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1930 Census Damon
A - B

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Birth PlaceSheet
Last NameFirst NameRelation RaceAgeStatus selffathermotherPage #
?..monForestlodger w43WD TXTXTX174 3B
AdamsLaura L.sister-in-law w40M OKGAGA179 1B
AdamsHarvy L.nephew w22S NMUSOK179 1B
AkinsThomashead w80M ALALAL172 1B
AkinsLona wife w67M MSGermanyMS172 1B
AkinsOttisson w20S OKALGermany172 1B
AllenLizziedaughter w28WD TNTNAR176 5B
AllenTrudie?granddaughter w12S OKOKTN176 5B
AllenEugenegrandson w7S OKOKTN176 5B
AllenMaud L.granddaughter w5S OKOKTN176 5B
AllenGenievegranddaughter w3S OKOKTN176 5B
AllenHugh?grandson w2mo.S OKOKTN176 5B
AmersonElla E.head w47WD TXALFL180 2A
AmersonEddie J.son w20S OKTXTX180 2A
AmersonPearl L.daughter w15S OKTXTX180 2A
AmersonClarence A.son w13S OKTXTX180 2A
AmersonIrene C.daughter w10S OKTXTX180 2A
AmersonJoe O.Joe O. w5S OKTXTX180 2A
AndersonDoyle M.head In24M OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1802B
AndersonLaura Bellewife w20M OKUSUS180 2B
AndersonMeba Leedaughter In1S OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1802B
AustinOlie B.neice w9S OKOKOK175 4B
BakerTom L.head w50M ARUSAR172 1A
BakerEmma J.wife w48M ARALAR172 1A
BakerOscar L.son w20S ARARAR172 1A
BakerJosie M.daughter w18S OKARAR172 1A
BakerGoldie R.son w12S OKARAR172 1A
BakerAnna A.daughter w9S OKARAR172 1A
BakerLuella M.daughter w5S OKARAR172 1A
BakerRaymond D.son w3S OKARAR172 1A
BakerBenhead w42M TXTNUS175 4A
BakerPearlwife w29M OKUSUS175 4A
BakerEdith M.daughter w11S OKTXOK175 4A
BakerLeslie C.son w5S OKTXOK175 4A
BakerBonnie L.daughter w3S OKTXOK175 4A
BakerReedhead w45M TXTNUS175 4A
BakerDoviewife w35M ARUSUS175 4A
BakerJohnieson w19S OKTXAR175 4A
BakerWoodrowson w17S OKTXAR175 4A
BakerRosiedaughter w14S OKTXAR175 4B
BakerBoydson w12S OKTXAR175 4B
BakerAnniedaughter w8S OKTXAR175 4B
Baker?son w6S OKTXAR175 4B
BakerMarvinson w4S OKTXAR175 4B
BakerGeraldine?daughter w2S OKTXAR175 4B
BaldwinS. L. servant w59WD TXTXLA180 2B
BarnesJameshead w67M OKOKAL176 5A
BarnesMinniewife w54M ARARAR176 5A
BarnesNatson w29S OKOKAR176 5A
BattlesJohnfather-in-law in49WD OKfull bloodChoctaw 1776B
BattlesPhineasbrother-in-law w17S OKOKOK177 6B
BaxterAthead w53M ARARAR174 3B
BaxterLizywife w36M ARARAR174 3B
BaxterTroyson w16S ARARAR174 3B
BaxterVelmadaughter w13S OKARAR174 3B
BaxterLoyson w11S OKARAR174 3B
BaxterRoyson w8S OKARAR174 3B
BaxterTelmadaughter w7S OKARAR174 3B
BaxterVirgiedaughter w2S OKARAR174 3B
BeatyLewislodger w19S OKOKAR177 6B
BeckettPaytonhead w51M ARARTN177 6B
BeckettNinawife w40M ARARTN177 6B
BeckettWalterson w18S OKARAR177 6B
BeckettD...daughter w15S OKARAR178 7A
BeckettLenadaughter w6S OKARAR178 7A
BerryTurnerhead In38M OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1813B
BerryJanewife In26M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1813B
BerryBettie Joedaughter In9S OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1813B
BerryTurner jr.son In6S OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1813B
BerryCecil C.son In4S OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1813B
BerryJuanita W.daughter In1S OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1813B
BiggsBerlhead w24M ARTNTX178 7A
BiggsOpalwife w23M OKMOMO178 7A
BiggsJoe Henryhead neg35M OKUSOK180 2B
BiggsSophiewife neg48M OKUSOK180 2B
BlankingshipLavernestepson w9S ARARAR172 1B
BlankingshipLuellastepdaughter w3S OKARAR172 1B
BooneWayne G.head w35M TXTXTX180 2B
BooneHarriettwife In29M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1802B
BooneJohnnie V.son In12S OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1802B
BooneWayne jr.son In10S OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1802B
BooneJuanita M.daughter In8S OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1802B
BooneBillie T.son In5S OKmix. bloodChoctaw 1802B
BooneTom C.father w65WD TXTXTX180 2B
BremerPearlboarder w24S OKKYKY176 5B
BrittonWalterhead w32M AREnglandar177 6A
BrittonPearlwife in26M OK?Choctaw177 6A
BrittonWalterson w8S OKAROK177 6A
BrittonWinnie M.daughter w7S OKAROK177 6A
BrittonJohnnie J.son w5S ARAROK177 6A
BrittonSible N. ?daughter w4S ARAROK177 6A
BrooksBen lodger w69WD TXEnglandMO174 3B
BrownCharley head w26M OKMOUS179 1B
BrownMary L.wife w23M OKTXOK179 1B
BrownRobert Eltonson w4S OKOKOK179 1B
BrownMary M.daughter w2S OKOKOK179 1B
BrownLuna Bethelbrother w17S OKMOUS179 1B
BrownfieldJohn F.head w75M ILILIL180 2B
BrownfieldMary J.wife w69M TXTNMO180 2B
BrownfieldTomson w38S TXILTX180 2B
BrownfieldJohn Y.head w41WD TXILTX180 2B
BrownfieldHagganson w8S OKTXMO180 2B
BrownfieldBeatrice G.daughter w6S OKTXMO180 2B
BrownfieldJohnnyson w5S OKTXMO180 2B
BullardRushhead w36M ARARAR180 2A
BullardLola E.wife w32M TXTXTX180 2A
BullardLoydson w10S OKARTX180 2A
BullardCora L.daughter w7S OKARTX180 2A
BullardJess A.son w5S OKARTX180 2A
Bunn?Williehead w17M OKTXMO174 3B
Bunn?May.wife w26M TX?AR174 3B
Bunn?Louisedaughter w3S OKTXTX174 3B
BuntonJohn C.head w24M ARUSUS181 3A
BuntonVenawife w19M ARALAL181 3A
BuntonJewelldaughter w2S OKARAR181 3A
ButlerJohn E.head w46M TXMOMO172 1A
ButlerDora A.wife w46M TNTNTN172 1A
ButlerMildred A.daughter w17S OKTXTN172 1A
ButlerRuthdaughter w15S OKTXTN172 1A
ButlerDorothy L.daughter w11S OKTXTN172 1A
ButlerEdgar A.son w9S OKTXTN172 1A
ButlerJohn head w23M OKTXTN172 1A
ButlerMandie wife w16M OKKYOK172 1A
ButlerFay P.daughter w5mo.S OKOKOK172 1A

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