOK163 6B
StocktonTroy L.son w2mo.S OKMOOK163 6B
StocktonEmbrahead w38M MOKYMO166 9A
StocktonDeliawife w34M OKTXAR166 9A
StocktonLeladaughter w15S OKMOOK166 9A
StocktonCalliedaughter w12S OKMOOK166 9A
StocktonElithadaughter w11S OKMOOK166 9A
StocktonMinniedaughter w9S OKMOOK166 9A
StoneIdahead w49M OKTNKY165 8B
StoneJewellwife w20M OKTXOK165 8B
StoneLaferndaughter w9S OKOKOK166 9A
StraupMaggie C.daughter w29WD OKMOAL167 10B
StraupRuby P.granddaughter w9S OKOKOK167 10B
StrongKatehead w74WD MOOHOH170 13B
StrongDickson w46WD ARVAMO170 13B
SullivanH... C.head w29M ARMSAR158 1A
SullivanHattie M.wife w32M ARARAR158 1A
SullivanBurl H.son w4S OKARAR158 1A
SullivanZenas J.daughter w1.11moS OKARAR158 1B
SummerEverettboard w28S OKUSUS168 11B
SutmillerJulius H.head w43M MOGERMANYIL161 4B
SutmillerLottie C.wife w39M ARARAR161 4B
SutmillerDarrell S.son w20S OKMOAR161 4B
SutmillerRaymond J.son w18S OKMOAR161 4B
SutmillerEdna L.daughter w15S OKMOAR161 4B
SutmillerHerman J.son w12S OKMOAR161 4B
SutmillerOrval D.son w5S OKMOAR161 4B
SutmillerFrancismother w77WD ILILIL161 4B
SwindleEarl K.head w31M TXALAL161 4B
SwindleBeryl B.wife w24M OKARAR161 4B
SwindleEarlene B.daughter w6S OKTXOK161 4B
SwindleJohn M.son w4S OKTXOK161 4B
SwindleOpal M.daughter w2S OKTXOK161 4B
SwindleEvelyn J.daughter w10mo?S OKTXOK161 4B

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