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1930 Census Damon
M - N

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Birth PlaceSheet
Last NameFirst NameRelation RaceAgeStatus selffathermotherPage #
Marten?Williamhead w59M ARGAMS176 5B
Marten?Syntha J.wife w60M ARGAMS176 5B
Marten?Junioradopted son w12S OKAROK176 5B
MartinErmonhead w38M ARARAR174 3A
MartinNancywife w37M ARILSC174 3A
Martin?daughter w18S OKARAR174 3A
MartinOdisson w14S OKARAR174 3A
MartinJosiedaughter w11S OKARAR174 3A
MartinCharles L.son w8S OKARAR174 3A
MartinEveylinedaughter w5S OKARAR174 3A
MartinDorothydaughter w3S OKARAR174 3A
MastersAdahead w50M ARGAMS177 6A
Masters?wife w46M ARMSMS177 6A
MastersWilliedaughter w8S ARARAR177 6B
MathiewsWillis H.head w47M ARARNC173 2A
MathiewsAnnie B.wife w40M ARTNTN173 2A
MathiewsAlba F.daughter w19S OKARAR173 2A
MathiewsBowlin B.son w17S OKARAR173 2A
MathiewsTruman O.son w14S OKARAR173 2A
MathiewsMaxine R.daughter w10S OKARAR173 2A
MathiewsWillis J.son w5S OKARAR173 2A
MathiewsArm...daughter w1S OKARAR173 2A
MathiewsWilliam B.head w70M ARARAR173 2A
MathiewsAllice wife w55M TXARGA173 2A
MathisHarriet D.stepdaughter In13S OKILOK181 3B
McAfeeOletalodger w24S OKLA?AR176 5B
McCannHermanhead w32M TNUSUS173 2B
McCannNilliewife w31M OKUSUS173 2B
McCannEarnestson w11S OKTNOK173 2B
McCannBessiedaughter w7S OKTNOK173 2B
McCannMariedaughter w5S OKTNOK173 2B
McCannHelen M.daughter w3S OKTNOK173 2B
McCannHaroldson w2S OKTNOK173 2B
McCaslandMartin W.head w43M ARTNKY177 6A
McCaslandWinemawife w33M OKOKOK177 6A
McCaslandCarlson w19S OKAROK177 6A
McCaslandGuy?son w13S OKAROK177 6A
McCaslinHerberthead w41M OKUSUS172 1A
McCaslinNettie J.wife w35M OKMOMO172 1A
McCaslinVergil V.son w19S OKOKOK172 1A
McCaslinMildred J.daughter w12S OKOKOK172 1A
McCaslinFreida M.daughter w10S OKOKOK172 1A
McCaslinWelchhired hand w34S ARARUS181 3B
McGuireWalterhead w38M OKMOAR177 6B
McGuireBerthawife w28M OKMOAR177 6B
McGuireClaudson w10S OKOKOK177 6B
McGuireBertiedaughter w4S OKOKOK177 6B
McMillanAlbert B.head w46WD TXARMO179 1B
McRoyOtissister-in-law w22S ARAROK179 1B
MillsFredhead w64WD IAIAIA174 3A
MillsMackhired hand? w44WD ARUSUS181 3B
MiltonHorace J.head w42M ALTNMO172 1B
MiltonEllawife w33M OKARTX172 1B
MiltonBetty R.daughter w11mo.S OKALOK172 1B
MitchellGushead w55M OKARAR174 3A
MitchellGladyswife w18M OKOKOK174 3A
MitchellFaydaughter w14S OKOKOK174 3A
MitchellEdithdaughter w12S OKOKOK174 3A
MitchellRebeccadaughter w8S OKOKOK174 3A
MitchellRayson w5S OKOKOK174 3A
Mitchellloise M.head w44M OKUSAR176 5B
MitchellAlzawife w34M OKARTX176 5B
MitchellJessie B.son w9S OKOKOK176 5B
MitchellEsie M.daughter w5S OKOKOK177 6A
MitchellBruce A.son w4S OKOKOK177 6A
MitchellBillie J.son w1mo.S OKOKOK177 6A
MizeMargaret B.head w52WD ARTNTN176 5A
MizeArtie son w21S ARALAR176 5A
MizeHazeldaughter w12S OKALAR176 5A
MooreMattiesister-in-law in18S OKfull bloodChoctaw 1791A
MooreGeorge W.head w35M ARTNOK181 3B
MooreFleeter M.wife w31M MSMSAL181 3B
MooreExel M.daughter w12S OKARMS181 3B
MooreMichel F.daughter w10S OKARMS181 3B
MooreDave B.son w7S OKARMS181 3B
MooreBuel G.son w2S OKARMS181 3B
MooreViolet Ldaughter w1mo.S OKARMS181 3B
MoreSalinahead in85WD OKfull bloodChoctaw 1765A
Morgan? L.head w27M OKMOOK173 2A
MorganLillianwife w21M OKUSUS173 2A
MorganLugeneson w3S OKOKOK173 2A
Morgan?daughter w2S OKOKOK173 2A
Morgan? M.son w10mo.S OKOKOK173 2A
MorganWilliam H.father w73WD MO ScotlandMO173 2A
MorrisJoelodger in22S OKfull bloodChoctaw 1776B
MorrisWill A.head w55M ARGAAR180 2A
MorrisMaggie M.wife w44M TXGAGA180 2A
MorrisWillie M.head w26M ALALAL180 2B
MorrisHuston?brother w20M ALALAL180 2B
MorrisFranciesmother w58M ALALAL180 2B
MorrisClarenceson w5S ALALAL180 2B
MullenSydneylodger in22S OKfull bloodChoctaw 1791A
MullerMorrislodger inunWD OKfull bloodChoctaw 1776B
MuseFosterbrother-in-law w35M OKUSUS180 2B
MuseMarysister w29M ALALAL180 2B
MuseCecilson w9S OKOKAL181 3A
MuseFlorencedaughter w8S OKOKAL181 3A
NashSibbymother-in-law in52WD OKfull bloodChoctaw 1754B
NashGeorgehead w41M TNTNTN176 5B
NashEffiewife w36M ALALAL176 5B
NashMarydaughter w15S TNTNAL176 5B
NashBeulahdaughter w13S ARTNAL176 5B
NashGracedaughter w6S OKTNAL176 5B
NashWilliamson w4S OKTNAL176 5B
NashGertrudedaughter w2S OKTNAL176 5B
NelsonAdadaughter w20S OKOKOK177 6B
NelsonHoustonhead in64WD OKfull bloodChoctaw 1776B
NewPaul nephew w23S ARARAR172 1B
NewVelerie B.neice w21S ARARAR172 1B
NicholsHenryhead w31M ARARMO176 5A
NicholsMarywife w21M ARARAR176 5A
NicholsLester M.son w1S MOARAR176 5A
NorrisTom B.head w51M MSALSC181 3A
NorrisPearl N.wife w34M OKUSUS181 3A

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