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1930 Census Damon
G - H

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Birth PlaceSheet
Last NameFirst NameRelation RaceAgeStatus selffathermotherPage #
GardnerRobertboarder in51WD OKone fourthChickisaw 1776A
GarrettLuciellodger w9S OKALOK180 2A
GarvenLee Ettastepdaughter w16S OKAROK181 3A
GarvenBusterstepson w10S OKAROK181 3A
GillreathHarveyhead w31M OKUSUS174 3A
GilreathMa Bessie?wife w29M OKALAL174 3A
GilreathD...son w11S OKOKOK174 3A
GilreathRaymondson w9S OKOKOK174 3A
GilreathGladysdaughter w7S OKOKOK174 3A
GilreathCalvinson w2S OKOKOK174 3A
GoodallLoydson w10S OKunknownOK172 1B
GoodallLoisdaughter w10S OKunknownOK172 1B
GramerOscarhead w51M ILMO?MO?174 3B
GramerEvahead w37M TXARTX174 3B
GramerM..daughter w16S OKILTX175 4A
GramerDeloresdaughter w14S OKILTX175 4A
GramerCarolson w10S OKILTX175 4A
GramerHenryson w7S OKILTX175 4A
GramerCalvinson w5S OKILTX175 4A
GrayCharles H.head w67M KS?MO179 1B
GrayCora L.wife w54M INOHOH179 1B
GrayGeorge A.son w18S ARKSIN179 1B
GrayMay R.daughter w14S ARKSIN179 1B
GraysonFred S.head w38M ARILTN181 3A
GraysonRachel E.wife w32M ARUSIL181 3A
GraysonMorine R.daughter w13S ARARAR181 3A
GraysonEulendaughter w11S ARARAR181 3A
GraysonWyvon A.daughter w9S ARARAR181 3A
GraysonWardie P.daughter w7S ARARAR181 3A
GraysonIrby D.son w3S ARARAR181 3A
GraysonThurmanson w1S ARARAR181 3A
GreenClonelhead w27M OKMOMO173 2B
GreenLulawife w24M OKUSUS173 2B
GreenJeweldaughter w6mo.S OKOKOK173 2B
GreenJames W.head w50M ARARTN174 3B
GreenMay K.wife w34M OKTNTN174 3B
GreenMartha daughter w4S OKAROK174 3B
GreenClarance son w1S OKAROK174 3B
GreenJames H.son w18S ARAROK174 3B
GreenOllonhead w23M OKARAR174 3B
GreenMargaretewife w18M OKUSUS174 3B
GreenLenard R.son w3mo?S OKOKOK174 3B
GreenMartinhead w37M OKARMO176 5B
GreenVirgiewife w24M OKTXKY176 5B
GreenSarah A.daughter w6S OKOKOK176 5B
GreenAlline M.daughter w3S OKOKOK176 5B
Green?daughter w1S OKOKOK176 5B
GroginsWilliamhead w56M MO??177 6A
GroginsLizzywife w49M ARTNAR177 6A
GroginsWesley W.son w16S OKMOAR177 6A
GroginsWilliam H.son w10S OKMOAR177 6A
HackneyReba L.sister-in-law w22S MOMOMO172 1B
HamrickJ. P.head w58M ALGAGA179 1A
HamrickMary E.wife w51M ALGAFL179 1A
Harnes?Emma M.head w39WD MOVAFrance174 3A
HarperMosa W.head w44M OKAROK181 3A
HarperLizzie R Ewife w43M OKARMO181 3A
HarperKate K.mother-in-law w58WD OKMOAR181 3B
HarperJoseph H.stepson w13S OKOKAR182 4A
HarrisL...grandson w10S OKOKOK177 6A
HarrisWilmagranddaughter w6S OKOKOK177 6A
HarrisAnniegranddaughter w0S OKOKOK177 6A
Harris?Ednadaughter in40WD OKfull bloodChoctaw 1776A
HarveySissie?head in41WD OKfull bloodChoctaw 1787A
HaveyWilllodger w66S INININ179 1B
HendricksRaynephew w23S OKOKOK174 3B
HillPart A.head w31M OKUSAR172 1A
HillMyrtle B.wife w29M MOMOMO172 1A
HillFlorence E.daughter w11S OKOKMO172 1A
HillVirgil P.son w8S OKOKMO172 1B
HillMildreddaughter w6S OKOKMO172 1B
HillLois E.daughter w2S OKOKMO172 1B
HogueGeorgehead w30M ARUSUS174 3A
HogueAdawife w26M INMOAR174 3A
HogueEdiedaughter w8S OKARIN174 3A
HogueRettadaughter w6S OKARIN174 3B
HogueEtheldaughter w3S OKARIN174 3B
HogueArthurson w2S OKARIN174 3B
HolcombCecil C.boarder w22S ARARAR180 2A
HolemshurstMargertroomer w21S OKUSUS174 3A
HollandRoberthead w76M ARHungariaTN179 1A
HollandCathrinewife w77M ALALAL179 1A
HollandBrooksson w40WD TXARAL179 1A
HollandBertgrandson w10S OKTXOK179 1A
HolsonWilliamhead in39M OKfull bloodChoctaw 1732A
HolsonJoicewife w28M OKMOAR173 2A
HolsonOla M.daughter w8S OKOKOK173 2A
HolsonOtisson w5S OKOKOK173 2A
HolsonWanda L.daughter w3S OKOKOK173 2A
HoltAnniehead w?WD TNUSUS175 4A
HoltTishiedaughter w25S MOUSTN175 4A
HoltEvadaughter w19S TXUSTN175 4A
HookerJoehead w42M IAOHOH177 6A
HookerGertrudewife w34M OKTXAR177 6A
HookerWillieson w12S OKIAOK177 6A
HookerRalphson w10S OKIAOK177 6A
HookerBarneyson w6S OKIAOK177 6A
HugleCharles E.head w62M MOMOIN176 5A
HugleSarah A.wife w59M ARMOMO176 5A
HugleJay A.son w36WD OKMOAR176 5A
HugleLoyd L.grandson w12S OKOKOK176 5A
HugleMildredgranddaughter w9S OKOKOK176 5A
HugleThomasgrandson w8S OKOKOK176 5A
HuklotubyFredgrandson in17S OKfull bloodChoctaw 1765A
HuntRufushead w39M ARARAR177 6A
HuntEdnawife w37M MOINAR177 6A
HuntAndrewson w11S ARARMO177 6A
HuntEarlson w16S OKARMO177 6A
HuntAustie?daughter w13S OKARMO177 6A
HuntHeraldson w11S OKARMO177 6A
HuntJackdaughter w9S OKARMO177 6A
HuntLenardson w6S OKARMO177 6A
HuntRufusson w2S OKARMO177 6A
HurtJevena E.lodger w4S OKOKUS181 3A
HustonJohnnielodger w15S ARARUS181 3A
HydeWade H.hired hand? w22S TXTNTN179 1A
HydeJ. B.? w19S OKTNTN179 1A
HydeAnniehead w55M TNEnglandTN181 3B

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