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1930 Census Cravens
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MartialPlace of Birth Sheet
Last NameFirstNameRelation RaceAgeStatus SelfFatherMother PageNo.
WadeMack L.head w38M OKGAGA168 11A
WadeJulia C.wife w37M OKARIA168 11A
WadeViva L.daughter w15S OKOKOK168 11A
WadeJewel C.daughter w11S OKOKOK168 11A
WadeHerbert L.son w9S OKOKOK168 11A
WadeBert F.son w6S OKOKOK168 11A
WadeJohn L.son w3S OKOKOK168 11A
WadeMaxine N.daughter w6mo.S OKOKOK168 11A
WadeJohn L.head w78M GAUSUS168 11B
WadeNettie J.wife w65M GAGAGA168 11B
WadeLee Royson w22S OKGAGA168 11B
WagnerLesterboarder w22S ARUSUS167 10A
WaldenCalvenhead w28M OKARAR160 3B
WaldenAddiewife w27M OKARAR160 3B
WaldenIrenedaughter w11S OKOKOK160 3B
WaldenJennivee Mdaughter w1S OKOKOK160 3B
WallaceHomergrandson w23S OKCanadaAR170 13B
WalzerMagnoliahead w48WD ALGAAL161 4B
WalzerAmosson w22S ALSWITZAL161 4B
WalzerJenevia?daughter w15S OKSWITZAL161 4B
WarankaJohnhead w31S OKLithLith171 14A
WardAlva L.head w39M OKUSUS164 7B
WardPearl L.wife w31M OKOKOK164 7B
WardLettie L.daughter w13S OKOKOK164 7B
WardEd T.son w10S OKOKOK164 7B
WardJohn H.son w8S OKOKOK164 7B
WardHoward A.son w3S OKOKOK164 7B
WardEdfather w60WD USUSUS164 7B
WarrenElks C.head w22M MOALMO159 2B
WarrenMeta E.wife w24M OKGAAL159 2B
WarrenMargret H.daughter w4?S OKMOOK159 2B
WarrenEveretthead w28S OKALMO165 8A
WarrenMargaret J.mother w67WD MOOHMO165 8A
WatsonMyrtledaughter w24WD OKARAR159 2B
WatsonIonegranddaughter w6S OKOKOK159 2B
WatsonJessie S.head w67M MSUSUS170 13B
WatsonSallie E.wife w65M MSKYKY170 13B
WhitcottenCharles M.head w54M TXALAL169 12A
WhitcottenGrace R.wife w50M LAGANC169 12A
WhitcottenCecil W.son w27S OKTXLA169 12A
WhiteHenry F.head w53M ARARAR165 8B
WhiteLonniewife w40M MOTNAR165 8B
WhiteDorthydaughter w16S OKARMO165 8B
WhiteDorisdaughter w13S OKARMO165 8B
WhiteJamesson w9S OKARMO165 8B
WhiteElisson w7S OKARMO165 8B
WhiteD. L.son w5S OKARMO165 8B
WhiteLannieson w3S OKARMO165 8B
WhitesidePorter D.head w42M MSMSMS168 11A
WhitesideEffie R.wife w39M OKARAR168 11A
WhitesideJ. R.son w19S OKMSOK168 11A
WhitesideLeah W.daughter w17S OKMSOK168 11A
WhitesideMary J.daughter w13S OKMSOK168 11A
WhitesideRobie J.daughter w7S OKMSOK168 11A
WhitlyHenry L.head w53M ARKYAR161 4A
WhitlyHettie M.wife w18M OKTXLA161 4A
WhitlyBilly B.daughter w6mo.S OKOKAR161 4A
WilliamAlvinhead w39M TNTNTN170 13B
WilliamSulawife w31M OKUSAL170 13B
WilliamGeorge T.son w13S OKTNOK170 13B
WilliamClevahdaughter w11S OKTNOK170 13B
WilliamNormadaughter w1S OKTNOK171 14A
WilliamsAmbers? D.boarder w66S OKUSUS161 4A
WilliamsJohn T.head w69M SCSCSC163 6A
WilliamsTege I.wife w66M SCSCSC163 6A
WilliamsJames head w29M SCSCSC163 6A
WilliamsElsiewife w24M OKARAR163 6A
WilliamsJames D. Jrson w3S OKSCOK163 6A
WilliamsMina?sisterin-law w52S ARKYAR164 7A
WilliamsRebadaughter w17WD OKALAL165 8A
WilliamsThomas A.head w23M OKTNAR165 8B
WilliamsJane E.mother w66M ARTNKY165 8B
WilliamsJohn W.brother w26S ARTNAR165 8B
WilliamsRobert M.head w29?M OKTNAR165 8B
WilliamsEttawife w30M ARUSUS165 8B
WilliamsEllisson w7S OKOKAR165 8B
WilliamsNellie N.daughter w2S OKOKAR165 8B
WilliamsRobie M.granddaughter w11S ARAROK166 9A
WilliamsInahead w40WD ARARAR167 10A
WilliamsBessiedaughter w13S OKALAR167 10A
WilliamsTurner B.head w45M TXILAR167 10A
WilliamsMahalawife w46M ILILIL167 10A
WilliamsLauradaughter w22S OKTXIL167 10A
WilliamsOlliedaughter w21S OKTXIL167 10A
WilliamsLenaurdson w18S OKTXIL167 10A
WilliamsLoydson w14S OKTXIL167 10A
WilliamsBerthadaughter w11S OKTXIL167 10A
WilliamsonEmetthead w61M GAUSGA161 4A
WilliamsonRoxiewife w66M MSMSMS161 4A
WilsonDorthy M.granddaughter w7S OKOKAR161 4A
WilsonJoseph B.grandson w5S OKOKAR161 4A
WilsonCareysister w45WD ARARAR164 7B
WilsonAlvanephew w25S OKUSAR164 7B
WilsonHenryhead w38M OKALAL166 9B
WilsonVeranie?wife w38M ARARAR166 9B
WilsonGeorge C.son w15S OKOKAR166 9B
WilsonJuanitadaughter w11S OKOKAR166 9B
WilsonOdesie M.daughter w9S OKOKAR167 10A
WilsonJames L.son w6S OKOKAR167 10A
WilsonOze R.head w50M ARUSUS169 12B
WilsonGeorgia A.wife w40M ARUSUS169 12B
WilsonRubydaughter w20S ARARAR169 12B
WilsonDorisdaughter w18S ARARAR169 12B
WilsonMarjoriedaughter w16S ARARAR170 13A
WilsonThurmanson w12S ARARAR170 13A
WindsorVester A.head w51M ALALAL168 11B
WindsorAnnie M.wife w41M ALALAL168 11B
WindsorDelmar A.son w22 SALALAL 16811B
WindsorVera E.daughter w16S OKALAL168 11B
WindsorValeria A.daughter w14S OKALAL168 11B
WindsorMona M.daughter w8S OKALAL168 11B
WindsorThelma L.daughter w5S OKALAL168 11B
WoodD....head w70M IAILIN158 1B
WoodHattie E.wife w75M VTVTNY158 1B
WoodAnniedaughter In27WD MSMixed bloodChoctaw 1625A
WoodOmariegranddaughter In2S OKMixed bloodChoctaw 1625A
WoodMary L.grandaughter w2S OKOKAR163 6B
WoodCharles O.head w44M ARMOTX167 10A
WoodElsiewife w39M ARTNAR167 10A
WoodEdgar S.son w16S ARARAR167 10A
WoodHalsey L.son w14S ARARAR167 10A
WoodLena R.daughter w9S OKARAR167 10A
WoodHazel M.daughter w7S OKARAR167 10A
WoodrufMilesnephew w17S OKUSMS164 7B
WorthyAndersonhead w57M ALUSUS161 4A
WorthyPatiencewife w59M MOTNMS161 4A
WorthyGracedaughter w27S ARALMS161 4A
WorthyMaggie E.daughter w24S ARALMS161 4A
WorthyMellisa? M.daughter w20S ARALMS161 4A
WylieNewt J.head w48M ALSCGA169 12B
WylieCentha J.wife w49M TXTXAR169 12B
WylieViola L.daughter w28S OKALTX169 12B
WylieAlma I.daughter w22S OKALTX169 12B
WylieVivan V.daughter w12S OKALTX169 12B
WylieCecil W.son w10S OKALTX169 12B
YanceyLaneyhead w29M OKMSAR166 9B
YanceyMyrtlewife w24M ALALAL166 9B
YanceySirildamother w64WD ARUSUS166 9B
ZacharyJackhead w25M OKARAR164 7B
ZacharyMarywife w20M OKUSUS164 7B
ZacharyW....son w2S OKOKOK164 7B
ZaraLouihead w60M ItalyItalyItaly 16912B
ZaraGavaggia?wife w48M ItalyItalyItaly 16912B
ZaraFrancesdaughter w17S OKItalyItaly169 12B
ZaraHenryson w15S OKItalyItaly169 12B
ZaraAngelinadaughter w12S OKItalyItaly169 12B

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